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Polling Booth in Baldev Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Baldev

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baldev Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Kalyanpur484Kalyanpur
2Primary School Mavali504Maoli Banger
3Primary School Daharua R.No1909Daharuwa
4Primary School Daharua R.No2988Daharuwa
5Primary School Kinarai952Kinarai Bangar
6Primary School Deewana R.No.1969Diwana
7Primary School Deewana R.No.2975Diwana
8Kanya Ucchat Ar Madhyamik Vidhalaya Siriya Ki Nagariya999Diwana
9Primary School Pilukhani648Suraj
10Primary School Suraj809Suraj
11Primary School Dhaku902Dhaku
12Primary School Gonga1355Gonga
13Primary School Fajiyat Pur Nagariya355Nagal
14Primary School Tirvaya229Tirwaya
15Junior High School Tirvaya695Tirwaya
16Primary School Nagla Bheema599Nagla Bhima
17Primary School Nagla Bhawani1299Nagal
18Primary School Raya R.No.11337Raya (NP)
19Primary School Raya R.No.21060Raya (NP)
20Kanya Primary School Raya R.No.011167Raya (NP)
21Kanya Primary School Raya R.No.02719Raya (NP)
22Kanya Primary School Raya R.No.03933Raya (NP)
23Rashtriya Inter College Raya R.No.011078Raya (NP)
24Rashtriya Inter College Raya R.No.021387Raya (NP)
25Rashtriya Inter College Raya R.No.03650Raya (NP)
26Rashtriya Inter College Raya R.No.041330Raya (NP)
27Radhagopal Ucchtar Madhyamik School Raya R1382Raya (NP)
29Primary School Chauhari668Chauhari
30Primary School Beel Aliyabad399Shivli
31Primary School Songarwar783Khadiya
32Primary School Tehra Mahavan1084Tehra Mahaban
33Primary School Isapur Room No11368Isapur Banger (CT)
34Primary School Isapur Room No21424Isapur Banger (CT)
35Primary School Isapur Room No3960Isapur Banger (CT)
36Primary School Taiyabpur R.No.11262Taiyabpur
37Primary School Taiyabpur R.No.2777Taiyabpur
38Primary School Taiyabpur R.No.3919Taiyabpur
39Primary School Abdul Navipur659Abdul Nabipur Banger
40Jugal Kishor A. Vidhyalaya Jamunapar Room No 1851Taiyabpur
41Jugal Kishor A. Vidhyalaya Jamunapar Room No 2997Taiyabpur
42Jugal Kishor A. Vidhyalaya Jamunapar Room No 31244Taiyabpur
43Samudayik Bhawan Sukhdevpur1136Raipur Mai Banger
44Primary School Gopalpur871Raipur Mai Banger
45Primary School Ajay Nagar990Raipur Mai Banger
46Primary School Lohvan First R.No.1907Rawal Bangar
47Primary School Lohvan First R.No.2830Lohaban
48Primary School Lohvan First R.No.31203Lohaban
49Primary School Lohvan First R.No.4424Lohaban
50Primary School Lohvan First R.No.5689Lohaban
51Kanya Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Lohvan1330Lohaban
52Primary School Nagla Cheeta359Lohaban
53Primary School Padrari883Padrari
54Panchayat Ghar Nagla Peeta495Padrari
55Primary School Nagla Hargovind Khand Padrari663Padrari
56Primary School Saras649Padrari
57Chameli Devi Inter College Sihora R.No.11287Sihora
58Chameli Devi Inter College Sihora R.No.2742Sihora
59Chameli Devi Inter College Sihora R.No.3974Sihora
60Primary School Sihora1068Sihora
61Primary School Nagla Rana Bhag Sihora297Sihora
62Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Tarapur Khand Sihora1022Sihora
63Adarsh Krishak Inter College Karab Room No1868Karab
64Adarsh Krishak Inter College Karab Room No2810Karab
65Adarsh Krishak Inter College Karab Room No31290Karab
66Adarsh Krishak Inter College Karab Room No4794Karab
67Adarsh Krishak Inter College Karab Room No5684Karab
68Primary School Adda581Karab
69Primary School Bahadurpur222Bahadurpur
70Primary School Gadhi Ramprasad697Karab
71Primary School Itauli1344Itauli
72Primary School Khapparpur576Achru Ladhora
73Primary School Nagla Vijai571Achru Ladhora
74Primary School Siyara822Siyara
75Primary School Nagla Dakhini382Siyara
76Primary School Kataila716Bhainsara
77Primary School Bhainsara425Bhainsara
78Primary School Kakretiya Khand Bhainsara1003Bhainsara
79Mahatma Gandhi H.S. School Khirari1118Khirari
80Primary School Bana737Bana
81Primary School Shahpur R.No.11459Shahpur Gausana
82Primary School Shahpur R.No.21128Shahpur Gausana
83Primary School Shahpur449Shahpur Gausana
84Primary School Acharu Ladhora410Achru Ladhora
85Primary School Malhe1113Malhai
86Primary School Khajuri969Khajuri
87Primary School Pavesra1060Pavesara
88Primary School Jasa728Pavesara
89Primary School Khalaua454Khalaua
90Primary School Nagla Mahapati483Khalaua
91Primary School Naveen Jagatiya459Jagatiya
92Primary School Bhojua702Bhojua
93Primary School Madaim R.No.1485Nagaura
94Primary School Madaim R.No.21141Chhikara
95Primary School Nagoda810Nagaura
96Primary School Bhasarkhandi835Basar Bhakandi
97Phoolchand Ucchatar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Gudera891Gudera
98Primary School Gadhi Nanda845Gudera
99Primary School Keshargadhi490Bansai
100Primary School Banshe528Bansai
101Primary School Nunera657Nunera
102Primary School Pirigadhi524Nunera
103Primary School Anoda First R.No.1947Anorha
104Primary School Anoda First R.No.2591Anorha
105Primary School Anoda Second R.No.2577Anorha
106Shyam Lal Sarpanch Ucchtar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Tambaka544Anorha
107Primary School Nagla Harrai Khand Anoda923Anorha
108Primary School Vyohi854Byohai
109Primary School Rujgaila584Byohai
110Primary School Bijahari1099Byohai
111Primary School Nagla Beech316Byohai
112Primary School Gadhi Lalsingh662Byohai
113Primary School Baltikari R.No.11316Baltikari
114Primary School Baltikari R.No.21011Baltikari
115Junior High School Nagla Bharau R.No.11127Nagla Bharau
116Junior High School Nagla Bharau R.No.2531Nagla Bharau
117Primary School Talgadhi645Tal Garhi
118Primary School Gadhi Kaurkhara386Tal Garhi
119Primary School Bharaugarh598Bharau Garh
120Primary School Nagla Heera673Bhit Bahari
121Primary School Sonkh Kheda1230Sonkh Khera
122Primary School Nagla Thana788Nagla Dhanoua
123Primary School Nagla Arjun825Nagla Arjun
124Primary School Nagla Hari678Nagla Hari
125Primary School Mudnesiya483Mursenia
126Primary School Nagla Tulsi395N/A
127Primary School Rawal561Rawal Bangar
128Primary School Nagla Kaji657Nagla Qazi
129Primary School Nagla Pola Bhag Rawal1105Rawal Bangar
130Guru Karshni Sharnanand Ucchtar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Nagla Meerbulaki719Mubarikpur Bangar
131Junior High School Hayatpur R.No.11380Hayatpur
132Junior High School Hayatpur R.No.2754Hayatpur
133Junior High School Hayatpur R.No.3801Hayatpur
134Primary School Balika Mahatma Gandhi Nagla Khutiya679Hayatpur
135Primary School Alipur672Alipur
136Primary School Islampur857Islampur
137Primary School Jikiriyapur360Jakariapur
138Primary Schoon Naveen Nirman Gokul R.No.1932Gokul (NP)
139Primary School Naveen Nirman Golku R.No.2582Gokul (NP)
140Primary School Nand Chowk Gokul1293Gokul (NP)
141Nehru Smarak Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.1976Mahaban (NP)
142Nehru Smarak Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.2998Mahaban (NP)
143Nehru Smarak Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.3899Mahaban (NP)
144Nehru Smarak Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.4913Mahaban (NP)
145Nehru Smarak Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.51358Mahaban (NP)
146Primary School Second Mahavan1471Mahaban (NP)
147Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Mahavan R.No.11382Mahaban Bangar (Dehat)
148Primary School Premnagar Khurd555Mahaban Bangar (Dehat)
149Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Khapparpur Bhag Mahavan R.No.1903Mahaban Bangar (Dehat)
150Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Khapparpur Bhag Mahavan R.No.2951Mahaban Bangar (Dehat)
151Primary School Manohar Pur R.No.11048Manoharpur
152Primary School Manohar Pur R.No.21114Manoharpur
153Primary School Kishanpur1490Kishanpur
154Primary School Khediya338Kheria
155Primary School Hathoda R.No.11388Hataura
156Primary School Balrampur285Balrampur
157Primary School Khanpur781Khanpur
158Primary School Jagdishpur491Jagdishpur
159Junior High School Bandi R.No.11394Bandi
160Junior High School Bandi R.No.21125Bandi
161Primary School First Chholi1101Chholi
162Primary School Second Chholi962Chholi
163Primary School Amirpur1059Amirpur
164Janta Junior High School Avairni R.No.1855Awerni
165Janta Junior High School Avairni R.No.2721Awerni
166Janta Junior High School Avairni R.No.3992Awerni
167Janta Junior High School Avairni R.No.4568Awerni
168Janta Junior High School Avairni R.No.5645Awerni
169Primary School Nagla Patiram730Awerni
170Primary School Nagla Burj284Awerni
171Primary School Nagla Uday Singh Bhag Avairni1111Awerni
172Primary School Nagla Jamuni Bhag807Awerni
173Kailashi Devi Inter College Pachavar R.No.11324Pachawar
174Kailashi Devi Inter College Pachavar R.No.21448Pachawar
175Kailashi Devi Inter College Pachavar R.No.3208Pachawar
176Primary School Nagla Kunji720Pachawar
177Primary School Nagla Bala502Pachawar
178Primary School Nagla Ratiya419Pachawar
180Primary School Nagla Loka Bhag Pachavar R.No.1561Pachawar
181Primary School Nagla Loka Bhag Pachavar R.No.21355Pachawar
182Primary School Nagla Rai Singh908Pachawar
183Primary School Jugsuna Purani856Jugsana
184Primary School Nagla Medu1102Jugsana
185Primary School Nagla Mohan700Jugsana
186Primary School Sarkandkheda959Sarkand Khera
187Junior High School Daghenta R.No.11129Dagheta
188Junior High School Daghenta R.No.21058Dagheta
189Junior High School Daghenta R.No.31010Dagheta
190Primary School Patthapati R.No1587Dagheta
191Primary School Nagla Vidhi771Dagheta
192Primary School Artoni898Birona
193Primary School Jatora811Jatora
194Primary School Virauna1086Birona
195Primary School Jharotha Second R.No.11368Jharautha
196Primary School Jharotha Second R.No.2339Jharautha
197Primary School Sarai Daud1047Sarai Daud
198Primary School Radoi R.No.11360Radoi
199Primary School Radoi R.No.2408Radoi
200Panchayat Ghar Hasanpur1035Hasanpur
201Primary School Gautha1168Gotha
202Junior High School Bhartiya R.No.11016Bhartiya
203Junior High School Bhartiya R.No.21003Bhartiya
204Primary School Nandugadhi1271Bhartiya
205Junior High School Fatehpura672Fatehpura
206Primary School Karnau498Fatehpura
207G.I.C. Patloni R.No.11097Patlauni
208G.I.C. Patloni R.No.21337Patlauni
209Baba Ramsing I.C.Nagla Mohan843Patlauni
210Primary School Kilauni1210Kilauni
211Primary School Angai1272Angai
212Primary School Chhibrau336Chhabirau
213Shri Balbhadra Inter College Baldev R.No.11173Baldeo (NP)
214Shri Balbhadra Inter College Baldev R.No.2585Baldeo (NP)
215Shri Balbhadra Inter College Baldev R.No.3441Baldeo (NP)
216Shri Balbhadra Inter College Baldev R.No.4938Baldeo (NP)
217Shri Balbhadra Inter College Baldev R.No.51455Baldeo (NP)
218Primary School Khadera430Khadera
219Primary School New Baldev R.No.1957Baldeo (NP)
220Primary School New Baldev R.No.2627Baldeo (NP)

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