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Polling Booth in Bairia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bairia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bairia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Bhopalpur Purvi1141Bhopalpur
2P.P. Bhopalpur Paschimi North1193Bhopalpur
3P.P. Bholapur Pashchimi South918Bhopalpur
4P.P. Rampurmagriv Sathit Bhopalpur628Rampur(Magrib)
5Junior High School Dattaha West994Dattaha
6Junior High School Middle517Dattaha
7Junior High School Dataha East1451Dattaha
8P.P. Shivpur Sathit Jamdharwa893Sheopur
9P.P. Shivpur Sathit Gram Jamdharwar South Part633Sheopur
10P.P. Chhapara Sariw East938Chapra Sariw
11P.P. Chhapara Sariw West794Chapra Sariw
12P.P. Chhapara Sariw Middle748Chapra Sariw
13P.P. Asmapur Sathit Gram Dataha501Asman Pur
14Junior High School Navaka Gao1285Nauka Gaon
15P.P. Jamdharwa1348Lamuhi
19P.P. Viashishath Nagar1132Bashistha Nagar
20Junior High School Jharkattaha West915Jharkataha
21Junior High School Jharkattaha East1235Jharkataha
22Junior High School Jharkataha Naya Bhawan1175Deopur
23P.P. Bhakhar911Bhakhar
24Panchayat Bhawan Kharika1128Kharika
25P.P. Kharika1150Kharika
26P.P. Chaubey Chhapara North778Choubey Chhapara
27P.P. Chaubey Chhapara South744Choubey Chhapara
28P.P. Kanchapur West502Kanchanpur
29P.P. Kanchapur East487Kanchanpur
30P.P. Chheridih South1227Chherdih
31P.P. Chheridih West370Chherdih
32P.P. Chherdih Middle1100Chherdih
33P.P. Rampur East1027Rampur
34P.P. Rampur West902Rampur
35P.P. Munchhapara East1260Moon Chhupra
36P.P. Munchhapara West1289Moon Chhupra
37P.P. Ganga Pandey Ka Tola569Moon Chhupra
38P.P. Laxmipur1208Moon Chhupra
39P.P. Manshingh Chhapara Urf Achalagar North702Mansingh Chhapra
40P.P. Manshingh Chhapara Urf Achalagar South739Mansingh Chhapra
41Junior High School Vigahi East896Bagahi
42Junior High School Vigahi West690Wigahi
43Junior High School Vigahi Middle705Wigahi
44P.P. Vigahi804N/A
45P.P. Kathahi North871Kathahi
46P.P. Kathahi South978Kathahi
47P.P. Sonvani East1009Sonwari
48P.P. Sonwani Middle1149Sonwari
49P.P. Sonwani East687Sonwari
50P.P. Samarthpah558Sonwari
51P.P. Kripalpur1046Kripalpur
52Purv M.V. Dudhaila East948Dudhaila
53Purv M.V. Dudhaila West920Dudhaila
54P.P. Dudhaila831Dudhaila
55P.P. Badilpur East668Baghoonch
56P.P. Hridaychak292Baghoonch
57P.P. Badilpur Sathit Bharkhokha747Bharkhokha
58P.P. Gaighat West1005MUNDADIH
59P.P. Gaighat Middle1163MUNDADIH
60P.P. Mudadih Sathit Mudadih1245MUNDADIH
62P.P. Gaighat Sathit Mudadih1367MUNDADIH
63P.P. Rudrapur512MUNDADIH
64P.P. Mudadih1259MUNDADIH
65P.P. Babubel Sathit Baghauch North667Baghoonch
66P.P. Babubel Sathit Baghauch South844Baghoonch
67P.P. Belhari West821Belhari
68P.P. Belhari Middle929Belhari
69P.P. Belhari East1257Belhari
70Junior High School Rudrapur Sathit Belhari North869Belhari
71Junior High School Rudrapur Sathit Belhari South1172Belhari
72P.P. Shukalchhapara East1357Belhari
73P.P. Shukalchhapara West1103Belhari
74P.P. Dharampura Belhari1101Belhari
75P.P. Garya Sathit Belhari615Belhari
77P.P. Majhaua East819Majhauwa
78P.P. Majhaua West836Majhauwa
79P.P. Majhaua East Naya Bhawan760Majhauwa
80P.P. Majhaua West Naya Bhawan748Majhauwa
81P.P. Malikpura549Malikpura
82P.P. Narayanpur Sathit Gangapur856Narayanpur
84P.P. Narayanpur Sathit Gangapur Middle957Panchrukhia
85P.P. Piyarauta East1058Piyroita
86P.P. Piyarauta Middle798Piyroita
87P.P. Piyarauta West931Piyroita
88P.P. Dighar East1321Dighar
89P.P. Middle730Dighar
90P.P. Dighar West674Dighar
91P.P. Chaubeychhapara588Rikani Chhapra
92Junior High School Gangapur352Gangapur
94Junior High Gangapur909Gangapur
96P.P. Chabuychhapara Sathit Gangapur1154Gangapur
97Dhuparam Pyari Devi Balika Vidhayalay Balihar North1154Blihar
98Dhuparam Pyari Devi Balika Vidhayalay B.P.P. Shivpur Nauranga West1097Surya Bhanpur
197Sadhan Sahakari Samiti Bhagwanpur Sathit Gram Bhojapur909Bhojapur
198Panchayat Bhawan Bhojapur961Bhojapur
199A.J.V.Kriplani Inter Collage Jamalpur East1469Chakiya
200A.J.V.Kriplani Inter Collage Jamalpur West805Chakiya
201A.J.V.Kriplani Inter Collage Jamalpur Middle870Chakiya
202P.P. Chakia North1158Chakiya
203P.P. Chakia Middle1378Chakiya
204P.P. Chakia South502Chakiya
205P.P. Chakgirdhar West1009Chak Girdhar
206P.P. Chakgirdhar East909Chak Girdhar
207Junior High School Karmapur West1111Karmanpur
208Junior High School Karmapur East953Karmanpur
209P.P. Sabalpur698Sabalpur
210Junior High School Talibpur East1081Talibpur
211Junior High School Talibpur West1254Talibpur
212Amar Shahid Kaushal Kumar Vidhyalay Narayangar West720Shrikant Pur
213Amar Shahid Kaushal Kumar Vidhyalay Narayangar Middle708Shrikant Pur
215P.P. Dukhaharan Giri Ke Madhia1398Shrikant Pur
224P.P. Hanumanganj764Hanuman Garh
225P.P. Durjanpur East915Durjanpur
226P.P. Durajanpur Middle1002Durjanpur
227P.P. Durajanpur West1103Durjanpur
238Junior High School Mangar1091Man Garah
239P.P. Shival1033Shiwal
240P.P. Upadhayaypur1004Upadhyapur
241P.P. Chaichhapara North1015Chai Chhupra
242P.P. Chaichhapara South1116Chai Chhupra
243P.P. Gonhiyachhapara North1124Gonniya Chhapra
244P.P. Gonhiyachhapara South1214Gonniya Chhapra
245P.P. Vishunpura1052Gonniya Chhapra
246P.P. Vishunpura Middle451Bishunpura
251Sudishatpuri M.V. Raniganj East500Kotawa
252P.P. Baijnathchhapara West888Kotawa
253P.P. Raniganj West844Kotawa
254P.P. Jhanda Bharati Ke Mathia683Kotawa
255P.P. Raniganj Bazar925Kotawa
257P.P. Raniganj Middle1213Kotawa
258P.P. Bharatchhapara974Kotawa
259P.P. Bin Ke Tola Sathit Kotva370Kotawa
260Junior High School Mirjapur1118Bariya
261P.P. Mirjapur554Bariya
262Baba Laxman Das I.C. Bairia North859Bariya
263Baba Laxman Das I.C. Bairia South1061Bariya
264Baba Laxman Das I.C. Bairia West839Bariya
265Baba Laxman Das I.C. Bairia East768Bariya
267Junior High School Bairia West1374Bariya
268Junior High School Bairia Middle752Bariya
270Junior High School East1094Bariya
272P.P. Mishra Ke Mathia Bairia East936Bariya
273P.P. Mishra Ke Mathia Bairia West1062Bariya
274P.P. Bairia West1129Bariya
275P.P. Bairia East1138Bariya
276P.P. Jagdeva Gao Sabha Bairia West1042Bariya
277P.P. Jagdeva Gao Sabha Bairia West-1584Bariya
278P.P. Jagdeva Gao Sabha Bairia East1092Bariya
279P.P. Ibrahimabad Uparwar East384Ibarahimabad Uparwar
280P.P. Ibrahimabad Uparwar Middle1441Ibarahimabad Uparwar
281P.P. Ibrahimabad Uprawar West948Ibarahimabad Uparwar
282P.P. Muj Ke Dera Sathit Ibrahimabad Uparwar1254Ibarahimabad Uparwar
283P.P. Nekarai N0-1715Ibarahimabad Uparwar
284P.P. Nekarai N0-2878Ibarahimabad Uparwar
285Junior High School Shobha Chhapara West1138Ibarahimabad Uparwar
286Junior High School Shobha Chhapara East1406Ibarahimabad Uparwar
287P.P. Mathdhajju Giri886Ibarahimabad Uparwar
288P.P. Narharipuri West623Ibarahimabad Uparwar
289P.P. Naraharipuri East1026Ibarahimabad Uparwar
290P.P. Tola Shivan Rai West1286Ibarahimabad Uparwar
291P.P. Toal Shivanrai East1299Ibarahimabad Uparwar
292P.P. Fakaru Rai Ke Tola West921Ibarahimabad Uparwar
293P.P. Fakaru Rai Ke Tola East832Ibarahimabad Uparwar
294P.P. Sonbarasa East1303Sonbarsa
295P.P. Sonbarasa Middle1090Sonbarsa
296P.P. Sonbarasa West957Sonbarsa
297P.P. Pritamchhapara West983Sonbarsa
298P.P. Pritamchhapara East932Sonbarsa
299P.P. Ramnagar East684Sonbarsa
300P.P. Rannagar West721Sonbarsa
301P.P. Murarpatti North1242Sonbarsa
302P.P. Murarpatti South1319Sonbarsa
303Junior High School Bhagwanpur1225Sonbarsa
304P.P. Chaubey Ki Dalaki887Sonbarsa
305P.P. Bhagwanpur North1274Sonbarsa
306P.P. Bhagwanpur South1315Sonbarsa
307P.P. Ibrahimabad Naubarar North1004Ibarahimabad Noabarar
308P.P. Ibrahimabad Naubarar South1060Ibarahimabad Noabarar
309Junior High Ibrahimabad Naubrar North963Ibarahimabad Noabarar
310Junior High Ibrahimabad Naubara South1084Ibarahimabad Noabarar
311P.P. Toal Faterai North643Chand Diar
312P.P. Toal Faterai South862Chand Diar
313P.P. Bakulha694Chand Diar
314P.P. Yadav Nagar Chand Diar942Chand Diar
315P.P. Paltu Nagar Chand Diar867Chand Diar
316P.P. Thekaha North1121Chand Diar
317P.P. Thekaha South1229Chand Diar
318P.P. Laxman Chhapara North1049Korrha Uparwar
319P.P. Laxman Chhapara South1021Korrha Uparwar
320P.P. Laxman Chhapara West1055Korrha Uparwar
321P.P. Laxman Chhapara East1308Korrha Uparwar
322P.P. Purvi Daljit Tola1004Korrha Nobarar
323High School Jaiprakash Nagar980Korrha Nobarar
324P.P. Jaiprakash Nagar1249Korrha Nobarar
326P.P. Daljit Tola West Kali Sathan1302Korrha Nobarar
327P.P. Tola Kashirai North1213Korrha Nobarar
328P.P. Tola Kashirai South546Korrha Nobarar
329P.P. Shankar Nagar618Korrha Nobarar
330P.P. Babu Ke Dera West969Khawashpur
331P.P. Babu Ke Dera East981Khawashpur

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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