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Polling Booth in Barauli Assembly Constituency

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Barauli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Barauli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barauli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P Vaharpur1313Baharpur
2P.P Bhojpur991Bhojpur
3P.P Gaiyanpur355Bhojpur Gyanpur
4P.P Bhogpur1208Bhagatpur
5P.P Bhagatpur804Bhagatpur
6P.P Room No 1 Tajpur963Tejpur
7P.P Room No 2 Tajpur847Tajpur Anshik
8P.P Room No 1 Kinhua778Kinhua
9P.P Room No. 2 Kinhua820Kinhua
10P.P Jahrana683Jahrana
11J.H.S Jahrana922Jahrana
12P.P Pahawati1369Pahavati
13P.P Nurullapur636Noorullapur
14P.P Bhagwanpur203Bhagwanpur
15P.P Room No 1 Amratpur Bakhatpur970Amritpur Bakhatpur
16P.P Room 2 Amratpur Bakhatpur889Amritpur
17P.P Room No 1 Ogipur730Aogipur
18P.P Room No 2 Ogipur709Aogipur Anshik
19P.P Singhpur255Sinhpur
20P.P Ramnagar774Ramnagar
21P.P Chiwanpur967Chivanpur
22P.P Nawavpur906Navabpur
23P.P Imlahra889Imlahara
24P.P Room No 1 Daurau Chandpur905Daurau Chandpur
25P.P Room No 2 Daurau Chandpur852Daurau Anshik
26P.P Chandpur Majra Daurau754Chandpur Majra Daurau
27P.P Room No 1 Madhaula970Madhaula
28P.P Room No 2 Madhaula710Madhaula
29J.H.S. Katra Majra Madhaula488Madhaula
30Shanti Gov. Girls Inter Collage454Daurau Mod
31P.P Balwant Nagariya782Madhaula
32P.P Nagla Sarua908Nagala Sarua
33P.P Madki1020Markhi
34P.P Room No 1 Rasidpur Gorna H.No 01-169938Raseedpur Gorna
35P.Prasidpur Gorna H.No From 1 To End767Raseedpur Gorna
36P.P Devpur507N/A
37P.P Thanpur Khanpur1379Thanpur Khanpur
38Inter Collage Room No 1 Visara763Visara
39Inter Collage Room No 2 Visara906Visara
40Inter Collage Room No 3 Visara1374Visara
41P.P Hesail786Hisail
42P.P Room No 1 Barka1419Barka
43P.P Room No 2 Barka1476Barka Anshik
44P.P Udaypur1085Udaipur
45P.P Chandner1169Chandner
46P.P Karanpur979Karanpur
47Kalyan Inter Collage Room No 1 Veerpura673Virpura
48Kalyan Inter Collage Room No 2 Veerpura937Virpura Anshik
49P.P Heerapur Majra Veerpura645Virpura
50P.P Ghaurauth659Ghoroth
51P.P Maharajpur946Maharajpur
52P.P Khijarpur642Khijarpur
53P.P Bhimpur562Bhimpur
54P.P Khempur473Khempur
55P.P Somna1131Somna
56P.P Panihawar945Panihavar
57P.P Hursaina911Hursaina
58P.P Arjunpur513Hursaina
59P.P Mohrena1284Moharana
60P.P Shayampur371Shyampur
61P.P Kanhoi574Kanhoi
62Laxmiraj Int.Coll. Room No 1 Gabhana966Gabhana (CT)
63Laxmiraj Int.Coll. Room No 2 Gabhana780Gabhana Anshik
64P.P Room No 1 Gabhana698Gabhana (CT)
65Laxmiraj Int. Coll. Room No 3 Gabhana1438Gabhana Anshik
66P.P Nagla Nathha712Nagala Nattha
67P.P Room No 1 Rampur H.No From 1 To 1501268Rampur
68P.P Room No 2 Rampur From 151 To End891Rampur Anshik
69P.P Raipur378Raipur
70P.P Hasanpur758Hasanpur
71P.P Pairai1032Pairai
72P.P Nagaula Majra Pairai465Pairai
73P.P Komla612Komala
74P.P Chilawati660Jakhauta
75P.P Jakhota693Jakhauta Anshik
76P.P Room No 2 Jakhota416Jakhauta
77P.P Bajna Majra Jakhota363Bajna
78P.P Khiyamai873Khyamai
79P.P Virampur481Virampur
80P.P Lalpur1006Lalpur
81P.P Ogar Majra Ogar Nagla Raju1376Ogarnagala Rajoo
82P.P Nagla Raju Majra Ogar Nagla Raju426Nagala Rajoo
83P.P Gawalra942Gwalara
84P.P Lohputh884Lohpooth
85P.P Chuharpur786Chuharpur
86P.P Pala Sallu586Pala Sallu
87P.P Nagariya Majra Pala Sallu750Pala Sallu
88P.P Chamuha404Kaurah Rustampur Anshik
89P.P Kandauli242Kaurah Rustampur
90P.P Bidhanagar Majra Kaurah Rustampur417Kaurah Rustampur Anshik
91P.P Jagatpur586Jagatpur
92P.P Basai541Basai
93P.P Room No 1 Rayat1374Rayat Anshik
94P.P Room No 2 Rayat1334Rayat
95P.P Mukutpur586Mukutpur
96Panchayatghar Sujapur698Sujapur
97P.P Nandpur Pala948Nandpur Pala
98P.P Akrawat913Akravat
99P.P Baroth Chajmal829Barothchajmal
100J.H.S. Kaurah Rustampur1243Kaurah Rustampur Anshik
101P.P Sangaur371Sangor
102P.P Rustampur Dhola432Rajmau
103P.P Chandraula701Chandraula
104P.P Rajmau556Rajmau
105P.P . Room No 1 Kalua906Kalua
106P.P Room No 2 Kalua765Kalua Anshik
107P.P Room No 3 Kalua953Kalua
108P.P Girdharpur563Girdharpur
109P.P Nagla Viriya873Kheria Haivat Khan
110P.P Piploth1033Piplauth
111P.P Gokulpur Majra Piploth Gokulpur350Piplauth Gokulpur
112P.P Pothi1126Pothi
113P.P Nagla Banjara Majra Pothi527Pothi
114P.P Potha500Potha
115J.H.S. Room No 1 Tamkauli1081Tamkauli
116J.H.S Room No 2 Tamkauli766Tamkauli
117P.P Partapur736Pratappur
118P.P Ganwari1494Ganwari
119P.P Room No. 1 Daupur H.No. From 1 To 221919Daoopur
120P.P Room No 2 Daupur H.No. From 222 To End626Daoopur
121P.P Ram Nagar571Ramnagar
122P.P Nagla Ray Singh136Ramnagar
123P.P Pokargarhi616Pokhar Garhi
124P.P Shayampur Pargna Baroli519Shyampur
125Hotilal Maheshwari Inter Collage Barola1159Baraula
126P.P Rajgarhi498Rajgarhi
127Inter Collage Room No 1 Baroli1071Barauli
128Inter Collage Room No 2 Baroli779Barauli Anshik
129Inter Collage Room No 3 Baroli1031Barauli
130Inter Collage Room No 4 Baroli979Barauli Anshik
131P.P Harnamvas Majra Baroli436Barauli
132P.P Rigaspuri Majra Baroli1439Rigaspuri Majra Barauli
133High School Room No 1 Songra1170Songra
134High School Room No 2 Songra1169Songra Anshik
135High School Room No 3 Songra468Songra
136P.P Malikpura937Malikpuraa
137P.P Madhogarh538Madho Garh
138J.H.S Lahtoi948Lehtoi
139P.P Bajgarhi1069Lehtoi
140P.P Tatargarhi264Tatargarhi
141P.P Daheli759Daheli
142P.P Khurd Kheda942Khurd Khera
143P.P Anand Nagla326Khurd Khera
144P.P Talepur896Talepur
145P.P Raipur Pargna Baroli754Raipur Barauli
146P.P Faridpur430Faridpur
147J.H.S. Davthala896Dabthala
148P.P Aknagla Majra Davthala851Akanagla Majra Dabthala
149P.P Danua Nagla392Dabthala
150P.P Auriha726Orha
151P.P Rohera Majra Auriha724Orha
152P.P Tejpur1097Tajpur
153P.P Old Building Room No 1 Pilona1261Pilauna
154P.P Old Building Room No 2 Pilona1309Pilauna
155P.P Raipur Morthal855Raipur Morthal
156P.P Siypur620Siepur
158Panchayatghar Gadiya Majra Bhojpur499Bhojpur Garhia
159P.P Room No 1 Sumera Dariyapur691Sumera Dariyapur
160P.P Room No 2Sumera Dariyapur637Sumera Dariyapur
161J.H.S Sumera Dariyapur879Sumera Dariyapur
162P.P Dariyapur Majra Sumera821Sumera Dariyapur Anshik
163P.P Room No 1 Sunana514Sunana
164P.P Room No 2 Sunana731Sunana Anshik
165P.P Khurd Dariyapur Majra Sunana645Sunana
166P.P Jangalgarhi823Jangal Garhi
167P.P Sikandarpur Kota947Sikandrapur Kota
168P.P Bahadurpur Kota711Bahadurpur Kota
169P.P Kota Khas1136Kotakhas
170P.P Sarmastpur Kota900Samastpurkota
171P.P Daudpur Kota985Daoopur Kota
172P.P Nagariya Khur Majra Daudpur Kota530Daoopur Kota
173P.P Sumerpur854Sumerpur
174P.P Madanpur Chavila562Madanpur Chhabila
175P.P Room No 1 Amrauli1119Amrauli
176P.P Room No 2 Amrauli671Amrauli Anshik
177P.P Rafipur Siya941Rafipur Siya
178P.P Jamalpur Siya1279Jamalpur Siya
179Primary School Kalai R.N 1888Kalai
180Primary School Kalai R.N 21025Kalai
181Purv Madhmik Pathshalla Kalai R.N 11107Kalai
182Primary School Daudpur R.N 1544Daupur
183Primary School Meerpur R.N 11108Meerpur
184Primary School Meerpur R.N 2705Meerpur
185Primary School Gwalara995Gwalra
186Primary School Bhawangarhi1058Chairauli Khurd
187Primary School Kheda Khurd1197Khera Khurd
188Primary School Narauli657Narauli
189Primary School Bhutpura823Ukhlana
190Primary School Ukhlana934Ukhlana
191Primary School Ukhlana R.N 2983N/A
192Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Safedpura1383Ukhlana
193Primary School Kheda Bujurg1108Khera Buzurg
194Primary School Ahak906Ahak
195Primary School Gopalpur824Gopalpur
196Primary School Padki945Padki
197Primary School Padka Sultanapur696Padaka Sultanpur
198Primary School Bahrampur1194Baharampur
199Primary School Mujaffra971Mujaffara
200Pirmary School Salempur847Salaimpur
201Junior High School Chhalesar1156Chhalesar
202Junior High School Chhalesar R.N 21125Chhalesar
203Aadrsh Kishan Vidyalay Maimdi R.N 11251Maimari
204Aadrsh Kishan Vidhalay Maimdi R.N 2706Maimari
205Primary School Ismailpur1322Ismailpur
206Primary School Ahrauli560Ahroli
207Primary School Bhawain592Bhawain
208Junior High School Sikarna R.N 1930Sikarna
209Junior High School Sikarna R.N 2792Sikarna
210Primary School Dhenkura881Dhainkura
211Primary School Mahmoodpur455Mehmoodpur
212Primary School Kajimpur1149Kazimpur
213Primary School Veerpur Chhabilgarhi R.N 1775Veerpur Chhabil Garhi
214Primary School Veerpur Chhabilgarhi R.N 2994Veerpur Chhabil Garhi
215Primary School Surajpur941Soorajpur
216Primary School Godha R.N 1785Godha
217Primary School Godha R.N 2862Godha
218Primary School Godha R.N 31300Godha
219Primary School Shikargarhi509Sikargarhi
220Primary School Kaliyanpur853Kaliyanpur
222Primary School Kanaura783Kanaura
223Primary School Kraparampur687Kanaura
224Primary School Mawan520Mawan
225Primary School Takipur481Taqipur
226Junior High School Baraula Jafrabad R.N 1764Baraula Jafrabad
227Junior High School Baraula Jafrabad R.N 2797Baraula Jafrabad Anshik
228????0 ????? ????? ???????? Primary School Baraula Jafrabad1484Baraula Jafrabad
229??0??0????? ???????? Junior High School Manjugarhi1327Manjoor Garhi A.
230Primary School Manjugarhi R.N 11204Manjoor Garhi A.
231Primary School Manjurgarhi R.N 21030Manjoor Garhi (CT)
232Primary School Manjurgarhi R.N 31022Manjoor Garhi (CT)
233Primary School Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 1792Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
234Primary School Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 2749Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
235Primary School Nagla Kila R.N 1999Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
236Primary School Nagla Kila R.N 21220Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
237Primary School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 1995Nagla Patwari Nagla Kila Ramgarh Panjoopur
238Primary School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 2910Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
239City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 1928Nagla Patwari Barauli Road
240City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh R.N 2931Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
241City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 31131Nagla Patwari
242City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 41197Nagla Patwari
243City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 5985Nagla Patwari
244City Public School Nagla Patwari Majra Ramgarh Panjupur R.N 61016Ramgarh Panjoopur (CT)
245Primary Scholl Sikandarapur Chherat758Sikandrapur Cherat
246Primary School Barheti R.N 11464Barhati
247Primary School Barheti R.N 2840Barhati
248Primary School Maheshpur1142Maheshpur
249Primary School Devsaini R.N 11495Deosaini (CT)
250Primary School Devsaini R.N 21377Madhuwan Caloni Deosaini
251Primary School Chilkaura R.N 1901Chikaura
252Primary School Chilkaura R.N 2821Chhiravali
253Panchayatghar Talaspur Kala1445Rajbihar Caloni Talaspurkalan
254Primary School Talaspur Kala R.N 1787Talaspur Kalan
255Primary School Talaspur Kala R.N 2957Talaspur Kalan
256Primary School Sukhrawali833Sukhravali
257Kanya Primary School (Harduaganj)1080Harduaganj (NP)
258Kanya Primary School Bohran (Harduaganj)1209Harduaganj (NP)
259Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 1791Harduaganj (NP)
260Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 2795Harduaganj (NP)
261Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 31014Harduaganj (NP)
262Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 4927Harduaganj (NP)
263Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 5990Harduaganj (NP)
264Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 61259Harduaganj (NP)
265Agarsen Inter College Harduaganj R.N 7844Harduaganj (NP)
266Primary School Naya Bans Narendragarhi874Nayabas Narendra Garhi
267Junior High School Ibrahimabad847Nayabas Narendra Garhi
268Primary School Kondra866Kodra
269Primary School Dhasnna927Harduaganj Dehat
270Samudayik Vikas Kendra Hardua1141Hardua
271Primary School Jhangirabad Harduaganj R.N2488Harduaganj Dehat
272Primary School Aazmabad Machhua R.N 11128Gadia Machhua
273Primary School Aazmabad Machhua R.N 21027Barkula
274Primary School Samastpur Machua1354Sarmastpur Machhua
275Junior High School Chhidawali R.N 1895Chhiravali
276Junior High School Chhidawali R.N 2900Chhiravali
277Primary School Baranadi R.N 1771Varanadi
278Primary School Baranadi R.N 2907Varanadi
279Primary School Silla R.N 1770Bhud Ka Nagla
280Primary School Silla R.N 2879Bisavanpur Silla
281????0 ????? ????????? Primary School Wisawanpur919Utagiri
282Primary School Nagaula R.N 11432Nagaula
283Primary School Nagaula R.N 21314Nagaula Anshik
284Primary School Rampur R.N 1789Rampur (CT)
285Primary School Rampur R.N 2799Rampur (CT)
286Primary School Rampur R.N 3947Rampur (CT)
287Primary School Rampur R.N 4942Rampur (CT)
288Junior High School Jawan Sikandarpur R.N 11419Jawan Sikandpur
289Junior High School Jawan Sikandarpur R.N 2653Jawan Sikandpur
290Primary School Nagla Banjara R.N 1555Jawan Sikandpur
291Junior High School Jawan Sikandarpur R.N 3860Jawan Sikandpur
292Junior High School Jawan Sikandarpur R.N 41204Jawan Sikandpur
293Primary School Chhota Jawan1073Jawan Sikandpur
294Primary School Wajidpur842Jawan Vajidpur
295Primary Pathshala Sunamai R. N.1394Sunamai
296Primary School Nagla Dhak791Sunamai
297Primary School Pathshala Sunamai R.N 2942Sunamai
298Primary School Pathshala Sunamai R.N 3754Sunamai
299Primary School Faridpur1218Faridpur
300Primary School Pohina R.N 1523Pauhina
301Primary School Pohina R.N.2614Pauhina
302Primary School Haiwatpur Siya1445Haivatpur Siya
303Primary School Kastali Waish R.N 11098Kastari Vaishya
304Primary School Kastali Waish R.N 21122Kastari Vaishya
305Primary School Pala Majra Kastli Waish1435Pala Majra Kastari Vaishya
306Primary School Talibnagar R.N 11324Talib Nagar
307Primary School Talibnagar R.N 21367Talib Nagar Anshik
308Junior High School Talibnagar737Talib Nagar
309Primary School Bahadurpur839Talib Nagar Anshik
310Primary School Khushalgarhi1389Talib Nagar
311Primary School Luhara646Luhara
312Primary School Kasimpur Power House R.N 1606Kasimpur
313Primary School Kasimpur Power House R.N 2655Kasimpur Power House
314Primary School Kasimpur Power House R.N 3379Kasimpur
315Kanya Inter College Kasimpur Power House R.N 1441Kasimpur Power House
316Kanya Inter College Kasimpur Power House R.N 2391Kasimpur
317Kanya Inter College Kasimpur Power House R.N 3436Naicaloni Kasimpur Power House
318G S S Inter College Kasimpur Power House R.N 1577Kasimpur
319G S S Inter College Kasimpur Power House R.N 2315Kasimpur Power House
320Primary School Kasimpur Dehat1367Kasimpur
321Primary School Chaoopur943Chaupur
322Primary School Jarauthi1254Jarauthi
323Primary School Bheemgarhi989Bhim Garihi
324Primary School Barautha R.N 11392Barautha
325Primary School Barautha R.N 2541Barautha
326Primary School Chauganpur R.N 11035Chouganpur
327Primary School Shahpur R.N 1992Shahapur Anshik
328Primary School Shahpur R.N 2449Shahapur
329Primary School Aurangabad615Shahapur Anshik
330Primary School Morthal R.N 1788Morthal
331Primary School Morthal R.N 2830Morthal
332Primary School Jatpura1257Jatpura
333Primary School Saatha R.N 11332Satha
334Primary School Saatha R.N 21163Satha
335Primary School Nagla Meerpur573Satha
336Bal Vidya Mandir Saatha Chini Mil339Chinimil Satha
337Primary School Kherupura694Kherupura
338Primary School Sapera Bhanpur R.N 1797Sapera Bhanpur
339Primary School Sapera Bhanpur R.N 2806Sapera Bhanpur
340Primary School Sapera Bhanpur R.N 3779Sapera Bhanpur
341Primary School Kidhara1005Kithara
342Primary Pathshala Sudhiyal786Sudhal
343Primary School Chherat R.N 11012Chherat
344Primary School Chherat R.N 21403Chherat Sudhal
345Primary School Azad Nagar533Dhimarpura
346Primary School Chandokha556Chandaukha
347Primary School Siya Khas1228Siya Khas
348Primary School Mirjapur Siya855Mirzapur Siya
349Primary School Rathgawan R.N 1937Rathgawan
350Primary School Rathgawanr.N 21079Rathgawan
351Primary School Imlauth1311Chherat Sudhal
352Primary School Barai Subhangarhi760Baraisubhangarhi
353Primary School Alampur Subkara859Alampur Subkaramafi
354Primary School Mahrawalr.N 11314Mahrawal
355Primary School Mahrawal R.N 21254Mahrawal
356Primary School Sarsaul R.N 11296Sarsaul (CT)
357Primary School Sarsaul R.N 21389Sarsaul (CT)
358Primary School Sarsaul R.N 31007Sarsaul (CT)
359Primary School Sarsaul R.N 41013Sarsaul (CT)
360Primary School Iliyaspurr.N 1970Ilyaspur
361Primary School Iliyaspur R.N 2947Ilyaspur Mahrawal

Last Updated on November 15, 2014