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Polling Booth in Barhapur Assembly Constituency

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Barhapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Barhapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barhapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V Aurangzaeb Shahli645Murtajabad
2Primary School Telipara967Telipara
3Primary School Sabuwala761Saboowala
4Primary School Aurangabad Room No.11178Aurangabad
5J.H.S Kanhadwala899Kanhrawala
6P.V Baban Sarai Room No 1914Bawan Sarai
7P.V Baban Sarai Room No 2630Murad Bakshpur
8P.V. Sundarwali324Sundarwali
9P.V Jahanbad Room No 11246Jahanabad
10P.V Jahanbad Room No 2860Jahanabad
11P.V Tandamaidas Room No 11077Tanda Maidass
12P.V Tandamaidas Room No 2826Tanda Maidass
13P.M.V Tandamaidas Room No 1934Tanda Maidass
14P.M.V Tandamaidas Room No 2636N/A
15P.M.V Tandamaidas Room No 31469Tanda Maidass
16P.V. Aasafpur Saidpeer479Tanda Maidass
17P.V. Sharfuddin Nagar Room No 11459Sharfuddin Nagar
18P.V. Sharfuddin Nagar Room No 21143Sharfuddin Nagar
19P.V. Sharfuddin Nagar Room No 3818Mansha
20P.V Haji Muhmmadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 1773Haji Mohammadpur
21P.V Haji Muhmmadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 2798Haji Mohammadpur
22P.V Haji Muhmmadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 3797Ajampur Parma
23P.V Haji Muhmmadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 4237Haji Mohammadpur
24P.V Haji Muhmmadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 51500Haji Mohammadpur
25P.M.V Haji Muhammadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 1876Haji Mohammadpur
26P.M.V Haji Muhammadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 2845Haji Mohammadpur
27P.M.V Haji Muhammadpur Urf Kotkadar Room No 31336Haji Mohammadpur
28P.V Chohadhpur Nanu800Kaderpurnanu
29P.V. Qamruddin Nagar704Kamruddeen Nagar
30P.V Jagatchandpur543Jagat Chandpur
31P.M.V Murtujapur Room No 1860Murtajapur Puranpur
32P.M.V Murtujapur Room No 2864Murtajapur Puranpur
33P.V Makhdumpur774Makhdoompur
34P.V Noorullahpur1169Noorullapur
35P.V Raipur Sadat First Room No 11221Bedar Bakhtpur Jado
36P.V Raipur Sadat First Room No 21388Shah Alipur Jaman
37Bh.J.H. Raipur Sadat Room No 11296Raipur Sadat
38Bh.J.H. Raipur Sadat Room No 2196Raipur Sadat
39Bh.J.H. Raipur Sadat Room No 31274Raipur Sadat
40Bh.J.H. Raipur Sadat Room No 41066Raipur Sadat
41Bh.J.H. Raipur Sadat Room No 5875Raipur Sadat
42P.V Ajupura Rani1019Ajupura Rani
43P.V Samaspur Saddo960Samaspur Saddo
44P.M.V Hasanalipur Maan397Hasan Alipur Man
45P.V Samaspur Naseeb Room No 1879Samaspur Naseeb
46P.V Samaspur Naseeb Room No ?627Samaspur Naseeb
47P.V Shayampur Sarwanka707Shyampur Sarbaka
48Abhinav Girls Junior School Rajupura661Mohammad Alipur Manju
49P.V Rajpura1097Rajpura
50P.V Maidpura Sultan1118Maidpura Sultan
51P.V Allahhari675Alha Heri
52P.V Saidpura1181Abul Rahmanpur Jeewan
53P.V.Jutt Nangala658Jat Nagla
54P.V. Jhilmila Room No 1901Jhilmila
55P.V. Jhilmila Room No 2629Jhilmila
56P.V Alipura Jutt1360Alipur Jat
57P.V Binja Heri Room No 1997Binjaheri
58P.V Binja Heri Room No 2544Binjaheri
59P.V Narayanpur Ramji1095Narayanpur Ramji
60U.P.V Husainabad Room No 11252Husainabad
61U.P.V Husainabad Room No 2964Husainabad
62U.P.V Husainabad Room No 31103Husainabad
63P.V Milak Qudduspur530Khuduspur
64P.V Sarai Dadumbar827Sarai Dadumber
65P.V Sabdalpur Dehjageer836Sabdalpur Dehjageer
66P.V Hasanalipur Heera Room No 11044Takipur Bega
67P.V Hasanalipur Heea Room No 2690Hasanalipur Heera
68P.V Naimatpur428Nematpur
69P.V Parmanandpur Ganwadi329Parmanandpur Ganwri
70P.V Heempur Makhdoom Jahan369Himpurmakhdumjha
71Janta .J.H.S Tirlokwala Room No 11181Moh.Pur Trilok
72Janta .J.H.S Tirlokwala Room No 2820Moh.Pur Trilok
73J.H.S Rawalheri Khajoori1168Rawalheri Khjuri
75P.V Ladpura454Laipur
76P.V Bundki855Chakar Panpur
77P.V Duwaradaspur368Dwarka Daspur
78P.M.V Harganpur Room No 1828Harganpur
79P.M.V Harganpur Room No 2823Harganpur
80P.M.V Harganpur Room No 3355Gazipur Sabha Chand
81P.V Sultan Ajampur Bani Ganesh1044Sultan Ajampur Bani Ganesh
82P.V Jahangeerpur Khas1039Jahangirpur Khas
83P.V Abdul Rahmanpur Mahganj492Abdul Rahmanpur Mahijang
84P.V Abdipur915Ajampur Parma
85P.V Abdul Fajalpur Bani1386Abul Fazalpur Bani
86P.V Aslampur Bhullan1190Aslampur Bhullan
87P.V Shadipur Room No 11468Shadipur
88P.V Shadipur Room No 2834Hari Singh Ka Bhogla
89P.V Abdipur Harwansh858N/A
90P.V Kanakpur933Kanakpur
91P.V Nangal Ladda442Nangla Ladda
92P.N Jamalpur Dhikli920Rampur Asaf
93P.V Noorpur Arab1440Noorpur Arab
94P.V Afzalpur Bhau505Afjalpur Bhau
95P.V Abdullapur Qurashi547Abdullapur Kuraishi
96P.V Sadatpur Garhi908Sadatpur Garhi
97J.H.S Shahalipur Kotra Room No 11151Shalipurkotra
98J.H.S Shahalipur Kotra Room No 21220Shahlipurkotra
99J.H.S Shahalipur Kotra Room No 31002Shahlipurkotra
100J.H.S Shahalipur Kotra Room No 4601Anoopnagar
101P.V Umarpur Barkhera599Umarpur Barekhera
102P.V Mukandpur Rajmal894Mukandpur Rajmal
103P.V Kunjeta1074Kunjaita
104P.V Tarapur539Tarapur
105P.V Allauddinpur524Abdipur Kal1An
106P.V Rasulpur Muzaffar Room No 1736Har Kishanpur Jainulabdin
107P.V Rasulpur Muzaffar Room No 21421Rasulpur Mujaffar
108P.V Islamabad Room No 11047Islamabad
109P.V Islamabad Room No 21101ISLAMABAD
110P.V Mohimuddinpur760Mohiuddinpur
111P.V Jalalpur862Jalalpur Raghao
112P.V Mitthopur644Mitthopur
113P.V Jaganthpur Mahru827Jagannathpur Mehru
114P.V Banipur721Benipur
115P.V Hamzapur Kathair305Hamjapur Kathair
116P.V.Fatehpur Room No 1790Shahli Pur Asha
117P.V.Fatehpur Room No 2546Ismilpur Sahali
118Adersh G.I.C Mahartpur Kala Pureni Room No 1978Maharatpur Kala
119Adersh G.I.C Mahartpur Kala Pureni Room No 2858Maharatpur Kala
120Adersh G.I.C Mahartpur Kala Pureni Room No 31451Maharatpur Kala
121Adersh G.I.C Mahartpur Kala Pureni Room No 4755Maharathpur Kala
122Adersh G.I.C Mahartpur Kala Pureni Room No 51075Maharatpur Kala
123P.V Kalyanpur Room 11183Kalyanpur
124P.V Kalyanpur Room 2853Kalyanpur
125Janta Kisan J.H.S Kalyanpur Room No 1898Manjhera Sakru
126Janta Kisan J.H.S Kalyanpur Room No 2676Manjhera Sakru
127Janta Kisan J.H.S Kalyanpur Room No 31346Manjhera Sakru
128P.V Imampur Tigri Room No 1810Imampur Tigri
129P.V Imampur Tigri Room No 2775Khanpur Manak Ahatmali
130P.V Kishanpur Kunda943Kishanpur Kunda
131P.V Bhagwanpur Room No 11032Bhagwanpur
132P.V Bhagwanpur Room No 2544Bhagwanpur
133P.V Alehdadpur Khajwa991Alhaidadpur Khajwa
134P.V Rahmapur Usmarur670Rahmapur Usmapur
135P.V Bhojwala Mirzapur Chohadh632Mirjalipur Chauhar
136P.M.V Munawwarpur Said Room No 1690Manauwarpur Said
137P.M.V Munawwarpur Said Room No 21024Manauwarpur Said
138P.V Jafarpur544Jafarpur
139G.P.M.V Khushhalpur Diwan Singh1176Khushhalpur Deevansingh
140P.M.V Kayampur Dodrajpur1125Kayamnagar Dodrajpur
141P.V. Naiwala460Naiwala
142P.V Ismailpur Dani1053Ismailpur Dami
143P.V Sikkawala1020Navabad Jagir
144P.V Basuwala509Bansuwala
145Nagar Panchyat Barahpur Room No 11333BDAPUR
146Nagar Panchyat Barahpur Room No 21426BDAPUR
147Faqeerchand Arya I.C Badapur Room No 11462BDAPUR
148Faqeerchand Arya I.C Badapur Room No 2797BDAPUR
149Faqeerchand Arya I.C Badapur Room No 3851BDAPUR
150Faqeerchand Arya I.C Badapur Room No 4659BDAPUR
151Faqeerchand Arya I.C Badapur Room No 51213BDAPUR
152U.M.V Barhapur Room No 1747Chak Chauharmal
153U.M.V Barhapur Room No 21115BDAPUR
154P.V. Barhapur Room No 1336BDAPUR
155P.V. Barhapur Room No 21315N/A
156P.V. Barhapur Room No 31276BDAPUR
157P.V. Barhapur Room No 41276BDAPUR
158J.G.S Barhapur Room No 1802BDAPUR
159J.G.S Barhapur Room No 21074BDAPUR
160P.V Nankar Urf Ramjiwala848Nankar Urf Ramjiwala
161P.V Sardarpur Room No 1672Sardarpur
162P.V Sardarpur Room No 21355Chak Uda1Chand
163P.V Gopiwala958Gopiwala
164P.V Harwanshwala725Harbanshwala
165P.V Sahuwala Gosaiwala Room No 1900Sahuwala Gusaiwala
166P.V Sahuwala Gosaiwala Room No 2944Sahuwala Gusaiwala
167P.V. Ramnagar Gosai598Ramnagar Gosai
168P.V Raipur Garhi953Tigri Anoopsingh
169P.V Inayatpur Room No 11137Inayatpur
170P.V Inayatpur Room No 2528Inayatpur
171P.V Shahnagar Kurali1159Sahnagar Kurali
172P.V Saharawala728Aleali Pur
173P.V Madpuri912Madhpuri
174P.V Champatpur Chakla732Champatpur Chakla
175P.M.V Bhogpur Room No 11009Bhogpur
176P.M.V Bhogpur Room No 21400Bhogpur
177P.V Veerbhanpur699Birbhanwala
178G.J.H.S Kuankherah Room No 1963Khokra
179P.V Kuankhera Khadri Room No 1616Khokra
180P.V Rasulpur Abad Room No 11045Rshulpur Aabad
181P.V Rasulpur Abad Room No 2662Rshulpur Aabad
182P.V Rasulpur Abad Room No 31032Rshulpur Aabad
183P.V Rasulpur Abad Room No 4667Rshulpur Aabad
184P.V Rasulpur Abad First1341Rshulpur Aabad
185P.V Bawali528Babli
186P.V Nawabpura1081Nbabpura
187P.V Turatpur1185Turatpur
188P.M.V Mohammad Alipur Choharh694Mahmudpur Alipur Chauhar
189P.V Birla Form Mohammad Alipur Choharh744Tajganj
190P.V Harwela Room No 11343Harewala
191P.V Harwela Room No 2276Sada Shivpur Gowali
192P.V Bhagijot986Bhagi Jot
193P.V Jharhpur1125Dhampur (NPP)
194P.V Gohar Ali Khan Room No 11301Dhampur (NPP)
195P.V Gohar Ali Khan Room No 2988Dhampur (NPP)
196P.V Manjholi Room No 1836Dhampur (NPP)
197P.V Manjholi Room No 2731Dhampur (NPP)
198G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 1869Dhampur (NPP)
199G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 21083Dhampur (NPP)
200G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 3527Dhampur (NPP)
201G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 41074Dhampur (NPP)
202G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 5410Dhampur (NPP)
203G.G.U.M School Afzalgarh Room No 61446Dhampur (NPP)
204Nagar Panchyat Office Afzalgarh Room No 11383Dhampur (NPP)
205Nagar Panchyat Office Afzalgarh Room No 21128Dhampur (NPP)
206G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 1689Dhampur (NPP)
207G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 2953Dhampur (NPP)
208G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 31120Dhampur (NPP)
209G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 41000Dhampur (NPP)
210G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 5519Dhampur (NPP)
211G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 6801Dhampur (NPP)
212G.G.I.C Afzalgarh Room No 71034Dhampur (NPP)
213B.B.G.M I.Collage Ajimullanagar Room No 11324Ajimulla Nagar
214B.B.G.M I.Collage Ajimullanagar Room No 21481Ajimulla Nagar
215B.B.G.M I.Collage Ajimullanagar Room No 31106Ajimulla Nagar
216P.V Anawarpur Chandika1199Anwarpur Chandika
217P.V Hidayatpur Room No 1864Hidayatpur
218P.V Hidayatpur Room No 2762Hidayatpur
219P.V Hidayatpur Room No 31377Hidayatpur
220P.M.V Hidayatpur Room No 11211Hidayatpur
221P.M.V Hidayatpur Room No 21281Dharampur
222P.M.V Jamanwala Majra Islamnagar Room No 11295Islam Nagar
223P.M.V Jamanwala Majra Islamnagar Room No 2889Islam Nagar
224P.M.V Jamanwala Majra Islamnagar Room No 3736Islam Nagar
225P.V Bhikkawala Majra Islamnagar Room No 11023Islam Nagar
226P.V Bhikkawala Majra Islamnagar Room No 2766Islam Nagar
227P.V Meera Modiwala Room No 11071Mirapur Modiwala
228P.V Meera Modiwala Room No 2846Mirapur Modiwala
229P.V Narayanwala937Narainwala
230P.V Umarpur Natthan773Umarpur Nathan
231P.V Madhowala Room No 1886Madhowala
232P.V Madhowala Room No 2718Madhowala
233P.V Kalluwala Room No 11015Kalluwala
234P.V Kalluwala Room No 21048Kalluwala
235P.V Prem Nagar Room No 1803Pukkhewala
236P.V Prem Nagar Room No 2943Pukkhewala
237P.V Tirlokpur698Tirlokpur
238P.V Siravasuchand Room No 1915Ser Basu Chand
239P.V Siravasuchand Room No 2694Ser Basu Chand
240P.V Siravasuchand Room No 3961Ser Basu Chand
241P.V Siravasuchand Room No 4700Ser Basu Chand
242P.V Siravasuchand Room No 5835Ser Basu Chand
243P.V Siravasuchand Room No 6757Ser Basu Chand
244H.C.M.I Collage Kasampur Garhi Room No 11395N/A
245H.C.M.I Collage Kasampur Garhi Room No 31223Kashampur Garhi
246H.C.M.I Collage Kasampur Garhi Room No 41339Kashampur Garhi
248K. V. Office Kasampur Garhi Room No 11106Fazlabad Parmanandpur
249K. V. Office Kasampur Garhi Room No 2747Fazlabad Parmanandpur
250K. V. Office Kasampur Garhi Room No 3909Fazlabad Parmanandpur
251P.V Fazalabad Permanandpur Room No 11236Fazlabad Parmanandpur
252P.V Fazalabad Permanandpur Room No 2858Fazlabad Parmanandpur
253P.V Narayanpur761Narayanpur
254P.V Bhawanipur Room No 11111Bhawanipur
255P.V Bhawanipur Room No 21400Bhawanipur
256P.V Mustufabad340Mustafabad Garhi
257P.V Shivpuri1292Shivpuri
258P.V Meghpur960Medhpur
259P.V Mahapur1001Mahpur
260P.V Harewali Room No 11490Harewali Ahatmali
261P.V Harewali Room No 21371Harewali Ahatmali
262P.V Naagpur Khandsain1397Khijarpur
263P.V Shahzadpur Room No 1865Shahzadpur
264P.V Shahzadpur Room No 2665Shahzadpur
265P.V Shahzadpur Room No 31361Shahzadpur
266P.M.V Shahzadpur1171Shahzadpur
267P.V Wajidpur1332Wazidpur
268P.V Araji Kandla857Araji Kandla
269P.V Salawatpur Girdhar Room No 1950Salawatpur Girdhar
270P.V Salawatpur Girdhar Room No 2720Salawatpur Girdhar
273Abhinav P.M.V Asfabad Chaman957Tanda Beragi B.A.
274P.V Herrapur Gokul Room No 11276Heerapur Gokal
275P.V Herrapur Gokul Room No 2768Heerapur Gokal
276P.M.V Gowardhanpur Room No 11328Gordhanpur
278P.V Muneer Nagar371Muneer Nagar
279P.V Bhatpura1250Bhattpura
280P.V Imratpur423Imaratpur
281I.C Sadakpur Urf Sultanpur1351Sultanpur
282P.V Hasanpur Room No 11499Hasanpur
283P.V Hasanpur Room No 2802Moinudinpur
284P.V Siriyawali925Sriyawali
285P.V Mahsanpur597Mohsanpur
286P.V Shahpur Jamal1385Shahpur Jamal Ahatmali
287P.V Alampur Ganwadi Room No 11260Alampur Ganvadi Ahatmali
288P.V Alampur Ganwadi Room No 21312Alampur Ganvadi Ahatmali
289P.V Charatpur Room No 11070Aman Nagar
290P.V Charatpur Room No 2612Chatarpur
291P.V Badshahpur448Badshahpur
292P.V Padarathpur Room No 1781Padratpur
293P.V Padarathpur Room No 21304Chandanpur
294P.V Sultanpur Khas Room No 11006Sultanpur Khas
295P.V Sultanpur Khas Room No 2622Sultanpur Khas
296P.V Aman Nagar1197Aman Nagar
297P.V Jay Singh Jot828Jai Singh Jot
298P.V Fatehpur Dhara1397Fatahpur
299P.V Chajmalwala845Chajmalwala
300P.V Kiratpur1238Kiratpur
301P.V Kehripur Jangal Room No 11270Kehripur Jangal
302P.V Kehripur Jangal Room No 2728N/A
303Kothi Jangal Amangarh488Aman Nagar
304Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 11216Rehar
305Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 21082Rehar
306Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 3458Rehar
307Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 4791Rehar
308Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 5750Rehar
309Ra Navratan Inter Collage Rahar Room No 61005Gadla
310P.V Dehlawal Room No 11001Dhlawala
311P.V Dehlawal Room No 21072Seer Shivraj Singh
312P.V Jabatnagar1129Jabta Nagar
313P.V Machmar Room No 1952Machhmar
314P.V Machmar Room No 2966Fazalpur
315P.V Mohimuddinpur Rajori Room No 1747Fazalpur
316P.V Mohimuddinpur Rajori Room No 2985Fazalpur
317P.V Mohimuddinpur Rajori Room No 3764Fazalpur
318P.V Alehpur Mohkam989Fazalpur
319P.V Herkishanpur1138Fazalpur
320P.V Jafrabad946Jfrabad
321P.V Abhrajpur1494Abhairajpur
322Office Nagar Panchyat Anandipur1208Anandi Pur
323P.V Duleechandpur1390Duli Chandpur
324P.V Ramnagar1256Ram Nager
325P.V Shairgarh Rioom No 11378Shergarh
326P.V Shairgarh Rioom No 2813Shergarh
327P.V Suawala Room No 11298Suawala
328P.V Suawala Room No 22289Suawala
329Abhinav P.M.V Suawala332Suawala
330P.V Maqsoodabad1043Maksudbad
331P.V Rafaitpur Hulas827Rafatpur Hulas Ahatmali
332P.V Bairkherah1027Berkhera Ahatmali
333P.V Jattpura1269Jatpura
334P.V Mahawatpur1176Mahavatpur
335P.V Jay Nagar1047Jai Negar

Last Updated on November 15, 2014