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Polling Booth in Balrampur Assembly Constituency

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Balrampur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Balrampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Balrampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Kandbhari Room No 11195Ghughulpur
2P.P. Kandbhari Room No 2784Ghughulpur
3P.P. Gangapur Banki ( Netuwa) Room No 11063Gangapur Banki
4P.P. Gangapur Banki (Netuwa) Room No2703Gangapur Banki
5P.P. Chaukakhurd454Chauka Khurd
6P.P Jhhauhana1063Jhauhana
7P.P Sardargarh Room No 1767Tengnahia Mankot
8P.P. Sardargarh Room No 2743Tengnahia Mankot
9P.P. Sardargarh Extra Room656Tengnahia Mankot
10P.P. Jabdahi1073Jabdahi
11P.P. Semrahna986Semrahna
12P.P. Kalanderpur1373Kalanderpur
13P.P. Pyagpur East Bhag775Dhondhari
14P.P. Pyagpur Extra Room898Dhondhari
16P.P. Jyonar1425Jewnar
17P.P. Barawan1029Baraon
18J.H.School Belwa Sultanjot Room No 1887Belwasultan Jot
19J.H.School Belwa Sultanjot Room No 2958Belwasultan Jot
20J.H.School Belwa Sultanjot Room No 3813Belwasultan Jot
21P.P. Chitauni Ganwariya957Ganwaria
22P.P. Sekhui Kala East Bhag871Sekhui Kalan
23P.P. Sekhui Kala Extra Room1055Sekhui Kalan
25P.P. Hasuwadol North Bhag1206Hasuwa Dol
26P.P. Hasuwadol South Bhag959Hasuwa Dol
27P.P. Raghawpur North Bhag990Raghavpur
28P.P. Raghawpur South Bhag1252Raghavpur
29P.P. Adarpakad East Bhag1268Ararpakar
31J.H.School Chakwa702Chakawa
32P.P. Dewariya North Bhag1049Rachaurah
33P.P. Dewariya Soth Bhag690Rachaurah
34P.P. Bagahi East Bhag1021Bagahi
35P.P. Bagahi P. Bhag953Bagahi
36P.P. Bhikhpur East Bhag918Bhikhpur
37P.P. Bhikhpur P. Bhag1276Bhikhpur
38P.P. Belwavinohani1392Belwa Binoohni
39P.P. Samda1329Samda
40J.H. School Singahi942Singahi
41P.P. Baraipur Room No 1878Baijpur
42P.P. Baraipur Room No 2723Baijpur
43P.P. Udaipur1058Udaipur
44P.P. Chiraiya656Chirraiya
45P.P. Baijpur1120Baijpur
46P.P. Khutehana383Khutehna
47P.P. Sonpur Room No 11284Sonpur
48P.P. Sonpur Room No 2651Khairahi
49P.P. Balpur East Bhag1331Balpur
50P.P. Balpur P. Bhag904Balpur
51P.P. Jorawerpur580Zorawarpur
52P.P. Shankarpur Nav Nrimit Room No 11211Shankarpur
53P.P. Shankarpur Nav Nrimit Room No 21161Shankarpur
54P.P. Sirsiya East Bhag830Sirsia
55P.P. Sirsiya P. Bhag696Sirsia
56P.P. Sirsiya Extra Room617Gopalpur
57P.P. Bahadurpur Ii1484Sirsia
59P.P. Gidhraya Room No 1871Gidhraiya
60P.P. Gidhraya Room No 2655Gidhraiya
61P.P. Charo Kafri776Charokafri
62P.P. Shekharpur East Bhag1297Sikharpur
63P.P. Shekharpur P. Bhag621Sikharpur
64P.P. Shekharpur New Building1503Sikharpur
65P.P. Koilara1486Koelra
66P.P. Koiliha1119Koeliha
67P.P. Dhusah New Building Room No 11101Dhusah
68P.P. Dhusah New Building Room No 21259Dhusah
69P.P. Vishunapur East Bhag874Bishunapur
70P.P. Vishunapur P. Bhag793Bishunapur
71Pu.M.V. Vishunapur Room No 6880Bishunapur
72Pu.M.V. Vishunapur Room No 7932Bishunapur
73Pu.M.V. Vishunapur Room No 81390Bishunapur
74Pu.M.V. Vishunapur Extra Room609Bishunapur
75P.P. Dharampur Room No 1845Bishunapur
76P.P. Dharampur Room No 21046Bishunapur
77P.P. Dharampur Room No 3945Bishunapur
78P.P. Dharampur Room No 41241Bishunapur
79A.V. Bhagwatiganj Room No 1741Balrampur (NPP + OG)
80A.V. Bhagwatiganj Room No 2861Balrampur (NPP + OG)
81A.V. Bhagwatiganj Room No 31492Balrampur (NPP + OG)
82A.V. Bhagwatiganj Room No 41160Balrampur (NPP + OG)
83P.P. Bhagwatiganj Room No 11065Balrampur (NPP + OG)
84P.P. Bhagwatiganj Room No 2664Balrampur (NPP + OG)
85P.P. Chikni Room No 11483Balrampur (NPP + OG)
86P.P. Chikni Room No 21343Balrampur (NPP + OG)
87P.P. Chikni Room No 31293Balrampur (NPP + OG)
88P.P. Chikni Room No 4822Balrampur (NPP + OG)
89M.P.P.I.C.U. Bhag Room No 2975Balrampur (NPP + OG)
90M.P.P.I.C.U. Bhag Room No 3823Balrampur (NPP + OG)
91M.P.P.I.C. Room No 31420Balrampur (NPP + OG)
92M.P.P.I.C. Room No 4802Balrampur (NPP + OG)
93M.P.P.I.C. Room No 51173Balrampur (NPP + OG)
94M.P.P.I.C. Room No 61472Balrampur (NPP + OG)
95M.D.Vidyalay Room No 11185Balrampur (NPP + OG)
96M.D.Vidyalay Room No 21108Balrampur (NPP + OG)
97M.D.Vidyalay Room No 31288Balrampur (NPP + OG)
98M.D.Vidyalay Room No 4686Balrampur (NPP + OG)
99M.D.Vidyalay Room Mo 51155Balrampur (NPP + OG)
100M.P.P.I.C. New Building Room No 271223Balrampur (NPP + OG)
101M.P.P.I.C. New Building Room No 28720Balrampur (NPP + OG)
102M.P.P.I.C. New Building Room No 29904Balrampur (NPP + OG)
103M.P.P.I.C. Technical Faculty Room No 11264Balrampur (NPP + OG)
104M.P.P.I.C. Technical Faculty Room No 21258Balrampur (NPP + OG)
105M.P.P.I.C. Technical Faculty Room No 31389Balrampur (NPP + OG)
106M.P.P.I.C. Technical Faculty Room No 41119Balrampur (NPP + OG)
107J.H. School N.P.B. Room No 11001Balrampur (NPP + OG)
108J.H. School N.P.B. Room No 2983Balrampur (NPP + OG)
109J.H. School N.P.B. Room No 31070Balrampur (NPP + OG)
110J.H. School N.P.B. Room No 41055Balrampur (NPP + OG)
111M.D.K.I.C. Room No 11391Balrampur (NPP + OG)
112M.D.K.I.C. Room No 21299Balrampur (NPP + OG)
113M.D.K.I.C. Room No 3907Balrampur (NPP + OG)
114M.D.K.I.C. Room No 41075Balrampur (NPP + OG)
115D.A.V.I.C. Room No 12866Balrampur (NPP + OG)
116D.A.V.I.C. Room No 13987Balrampur (NPP + OG)
117D.A.V.I.C. Room No 14978Balrampur (NPP + OG)
118D.A.V.I.C. Room No 15768Balrampur (NPP + OG)
119P.P. Ktarsingh School Room No 11074Balrampur (NPP + OG)
120P.P. Ktarsingh School Room No 2501Balrampur (NPP + OG)
121M.L.K.D.C. South Bhag Room No 26948Balrampur (NPP + OG)
122M.L.K.D.C. South Bhag Room No 27822Balrampur (NPP + OG)
123M.L.K.D.C. South Bhag Room 28861Balrampur (NPP + OG)
124M.L.K.D.C. East Block Room No 31393Balrampur (NPP + OG)
125M.L.K.D.C. East Block Room No 4846Balrampur (NPP + OG)
126M.L.K.D.C. East Block Room No 51184Balrampur (NPP + OG)
127M.L.K.D.C. East Block Room No 61289Balrampur (NPP + OG)
128Girls I.C. Room No 11008Balrampur (NPP + OG)
129Girls I.C. Room No 2996Balrampur (NPP + OG)
130Girls I.C. Room No 31062Balrampur (NPP + OG)
131Girls I.C. Room No 4938Balrampur (NPP + OG)
132Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 131110Balrampur (NPP + OG)
133Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 141369Balrampur (NPP + OG)
134Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 151298Balrampur (NPP + OG)
135Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 161235Balrampur (NPP + OG)
136Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 191322Balrampur (NPP + OG)
137Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 20976Balrampur (NPP + OG)
138Girls I.C. Block J.Shed Room No 21995Balrampur (NPP + OG)
139Girls I.C. Block J.Shed1180Balrampur (NPP + OG)
140Girls I.C.P.S. Room No 11457Balrampur (NPP + OG)
141Girls I.C.P.S. Room No 21018Balrampur (NPP + OG)
142Girls I.C.P.S. Room No 3548Balrampur (NPP + OG)
143P.P. Mohmmadpur1000Balrampur (NPP + OG)
144P.P. Bijulipur1355Balrampur
145P.P. Ranjeetpur826Balrampur
146Kanya.P.P. Bijulipur East Bhag1142Balrampur
147Kanya.P.P. Bijulipur P. Bhag903Balrampur
148P.P. Saindeeh888Madara
149P.P. Gujarpurwa Dakhi East Bhag1179Dakahi
150P.P. Gujarpurwa Dakhi P. Bhag1096Dakahi
151P.P. Ratoha1122Gainjahwa
152P.P. Gainjahwa East Bhag1081Gainjahwa
153P.P. Gainjahwa P. Bhag1424Gainjahwa
154J.H. School Sisai Room No 11063Sisai
155J.H. School Sisai Room No 2666Sisai
156P.P. Benijot690Benijot
157P.P. Durgapur New N. Building1194Durgapur
158P.P. Belha South Bhag1136Belha
159P.P. Belha North Bhag874Belha
160P.P. Padri Room No 11277Pandari
161P.P. Padri Room No 2362Pandari
162P.P. Lalnagar622Lalnagar
163J.H. School Balua-Balui Room No 11250Baluwa Balui
164J.H. School Balua-Balui Room No 2642Baluwa Balui
165J.H. School Balua-Balui Room No 31165Baluwa Balui
166P.P. Mirzapur1379Mirzapur
167P.P. Ghosiyarpur East Bhag1368Bhagwanpur
168P.P. Ghosiyarpur P. Bhag422Bhagwanpur
169P.P. Kolwa Room No 1548Kolawa
170P.P. Kolwa Room No 2636Kolawa
171P.P. Chaudharijot1028Bafanwa
172P.P. Siriya688Siria
173P.P. Lkhahi North Bhag1422Ronwari
174P.P. Lkhahi South Bhag1004Ronwari
175J.H. School Paigapur Room No 1954Paigapur
176J.H. School Paigapur Room No 2692Paigapur
177P.P. Lalajot1258Lalajot
178P.P. Ghoplapur North Bhag1139Lilwa
179P.P. Ghoplapur South Bhag1230Lilwa
180P.P. Nandnagar1458Nand Nagar
181P.P. Khajuriya North Bhag1035Khajuria
182P.P. Khajuriya M. Bhag730Khajuria
183P.P. Khajuriya South Bhag1118Khajuria
184P.P. Karmahna1045Karmahna
185P.P. Narayanpur Majhhari1311Narayanpur Manjhari
186P.P. Sewraha737Seoraha
187P.P. Parsa1246Gulariha Puraina
188P.P. Singhwapur663Singhwapur
189J.H. School Gaura Turkauliya Room No 11236Gauratirkaulia
190J.H. School Gaura Turkauliya Room No 21332Gauratirkaulia
191J.H. School Gaura Turkauliya North Bhag1014Naubasta Mundila
192J.H. School Gaura Turkauliya South Bhag1127Naubasta Mundila
193P.P. Sonpur Bhusailwa East Bhag753Jambo Deep
194P.P. Sonpur Bhusailwa P. Bhag706Bhusailwa
195P.P. Kailashgarh1032Kailash Garh
196P.P. Terhipurwa Room No 11399Katrasankar Nagar
197P.P. Terhipurwa Room No 21363Katrasankar Nagar
198P.P. Terhipurwa Room No 3970Katrasankar Nagar
199P.P. Terhipurwa Room No 4594Katrasankar Nagar
200P.P. Bhikhampur North Bhag1474Bhikhampur
201P.P. Bhikhampur South Bhag1049Bhikhampur
202P.P. Bhikhampur Offiec Room1044Bhikhampur
203P.P. Sonar917Sonar
204P.P. Majhhauwa East Bhag1054Baherekuiyan
205P.P. Majhhauwa P.Bhag525Baherekuiyan
206J.H. School Dubauliya Rampur Banghusra Room No 11098Rampurbanghusra
207J.H. School Dubauliya Rampur Banghusra Room No 2733Rampurbanghusra
208P.P. School Dubauliya Rampur Banghusra Room No 2671Rampurbanghusra
209P.P. School Dubauliya Rampur Banghusra Room No 1869Rampurbanghusra
210P.P. Dubauliya Fattejot Room No 1893Fattejot
211P.P. Dubauliya Fattejot Room No 2835Fattejot
212P.P. Bhagwatpur1071Bhagawatpur
213P.P. Rajghat1492Rajghat
214P.P. Bansedeela515Banse Dila
215P.P. Parsiyamafi978Parsiamafi
216P.P. Kandbhari P. Bhag1391Kandbhari
217P.P. Kandbhari East Bhag794Kandbhari
218P.P. Chulhabhari1133Chulahbhari
219P.P. Katiya North Bhag1065Katia
220P.P. Katiya South Bhag914Madhawajot
221P.P. Deveawan583Deorawan
222P.P. Bahadurpur1244Baghani
223J.H. School Bhawaniyapur515Bhawaniapur
224J.H. School Dewariya1160Deoria
225P.P. Dewariya819Ganeshpur
226P.P. Sekhuiya992Sekhuiya
227P.P. Dharmnagar Room No 11474Dharam Nagar
228P.P. Dharmnagar Room No 2554Mahadeo Hindu Nagar
230P.P. Harvanshpur1030Harbaspur
231P.P. Kharhar Garhi741Kharhargarhi
232P.P. Gondipur New Building1479Gondipur
233U.M.V. Medhilalpurwa Room No 11004Mahadeo Misir
234U.M.V. Medhilalpurwa Room No 2554Mahadeo Misir
235P.P. Maheshbhari East Bhag756Mahadeo Misir
236P.P. Maseshbhari P. Bhag939Mahadeo Misir
237P.P. Kalwari North Bhag1255Kalwari
238P.P. Kalwari South Bhag1132Kalwari
239P.P. Khagaijot North Bhag1480Khagaijot
240P.P. Khagaijot South Bhag1072Khagaijot
241P.P. Farenda New Bulding1228Pharenda
242P.P. Azabnagar East Bhag1275Luchuiya
243P.P. Azabnagar P. Bhag1298Luchuiya
244P.P. Amrahwa East Bhag1106Amrahwa
245P.P. Amrahwa P. Bhag695Amrahwa
246P.P. Lakhna Gangapur Room No 11376Gangapur
247P.P. Lakhna Gangapur Room No 2845Gangapur
248P.P. Imiliya1088Imlia
249P.P.Virahimpur East Bhag839Birahimpur
250P.P.Virahimpur P. Bhag857Birahimpur
251P.P. Srinagar1479Sri Nagar
252P.P. Ratanpur1455Ratanpur
253P.P. Dharmpur943Dharampur
254Ajad J.H. School Gangapur1408Gangapur
255P.P. Narayanpur1417Narayanpur
256P.P. Raurtara East Bhag1458Maharajganj
257P.P. Raurtara P.Bhag973Maharajganj
258P.P. Raurtara Offiec Room901Maharajganj
259P.P. Shekhapur595Sekhapur
260P.P.Dulhapur Room No 1779Dulhapur
261P.P.Dulhapur Room No 2900Dulhapur
262P.P. Majhari Vachil983Majhari Vachhil
263P.P. Maniyariya769Maniyriya
264P.P. Bhitauthi806Bhithauri
265P.P. Keravgadh976Keshav Garh
266P.P. Gulvariya Mafi704Gulariha Mafi
267Kanya P.P. Khambhariya1463Khameria
268P.P. Baybhit North Bhag850Baibhit
269P.P. Baybhit South Bhag859Baibhit
270Vikas Kh. Off. Sridattganj Room No 11204Sahdeia
271Vikas Kh. Off. Sridattganj Room No 21375Sahdeia
272Kr.Ra.Ma.Vi. Khardauri1470Khardauri
273P.P. Chandapur713Chandapur
274P.P. Chandapur Extra Room909Chitahi
275P.P. Pipri Kolhui East Bhag981Pipri Kolhai
276P.P. Pipri Kolhui Extra Room1023Pipri Kolhai
277P.P. Pipari Kolhui P. Bhag1350Pipri Kolhai
278P.P. Vishambharpur1221Visambherpur
279P.P. Dhovadabar722Dhowadaber
281P.P. Itai Maida1031Itai Maida
282K.P.P. Mahua Ibrahim989Mahua Ibrahim
283P.P. Padri Raikvar624Padari Raikwar
284P.P. Chavai Bujurg1074Chawai Bujurg
286P.P. Dattnagar618Dhorahri
287P.P. Sanjhwal Premnagar East Bhag752Sajhaval Premnager
288P.P. Sanjhwal Premnagar P. Bhag751Sajhaval Premnager
289P.P. Sanjhwal Premnagar Extra Room789Sajhaval Premnager
290P.P. Baidauliya832Bergadhi
291P.P. Jigna916Jigna
292P.P. Tendui530Tendui
293P.P. Agya Khurd1077Agaya Khurd
294J.H.School Dhamauli872Dhamauli
295J.H. School Dewariya Mubarkpur825Deoria Mubarakpur
296P.P. Vithriya Praspur720Vitharia Paraspur
297P.P. Gulraha East Bhag731Gulariha
298P.P. Gulraha P. Bhag864Gulariha
299P.P. Shivpur Mahant North Bhag1329Shivpur Mahanth
300P.P. Shivpur Mahant South Bhag938Shivpur Mahanth
301P.P. Trigunayatpur846Tirgunayatpur
302P.P. Giddhaur1344Gidhaur
303P.P. Ramwapur1174Gaur
304P.P. Gaur Khas1381Gaur
305P.P. Vishrampur North Bhag862Visarampur
306P.P. Vishrampur Extra Room859Visarampur
307P.P. Rampur Bagnaha1108Rampur Baganaha
308P.P. Godhana549Aadampur
309P.P. Kolhui Vinohni North Bhag1185Kolhuai Binauni
310P.P. Kolhui Vinohni South Bhag1257Kolhuai Binauni
311P.P. Patiyala Grint921Patiyala Grant
312P.P. Patiyala Grint Extra Room899Patiyala Grant
313P.P. Gumdi1351Gomadi
314P.P. Gumdi North Extra Room1280Gomadi
315P.P. Gumdi North South Room1222Gomadi
316P.P. Mujehani Room No 11240Mujhaini
317P.P. Mujehani Room No 21322Mujhaini
318P.P. Pipra Yakub North Bhag1317Pipra Yaqaoob
319P.P. Pipra Yakub South Bhag1368Pipra Yaqaoob
320P.P. Rukhi Majhari East Bhag1039Rookhi Majhari
321P.P. Rukhi Majhari P. Bhag781Rookhi Majhari
322P.P. Puraina Kanoongo1000Puraina Kanoongo
323P.P. Puraina Vajid East Bhag753Puraina Vajid
324P.P. Puraina Vajid North Bhag765Puraina Vajid
325P.P. Puraina Vajid P. Bhag1059Puraina Vajid
326P.P. Nirnjanpur742Niranjanpur
327P.P. Darichaura713Dari Chaura
328J.H. School Kithura1400Kithoora
329P.P. Kapauwa Sherpur East Bhag1006Kapauasherpur
330P.P. Kapauwa Sherpur P. Bhag935Kapauasherpur
331P.P. Mahmudnagar North Bhag1368Mehmood Nager
332P.P. Mahmudnagar South Bhag737Padari Ramnath
333P.P. Jeetnagar591Jeetnager
334P.P. Rasulpur1001Rasoolpur Soor
335J.H. School Chamrupur East Bhag1221Chamaroopur
336J.H. School Chamrupur M. Bhag1034Chamaroopur
337P.P. Chamroopur East Bhag782Chamaroopur
338P.P. Chamroopur P. Bhag794Chamaroopur
339P.P. Ahiraula Nagwa798Ahiraula Nagawa
340P.P. Kayamjot933Kayamjot
341P.P. Nandmhara459Nand Mohara
342P.P. Vajidpur529Vajidpur
343P.P. Pachautha1168Pachautha
344P.P. Lakhama North Bhag815Lakhama
345P.P. Lakhama South Bhag900Lakhama
346P.P. Pipraram Chandr1193Pipraramchander
347P.P. Dhebruwa1280Pipraramchander
348P.P. Belai Bujurg East Bhag855Paraspur Khprail
349P.P. Belai Bujurg P. Bhag909Belai Bujurg
350P.P. Pehar North Bhag1260N/A
351P.P. Pehar South Bhag1485Peher
352P.P. Mujehna1334Mujhaini
353J.H. School Mahdeya Mod Bangwa629Bangawa
354P.P. Bangwa1381Bangawa
355P.P. Mahdeya Mod Bangwa North Bhag1120Bangawa
356P.P. Mahdeya Mod Bangwa South Bhag1059Bangawa
357P.P. Kurkutdih East Bhag1470Agaya Bujurg
358P.P. Kurkutdih P. Bhag1430Agaya Bujurg
359J.H. School Agya Bujurg East Bhag1115Agaya Bujurg
360J.H. School Agya Bujurg P. Bhag1219Agaya Bujurg
361P.P. Mahdeya Sirsiya North Bhag Bhag1059Mahdeia Sirsia
362P.P. Mahdeya Sirsiya South Bhag854Mahdeia Sirsia
363P.P. Mahua Dhar1005Mahua Dhar
364P.P. Bilriya (Kalubankat)1014Kaloo Bankat
365J.H. School Kalinjar Grint728Kalinager Griant
366P.P. Redwaliya North Bhag964Rendolia
367P.P. Redwaliya South Bhag1048Rendolia
368J.H. School Jafrabad Room No 11182Jafrabad
369J.H. School Jafrabad Room No 21105Jafrabad
370P.P. Masihabad Grint800Masihabad Grint
371P.P. Masihabad Grint Extra Room799Masihabad Grint
372P.P. Mohammad Nagar Grint East Bhag822Mohd. Nager Grint
373P.P. Mohammad Nagar Grint P. Bhag887Mohd. Nager Grint
374P.P. Badhara Bhitaura East Bhag914Barhra Bhithaura
375P.P. Badhara Bhitaura P. Bhag675Barhra Bhithaura

Last Updated on November 15, 2014