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Polling Booth in Bakshi Ka Talab Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bakshi Ka Talab

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bakshi Ka Talab Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ju. Ha1379Banauga
3Pra.Vi. Saraydamu Rrom No-1762Sarai Damu
4Pra. Vi. Bhagautipur Room No-11088Bhagautipur
5Pra.Vi. Amaniganj Banauga Room No-1728Aramba
6Pra.Vi. Aramba Room No-1801Aramba
7Pra.Vi. Bahargawan Room No-1778Bahargaon
8Milan Center Newada Room No-1677Bahargaon
9Pra.Vi. Shivri Room No-1878Shivari
10Pra.Vi. Lalpur Room No-1666Lalpur
11Pra.Vi. Dhilvasi Room No-1586Dilvasi
12Pra.Vi. Khanpur Room No-1Room No -1502Khanpur
13Pra.Vi. Pattiroom No -1471Patti
14Pra.Vi. Mushpipriroom No -11320Muspipari
15Pra.Vi. Himmtpurroom No-1364Himmatpur
16Pra.Vi. Kunauraroom No-1908Kunaura
17Pra.Vi. Umariyaroom No-1500Umariya
18Pra.Vi. Godhnaroom No-1858Haloopur
19Pu.Ma.Vi. Raipur Babu Room No-1865Raipur babu
20Pra.Vi. Bhargahnaroom No-1741Bhargahana
21Pra. Vi. Mahigawan Room No-11013Mahgava
22Pra. Vi. Mahigawan Room No-2565Mahgava
23Pra.Vi. Puhuppur Room No-1678Puhuppur
24Pra.Vi. Suwanshipur Room No-1491Subanshipur
25Pra.Vi. Rewamau Room No-11008Khomau
26Pra.Vi. Indara Room No-11440Indara
27Pra.Vi. Khajuri Room No-1422Indara
28Pra.Vi. Gulalpur Room No-11212Gulalpur
29Pra.Vi. Asnha Room No-11018Ashnaha
30Pra.Vi. Sarawan Room No-1735Saranva
31Pra.Vi. Parshiya Room No-11312Parsahia
32Pra.Vi. Chandnapur Room No-11249Chandanapur
33Pra.Vi. Hanumantpur Room No-11409Hanumantpur
34Pra.Vi. Atesuwa Room No-11354Atesua
35Pra.Vi. Atesuwa Room No-2799Atesua
36Pra.Vi. Mahona Room No-1678Mahona (NP)
37Pra.Vi. Mahona Room No-2862Mahona (NP)
38Pra.Vi. Mahona Room No. 3493Mahona (NP)
39Urdu Midiyam School Mahona Room No-11062Mahona (NP)
40?1245Mahona (NP)
43Pu.Ma.Vi. Kheriya Room No-1452Chaugava
44Pra.Vi. Gohana Khurd Room No-1840Gohana Khurd
45Pra.Vi. Belva-2 Room No-1534Belava
46Pra.Vi. Lodhauli Room No-1526Manpur Raja
47Pra.Vi. Lodhauli Room No-2795Lodhauli
48Pra.Vi. Gadha Room No-1973Sahadat Nagar
49Pra.Vi.Karaudi Room No-1998Karaundi
50Pra.Vi. Bagha Room No-1772Bagaha
51Pra.Vi. Bagha Room No-2821Bagaha
52Pra.Vi.Dudhra Room No-11027Dudhara
53Pra.Vi. Jamkhanwa Room No-11280Jamkhanava
54Pra.Vi. Yakadiya Kala Room No-11065yakdaria kala
55Pra.Vi. Yakadiya Khudra Rrom No-2661Yakdaria Khurd
56Pra.Vi. Harda Room No-1532Usarana
57Pra.Vi. Rajapur Majra Sultanpur Room No-11324Sultanpur
58Pra.Vi. Bahadurpur Room No-1305Sultanpur
59Pra.Vi. Bahadurpur Room No2589Shapur Raja
60Pra.Vi. Raipur Raja Room No-1836Raipur Raja
61Pra.Vi. Raipur Raja Room No-2850Saray Usrana
62Pra.Vi. Marpa Room No-11186Marapa
63Pra.Vi. Malukpur Room No-1612Malookpur
64Pachayat Ghar Naurangpur Room No-1599Malookpur
65Pra.Vi. Singhmau Room No-11120Singhamau
66Pra.Vi. Palpur Room No-11268Kamalpur Kayastha
67Pra.Vi. Derwa Room No-1908Derava
68Pra.Vi. Ahmadpur Kheda Room No-1558Ahmedpur Khera
69Pra.Vi. Chandpur Khani Room No-11385Chandpur Khanipur
70Pu.Ma.Vi. Itauja Room No-11224Itaunja (NP)
71Pu.Ma.Vi. Itauja Room No-2934Itaunja (NP)
72Pu.Ma.Vi. Itauja Room No-3863Itaunja (NP)
73Pu.Ma.Vi. Itauja Room No-41110Itaunja (NP)
74Pu.Ma.Vi. Itauja Room No-5882Itaunja (NP)
75Panchayat Ghar Usrana Room No-1984Usarana
76Panchayat Ghar Usrana Room No-2938Usarana
77Pra.Vi. Kishunpur Room No-11007Kishunpur
78Kumhrawa Inter Collage Room No-11323Kumhrava
79Kumhrawa Inter Collage Room No-2518Kumhrava
80Pu.Ma.Vi. Benipur Room No-1373Kumhrava
81Pra.Vi. Dariyapur Room No-1519Dariapur
82Pra.Vi. Baazpur Gangora Room No-1645Bajpur Gangaura
83Pra.Vi. Aldampur Room No-1512Aldampur
84Pra.Vi. Aldampur Room No-2452Aldampur
85Pra.Vi. Hemi Room No-1523Hemi
86Pra.Vi. Unai Room No-1567Unai
87Pra.Vi. Narosa Room No-1815Narosa
88Pra.Vi. Narosa Room No-2887Narosa
89Pra.Vi. Paliya Room No-1781Palia
90Pra.Vi. Mohammdpur Gadhi Room No-1818Mohmmadpur Garhi
91Pra.Vi. Tikri Room No-1651Tikari
92Pra.Vi. Arigawan Room No-1281Tikari
93Pra.Vi. Karimnagar Room No-1499Karimnagar
94Pra.Vi. Darauna Room No-1512Darauna
95Pra.Vi. Bibipur Room No-11340Bibipur
96Pra.Vi. Bhadsar Room No-1757Bharsar
97Pra.Vi. Jalalpur Room No-1660Jalalpur
98Pra.Vi. Jalalpur Room No-2886Jalalpur
99Pra.Vi. Kamalpur Sirsa Room No-1668Kamalpur Sirsa
100Pra.Vi. Khasrawan Room No-1574Khesravan
101Pra.Vi. Arjunpur Room No-11446Arjunpur
102Pra.Vi. Arjunpur Room No-2456Arjunpur
103Pra.Vi. Chakprithavipur Room No-1711Chak Prithvipur
104Pra.Vi. Shivpuri Room No-11202Shivpuri
105Pra.Vi. Shivpuri Room No-21192Shivpuri
106Pra.Vi. Bargadi Kala Room No-11069Bargadikala
107Pra.Vi. Dewrirukhararoom No-11247Devari Rokhara
108Pra.Vi. Dewrirukhara Room No-2872Devari Rokhara
109Pra.Vi. Digoi Room No-11275Digoi
110Pu.Ma.Vi. Saraiya Room No-1892Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
111Pra.Vi. Rampur Behada Room No-1829Rampur Bahera
112Pra.Vi. Daulatpur Room No-1553Daulatpur
113Pra.Vi. Taranpur Room No-1505Taranpur
114Pu.Ma.Vi. Pahadhpur Room No-11224Paharpur
115Pu.Ma.Vi. Pahadhpur Room No-2965Paharpur
116Pra.Vi. Parsau Room No-11103Parsau
117Pra.Vi. Atraura Room No-1554Ataraura
118Pu.Ma.Vi. Raisinghpur Room No-1339Ataraura
119Pra.Vi. Dharaura Room No-1346Ataraura
120Pra.Vi. Rajapur Salempur Room No-1400Rajapur Salempur
121Pra.Vi. Singhpur Room No-1634Singhpur
122Pra.Vi. Sarsawan Room No-1786Sarsava
123Pra.Vi. Barakhempur Room No-1956Bhikhampur
124Pra.Vi. Gorwamau Room No-1462Goravamau
125Pra.Vi. Sansarpur Room No-1977Fatehpur Khamrai
126Pra.Vi. Khantari Room No-1509Khantari
127Pra.Vi. Mawai Kala Room No-1687Mavaikala
128Pra.Vi. Asti Room No-1772Asti
129Pra.Vi. Asti Room No-2612Asti
130Pu.Ma.Vi. Naguwamau Kala Roiom No-11048Naguvamau Kala
131Pu.Ma.Vi. Naguwamau Kala Room No-1477Naguvamau Kala
133Pra.Vi. Ghinohari Room No-1563Dahanauri
134Pra.Vi. Sonwa Room No-1954Sonava
135Anganbadi Center Digurpur Room No-1491Digurpur
136Pra.Vi. Mishripur Room No-11043Misripur
137Pra.Vi. Mohammdpur Saraiy Room No-1A553Mohmmadpur Saraia
138Pu.Ma.Vi. Bhainsamau Room No-11013Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
139Pu.Ma.Vi. Bainsamau Room No-2734Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
140Pra.Vi. Mampur Bana Room No-11227Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
141Pu.Ma.Vi. Mampur Bana Room No-11158Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
142Pra.Vi. Akohari Room No-1963Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
143Vikas Khand Karyalay B.K.T. Rajapur Indaura Room No-1899Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
144Pra.Vi. Rampur Dewrai Room No-1781Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
145Pra.Vi. Rampur Dewrai Room No-21039Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
146Ju.Ha. School Dewraikala Room No-1861Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
147Pra.Vi. Sadhamau Room No-1732Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
148Pra.Vi. Madaripur Room No-11182Madaripur
149Pra.Vi. Bikamau Khurd Room No-11136Bikamau Khurd
150Ju.Ha. School Kathwara Room No-11417Kathwara
151Pra.Vi. Kathwara Room No-11154Kathwara
152Pra.Vi. Kathwara Room No-2966Kathwara
153Pra.Vi. Mallhan Kheda Room No-1369Kathwara
154Pra.Vi. Hardaurpur Room No-11285Hardhaurpur
155Pra.Vi. Parwatpur Room No-1635Parvatpur
156Pra.Vi. Bhawanipur Room No-1682Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
157Pra.Vi. Manjhauriya Room No-1798Majheria
158Pu.Ma.Vi. Bhauli Room No-11345Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
159Pu.Ma.Vi. Bhauli Room No-21135Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
160Pu.Ma.Vi Bhauli Room No-31113Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
161Pra.Vi. Pashchim Gawan Room No-1728Pashchim Gaon
162Ju.Ha.School Raitha Room No-1998Raitha
163Ju.Ha. School Raitha Room No-2850Raitha
164Pu.Ma.Vi. Dhatingara Room No-11343Dhatingra
165Pra.Vi. Baurumau Room No-1916Borumau
166Pra.Vi. Baurumau Room No-2720Borumau
167Pra.Vi. Kodari Bhauli Room No-1908Kondri Bholi
168Pra.Vi. Duggaur Room No-11092Duggor
169Pra.Vi. Khataiya Room No-1463Dhovaila
170Pu.Ma.Vi. Mahipatmau Room No-11020Mahipatmau
171Pu.Ma.Vi. Mahipatmau Room No-21085Mahipatmau
172Pu.Ma.Vi. Mahipatmau Room No-3883Mahipatmau
173Pra.Vi. Sikarori Room No-11081Sikrauri
174Maip Mardan Pablic High School Sikrori Room No-11066Sikrauri
175Maip Mardan Pablic High School Sikrori Room No-2966Sikrauri
176Maip Mardan Pablic High School Sikrori Room No-31184Sikrauri
177Pra.Vi. Saraura Room No-1785Sarosa Bharosa
178Pra.Vi. Saraura Room No-2805Sarosa Bharosa
179Pu.Ma.Vi Purabgavan Room No-1759Sairpur
180Pu.Ma.Vi. Purabgavan Room No-2729Poorab Gaon
181Pra.Vi. Palhari Room No-1814Palhri
182Pra.Vi. Saidapur (Farukhabad) Room No-1801Farrukhabad
183Pu.Ma.Vi Alinagar Garm Panchyat Narharpur Room No-1450Alinagar
184Pra.Vi. Ghaila Room No-11471Ghaila
185Pra.Vi. Ghaila Room No-21198Ghaila
186Pra.Vi. Allunagar Diguriya Room No-11409Allu Nagar Diguria
187Pra.Vi. Allunagar Diguriya Room No-21202Allu Nagar Diguria
188Pra.Vi. Narharpur Room No-1779NARHARPUR
189Pra.Vi. Mutkkipur Room No-1844Mutkkipur
190Pra.Vi. Mutkkipur Room No-2882Mutkkipur
191Pra.Vi. Mubarakpur Room No-1993Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
192Pra.Vi. Umarbhari Room No-1540Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
193Pu.Ma.Vi Raipur Room No-11542Raipur
194Pra.Vi. Bhithauli Khurd Room No-11200Raipur
195Pra.Vi. Bhithauli Khurd Room No-21328Bhitoli Khurd
196Pra.Vi. Khargpur Jagir Room No-11076Khargapur Jagir
197Pra.Vi. Khargpur Jagir Room No-2424Muhiuddinpur
198Delhi Pablic School Sec.-6 Jankipuram Vistar Room No-11626Lucknow (CB)
199Delhi Pablic School Sec.-6 Jankipuram Vistar Room No-21494Lucknow (CB)
200Delhi Pablic School Sec.-6 Jankipuram Vistar Room No-31290Lucknow (CB)
201Pra.Vi. Mirjapur Room No-11326Mirzapur Lutova
202Pra.Vi. Tiwaripur Room No-1820Tiwaripur
203Pu.Ma.Vi. Kamlabad Badhauli Room No-11071Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
204Pu.Ma.Vi. Kamlabad Badhauli Room No-2806Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
205Pu.Ma.Vi. Kamlabad Badhauli Room No-3828Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
206Pu.Ma.Vi. Kamlabad Badhauli Room No-4753Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
207Pra.Vi. Tarhiya Room No-11192Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
208Pra.Vi. Chakganjagiri Room No-1346Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
209Pra.Vi. Sarkpur Saraiya Room No-1911Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
210Puma.Vi Sarkpur Saraiya Room No-1778Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
211Pra.Vi. Rudhi Room No-11375Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
212Pra.Vi. Rudhi Room No-21096Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
213Pra.Vi. Rudhi Room No-3573Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
214B.K.T. Inter Collage Room No-11105Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
215B.K.T. Inter Collage Room No-2832Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
216B.K.T. Inter Collage Room No-3767Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
217B.K.T. Inter Collage Room No-4819Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
218Pra.Vi. Dinkarpur Jhalauwa Room No-1563Dinkarpur Jhalava
219Pra.Vi. Chandakodar Room No -1990Chanda Coder
220Pra.Vi. Navikot Nandana Room No-1996Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
221Kanya Pu.Ma.Vi. Navikot Na Room No-1Ndana (Kotwa)862Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
222Kanya Pu.Ma.Vi. Navikot Nandana (Kotwa) Room No-21134Bakshi Ka Talab (NP)
223Pra.Vi. Ajnahar Kala Room No-1500Ajanhar Kalan
224Pra.Vi. Rasulpur Kayasth Room No-1986Rasoolpur Kayastha
225Pu.Ma.Vi. Gohna Kala Room No-1979Gohanakalan
226Pu.Ma.Vi. Gohna Kala Room No-2917Gohanakalan
227Maa Durga Mantesari School Durjanpur Rrom No-1696Durjanpur
228Pra.Vi. Achramau Room No-11264Ancharamau
229Pra.Vi. Achramau Room No-2813Ancharamau
230Pra.Vi. Jagdishpur Majra Manpur Lala Room No-1611Manpur Lala
231Pu.Ma.Vi Manpur Lala Room No-1656Manpur Lala
232Ju.Be.Pra. Pathshala Siwa Room No-11128Hajichak
233Panchayat Ghar Kaudiyamau Room No-1847Hajichak
234Ju.Ha. School Behta Room No-11037Behta
235Ju.Ha. School Behta Room No-21351Behta
236Pra.Vi. Para Room No-1871Para
237Pu.Ma.Vi. Rajauli Room No-11093Rajauli
238Pu.Ma.Vi. Rajauli Room No-21032Rajauli
239Ju.Be.Vi. Paikramau Room No-11326Paikaramau
240Ju.Be.Vi. Paikramau Room No-21192Paikaramau
241Pra.Vi. Palka Room No-11051Palaka
242Pra.Vi. Sadamau Room No-1602Sadamau
243Pu.Ma.Vi. Bhakhamau Room No-1999Bharawamau
244Pu.Ma.Vi. Bhakhamau Room No-2846Bharawamau
245Pra.Vi. Adharkheda Room No-1571Adhar Khera
246Pra.Vi. Mishrpur Room No-11358Misripur
247Pra.Vi. Mishrpur Room No-21030Misripur
248Pra.Vi. Gudamba Room No-1901Guramba
249Pra.Vi. Gudamba Room No-2708Guramba
250Dr. Shyam Singh Pabilc Ha.Se. School Barkhudarpur Room No-1837Barkhurdarpur
251Pra.Vi. Bsaha Room No-11336Basaha
252Pra.Vi. Dasauli Room No-11177Dashauli
253Pu.Ma.Vi. Kapasi Room No-11018Kapasi
254Pu.Ma.Vi. Rasulpur Sadat Room No-1903Rasoolpur Sadat
255Pu.Ma.Vi Rasulpur Sadat Room No-2605Rasoolpur Sadat
256Pu.Ma.Vi. Rasulpur Sadat Room No-3901Rasoolpur Sadat
257Pra.Vi. Mohmmadpur Majra Room No-1919Mohmmadpur Majara
258Pra.Vi. Murli Purwa Room No-11449Goila
259Pra.Vi. Goyla Room No-11385Goila
260Pra.Vi. Goyal Room No-21088Goila
261Pra.Vi. Goyla Room No-3682Goila
262Pra.Vi. Dhawan Room No-11376Dhawa
263Pra.Vi. Hardasi Kheda Room No-11145Lucknow (CB)
264Pra.Vi. Naubasta Kala Room No-11119Naubasta Kala
265Pra.Vi. Naubasta Kala Room No-2796Naubasta Kala
266Ju.Ha. School Amraigavan Room No-1870Lucknow (CB)
267Ju.Ha. School Amraigavan Room No-2898Lucknow (CB)
268Ju.Ha. School Amraigavan Room No-31135Lucknow (CB)
269Ju.Ha. School Amraigavan Room No-4824Lucknow (CB)
270Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-11228Lucknow (CB)
271Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-2997Lucknow (CB)
272Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-31151Lucknow (CB)
273Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-41143Lucknow (CB)
274Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-51219Lucknow (CB)
275Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-6849Lucknow (CB)
276B.K. Convent School Takrohi Room No-1738Lucknow (CB)
277Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-7751Lucknow (CB)
278Sarswati Shishu Mandir Takrohi Room No-81058Lucknow (CB)
279B.K. Convent School Takrohi Room No-21487Lucknow (CB)
280Pra.Vi. Kanchanpur Matiyari Room No-11478Lucknow (CB)
281Pra.Vi. Kanchanpur Matiyari Room No-21085Lucknow (CB)
282Pra.Vi. Kanchanpur Matiyari Room No-31094Lucknow (CB)
283Pu.Ma.Vi. Kanchanpur Matiyari Room No-11395Lucknow (CB)
284Pu.Ma.Vi. Kanchanpur Matiyari Room No-21050Lucknow (CB)
285R.L.B. S. School Chinhat Room No-11164Lucknow (CB)
286R.L.B. S. School Chinhat Room No-2925Lucknow (CB)
288R.L.B. S. School Chinhat Room No-4985Lucknow (CB)
289R.L.B. S. School Chinhat Room No-51420Lucknow (CB)
290R.L.B. S. School Chinhat Room No-61211Lucknow (CB)
291Ju.Ha. School Chinhat Room No-1846Lucknow (CB)
292Ju.Ha. School Chinhat Room No-2757Lucknow (CB)
293Ju.Ha. School Chinhat Room No-3843Lucknow (CB)
294Ju.Ha. School Chinhat Room No-4858Lucknow (CB)
295Shanti Niketan Inter Collage Chinhat Room No-11116Lucknow (CB)
296Shanti Niketan Inter Collage Chinhat Room No-2801Lucknow (CB)
297Shanti Niketan Inter Collage Chinhat Room No-31326Lucknow (CB)
298Pra.Vi. Kathauta Room No-11338Lucknow (CB)
299Pra.Vi. Kathauta Room No-2607Lucknow (CB)
300Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-11534Lucknow (CB)
301Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-21670Lucknow (CB)
302Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-31132Lucknow (CB)
303Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-41392Lucknow (CB)
304Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-51313Lucknow (CB)
305Litil Friends School P.S.-2 Vishesh Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-61498Lucknow (CB)
306Prakash Bal Vidya Mandir Vinmra Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-11027Lucknow (CB)
307Prakash Bal Vidya Mandir Vinamr Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-21152Lucknow (CB)
308Prakash Bal Vidya Mandir Vinamr Khand Gomti Nagar Room No-31076Lucknow (CB)
309Pra.Vi. Bharwara Room No-11123Lucknow (CB)
310Pra.Vi. Bharwara Room No-2622Lucknow (CB)
311Pra.Vi. Bharwara Room No-31596Lucknow (CB)
312Pra.Vi. Bharwara Room No-41371Lucknow (CB)
313Pra.Vi. Gdhriyan Purwa Room No-11237Lucknow (CB)
314Pra.Vi. Gdhriyan Purwa Room No-21424Bharwara
315Pra.Vi. Khargapur Room No-11080Khargapur
316Pra.Vi. Khargapur Room No-21439Khargapur
317Pra.Vi. Khargapur Room No-31052Khargapur
318Pra.Vi. Khargapur Room No-41536Khargapur
319Mahesh Prasad Bihari Lal Ha.Se. School Gitapuri Khargapur Room No-1913Khargapur
320Mahesh Prasad Bihari Lal Ha.Se. School Gitapuri Khargapur Room No-2989Khargapur
321Pra.Vi. Makdumpur Room No-1932Khargapur
322Pra.Vi. Makdumpur Room No-21381Makhdoompur Kaithi
323Ju.Ha. School Maleshemau Room No-1983Malesemau
324Ju.Ha. School Maleshemau Room No-21130Malesemau
325Pra.Vi. Baghamau Room No-11050Badhamau
326Pra.Vi. Bilai Kheda Room No-1290Bhaisora
327Pra.Vi. Chandiyamau Room No-1666Chandiyamau
328Pra.Vi. Lonapur-1 Room No-1744Lonapur
329Pra.Vi. Hasemau Room No-1913Thasemau
330Pra.Vi. Devriya (Fuslaina) Room No-11246Devariya
331Pra.Vi. Laulai Room No-1834Lolai
332Pra.Vi. Laulai Room No-2991Lolai
333Pra.Vi. Nijampur Malhaur -1 Room No-1709Nijampur Malhor
334Pra.Vi. Nijampur Malhaur -2 Room No-11407Nijampur Malhor
335Pra.Vi. Nijampur Malhaur -2 Room No-21351Nijampur Malhor
336Pra.Vi. Saray Shekh Room No-1695Sarai Shekh
337Pra.Vi. Saray Shekh Room No-21049Sarai Shekh
338Pra.Vi. Nandpur Room No-1986Sarai Shekh
339Pra.Vi. Semra Room No-11243Semra
340Pra.Vi. Semra Room No-2913Semra
341Pra.Vi. Shahpur Room No-11282Semra
342Pra.Vi. Tarapurwa Room No-11196Uattardhona
343Pra.Vi. Tarapurwa Room No-2417Uattardhona
344Pu.Ma.Vi. Uttar Dhauna Room No-1784Uattardhona
345Pu.Ma.Vi. Uttar Dhauna Room No-2768Uattardhona
346Pra.Vi. Gneshpur Rahmanpur Room No-1872Ganeshpur Rahmanpur
347Pra.Vi. Gneshpur Rahmanpur Room No-21026Ganeshpur Rahmanpur
348Pra.Vi. Gneshpur Rahmanpur Room No-31382Ganeshpur Rahmanpur
349Pu.Ma.Vi. Shivpuri Ganeshpur Rahmanpur Room No-1769Ganeshpur Rahmanpur
350Pu.Ma.Vi. Shivpuri Ganeshpur Rahmanpur Room No-2894Ganeshpur Rahmanpur
351Pu.Ma.Vi Papnamau Room No-11469Papnamau
352Pra.Vi. Anaura Room No-1783Anora
353Pra.Vi. Anaura Room No-2800Anora
354Pra.Vi. Narendi Room No-1706Narendi
355Pu.Ma.Vi Juggaur Room No-1850Jugor
356Pu.Ma.Vi Juggaur Room No-2809Jugor
357Pu.Ma.Vi Juggaur Room No-3716Jugor
358Pra.Vi. Juggaur Room No-1761Jugor
359Pra.Vi. Juggaur Room No-2782Jugor
360Pra.Vi Dayaram Purwa Room No-11094Jugor
361Pra.Vi. Baburiha Room No-1529Jugor
362Pra.Vi. Salarganj Room No-1333Jugor
363Pra.Vi. Mehaura Room No-1732Mehora
364Pra.Vi. Sikndarpur Khurd Room No-1841Sikanderpur Khurd

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
Live at 6 PM | Bihar Exit Poll | Exit Poll

Live at 5PM | Bihar Elections - ओवैसी का बुख़ार महागठबंधन को | Sanjay Dixit

Latest Election News and Update Bihar Exit Poll NDA Wins Bihar Election: Accurately Predicted by – Chintamani Exit Poll

The – Chintamani Exit poll for Bihar Election 2020 couldn’t have been more accurate to predict the win of NDA. When all the other exit polls had projected a Read More…

Bihar Election Result LIVE Update Bihar Election Results LIVE Updates

9:37:41 PM Mayawati’s BSP has secured 1 seat in Bihar Elections. While AIMIM had won 3 seats and is leading on 2. In the case of Left parties, CPI and Read More…

Bihar Exit Poll Unpredictability The Unpredictability of Exit Polls in Bihar Election

The Bihar Election 2020 Exit Polls have failed to give a uniform prediction about the winner. This means that the actual Bihar Election Result 2020 can swing in any direction. Read More…