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Polling Booth in Baraut Assembly Constituency

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Baraut Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baraut

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baraut Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primari Pathshala Jagos1299Jagos
2Primari Pathshala R.N. 1 Jafarpur Urf Audhapur859Jafarpur Odhapur
3Primari Pathshala R.N. 2 Jafarpur Urf Audhapur569Jafarpur Odhapur
4Panchayat Ghar Kanya Pathshala Ke Nikat Kotana1348Kotana
5Juniar High School Kotana1326Kotana
6Juniar High School Madhy Kotana1449Kotana
7Juniar High School Daxin Kotana1127Kotana
8Primari Pathshala Kheri Pradhan350Kheri Pradhan
9Harijan Chopal Luhari1102Luhari
10Primari Pathshala N. 2 R.N. 2 Luhari885Luhari
11Primari Pathshala No. 2 R. No. 3 Luhari1061Luhari
12Goushala R.N. 1 Luhari944Luhari
13Goushala R.N. 2 Luhari459Luhari
14Primari Pathshala N. 1 R.N. 1 Luhari1080Luhari
15Primari Pathshala N. 1 R.N. 2 Luhari1151Luhari
16Primari Pathshala Uttar Dhikana792Dhikana
17Primari Pathshala Daxin Dhikana1008Dhikana
18Mison Primari Pathshala Dhikana951Dhikana
20Juniar High School R.N.1 Sadatpur Jonmana845Sadakpur Jonmana
21Junior High School R. No. 2 Sadatpur Jonmana765Sadakpur Jonmana
22Junior High School R. No. 3 Sadatpur Jonmana729Sadakpur Jonmana
23Harijan Chopal R. No.1 Sadatpur Jonmana925Sadakpur Jonmana
24Harijan Chopal R. No. 2 Sadatpur Jonmana568Sadakpur Jonmana
25Primari Pathshala Bohla541Bohla
26Harijan Chopal Malakpur1049Malakpur
27Kanya Juniar High School Uttar Malakpur1129Malakpur
28Primari Pathshala N. 1 Uttar Malakpur1265Malakpur
29Primari Pathshala N. 1 Daxin Malakpur1372Malakpur
30Primari Pathshala Chobli1338Chaubli
31Ati0 Harijan Chopal Loyan768Loyan
32Primari Pathshala Uttar Loyan1320Loyan
33Primari Pathshala Madhy Loyan1440Loyan
34Harijan Chopal Uttar Sadikpur Sinauli1184Sadakpur Sinoli
35Harijan Chopal Daxin Sadikpur Sinauli738Sadakpur Sinoli
36Adarsh Vedic Vidhyalay Uttar Sadikpur Sinauli1068Sadakpur Sinoli
37Adarsh Vedic Vidhyalay Daxin Sadikpur Sinauli857Sadakpur Sinoli
38Primary Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Sadikpur Sinauli862Sadakpur Sinoli
39Primary Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Sadikpur Sinauli1020Sadakpur Sinoli
40A0 Dhacha Harijan Basti Koop Ke Pas Rustampur846Rustampur
41Primari Pathshala Rustampur785Rustampur
42Harijan Chopal Sadak Ke Pas Paschim Baoli752Bawali
43Harijan Chopal Sadak Ke Pas Purab Baoli785Bawali
44Chopal Patti Deshu Baoli1374Bawali
45Ra. Kanya U. Ma. Vidhyalya R. No. 8 Baoli863Bawali
46Ra. Kanya U. Ma. Vidhyalya R. No. 9 Baoli724Bawali
47Ra. Kanya U. Ma. Vidhyalya R. No. 10 Baoli1353Bawali
48Chopal Patti Gopi Baoli1054Bawali
49Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Jiwana889Jiwana
50Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Jiwana526Jiwana
51Harijan Chopal Jiwana625Jiwana
52Primari Pathshala Gunga Kheri599Jiwana
53Sarswati Shiksha Sadan Junior High School Gunga Kheri534Goonga Kheri
54Primari Pathshala Chhachhrpur818Chhachharpur
55Dalit Chopal Chhachhrpur400Chhachharpur
56Primari Pathshala Achraj Khera548Acharaj Khera
57Harijan Chopal Bijrol839Bijrol
58Primari Pathshala No. 1 Bijrol861Bijrol
59Kanya Pathshala Bijrol831Bijrol
60Madrsa Muslman Bijrol690Bijrol
61Madrsa Muslman R. No. 2 Bijrol895Bijrol
62Shanta Smark Inter College Bijrol1072Bijrol
63Shanta Smark Inter College R. No. 3 Bijrol971Bijrol
64Primari Pathshala No. 2 R. No. 1 Bijrol939Bijrol
65Primari Pathshala No. 2 R. No. 2 Bijrol782Bijrol
66Primari Pathshala Asaf Pur Khadkhadi1001Asafpur Kharkhari
67Prathmik Vidhyaly No. 2 R. No. 1 Mahavatpur939Mahavatpur
68Prathmik Vidhyaly No. 2 R. No. 2 Mahavatpur760Mahavatpur
69Primari Pathshala Uttar Mahavatpur1031Mahavatpur
70Primari Pathshala Daxin Mahavatpur1233Mahavatpur
71Pracheen Pra. Vidhyaly Nehru Road R. No. 1 Baraut855Baraut (NPP)
72Pracheen Pra. Vidhyaly Nehru Road R. No. 2 Baraut1224Baraut (NPP)
73Pracheen Pra. Vidhyaly Nehru Road R. No. 3 Baraut894Baraut (NPP)
74Karyaly Nagar Palika R. No. 4 Baraut1179Baraut (NPP)
75Karyaly Nagar Palika R. No. 5 Baraut1126Baraut (NPP)
76Karyaly Nagar Palika R. No. 6 Baraut521Baraut (NPP)
77Veer Smarak Inter College Madhy Baraut1234Baraut (NPP)
82Veer Smarak Inter College Daxin Baraut1035Baraut (NPP)
89Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly R. No. 1 Baraut1470Baraut (NPP)
90Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly R. No. 3 Baraut1679Baraut (NPP)
91Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly R. No. 5 Baraut981Baraut (NPP)
92Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly R. No. 2 Baraut1056Baraut (NPP)
93Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly Haal Baraut603Baraut (NPP)
94Shri Shiv Panchmukhi Sanskrt Mahavidhyaly R. No. 4 Baraut1150Baraut (NPP)
95Bepist Mition Primari Pathshala Purab Baraut690Baraut (NPP)
96Bepist Mition Primari Pathshala Paschim Baraut1073Baraut (NPP)
97Primari Pathshala Patti Mehar Nazul Ki Bhumi Me Sthit Baraut937Baraut (NPP)
98Primari Pathshala Patti Mehar Daxin Baraut1186Baraut (NPP)
100Primari Pathshala Patti Chodhran Baraut657Baraut (NPP)
102Laxmibai Primari Pathshala R. No. 1 Patti Chodhran Baraut1314Baraut (NPP)
103Laxmibai Primari Pathshala R. No. 2 Patti Chodhran Madhy Baraut750Baraut (NPP)
104Jain Degree College R. No. 1 Baraut923Baraut (NPP)
105Jain Degree College Madhy Baraut737Baraut (NPP)
110Bharat Mata Sarswati Shishu Mandir Shanti Nagar Nale Ke Paas Baraut928Baraut (NPP)
111Primary Pathshala Arjunpuram Nikat C. O. Office Baraut1183Baraut (NPP)
112Primary Pathshala R. No. 1 Arjunpuram Nikat C. O. Office Baraut1063Baraut (NPP)
113Primary Pathshala R. No. 2 Arjunpuram Nikat C. O. Office Baraut480Baraut (NPP)
114Gandhi Inter College Uttar Baraut1037Baraut (NPP)
115Gandhi Inter College Baraut1310Baraut (NPP)
117Gandhi Inter College R. No. 3 Uttar Baraut941Baraut (NPP)
118Gandhi Inter College R. No.1 Uttar Baraut626Baraut (NPP)
119Gandhi Inter College R. No. 2 Uttar Baraut1145Baraut (NPP)
121Sthanak Wasi Girls Degri College R. No. 1 Madhy Baraut1168Baraut (NPP)
122Sthanak Wasi Girls Degri College R. No. 2 Madhy Baraut1190Baraut (NPP)
123Sthanak Wasi Girls Digree College R. No. 3 Baraut1051Baraut (NPP)
124Sthanak Wasi Girls Digree College R. No. 4 Baraut1059Baraut (NPP)
125Sthanak Wasi Girls Digree College R. No. 6 Baraut738Baraut (NPP)
126Sthanak Wasi Girls Digree College R. No. 5 Baraut804Baraut (NPP)
127Digambar Jain Inter College Madhy Baraut806Baraut (NPP)
134Primari Pathshala Jalalpur1296Jalalpur
135Ati0 Harijan Chopal Lohadda746Lohadda
136Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Lohadda737Lohadda
137Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Lohadda794Lohadda
138Primari Pathshala No. 3 Wajidpur884Vazidpur
139Primari Pathshala No. 1 Wajidpur1183Vazidpur
140Primari Kanya Pathshala Wajidpur742Vazidpur
141Islamiya School R. No. 2 Wajidpur791Vazidpur
142Islamiya School R. No. 3 Wajidpur720Vazidpur
143Panchayat Ghar Wajidpur559Vazidpur
144Poorv Madhymik Junior High School Angadpur968Angadpur
145B0 Prathmik Vidhyaly No. 1 Angadpur1163Angadpur
146Poorv Madhymik Vidhyaly R. No. 1 Uttar Johdi795Angadpur
147Poorv Madhymik Vidhyaly R. No. 2 Uttar Johdi1070Johri
148Shaheed Dharmpal Singh Adarsh Prathmik Vidhyaly Johdi1217Johri
149Prathmik Vidhyaly Arifpur Kheri1166Arifpur Kheri
150Primary Pathshala Uttar Badawad1123Barawad
151Primary Pathshala Madhy Badawad878Barawad
152Primary Pathshala Daxin Badawad888Barawad
153Primari Pathshala Latifpur Sabhakhedi328Latifpur Sabha Kheri
154Primari Pathshala Poorv Gurana1037Gurana
155Primari Pathshala Paschim Gurana875Gurana
156Primari Kanya Pathshala Gurana673Gurana
157Balmiki Chopal Gurana620Gurana
158Adarsh Primary Pathshala R. No. 1 Badka827Baraka
159Adarsh Primary Pathshala R. No. 2 Badka1065Baraka
160Kanya Primary Pathshala Badka1246Baraka
161Harijan Chopal Shahpur Badouli1102Shahpur Baroli
162Primari Pathshala No. 2 Shahpur Badouli1100Shahpur Baroli
164Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Shahpur Badouli1081Shahpur Baroli
165Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 4 Shahpur Badouli908N/A
166Primari Pathshala Uttar Idrishpur1241Idrishpur
167Primari Pathshala Daxin Idrishpur982Idrishpur
168Primari Pathshala Daxin Alawalpur922Alawalpur
170Primari Pathshala Baam1083Bam
171Harijan Chopal Osika1292Osika
172Islamiya School Daxin Osika1079Osika
173Harijan Chopal Hilwari711Hilwari
174Janta Inter College Hilwari1353Hilwari
176Primari Pathshala No0 1 R. No. 1 Hilwari1476Hilwari
177Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Hilwari854Hilwari
178Primari Pathshala No. 2 Harijan Basti Fatehpur Putthi1099Fatehpur Poothi
179Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Fatehpur Putthi918Fatehpur Poothi
180Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Fatehpur Putthi793Fatehpur Poothi
181Primari Pathshala Uttar Jahan Grh Urf Dojha1005Jahangarh Urf Doja
182Primari Pathshala Daxin Jahan Grh Urf Dojha882Jahangarh Urf Doja
183Harijan Chopal Patti Pachosia Ati0 Dhanora Silvarnagar737Dhanaura Silvernagar
184Inter College Uttar Dhanora Silvarnagar1163Dhanaura Silvernagar
185Inter College Madhy Dhanora Silvarnagar1030Dhanaura Silvernagar
186Inter College Daxin Dhanora Silvarnagar1182Dhanaura Silvernagar
187Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 1 Dhanora Silwar Nagar732Dhanaura Silvernagar
188Primari Pathshala No. 1 R. No. 2 Dhanora Silwar Nagar1280Dhanaura Silvernagar
189Primari Pathshala R. No. 1 Gwali Khera988Gwali Khera
190Primari Pathshala R. No. 2 Gwali Khera667Gwali Khera
191Primari Pathshala Purab Budheda1426Budhera
192Primari Pathshala Paschim Budheda1297Budhera
193Primari Pathshala Konouli397Kanoli
194Primari Pathshala Dhodhra859Dhodra
195Primari Pathshala Sadullapur503Sadullapur
196Dharmshala Harijan Shikohpur1132Shikohpur
197Primari Pathshala Shikohpur1294Shikohpur
198Adarsh Primary Pathshala Uttar Khedki596Kheriki
199Adarsh Primary Pathshala Daxin Khedki752Kheriki
200Primari Pathshala Poorv Tyodhi1339Tyodhi
201Primari Pathshala Paschim Tyodhi1398Tyodhi
202Harijan Chopal Ati0 Rajpur Khampur1165Rajpur Khampur
203Primari Pathshala Rajpur Khampur876Rajpur Khampur
205Harijan Chopal Kheda Islampur735Kherae Islampur
206Primari Pathshala Uttar Kheda Islampur829Kherae Islampur
207Primari Pathshala Daxin Kheda Islampur954Kherae Islampur
208Harijan Chopal Sultanpur Hatana1112Sultanpur Hatana
209Primari Pathshala Sultanpur Hatana1033Sultanpur Hatana
210Primari Pathshala Daxin Biharipur753Biharipur
211Primari Pathshala Uttar Biharipur665Biharipur
212Harijan Chopal Faijpur Ninana918Faizpur Ninana
213Ch. Charan Singh Vedic Inter College Paschim R. No. 1 Faijpur Ninana936Faizpur Ninana
214Ch. Charan Singh Vedic Inter College Paschim R. No. 2 Faijpur Ninana631Faizpur Ninana
215Ch. Charan Singh Vedic Inter College Poorv Faijpur Ninana1177Faizpur Ninana
216Primari Pathshala No. 2 Faijullapur919Faizullapur
217Digambar Jain Dharmshala Uttar Saroorpur Kalan1369Saroorpur Kalan
218Digambar Jain Dharmshala Daxin Saroorpur Kalan1263Saroorpur Kalan
219Samudayik Vikas Kendr Saroorpur Kalan1169Saroorpur Kalan
220Bharat Modal School Saroorpur Kalan853Saroorpur Kalan
221Basic Praimary Pathshala R. No. 1 Samudayik Vikas Kendr Saroorpur Kalan883Saroorpur Kalan
222Basic Praimary Pathshala R. No. 2 Samudayik Vikas Kendr Saroorpur Kalan663Saroorpur Kalan
223Harijan Chopal Saroorpur Kalan263Saroorpur Kalan
224Agarwal Dharmshala Saroorpur Kalan615Saroorpur Kalan
225Primary Pathshala Uttar Nethla977Nethla
226Primary Pathshala Daxin Nethla635Nethla
227Primary Pathshala Ladhwari1450Ladhwari
228Primari Pathshala Poorv Goripur Jawahrnagar804Goripur Jawahar Nagar
229Primari Pathshala Paschim Goripur Jawahrnagar895Goripur Jawahar Nagar
230Primary Pathshala Uttar Niwara1082Niwara
231Primary Pathshala Paschim Niwara1051Niwara
232Primary Pathshala Paschim R. No. 3 Niwara858Niwara
233Primary Pathshala Paschim R. No. 4 Niwara723Niwara
234Primary Pathshala R. No. 1 Santoshpur891Santoshpur
235Primary Pathshala R. No. 2 Santoshpur679Santoshpur
236Primari Pathshala Baghu1374Baghu
237Primary Pathshala Uttar Sisana1152Sisana
238Primary Pathshala Paschim Sisana931Sisana
239Juniar Kanya Pathshala Daxin Sisana1111Sisana
240Juniar Kanya Pathshala Uttar Sisana1085Sisana
241Janta Vedic Inter College Poorab Norojpur Gurjar1062Norozpur Goorjar
242Janta Vedic Inter College Daxin Norojpur Gurjar1252Norozpur Goorjar
243Janta Vedic Inter College Norojpur Gurjar896Norozpur Goorjar
244Navjiwan Inter College Uttar Gyasri Urf Gadhi1328Gyasri Urf Gadhi
245Navjiwan Inter College Daxin Gyasri Urf Gadhi1283Gyasri Urf Gadhi
246Primary Pathshala Uttar Sujra572Sujra
247Primary Pathshala Daxin Sujra656Sujra
248Primari Pathshala Kyampur1358Kalyanpur
249Primari Pathshala Ahamad Pur Gathina1098Ahamadpur Gathina
250Primari Pathshala Bichpadi1000Bichpari
251Primari Pathshala Jafrabad Nangla804Jafarabad Nangla
252Primari Pathshala Chopra Maheshpur1060Chopra Maheshpur
253Primari Pathshala Karmali Pur732Karam Alipur
254High School Ahamadshahpur Padra1237Ahamadshahpur Padra
255Primari Pathshala Uttar Nibali955Niwali
256Primari Pathshala Daxin Nibali836Niwali
257Primari Pathshala Putthi Bharmnan953Poothi Brahmnan
258Sardar Patel High School R. No. 1 Bali723Bali
259Sardar Patel High School R. No. 2 Bali834Bali
260Primary Pathshala R. No. 1 Bali1227Bali
261Primary Pathshala R. No. 2 Bali1046Bali
262Primari Pathshala Jawahar Pur Mewla434Jawaharpur Mewla
263Primari Pathshala No. 2 R. No. 1 Meetli1181Meetli
264Primari Pathshala No. 2 R. No. 2 Meetli1077Meetli
265Kanya Primari Pathshala R. No. 1 Meetli784Meetli
266Kanya Primari Pathshala R. No. 2 Meetli836Meetli
267Panchayat Ghar Meetli1221Meetli
268Primari Pathshala Goripur844Gauripur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014