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Polling Booth in Banda Assembly Constituency

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Banda Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Banda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Banda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pr.Vi.Mawaibujurg Room No-11212Mawai Buzurg
2Pr.Vi.Mawaibujurg Room No-2990Mawai Buzurg
3Pr.Vi.Mawaibujurg Room No-3963Mawai Buzurg
4Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Mawai Bujurg1110Mawai Buzurg
6Pr.Vi.Naveen Kanwara1016Kanwara
7Pr.Vi.Tikari Mazra Kanwara929Kanwara
8Pr.Vi.Raghubansi Dera Mazra Kanwara735Kanwara
9Naveen Pr.Vi.Chhawni Mazra Kanwara1131Kanwara
10Pr.Vi.Jheel Ka Purwa864Kanwara
11Pr.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-1929Bhawani Purwa
12Pr.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-21369Bhawani Purwa
13Poorv Ma.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-1781Bhawani Purwa
14Poorv Ma.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-2900Bhawani Purwa
15Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-1755Banda (NPP + OG)
16Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-2867Banda (NPP + OG)
17Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Police Line Banda Room No-31540Banda (NPP + OG)
18Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-1744Banda (NPP + OG)
19Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-2868Banda (NPP + OG)
20Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-31150Banda (NPP + OG)
21Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-41025Banda (NPP + OG)
22Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-51189Banda (NPP + OG)
23Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-6840Banda (NPP + OG)
24Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda Room No-7939Banda (NPP + OG)
25G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-1868Banda (NPP + OG)
26G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-2898Banda (NPP + OG)
27G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-31379Banda (NPP + OG)
28G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-4746Banda (NPP + OG)
29G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-51121Banda (NPP + OG)
30G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-6800Banda (NPP + OG)
31G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-71087Banda (NPP + OG)
32G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-11348Banda (NPP + OG)
33G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-2776Banda (NPP + OG)
34G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-31116Banda (NPP + OG)
35G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-41019Banda (NPP + OG)
36G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-5617Banda (NPP + OG)
37G.I.C.Banda(N)Room No-6671Banda (NPP + OG)
38G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-1916Banda (NPP + OG)
39G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-2975Banda (NPP + OG)
40G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-31235Banda (NPP + OG)
41G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-4792Banda (NPP + OG)
42G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-5576Banda (NPP + OG)
43G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-61513Banda (NPP + OG)
44Pt.J.N.P.G Collage Banda(Shiksha Deptt) Room No-11016Banda (NPP + OG)
45Pt.J.N.P.G College Banda (Shiksha Deptt)Room No-2882Banda (NPP + OG)
47Pt.J.N.P.G College Banda (Shiksha Deptt)Room No-41426Banda (NPP + OG)
48Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-1723Banda (NPP + OG)
49Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-2985Banda (NPP + OG)
50Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-3854Banda (NPP + OG)
51Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-5669Banda (NPP + OG)
53Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-61376Banda (NPP + OG)
54Sharswati Shikha Mandir Ken Path Road Kewatara Banda Room No-71159Banda (NPP + OG)
55Arya Kanya Inter College Banda(N)1037Banda (NPP + OG)
56Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (E)Room No-1792Banda (NPP + OG)
57Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (E)Room No-2927Banda (NPP + OG)
58Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (E)Room No-3760Banda (NPP + OG)
59Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (S)Room No-11146Banda (NPP + OG)
60Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (S)Room No-21177Banda (NPP + OG)
61Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (S)Room No-31415Banda (NPP + OG)
62Arya Kanya Inter College Banda (S)Room No-41399Banda (NPP + OG)
63G.G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-1714Banda (NPP + OG)
64G.G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-21119Banda (NPP + OG)
65G.G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-3834Banda (NPP + OG)
66G.G.I.C.Banda(E)Room No-4836Banda (NPP + OG)
67G.G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-1718Banda (NPP + OG)
68G.G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-21011Banda (NPP + OG)
69G.G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-31077Banda (NPP + OG)
70G.G.I.C.Banda(S)Room No-4709Banda (NPP + OG)
71Pr.Vidyalay Chhatrasal Station Road Banda Room No-11458Banda (NPP + OG)
72Pr.Vidyalay Chhatrasal Station Road Banda Room No-2871Banda (NPP + OG)
73Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-1694Banda (NPP + OG)
74Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-2812Banda (NPP + OG)
75Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-31115Banda (NPP + OG)
76Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-41014Banda (NPP + OG)
77Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-5789Banda (NPP + OG)
78Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (N)Room No-6847Banda (NPP + OG)
79Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (S)Room No-11418Banda (NPP + OG)
80Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (S)Room No-2914Banda (NPP + OG)
81Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (S)Room No-3575Banda (NPP + OG)
82Adarsh Bajrang Inter College Banda (S)Room No-41091Banda (NPP + OG)
83Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-1851Banda (NPP + OG)
84Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-2841Banda (NPP + OG)
85Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-3588Banda (NPP + OG)
86Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-41086Banda (NPP + OG)
87Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-5851Banda (NPP + OG)
88Pr.Vi.Aliganj Balak Banda Room No-6686Banda (NPP + OG)
89Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Aliganj Banda Room No-11194Banda (NPP + OG)
90Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Aliganj Banda Room No-2937Banda (NPP + OG)
91Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Aliganj Banda Room No-3917Banda (NPP + OG)
92Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi.Aliganj Banda Room No-4872Banda (NPP + OG)
93Nagar Palika Balika Inter Coll Banda Room No-11380Banda (NPP + OG)
94Nagar Palika Balika Inter Coll Banda Room No-21345Banda (NPP + OG)
95Nagar Palika Balika Inter Coll Banda Room No-31417Banda (NPP + OG)
96Khankah Inter College Banda Room No-1973Banda (NPP + OG)
97Khankah Inter College Banda Room No-2918Banda (NPP + OG)
98Khankah Inter College Banda Room No-3827Banda (NPP + OG)
99Khankah Inter College Banda Room No-4753Banda (NPP + OG)
100Khankah Inter College Banda Room No-51309Banda (NPP + OG)
101Govt.Mahila Degree College Room No-11344Banda (NPP + OG)
102Govt.Mahila Degree College Room No-2778Banda (NPP + OG)
103Govt.Mahila Degree College Room No-3668Banda (NPP + OG)
104Govt.Mahila Degree College Room No-41162Banda (NPP + OG)
105D.A.V.Inter College Banda Room No-11189Banda (NPP + OG)
106D.A.V.Inter College Banda Room No-21216Banda (NPP + OG)
107D.A.V.Inter College Banda Room No-3543Banda (NPP + OG)
108D.A.V.Inter College Banda Room No-4991Banda (NPP + OG)
109Poorv Ma.Vi.Baradari Banda Room No-1992Banda (NPP + OG)
110Poorv Ma.Vi.Baradari Banda Room No-2592Banda (NPP + OG)
111Poorv Ma.Vi.Baradari Banda Room No-31463Banda (NPP + OG)
112Pr.Vi.Lodhora Banda Room No-11123Banda (NPP + OG)
113Pr.Vi.Lodhora Banda Room No-21151Banda (NPP + OG)
114Pr.Vi.Gularnaka Banda Room No-1985Banda (NPP + OG)
115Pr.Vi.Gularnaka Banda Room No-2983Banda (NPP + OG)
116Poorv Ma.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-1875Banda (NPP + OG)
117Poorv Ma.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-2626Banda (NPP + OG)
118Poorv.Ma.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-11199Banda (NPP + OG)
119Pr.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-11011Banda (NPP + OG)
120Pr.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-2864Banda (NPP + OG)
121Pr.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-31063Banda (NPP + OG)
122Pr.Vi.Khinninaka Banda Room No-41073Ladaka Purwa
123Pr.Vi.Kailashpuri Room No-1730Banda (NPP + OG)
124Pr.Vi.Kailashpuri Room No-2703Banda (NPP + OG)
125Omar Vaish Kanya Vi.Banda Room No-1733Banda (NPP + OG)
126Omar Vaish Kanya Vi.Banda Room No-21004Banda (NPP + OG)
127Omar Vaish Kanya Vi.Banda Room No-31068Banda (NPP + OG)
128Omar Vaish Kanya Vi.Banda Room No-41014Banda (NPP + OG)
129Gururam Ray Public School Banda Room No-11013Banda (NPP + OG)
130Gururam Ray Public School Banda Room No-2913Banda (NPP + OG)
131Gururam Ray Public School Banda Room No-31289Banda (NPP + OG)
132Gururam Ray Public School Banda Room No-4924Banda (NPP + OG)
133Pr.Vi.Nimnipar Banda Room No-1949Banda (NPP + OG)
134Pr.Vi.Nimnipar Banda Room No-2772Banda (NPP + OG)
135Pr.Vi.Kahla Mazra Hatetipurwa1382Hateti Purwa
137Poorv Ma.Vi.Bajrang Purwa804Ganchha
139Pr.Vi.Padui Room No-11245Pandui
140Pr.Vi.Padui Room No-2526Pandui
141Pr.Vi.Bandhapurwa947Bandha Purwa
142U.M.V.Tindwara Room No-11304Tindwara
143U.M.V.Tindwara Room No-21259Tindwara
144U.M.V.Tindwara Room No-31082Tindwara
145Kanya Poorv.Ma.Vi.Tindwara1123Tindwara
146Pr.Vi.Bagnapurwa Mazra Tindwara1059Tindwara
147Pr.Vi.Tindwara Room No-1933Tindwara
148Pr.Vi.Tindwara Room No-2781Tindwara
149Pr.Vi.Badokhar Khurd Room No-11022Barokhar Khurd
150Pr.Vi.Badokhar Khurd Room No-2545Barokhar Khurd
151Pr.Vi.Palhari Room No-1930Palhari
152Pr.Vi.Palhari Room No-21111Palhari
153Pr.Vi.Bisanda Khurd893Arbai
157Pr.Vi.Dingwahi Room No-11213Dingwahi
158Pr.Vi.Dingwahi Room No-2513Dingwahi
159Poorv Ma.Vi.Katrawal Room No-1761Katrawal
160Poorv Ma.Vi.Katrawal Room No-2766Huraha Purwa
162Pr.Vi. Ghuraunda776Ghuraunda
163Kanya Pr. Vi. Sahewa Room No.11466Sahewa
164Kanya Pr. Vi. Sahewa Room No.2468Sahewa
165Pr.Vi. Jakhani1096Jakhni
166Pr.Vi. Barsandabujurg789Barsanda Khurd
168R.U.Madh.Vi Bilgavan Room No.11238Jamrehi
169R.U.Madh.Vi Bilgavan Room No.21207Bil Gaon
170R.U.Madh.Vi Bilgavan Room No.3974Bil Gaon
171Pr.Vi. Nigamatpurwa752Bil Gaon
173Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi. Ajitpara Room No.11123Ajit Para
174Kanya Poorv Ma.Vi. Ajitpara Room No.21388Ajit Para
175Pr.Vi. Pawai Room No.11014Pawai
176Pr.Vi. Pawai Room No.21076Pawai
177Pr.Vi. Umerhanda789Umrehanda
178Pr.Vi. Etaramilauli1354Itara Malauli
180Pr.Vi. Bisanda1215Bisanda (Rural)
181Pr.Vi. Byas Ka Purwa Ans Bisanda1361Bisanda (Rural)
182A.I.College Naya Bhawan Bisanda Room No.1867Bisanda (Rural)
183A.I.College Naya Bhawan Bisanda Room No.21026Bisanda Buzurg (NP)
184A.I.College Naya Bhawan Bisanda Room No.31264Bisanda Buzurg (NP)
185A.I.College Naya Bhawan Bisanda Room No.41000Bisanda Buzurg (NP)
186Pr.Vi. Prachin Bisanda Room No.11309Bisanda Buzurg (NP)
187Pr.Vi. Prachin Bisanda Room No.21466Bisanda Buzurg (NP)
188Pr. Vi.Amuwa Room No.11167Amwan
189Pr.Vi. Amuwa Room No.21313Amwan
190Pr.Vi Chausand Room No.11208Chaunsarh
191Pr.Vi. Chausand Room No.21245Chaunsarh
192Poorv Ma. Vi. Chausand1405Chaunsarh
193Poorv Ma.Vi. Tendura Room No.11122Tendura
194Poorv Ma.Vi. Tendura Room No.2898Tendura
195Pr.Vi. Kandhakher880Tendura
196Pr.Vi. Shankarpurva1157Tendura
197Poorv Ma. Vi. Siklodhi Room No.1930Siklodhi
198Poorv Ma. Vi. Siklodhi Room No.2993Siklodhi
199Pr.Vi. Pindhkhar Room No.1891Pindkhar
200Pr.Vi. Pindhkhar Room No.2697Pindkhar
201Pr.Vi. Adhrori1327Adharori
202Poorv Ma.Vi. Hastam Room No.1893Hastam
203Poorv Ma. Vi. Hastam Room No.21297Hastam
204Pr.Vi. Duraimafi760Durai Mafi
205Pr.Vi. Nai1303Nai
206Pr.Vi. Bigahna758Nai
207Pr.Vi. Makari Room No.11314Makari
208Pr.Vi. Makari Room No.2553Makari
209Pr. Vi. Chhibaon Room No.11315Chhibaon
210Pr.Vi. Chhibaon Room No.2755Chhibaon
211Pr. Vi. Khurhand Station Ans Chhibaon1029Khurhand
212Pr.Vi. Kargehna557Chhibaon
213Pr.Vi. Takuli567Durai Mafi
214Poorv Ma. Vi. Tinduhi1258Rahusat
215Pr. Vi. Anthuwa Room No.11064Anathuwa
216Pr.Vi. Anthuwa Room No.21115Anathuwa
217Poorv Ma. Vi. Gumai Room No. 1881Gumai
218Poorv Ma. Vi. Gumai Room No. 2989Gumai
219Pr. Vi. Semariya Mirdaha777Semaria Mirdaha
220Poorv Ma. Vi Nagnedhi Room No.11346Nagnedhi
221Poorv Ma.Vi. Nagnedhi Room No.21210Nagnedhi
222Pr.Vi. Nagnedhi602Nagnedhi
223Pr. Vi. Nandana689Nandna
224Pr.Vi. Sivhad1204Syohad
225Pr.Vi. Itarakhurd966Itara Khurd
226Pr.Vi. Khurahand Room No. 11092Khurhand
227Pr.Vi. Khurahand Room No. 2932Khurhand
228Pr. Vi. Khurahand Room No.31417Khurhand
229Janta Int.Collage Khurhand Room No. 15221Khurhand
230Poorv Ma. Vi. Mahuwa Room No.11186Mahuwa
231Poorv Ma. Vi. Mahuwa Room No.21210Mahuwa
232Poorv Ma. Vi. Mahuwa Room No.31232Mahuwa
233Pr.Vi. Barsada Khurd268Barsanda Khurd
234Pr.Vi.Balkhera554Bal Khera
235Pr.Vi.Tera (G)865Tera Girwan
238Kanya Pr.Vi.Malhera Nivada Room No.21099Malehra Niwada
239Pr.Vi.Badokhar Bujurg Room No.11105Barokhar Buzurg
240Pr.Vi.Badokhar Bujurg Room No.21034Barokhar Buzurg
241Poorv Ma.Vi.Badokhar Bujurg Room No.11039Barokhar Buzurg
242Poorv Ma.Vi.Badokhar Bujurg Room No.21061Barokhar Buzurg
243Pr.Vi. Manipur Room No.11192Manipur
244Pr.Vi.Manipur Room No.2472Manipur
247Poorv Ma.Vi.Rarar Room No.11156Jarar
248Poorv Ma.Vi.Jarar Room No.2641Jarar
249Pr.Vi.Paigambarpur Room No.11150Paigamberpur
250Pr.Vi.Paigambarpur Room No.2833Paigamberpur
251Pr.Vi.Gadhichandpur Naya Bhawan571Gadhi Chandpur
252Poorv Ma.Vi.Arjunah1160Arjunah
253Kanya Pr.Vi.Arjunah702Arjunah
255Pr.Vi.Sautasyonda Room No.1848Sauta Syodha
256Pr.Vi.Sautasyonda Room No.21098Sauta Syodha
258Pr.Vi.Bachhey Room No. 1755Bachhei
259Pr.Vi.Bachhey Room No. 21955Bachhei
264Pr.Vi.Prempur Room No.1957Prempur
265Pr.Vi.Prempur Room No.2714Prempur
270Pt.J.N.I.C.Girwan Room No.11147Girwan
271Pt.J.N.I.C.Girwan Room No.21514Girwan
272Pt.J.N.I.C.Girwan Room No.3914Girwan
276Pr.Vi.Manpur Barai Room No.1924Barimanpur
277Pr.Vi.Manpur Barai Room No.2643Barimanpur
278Pr.Vi.Kajipur (G)770Kazipur Girwan
279Kanya Pr.Vi.Syodha Room No.1608Syodha
280Kanya Pr.Vi.Syodha Room No.21114Syodha
281Pr.Ma.Vi.Akbarpur Girwan593Akbarpur Girwan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014