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Polling Booth in Bhadohi Assembly Constituency

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Bhadohi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhadohi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhadohi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.Bhanda Uttari Chhor1180Bhanda
2P.S Bhanda South Side1343Bhanda
3P.S Sherpur Goplaha Room 11426Sherpur Gopalha
4E.M.S Sthit Gram Sherpur Goplaha1218Sherpur Gopalha
5P.S Bhanipur1389Dhanapur
6J.H.S Kudhava Nouth Side1201Kurhwa
7J.H.S. Kudhava Middle Side1047Kurhwa
8J.H.S. Kudhava South Side260Chak Lokai
9P.S Kudhava809Dayalpur
10P.S Prayagpur587Payagpur
11P.S Neebichaur Bauri Bojh Room 11459Bori Bojh
12P.S Neebichaur Bauri Bojh Room 2757Bori Bojh
13P.S Nibichaur Bauri Bojh Room 3765Bori Bojh
14P.S Milkipur1363Nibi
15P.S Sherpur Goplaha Sthit Gram Manideeh1149Manidih
16P.S Durgaganj Sthit Gram Mishrainpur830Misrainpur
17Sankul Vidyalay Mishrainpur688Misrainpur
18E.M.S Beerapur Room 11301Birpur
19E.M.S. Beerapur Room 2927Ghatampur Z.Sherpur Or Ghatmap
20P.S Aananddeeh Room 11465Ananddeeh
21P.S Aananddeeh Room 21431Ananddeeh
22P.S Aananddeeh Room 3319Temaj Sherpur
23Madhyamik School Durgaganj Sthit Gram Masudhi1210Masudhi
24P.S. Hardua Room 11279Hardua
25P.S. Hardua Room 21390Hardua
26H.M.S. Ramnagar529Ram Nagar
27Sankul Vidyalay Ramnagar1077Ram Nagar
28P.S. Ramnagar Naya Bhawan849Ram Nagar
29P.S. Navalpur1280Nawalpur
30P.S. Saraykansray1150Sari Kansrai
31P.S. Bhawthar1389Kowapur
32P.S. Abhiya Naya Bhawan North Side1317Amiya
33P.S. Abhiya Naya Bhawan South Side1247Pure Manohar
34J.H.S. Abhiya North Side1135Haripur
35J.H.S. Abhiya Middle Side959Haripur
36P.S. Tulapur Bahduran1267Tulapur Bhaduran
37P.S. Patti Bejav East Side1281Patti Bejwa
38P.S. Patti Bejav Middle Side1257Patti Bejwa
39P.S. Patti Bejav Westside515Kanti Rampur
40P.S. Chhanaura Room 11339Chhanaura
41P.S. Chhanaura Room 2776Chhanaura
42P.S. Gangarampur Room 11023Ganga Rampur
43P.S. Gangarampur Room 2850Ganga Rampur
44P.S. Saray Hola Naya Bhawan936Sarai Hola
45J.H.S. Saraybhavsingh1210Sari Bhausinghpur
46P.S. Arjunpur1044Arjunpur
47Kanya P.S. Gaura1007Gaura Z.Shripur
48P.S. Gaura1163Samra
49Panchayat Bhawan Gopipur1014Gopipur
50P.S. Gadaura South Side1054Goharwa
51P.S. Gadaura North Side1036Gadaura
52P.S. Fattupur Babhanan955Fattupur Or Brahmnan
53P.S. Shripur1274Saripur
54P.S. Abholi North Side1304Abholi
55P.S. Abholi South Side1336Abholi
56P.S. Guali840Gowali
57P.S. Kharagsenpatti Room 11030Kharagsen Patti
58P.S. Kharagsenpatti Room 21249Kharagsen Patti
59P.S. Gokulpatti Naya Bhawan456Gokul Patti
60Naya P.S. Vihiyapur993Bihiyapur
61P.S. Sitarampur1149Suriyawan (NP)
62Samudayik Kendra S.P.J. Singh Sthit Purani Bazar1163Suriyawan (NP)
63P.S. Suriyava West Side1192Suriyawan (NP)
64P.S. Suriyava Middle Side1210Suriyawan (NP)
65P.S. Suriyava East Side1231Suriyawan (NP)
66J.H.S. Suriyava Room 1915Suriyawan (NP)
67J.H.S. Suriyava Room 21163Suriyawan (NP)
68J.H.S. Suriyava Room 3868Suriyawan (NP)
69J.H.S. Suriyava Room 41079Suriyawan (NP)
70J.H.S. Suriyava Room 5470Suriyawan (NP)
71J.H.S. Suriyava Room 6647Suriyawan (NP)
72P.S. Kusauda East Side1150Kusura
73P.S. Kusauda West Side1154Kusura
74Karyalay Vikas Khand Suriyawa Room 1811Suriyawan (NP)
75Karyalay Vikas Khand Suriyawa Room 2703Suriyawan (NP)
76Karyalay Vikas Khand Suriyawa Room 3525Suriyawan (NP)
77Karyalay Vikas Khand Suriyawa Room 41452Suriyawan (NP)
78P.S. Bhatewra Naya Bhawan Room 1830Bhatewra
79P.S. Bhatewra Naya Bhawan Room 3818Bhatewra
80P.S. Bhatewra Naya Bhawan Room 21037Kapuripur
81P.S. Ekauni1405Ekauni
82P.S. Kaida South Side1276Tejsinghpur
83P.S. Kaida East Side997Kera
84P.S. Kaida Middle Side588Kera
85P.S. Bhimsenpur554Bhim Senpur
86P.S. Bahuta Chakdahi East Side1256Bahuta Chakdahi
87P.S. Bahuta Chakdahi West Side772Bahuta Chakdahi
88P.S. Bahuta Chakdahi Middle Side907Bahuta Sujangir
89P.S. Hariharpur West Side892Hariharpur
90P.S. Hariharpur East Side1044Chak Khushal
91P.S. Chakbanwari Room 1500Chak Banwari
92P.S. Chakbanwari Room 2355Mardanpur Shahpur
93P.S. Purebadal Room 1851Sanda
94P.S. Purebadal Room 2813Balipur
95P.S. Abarna West Side823Awarana
96P.S. Bela1106Bela
97P.S. Godma East Side539Godama
98P.S. Mangura1106Mangura
99P.S. Mahuapur North Side1248Mahuwapur
100P.S. Mahuapur Middle Side752Mahuwapur
101P.S. Vishnupur1149Baharaicha
102J.H.S. Devdaspur330Deodaspur
103P.S. Danupur Patti Purab1345Danupur Patti Purab
104P.S. Nagamalpur North Side1263Nagmalpur
105P.S. Nagamalpur South Side527Nagmalpur
106Panchayat Bhawan Kalipur1000Kalipur
107J.H.S. Sadaupur East Side934Sadopur
108J.H.S. Sadaupur Middle Side841Mahasingh Patti
109P.S. Ramchandarpur992Anapur
110P.S. Kador600Kador
111P.S. Sujanpur520Sujanpur
113Aaganvadi Kendra Madhupatti407Gopipur
114P.S. Chauguna482Gopipur
115P.S. Kaudar North Side898Gopipur
116P.S. Kaudar South Side421Gopipur
117P.S. Chhapariya502Thathara
118P.S. Chhatari Ka Pura North Side218Bahariya
119P.S. Chhatari Ka Pura South Side1124Chatripur
120P.S. Puresanath1284Sanathpur
121Lakshman Prasad Inter College East Side Veerbhadrapur471Baghi
122Lakshman Prasad Inter College West Side Veerbhadrapur1035Birbhadapur
123J.H.S. Lali Ka Pura702Bhat
124P.S. Lali Ka Pura1470Lalipur
125P.S. Chaurapur Baidan658Kanthipur
126P.S. Kokalmau Room 1610Jagdishpur
127P.S. Kokalmau Room 2978Kokal Mau
128P.S. Kariyav Naya Bhawan North Side1388Khemapur
129P.S.Kariyav Naya Bhawan South Side1038Kariyaon
130P.S. Bhanupur1215Bhanupur
131P.S. Siyaraha1071Siyarha
132P.S. Mudfoda428Muhfora
133P.S. Barmaohani North Side941Barmohani
134P.S. Barmohani South Side866Barmohani
135P.S. Barmohani Middle Side789Barmohani
136P.S. Kasturipur North Side1401Chak Chandra
137P.S. Kasturipur South Side1468Chak Khushal
138P.S. Duhiya788Duhiya
139P.S. Kirtipur Jameene Kariyav493Kirtipur Z. Kariyaon
140J.H.S. Chak Dukhran1138Kolhua Pande Pur
141P.S. Kolhua Pandeypur678Chak Dukhran
142P.S. Bhikharirampur Room 11328Bhikari Rampur
143P.S. Bhikharirampur Room 2617Bhikari Rampur
144P.S. Badalipur748Badalipur
145J.H.S. Banakat East Side1308Chak Bhawanidas
146J.H.S. Banakat West Side1094Sarai Chatarshah
147Kanya P.S. Haripatti1157Hari Patti Or Hirapatti
148P.S. Mahadepur1473Mahdepur
149U.M.B.K.D. Kharagpur1329Kharagsen Patti
150P.S. Mahjuda Room No 1832Mahjuda
151P.S. Mahjuda Room No 2805Mahjuda
152P.S. Mahjuda Room No 3577Mahjuda
153J.H.S. Bhori Room No 11236Bori Bojh
154J.H.S. Bhori Room No 2822Bhori
155J.H.S. Bhori Room No 3780Bhori
156P.S. Kochhiya1491Kochhiya
157P.S. Balibhadrapur693Balibhdrapur
158P.S. Talsupaila1241Tal Supaia
159Samudayek Milan Kendra Jamunipur Modh1142Jamunipur Athagawan
160Seva Sadan Inter College Modh Bazar East Side1192Jamunipur Athagawan
161Seva Sadan Inter College Modh Bazar Middle Side1274Jamunipur Athagawan
162Seva Sadan Inter College Modh Bazar West Side1228Jamunipur Athagawan
163J.H.S. Modh Bazar997Jamunipur Athagawan
164P.S. Modh1021Jamunipur Athagawan
165P.S. Makanpur Naya Bhawan Room 1934Makanpur
166P.S. Makanpur Naya Bhawan Rom 2593Makanpur
167P.S. Modh Sthit Gram Chak Jivrani Room 1962Chak Juirani
168P.S. Modh Sthit Gram Chak Jivrani Room 2729Chak Juirani
169P.S. Modh Sthit Gram Chak Jivrani Room 31334Chak Newazi Makanpur
170P.S. Chak Kishun Ray631Barhiyani
171P.S. Danghar North Side1012Daghar
172P.S. Danghar South Side409Chak Harkesh
173Panchayat Bhawan Duhiyabhan226Duhiya Bhan
174P.S. Baharaichi Room No 11164Bahraichi
175P.S. Baharaichi Room No 2342Shukulpur
176P.S. Kuraiya1240Kuraiya
177P.S. Sanakdeeh1237Sanak Deeh
178E.M.S. Fattupur Dargah Room No 1817Fattupur Or Brahmnan
179E.M.S. Fattupur Dargah Room No 2817Fattupur Or Brahmnan
180P.S. Ayodhyapuri Sthit Gram Salimpur1319Gangapur
181P.S. Gangapur405Gangapur
182J.H.S. Jalalpur Room No 11033Bhadohi (NPP)
183J.H.S. Jalalpur Room No 21248Bhadohi (NPP)
184J.H.S. Jalalpur Room No 3881Bhadohi (NPP)
185J.H.S. Jalalpur Room No 4832Bhadohi (NPP)
186Green View Public School Jalalpur Room No 1873Bhadohi (NPP)
187Green View Public School Jalalpur Room No 2715Bhadohi (NPP)
188Green View Public School Jalalpur Room No 31409Bhadohi (NPP)
189J.H.S. Piparees East Side993Pipris
190J.H.S. Piparees West Side833Pipris
191P.S. Piparees Middle Side1410Pipris
192P.S. Piparees East Side1457Pipris
193P.S. Piparees North Side1095Pipris
194P.S.Piparis Naya Bhawan South Side1497Pipris
195Radhakrishn J. H. S. Musilatpur R 1794Munshi latpur
196Radhakrishn Junior High School Musilatpur Room 2819Munsilatpur
197Chintamani Inter College Musilatpur West Side1392Munsilatpur
198Chintamani Inter College Musilatpur East Side1421Munsilatpur
199P.S. Samhai Rajputani595Samhai Rajputani
200P.S. Ajaypur East Side1114Ajaypur
201Sankul Vidyalay Ajaypur1107Ajaypur
202J.H.S. Ajaypur524Maharbha
203P.S. Veerapatti Room 1747Bira Patti
204P.S. Veerapatti Room 2807Bira Patti
205P.S. Chakdharani1194Chak Basuhi
206Saraswati Shishu Mandir Balibhadrapur746Balibhdra
207P.S. Hariyav Room 1932Hariyawan (CT)
208P.S. Hariyav Room 2954Hariyawan (CT)
209P.S. Hariyav Room 3901Hariyawan (CT)
210P.S. Hariyav Room- 41009Hariyawan (CT)
211P.S. Sultanapur639Sultanpur
212Sitadevi U.M.S. Jayrampurkhas Room No 11022Saroi
213Sitadevi U.M.S. Jayrampurkhas Room No 2497Saroi
214P.S. Kushiyara Room No- 1999Bhadohi (NPP)
215P.S. Kushiyara Room No- 21250Bhadohi (NPP)
216Ekma Akhil Bharteey Niryat Bhawan Maryadpatti Room No- 11114Bhadohi (NPP)
217Ekma Akhil Bharteey Niryat Bhawan Room No- 21261Bhadohi (NPP)
218P.S. Maryadpatti Room No 1889Bhadohi (NPP)
219P.S. Maryadpatti Room No 21322Bhadohi (NPP)
220Madar Halima Public School Maryadpatti Room-11256Bhadohi (NPP)
221Madar Halima Public School Maryadpatti Room-21287Bhadohi (NPP)
222Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 1964Bhadohi (NPP)
223Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 2747Bhadohi (NPP)
224Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 3797Bhadohi (NPP)
225Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 4879Bhadohi (NPP)
226Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 5995Bhadohi (NPP)
227Madarsa Arviya Islamia School Peerkhapur Room No 61072Bhadohi (NPP)
228Madarsa Talimul Jadeed Islamiya School Nurkhapur Room-11340Bhadohi (NPP)
229Madarsa Talimul Jadeed Islamiya School Nurkhapur Room-2939Bhadohi (NPP)
230Madarsa Talimul Jadeed Islamiya School Nurkhapur Room-31401Bhadohi (NPP)
231Madarsa Talimul Jadeed Islamiya School Nurkhapur Room-4814Bhadohi (NPP)
232Ideal Nursary School Aalampur Room 11245Bhadohi (NPP)
233Ideal Nursary School Aalampur Room 21201Bhadohi (NPP)
234Bhadohi Girls Inter College East Side785Bhadohi (NPP)
235Bhadohi Girls Inter College Middle Side608Bhadohi (NPP)
236P.S. Bhadohi East Side745Bhadohi (NPP)
237P.S. Bhadohi Middle Side639Bhadohi (NPP)
238P.S. Bhadohi West Side1399Bhadohi (NPP)
239P.S. Saraiya Sthit Gram Himmatpur Bakuchiya Room 11008Himmatpur Bakuchiya
240P.S. Saraiya Sthit Gram Himmatpur Bakuchiya Room 21048Himmatpur Bakuchiya
241Sudha Devi Lalta Prasad Vidyalay Pure Daro North Side1142Bhadohi (NPP)
242Sudha Devi Lalta Prasad Vidyalay Pure Daro South Side1848Bhadohi (NPP)
243Sudha Devi Lalta Prasad Vidyalay Pure Daro West Side425Bhadohi (NPP)
244P.S. Kashipur Room No 1898Bhadohi (NPP)
245P.S. Kashipur Room 2633Bhadohi (NPP)
246P.S. Kashipur Room 31082Bhadohi (NPP)
247P.S. Kashipur Room No 4624Bhadohi (NPP)
248P.S. Ghamahapur East Room948Bhadohi (NPP)
249P.S. Ghamahapur Middle Room902Bhadohi (NPP)
250P.S. Ghamahapur West Side1305N/A
251Gyandevi Inter College Bhadohi West Side1240Bhadohi (NPP)
252Gyandevi Inter College Bhadohi East Side1128Bhadohi (NPP)
253Madarsa P.S. Pachbhaiya Room 1974Bhadohi (NPP)
254Madarsa P.S. Pachbhaiya Room 2862Bhadohi (NPP)
255P.S. Thakura Road East Side977Bhadohi (NPP)
256P.S. Thakura Road Middle Side718Bhadohi (NPP)
257P.S. Thakura Road West Side1331Bhadohi (NPP)
258Tehsil Karyalay Bhadohi Room 1861Bhadohi (NPP)
259Tehsil Karyalay Bhadohi Room 2939Bhadohi (NPP)
260Tehsil Karyalay Bhadohi Room 31051Bhadohi (NPP)
261Tehsil Karyalay Bhadohi Room 4838Bhadohi (NPP)
262M.A. Samad Inter College North Side1454Bhadohi (NPP)
263M.A. Samad Inter College Bhadohi East Side401Bhadohi (NPP)
264M.A. Samad Inter College Bhadohi South Side908Bhadohi (NPP)
265M.A. Samad Inter College Bhadohi West Side1359Bhadohi (NPP)
266M.A. Samad Inter College Bhadohi Midle Side1271Bhadohi (NPP)
267Karyalay Nagar Palika Parishad Bhadohi Room 1783Bhadohi (NPP)
268Karyalay Nagar Palika Parishad Bhadohi Room 2825Bhadohi (NPP)
269Bharteey Shishu Mandir Rajpura Road1479Bhadohi (NPP)
270P.S. Revda Paraspur East Side919Bhadohi (NPP)
271P.S. Revda Paraspur Middle Side474Bhadohi (NPP)
272P.S. Revda Paraspur West Side904Bhadohi (NPP)
273Islamiya School Nai Bazar East Side788Nai Bazar (NP)
274Islamiya School Nai Bazar Middle Side778Nai Bazar (NP)
275Islamiya School Nai Bazar West Side921Nai Bazar (NP)
276P.S. Jahidpur Room 1872Jahidpur
277P.S. Jahidpur Room 2936Jahidpur
278P.S. Raghunathpur Sthit Gram Amrauna1365Noorpur
279J.H.S. Nai Bazar North Side1056Nai Bazar (NP)
280J.H.S. Nai Bazar Middle Side788Nai Bazar (NP)
281J.H.S. Nai Bazar South Side830Nai Bazar (NP)
282P.S. Nai Bazar Gulaura East Side933Nai Bazar (NP)
283P.S. Nai Bazar Gulaura West Side1368Nai Bazar (NP)
284Kanya P.S.Ramraypur1252Ramraipur
285P.S. Kansraypur1270Kansraipur
286P.S. Raghopur1264Raghopur
287P.S. Dudava Dharampuri Room No 1771Dudwa Dharampuri
288P.S. Dudava Dharampuri Room No 2881Dudwa Dharampuri
289P.S. Nevadakala West Side1220Nawada Kala
290P.S. Nevadakala East Side1370Nawada Kala
291P.S. Amilauri Room No 1780Kisunpur Tekari
292P.S. Amilauri Room No 2746Nayanpur
293P.S. Amilauri Room No 31004Basawanpur
294P.S. Iyai1278Manikpatti
295J.H.S. Raya Room No 11330Raya
296J.H.S. Raya Room No 2862Raya
297J.H.S. Raya Room No 3895Raya
298P.S. Laganvari739Lagan Bari
299P.S. Yakubpur North Side1329Yakubpur
300P.S. Yakubpur South Side715Yakubpur
301P.S. Radai973Radai
302P.S. Piparee Room 1834Pipris
303P.S. Piparee Room 2754Pipris
304P.S. Piparee Room 31179Pipris
305P.S. Umari1163Umari
306Panchayat Bhawan Pure Kishun Singh639Pure Kisun Singh
307P.S. Asti849Asti
308P.S.Tulsichak1334Tulsi Chand
309P.S. Mardanpur1403Gonda Jamuna Jati
310P.S. Pargaspur East Side1278Pargaspur
311P.S. Pargaspur West Side879Pargaspur
312J.H.S. Pargaspur North Side985Domanpur
313J.H.S. Pargaspur South Side850Serwan
314Panchayat Bhawan Raghunathpur1110Raghunathpur
315P.S. Sonahar Mahuapati East Sode1295Sonhar Mahua Patti
316P.S. Sonahar Mahuapati West Side811Mai
317P.S. Bhikharipur1383Bhikharipur
318P.S.Dudva Kukrauthi North Side902Dudawa Kukruthi
319P.S. Dudva Kukrauthi Midle Side998Dudawa Kukruthi
320P.S. Sevapur1281Sewapur
321P.S. Mahbubpur Room No 11251Mahbubpur
322P.S. Mahbubpur Room 2529Makdumpur
323Panchayat Bhawan Jamunipur Vadfarros Room 1874Jamunipur Badfaros
324Panchayat Bhawan Jamunipur Vadfarros Room 2889Jamunipur Badfaros
325P.S. Raimalpur Room No 11407Raimalpur
326P.S. Raimalpur Room No 2528Chawar
327P.S. Ahmadpur Fulvariya1100Ahamadpur Phulwariya
328J.H.S. Sarroi Midle Side547Manikpur
329J.H.S. Sarroi East Side339Manikpur
331P.S. Sarroi Midle Side809Manikpur
332P.S. Sarroi West Side753Manikpur
333P.S. Prajapatipur757Manikpur
334P.S. Chaubepur Sthit Gram Prajapatipur477Cobepur
335Panchayat Bhawan Harirampur643Harirampur
336J.H.S. Bhagwanpur Sthit Gram Harirampur North Side1287Dhaskari
337J.H.S. Bhagwanpur Sthit Gram Harirampur South Side1116Hirday Patti
338P.S. Dulamdaspur Room No 11086Duladaspur
339P.S. Dulamdaspur Room No 2699Duladaspur
340P.S. Palhaiya Building North Side1065Palheya
341P.S. Palhaiya Building South Side952Kom
342Aayurved Bhawan Palhaiya699Basantpur
343P.S. Nidur Room No 1958Nidiur
344P.S. Nidur Room No 2618Nidiur
345P.S. Nidur Room No 3508Dubha
346P.S. Bhadarmanpur416Badamanpur
347P.S. Anegpur East Side878Anangpur
348P.S. Anegpur West Side622Anangpur
349P.S. Parsottampur950Cori Nidurpatti
350Bharateey Inter College Parsipur North Side1003Badamanpur
351Bharteey Inter College Parsipur Midle Side690Badamanpur
352Higher Secondry School Parsipur1225Madho Rampur
353P.S. Chauri Danupatti Room No 11162Chauridanu Patti
354P.S. Chauri Danupatti Room No 21028Chauridanu Patti
355J.H.S. Rotaha Room No 11309Kolahd
356J.H.S. Rotaha Room No 2637Kolahd
357P.S. Samalcot645Samalkot
358Aadarsh J.H.S. Jamua1163Jamua
359P.S. Rotaha1417Chak Bhuidhar
360P.S. Manikpur Naya Bhawan1238Manikpur
361P.S. Bhakoda1076Deeh Koiran
362P.S. Jagadeeshpur Sujan796Jagdishpur Sujan
363P.S. Narpatpur1195Narpatpur
364P.S. Baraila North Side968Barela
365P.S. Baraila South Side827Barela
366P.S. Kantapur831Barela
367P.S. Rabelikhas East Side1144Rwelikhas
368P.S. Rabelikhas West Side979Ramdeo Patti
369U.M.V. Pachpatiya East Side1394Rajputan Z.Ravali
370U.Ma.Vidy. Pachapatiya West Side331Arajidibui
371J.H.S. Amwakhurd North Side1186Amawa Khurd
372J.H.S. Amwakhurd South Side1083Amawa Khurd
373P.S. Ashogapur686Asogapur
374P.S. Harichandanpur North Side945Amawa Kala
375P.S. Harichandanpur South Side1009Hari Chandanpur
376P.S. Mai Hardopatti North Side826Maihardo Patti
377P.S. Mai Hardopatti South Side1000Maihardo Patti
378P.S. Dattipur1271Candapur
379P.S. Bahari1395Bahari
380P.S. Ragghupur North Side506Raghopur
381P.S. Ragghupur South Side734Jaddpur
382P.S. Kandhiya1022Kandhiya
383P.S. Dhanapur511Dhanapur
384P.S. Lakshapur1105Lachhapur
385P.S. Bardaha North Side1418Bardha
386P.S. Bardaha South Side1140Bardha
387P.S. Bardaha Midle Side672Bardha
388P.S. Lathiya North Side840Latiya
389P.S. Lathiya Midle Side798Latiya
390P.S. Lathiya South Side657Hadha
391P.S. Savarpur1180Sawalpur
392P.S. Darunaha780Darunha
393P.S. Kapaldeeh354Kapal Deeh
394P.S. Tikaitpur North Side829Hadhi Bari
395P.S. Tikaitpur South Side806Tikaitpur
396P.S. Surahan South Side1376Surhan
398P.S. Chandigahana Naya Bhawan830Chandi Gahana
399P.S. Govindpur622Gobindpur
400P.S. Athagodawa1045Athgodwa
401P.S. Jagarnathpur North Side865Jagnathpur
402P.S. Jagarnathpur South Side962Jagnathpur

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