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Polling Booth in Belthara Road Assembly Constituency

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Belthara Road Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Belthara Road

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Belthara Road Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Sonadih (East)825Sasnadih
2P.P. Sonadih (West)905Sasnadih
3J.H.S. Sonadih1070Sasnadih
4P.P. Tanguniya (East)1443Tenduhari
5P.P. Tanguniya (West)1343Tenduhari
6P.P. Doth (North)851Doth
7P.P. Doth (South)863Doth
8P.P. Bhindkund (North)972Bhind Kund
9P.P. Bhindkund (South)763Bhind Kund
10P.P. Gaurital Ghosa716Gauri Tal Ghosa
11Nahar Colony Chainpur Gulaura (East)1002Chainpur Guloura
12Nahar Colony Chainpur Gulaura (West)1026Chainpur Guloura
13P.P. Chainpur Gulaura (East)853Chainpur Guloura
14P.P. Chainpur Gulaura (West)991Chainpur Guloura
15P.P. Khairakhas1213Khaira Khas
16P.P. Turtipar952Turtipar
17Kanya P.P. Turtipar (North)1153Turtipar
18Kanya P.P. Turtipar (South)1174Turtipar
19P.P. Chandayar Balipur (North)1046Chandayar Walipur
20P.P. Chandayar Balipur (South)1036Chandayar Walipur
21P.P. Chandayar Kala637Chandayar Kala
22P.P. Budhipur722Budhipur
23P.P. Indauli Jamin Indauli959Indauli Zamin Indalli
24P.P. Atraul Chak Milkan1370Autroul Chak Milkan
25P.P. Padari1230Padri
26P.P. Tenduhari637Tenduhari
27P.P. Mubarakpur980Mubarakpur
28P.P. Bahorwa Khurd835Bahorwa Khurd
29E.J.B.V. Banspar Bahorwa (East)953Banspar Bahorwa
30E.J.B.V. Banspar Bahorwa (West)782Banspar Bahorwa
31E.P.V. Banspar Bahorwa (East)898Banspar Bahorwa
32E.P.V. Banspar Bahorwa (West)1049Banspar Bahorwa
33P.P. Tirnai Khurd1195Tirnai Khurd
34P.P. Bithua (North)1147Bithua
35P.P. Bithua (South)907Bithua
36J.H. School Siar (East)1196Belthara Road (NP)
37J.H. School Siar (Middel)1418Belthara Road (NP)
40J.H. School Siar (West)1188Belthara Road (NP)
41Shyam S.B.V. Belthararoad (East)1210Belthara Road (NP)
42Shyam S.B.V. Belthararoad (West)1309Belthara Road (NP)
43Ghandhi Memorial Inter Collage Belthraroad (North)1496Belthara Road (NP)
44Ghandhi Memorial Inter Collage Belthraroad (Middel)1318Belthara Road (NP)
46Ghandhi Memorial Inter Collage Belthraroad (South)460Belthara Road (NP)
47P.P. Siar No.-2 (East)1284Belthara Road (NP)
48P.P. Siar No.-2 (Middel)628Belthara Road (NP)
49P.P. Siar No.-2 (West)1012Belthara Road (NP)
50P.P. Chaukiya (North)947Choukia
51P.P. Chaukiya (South)916Choukia
52E.P.P. Ubhaw1088Ubhanv
53P.P. Majhwaliya792Majhwalia
54P.P. Belthara Bazar (East)1075Belthara Bajar
55P.P. Belthara Bazar (West)1027Belthara Bajar
56P.P. Haldirampur No.-2 (Rampur)998Haldi Rampur
57P.P. Haldirampur Narla (North)872Haldi Rampur
58P.P. Haldirampur Narla (South)751Haldi Rampur
59Lalmani U.M.V. Haldirampur1148Haldi Rampur
60Baba Bharatdas Purwa M.V. Haldirampur (Sahiya) (East)1088Haldi Rampur
61Baba Bharatdas Purwa M.V. Haldirampur (Sahiya) (West)1079Haldi Rampur
62Kanya P.P. Haldirampur (East)798Haldi Rampur
63Kanya P.P. Haldirampur (West)763Haldi Rampur
64P.P. Haldirampur Khas No.-11053Haldi Rampur
65P.P. Kakraso (East)580Kakraso
66P.P. Kakraso (West)847Kakraso
67P.P. Piprauli (East)1164Piprouli
68P.P. Piprauli (Middel)1070Piprouli
69P.P. Piprauli (West)1009Piprouli
70E.P.P. Piprauli (North)1187Piprouli
71E.P.P. Piprauli (South)1293Piprouli
72P.P. Shekhpur1260Shekhpur
73P.P. Shanhpur Afga (East)1126Shahpur Afga
74P.P. Shanhpur Afga (West)1321Shahpur Afga
75J.H. School Afga1347Shahpur Afga
76P.P. Chak Meharali Urf Mauraha897Chak Mehar Ali Urf Maurha
77P.P. Rachhauli666Rachhauli
78P.P. Telma Jamaludinpur (East)1264Telma Jamaluddinpur
79P.P. Telma Jamaludinpur (West)1152Telma Jamaluddinpur
80P.P. Tendua Patti Pharsatar607Tendua Patti Farsatar
81P.P. Babhnauli Mu. Telma567Babhnouli
82P.P. Bahuta Chak Upadyad (East)1110Bahuta Chak Upadhaya
83P.P. Bahuta Chak Upadyad (West)850Bahuta Chak Upadhaya
84P.P. Chandadih (East)979Chandadih
85P.P. Chandadih (West)968Chandadih
86P.P. Lakhwaliya331Lakhwalia
87J.H. School Karsar (North)1183Chenpur
88J.H. School Karsar (South)1051Kurha Tetra
89P.P. Molnapur948Molnapur
90P.P. Rampur Kanungoyan919Rampur Chandela
91Gandhi U.M.V. Rampur Chandela (East)645Rampur Chandela
92Gandhi U.M.V. Rampur Chandela (Middel)642Parsa Nandouli Tajpur
93Gandhi U.M.V. Rampur Chandela (West)1223Parsa Nandouli Tajpur
94P.P. Karani (North)933Karni
95P.P. Karani (South)718Karni
96P.P. Saddopur574Purusotampur
97P.P. Rajpur New Bhawan1026Rajpur
98P.P. Rajpur Old Bhawan582Noorpur
99P.P. Samshuddinpur1211Samsuddinpur
100P.P. Pashuhari1062Pashu Hari
101Devraj Inter Collage Pshuhari1235Pashu Hari
102P.P. Paharpur811Paharpur
103P.P. Paliya (East)810Paliya
104P.P. Paliya (West)707Paliya
105P.P. Farsatar (North)1295Farsatar
106P.P. Farsatar (Middel)1050Farsatar
107P.P. Farsatar (South)1194Farsatar
108Panchayat Bhawan Pharsatar1367Farsatar
109E.P.P. Awanya (East)1061Awayan
110E.P.P. Awanya (Middel)1174Awayan
111E.P.P. Awanya (West)1406Awayan
112Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Bhuwari1082Bhuari
113P.P. Misrauli881Misrooli
114Eslamiya P.P. Kundail Niyamat Ali (East)1155Kundail Niyamat Ali
115Eslamiya P.P. Kundail Niyamat Ali (West)1047Kundail Niyamat Ali
116P.P. Bhadaura Tarchhapar (East)1067Bhadaura Tarchhapar
117P.P. Bhadaura Tarchhapar (West)1179Bhadaura Tarchhapar
118P.P. Patnari Kirtupur (North)1000Patnari Kirtupur
119P.P. Patnari Kirtupur (South)510Patnari Kirtupur
120P.P. Akhop (East)1227Akhop
121P.P. Akhop (West)919Akhop
122J. H. School Akhop917Akhop
123Devendra Digree Collage Belthararoad929Tendua
124P.P. Sasana Bahadurpur (East)1340Sasna Bahadurpur
125P.P. Sasana Bahadurpur (West)1357Sasna Bahadurpur
126P.P. Bankra Saiad Bukhara940Bankara Said Bukhara
127P.P. Govindpur Dugauli (North)818Govindpur Dugauli
128P.P. Govindpur Dugauli (South)466Govindpur Dugauli
130P.P. Malera919Malera
131J.H. School Saraya (East)1209Saryan M. Chrauwa
132J.H. School Saraya (Middel)1164Saryan M. Charauwa
133J.H. School Saraya (West)448Saryan M. Chauwa
134P.P. Mampur Mahdeva561Mampur Mahdeva
135P.P. Semari1050Semri
136P.P. Gaziyapur688Gaziapur
137P.P. Khunta876Gaziapur
138P.P. Bahorwa745Bahorwa
139P.P. Shiuri Premraja1315Sivwari Premrja
140P.P. Ebrahim Patti (East)1175Ibrahimpatti
141P.P. Ebrahim Patti (West)785Ibrahimpatti
142P.P. Asdiya (North)981Asadia
144P.P. Bhindlakhansinha1474Bhindlakhan Singha
145P.P. Muhammadpur (East)1197Mohammadpur
146P.P. Muhammadpur (West)911Mohammadpur
147P.P. Kuchahara482Kuchehra
148P.P. Kushha Rasidpur (East)996Kushha Rasidpur
149P.P. Kushha Rasidpur (West)268Kushha Rasidpur
150P.P. Sidhauli912Sidhwali
151P.P. Shahpur Titihan (North)1191Shahpur Titiha
152P.P. Shahpur Titihan (South)1127Shahpur Titiha
153J.H. School Shahpur Titihan1134Shahpur Titiha
154P.P. Mahari (East)977Mahri
155P.P. Mahari (West)371Mahri
156P.P. Barnag Basantpur519Barnag Basantpur
157P.P. Saidpura814Saidpura
158P.P. Chak Habsapur778Chak Habsapur
159J.H. School Balauli (North)871Barooli
160J.H. School Balauli (South)822Barooli
161P.P. Barauli1026Barooli
162P.P. Tirnai Maularay990Tirnai Moula Rai
163P.P. Uskar Gaziyapur (East)837Uskar Gaziapur
164P.P. Uskar Gaziyapur (West)438Uskar Gaziapur
165P.P. Hundrha572Hudhara
166P.P. Awarai Khurd (North)978Awarai Khurd
167P.P. Awarai Khurd (South)759Rudipur
168P.P. Nighuwan1159Nigahua
169P.P. Brahimpur818Bhimpura
170P.P. Awarai Kala (East)992Awarai Kala
171P.P. Awarai Kala (West)974Awarai Kala
172Kanya P.P. Awarai Kala1005Awarai Kala
173P.P. Mahrajpur1149Maharajpur
174P.P. Baradih Lwai Patti (North)844Baradih Lawai Patti
175P.P. Baradih Lwai Patti (South)941Baradih Lawai Patti
176P.P. Baraich (North)800Baraich
177P.P. Baraich (South)960Baraich
178P.P. Ramapatti Taspur905Ramapatti Taspur
179Hazi Nause Ali U.M.V. Baharpur678Baharpur
180P.P. Nawada514Nawada
181P.P. Barwa Ratti Patti (East)1335Barwaratti Patti
182P.P. Barwa Ratti Patti (West)1411Barwaratti Patti
183P.P. Bhimpura No.-11050Bhimpura No.1
184Juniar High School Bhimpura No.-1762Bhimpura No.1
185P.P. Babhnauli957Babhnouli
186Sanskrit P.P. Kushha Brahman1412Kushha Brahman
187P.P. Jajauli1410Jajauli
188P.P. Kirihrapur1290Kiriharapur
189P.P. Satuhari724Satuhari
190P.P. Bibipur706Bibipur
191P.P. Barewa Mukhlispur833Mukhalispur
192P.P. Amawe785Amawe
193P.P. Sodhanpur608Sodhanpur
194P.P. Majhhauwa Ta. Amawe658Majhooa T.Amawe
195P.P. Panchma836Pachma
196P.P. Udharan (East)1145Udhran
197P.P. Udharan (West)954Rampur Chrauwa
198P.P. Lohata Panchdaura (North)655Lohta Pachdaura
199P.P. Lohata Panchdaura (South)658Lohta Pachdaura
200P.P. Bhujaini (East)1148Bhujani
201P.P. Bhujaini (West)786Bhujani
202P.P. Sisyandkala (East)1223Sisand Kala
203P.P. Sisyandkala (West)569Sisand Kala
204P.P. Jamin Sisyand757Jamin Sisain
205P.P. Daphalpura746Dafalpura
206P.P. Pharhada Urf Pura1393Farhada Urf Pura
207J.H. School Gaura Khas (North)858Gaura
208J.H. School Gaura Khas (South)765Sikaria
209P.P. Charauwa (East)1191Charouan
210P.P. Charauwa (West)1267Charouan
211J.H. School Charauwa (North)660Charouan
212J.H. School Charauwa (Middel)1182Charouan
213J.H. School Charauwa (South)805Charouan
214P.P. Chhitikiya477Chhitikiya
215P.P. Patoi1391Patoi
216P.P. Vigah Jamin Vigah (East)1419Bigah Jamin Bigha
217P.P. Vigah Jamin Vigah (West)639Bigah Jamin Bigha
218P.P. Rausra661Rousada
219P.P. Tirnai Khijirpur (East)1001Tirnie Khijirpur
220P.P. Tirnai Khijirpur (West)1169Tirnie Khijirpur
221P.P. Jamuaw Khampur Nahar & Sarak Ke Pashchim1340Jamuaon Khanpur
222Kanya P.P. Jamuaw Khampur763Jamuaon Khanpur
223P.P. Jamuaw Khampur Nahar Se Purab822Jamuaon Khanpur
224P.P. Khandwa (North)912Khandwa
225P.P. Khandwa (South)1205Khandwa
226Panchayat Bhawan Khandwa808Khandwa
227P.P. Karaudi1169Karoundi
228P.P. Aaripur Saryan1448Aripur Saraya
229P.P. Sikandrapur (East)947Shankarpur
230P.P. Sikandrapur (West)891Shankarpur
231Purwa Madymik Vidyalaya Kalwari1262Kalwari
232P.P. Shiura Gopalpur513Gopalpur M. Kandosar
233Gopalpur Inter Collage Ksoundar (East)1230Kasounder
234Gopalpur Inter Collage Ksoundar (West)411Kasounder
235P.P. Ksoundar (East)986Kasounder
236P.P. Ksoundar (Middel)1239Kasounder
237P.P. Ksoundar (West)970Kasounder
238P.P. Trilok Manda950Trilok Manda
239P.P. Dewalveer1104Devel Veer
240P.P. Abbaspur774Abbaspur
241P.P. Rupwar Bhagwanpur (East)1433Rupwar Bhagwanpur
242P.P. Rupwar Bhagwanpur (West)392Rupwar Bhagwanpur
243P.P. Dilman Madhukipur761Dilman Mudhkipur
244P.P. Lahasani (North)864Lahsani
245P.P. Lahasani (South)611Lahsani
246Kanya P.P. Lahasani1173Lahsani
247P.P. Parsiya Ruppur (North)1072Parsia Ruppur
248P.P. Parsiya Ruppur (South)602Parsia Ruppur
249P.P. Muhmmadpur Japti Maphi483Mohmadpurjapti Mafi
250P.P. Gaurapur (East)855Govapar
251P.P. Gaurapur (West)795Govapar
252P.P. Bhippura No.-2 (East)972Bhimpura NO. 2
253P.P. Bhippura No.-2 (West)1020Bhimpura NO. 2
254P.P. Supapali1304Supapali
255P.P. Bishruph (North)745Bisruf
256P.P. Bishruph (South)790Bisruf
257P.P. Sikrahata712Sikrahta
258P.P. Masuriya1193Masuria
259P.P. Malipur1415Malipur
260P.P. Vishunpur Danda381Bishnupur Danda
261P.P. Parasra Juran1433Padsara Juran
262P.P. Nanoura729Nanoura
263P.P. Ahirouli556Ahirauli
264P.P. Habsapur1433Habsapur
265P.P. Bhojaupur448Bhojupur
266P.P. Bihra Harpur (North)1113Bihraharpur
267P.P. Bihra Harpur (South)357Bihraharpur
270P.P. Chhtaouna689Chitouna
271P.P. Kamrouli (East)1021Dulesar
272P.P. Kamrouli (West)1109Kamrouli
273P.P. Vishunpura1118Bishunpura
274P.P. Turki Doulatpur1092Turki Daulatpur
275P.P. Indouli Malkouli (East)1016Indouli Malkouli
276P.P. Indouli Malkouli (West)997Indouli Malkouli
277P.P. Kodha Galib Patti Urf Bhaupur (North)669Kotha Galib Pattiurf Bhaupur
278P.P. Kodha Galib Patti Urf Bhaupur (South)824Chandpur
279P.P. Sarya Gulab Ray953Sariya Gulabpur
280Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Hajiya Rampur1058Hazia Rampur
281P.P. Chandi Saray Sambhal1179Chadi Sarai Sambhal
282P.P. Jethvar Yakubpur894Jethwar Yarkubpur
283P.P. Enamipur1012Enamipur
284P.P. Palchandraha (East)1084Palchandraha
285P.P. Palchandraha (West)983Panchadraha
286P.P. Nikasi (North)1197Nikasi
287P.P. Nikasi (Middel)1125Nikasi
288P.P. Nikasi (South)1048Nikasi
289Subash Inter Collage Taribaragaon (East)1253Taribragawn
290Subash Inter Collage Taribaragaon (Middel)1245Taribaragawn
293Subash Inter Collage Taribaragaon (West)1169Taribaragawn
294P.P. Veer Chandraha529Vir Chandrha
295P.P. Abdulpur Madari1167Abdulpur Madari
296Gandhi Mahaveedyalay Malap Harsenpur (East)979Malapharsen
297Gandhi Mahaveedyalay Malap Harsenpur (West)995Malapharsenpur
298P.P. Malap Harsenpur (East)586Malapharsen
299P.P. Malap Harsenpur (West)1028Malapharsen
300P.P. Khaptahi (Malap Harsenpur)974Malapharsen
301P.P. Chachayan (East)653Chchian
302P.P. Chachayan (West)864Chchian
303P.P. Jahangeera (Nagara) (East)795Nagara
304P.P. Jahangeera (Nagara) (West)825Nagara
305Janta Inter Collage Ngara (North)1192Nagara
306Janta Inter Collage Ngara (Middel)1372Nagara
308Janta Inter Collage Ngara (South)1306Nagara
309P.P. Tilkari (Nagra)833Nagara
310P.P. Kothiya1492Katya
311P.P. Padari (East)1030Padri
312P.P. Padari (West)1072Padri
313Kanya P.P. Parshurampur1131Berhi
314P.P. Kakari1241Kakri
315P.P. Bhitkuna1307Bhitkuna
316P.P. Gothawa (North)1316Gothwa
317P.P. Gothawa (South)1228Gothwa
318P.P. Dhekwari1234Dekwari
319P.P. Deoriya1085Devria
320P.P. Narahi No-21342Narhi
321P.P. Narahi (East)1343Narhi
322P.P. Narahi (West)1345Narhi
323P.P. Indaso (North)1159Indaso
324P.P. Indaso (South)1103Indaso
325P.P. Khalispur463Khalispur
326P.P. Dihwa (East)1241Dhodhwa
327P.P. Dihwa (Middel)1066Margupur Panditpura
328P.P. Dihwa (West)874Didwan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014