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Polling Booth in Bah Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bah

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bah Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra.Vid. Tasod Room No.1574Tasond
2Pra.Vid. Pura Anirddhroomno.1435Tasond
3Poo.Mad.Vid. Man Sukh Room No.1823Reha
4Pra.Vid.Reha Room No.1460Reha
7Pra.Vid.Kayedhi Extra Room No.1752Reha
8Pra.Vid.Sukhabhankapura Roomno.1604Sukhmanpura
9Poo.Mad.Vid.Varenda (I) Room No.1 (Sevariya)1109Barenda
10Poo.Mad.Vid.Varenda (I)Room No.2 (Sevariya)988Medipura
11Poo.Mad.Vid.Varenda (Ii)Room No.1491Barenda
12Pra.Vid.Teeketpura Room No.1659Tikaitpura
13Pra.Vid.Paprinagar Room No.11434Paprinagar
14Pra.Vid.Palokhara Room No.11138Palokhra
15Pra.Vid.Palokhara Room No.2675Barenda
16Swamishatanandvidyapithkarkolieast Room No.11112Karkoli
17Swamishatanandvidyapithkarkolieast Room No.2559Karkoli
18Swami Shatanand Vidyapith Karkoli South Room No.11022Karkoli
19Swami Shatanand Vidyapith Karkoli South Room No.2945Pokhpura
20Pra.Vid.Mahgauli Room No.1954Manhgoli
21Pra.Vid.Manona Room No.11181Manona
22Pra.Vid.Seha Room No.1940Seha
23Pra.Vid.Shahpurkhalasa Room No.1446Shahpur Khalsa
24Pra.Vid. Toda Room No.1585Tora
25Pra.Vid.Ondh Room No.11128Ondh
26Poo.Mad.Vid.Kherdanda Room No.1903Kherdanda
27Poo.Mad.Vid.Kherdanda Room No.2863Puranattha
28Pra.Vid.Gurja Vasdev Room No.1642Kherdanda
29Pra.Vid.Pura Sawaldas Room No.11421Purasanvaldas
30Pra.Vid.Viprawal-I Room No.11328Vipraoli
31Knya Pra.Vid.Viprawal-I Room No.1804Vipraoli
32Ka.Kramottarpoo.Mad.Vid.Viprawaliroom No.1498Vipraoli
33Pra.Vid.Pura Amar Singh Room No.11000Pura Amarsingh
34Pra.Vid.Nayawas Room No.1402Vipraoli
35Pra.Vid.Pura Subedar Room No.11032Vipraoli
36Pra.Vid.Paduapura Room No.1787Paduapura
37Pra.Vid.Paduapura Room No.2852Vipraoli
38Pra.Vid.Devgarh Room No.1913Devgarh
41Pra.Vid.Serav Room No.1555Serab
42Pra.Vid.Dhannapura Room No.1783Serab
43Poo.Mad.Vid.Arnota Room No.11067Gurja Ramjas
44Pra.Vid.Basi Arel Room No.1844Basai Arela
45Pra.Vid.Basi Arel Room No.2740Basai Arela
46Pra.Vid.Pura Chatoli Room No.1895Arnota
47Pra.Vid.Pura Bidha Room No.1785Pura Bidha
48Pra.Vid.Mahapur Room No.1609Mahapur
49Pra.Vid.Ladauapura Room No.1590Ladhavapura
50Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Ut?Tri Bhag Roomno-1931Pinahat (NP)
51Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Ut?Tri Bhag Roomno-2574Pinahat (NP)
52Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Ut?Tri Bhag Roomno-3935Pinahat (NP)
53Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Dakshini Bhag Roomno-4752Pinahat (NP)
54Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Dakshini Bhag Roomno-5980Pinahat (NP)
55Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Dakshini Bhag Roomno-6562Pinahat (NP)
56Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Dakshini Bhag Roomno-71025Pinahat (NP)
57Sarvodayvidyamandir Inter Pinahat Dakshini Bhag Roomno-8556Pinahat (NP)
58Shri Haranarayan Kanya College U.Ma.Vid.Room No.-11186Pinahat (NP)
59Shri Haranarayan Kanya College U.Ma.Vid.Room No.-21041Pinahat (NP)
60Shri Haranarayan Kanya College U.Ma.Vid.Room No.-31083Pinahat (NP)
61Uchch Pra.Vid.Pinahat Room No.11285Pinahat (NP)
62Uchch Pra.Vid.Pinahat Room No.21250Pinahat (NP)
63Pra.Vid.Pinahat(Chachiha) Room No.1793Pinaht Dehat
64Pra.Vid.Chhadamipura Room No.11386Daulat Kapura
65Pra.Vid.Kyori-Ii(Pundarikpura) Room No.1547Pinaht Dehat
66Pra.Vid.Uparikapura Room No.1411Puraupar Majrakiyori
67Pra.Vid.Bich Ka Pura Room No.1700Pinaht Dehat
68Pra.Vid.Umaretha-I Room No.11127Umretha
69Pra.Vid.Umaretha-I Room No.21002Umretha
70Pra.Vid.Umaretha-Ii Room No.11028Umretha
71Pra.Vid.Pura Mallah(Pura Umaretha) Room No.1530Umretha
72Pra.Vid. Mitaili Room No.1584Mitaili
73Pra.Vid.Kukathari Room No.11402Kukthari
74Danya Pra.Vid. Pura Gangaramroom No.1847Kukthari
75Pra.Vid.Sikatara Room No.11063Kheria
76Pra.Vid. Arjunpura Room No.11017Arjun Pura
77Pra.Vid.Utsana Room No.1969Utsana
78Pra.Vid.Utsana Room No.2661Utsana
79Pra.Vid. Sutahari Room No.1804Sutahari
80Pra.Vid. Sutahari Room No.2651Sutahari
81Pra.Vid.Lalpura Room No.1800Modipura
82Pra.Vid.Husenpura Room No.11151Husainpura
83Pra.Vid.Pura Lodhi Rajput Room No.1858Husainpura
84Pra.Vid.Gurjabagh Room No.1416Husainpura
85Pra.Vid.Gajora Room No.1829Kachhpura
86Pra.Vid.Nasgala Dalel Room No.11241Nagla Dalel
87Pra.Vid Bhaunigapura Room No.1303Bhonigapura
88Pra.Vid.Manikpura Room No.11098Manikpura
89Pra.Vid.Manikpura Room No.21083Manikpura
90Pra.Vid.Nagala Bhari Room No.11111Nagla Bhari
91Pra.Vid.Nagala Bhari Room No.2870Bhari Nagla
92Pra.Vid.Basai Bhadoriya Room No.1998Basai Bhadoriya
93Pra.Vid.Kankarkhera Room No.11345Kankar Kheda
94Poo.Ma.Vid.Ratoti Room No.11120Ratauti
95Poo.Ma.Vid.Ratoti Room No.21037Ratauti
96Pra.Vid.Syahipura Room No.1595Siahipura
97Poo.Ma.Vid. Dalaipura Room No.1924Dalaipura
98Pra.Vid.Pura Ganjan Room No.1925Rajaura
99Pra.Vid.Pura Ganjan Room No.2832Marhaiakhyali
100Adarsh Poo.Ma.Vid. Room No.1792Rajaura
101Pra.Vid.Pirhora Room No.11435Kaundh
102Poo.Ma.Vid. Pirhora Room No.1691Pidhora
103Poo.Ma.Vid. Garkatoo Room No.1814Garkatu
104Pra.Vid.Rithai Room No.1429Rithai
105Pra.Vid.Balai Room No.1411Balai
106Pra.Vid.Garhi Iswari Room No.1505GArhiishvari
107Pra.Vid.Ramnari Room No.1594Balai
108Poo.Ma.Vid.Garhi Vijay Room No.11215Garhi Vijai
109Poo.Ma.Vid.Garhi Vijay Room No. 2436Balai
110Pra.Vid.Gopalpura Room No.11155Gopal Pura
111Pra.Vid.Gopalpura Room No.2750Gopal Pura
112Pra.Vid.Raipura Bhadoriya Room No.11226Pura Nalkup
113Pra.Vid.Kaliyanpura Room No.1521Kharagpura
114Pra.Vid. Udaipurkhalasa Room No.11258Udaypur Khalsa
115Pra.Vid.Bados Room No.11270Purakhuman
116Pra.Vid.Kharagpura Room No.1591Kharagpura
117Pra.Vid.Bairi Room No.1846Bhari Nagla
118Pra.Vid.Bhadaroli Room No.11011Bhadroli
119Pra.Vid.Bhadaroli Room No.2988Bhadroli
120Pra.Vid.Bhadaroli Room No.3799Bhadroli
121Pra.Vid.Bhadaroli Room No.4755Bhadroli
122Pra.Vid.Nagariya Room No.1393Nagriya
123Pra.Vid.Kindarpura Room No.1929Itaili
124Pra.Vid.Kinnarpura Room No.21196Purabhajan Lal
125Pra.Vid.Garhi Gorelal Room No.11086Rampur Chandrasaini
126Pra.Vid.Garhi Gorelal Room No.2840Rampur Chandrasaini
127Pra.Vid.Garhi Gorelal Room No.3630Rampur Chandrasaini
128Pra.Vid. Vitholi Room No.1726Puraimali
129Damodar Inter College Hplipura Room No.1683Holy Pura
130Pra.Vid.Farairi Room No.11355Pharairi
131Pra.Vid.Rajpura Room No.1942Rajpura
132Pra.Vid.Chosingi Room No.11006Chousingi
133Pra.Vid.Chosingi Room No.2591Chousingi
134Pra.Vid.Silpoli Room No.1948Silpoli
135Pra.Vid.Indaini Room No.1679Indaini
136Pra.Vid.Lakhanpura Khalsa Room No.11209Lakhanpur Khalsa
137Pra.Vid.Dagaroopura Room No.1485Dagroopura
138Pra.Vid.Hajarpura Room No.1427Hajarpura
139Pra.Vid. Kanera Room No.1521Kanera
140Poo.Ma.Vid. Vasoni Room No.1985Basoni
141Poo.Ma.Vid. Vasoni Room No.2818Puragarhria
142Pra.Vid.Gurja Vasoni Room No.1741Basoni
143Pra.Vid.Bagharena Room No.11439Garhia
144Pra.Vid.Khilli Room No.1897Zebara
145Pra.Vid.Khilli Room No.2954Khilli
146Pra.Vid.Parwatpura Room No.1594Zebara
147Poo.Ma.Vid.Faraira Room No.1629Pharaira
148Poo.Ma.Vid.Faraira Room No.2717Pharaira
149Poo.Ma.Vid.Faraira Room No.31170Pharaira
150Pra.Vid.Mudiapura Room No.1660Mudiyapura
151Pra.Vid.Jharhe Ki Garhi Room No.1981Pharaira
152Pra.Vid.Taraso Room No.1830Tarson
153Pra.Vid.Dodapura Room No.1686Dodapura
154Pra.Vid.Midakoli Room No.1659Midkoli
155Pra.Vid.Padkoli Room No.1912Padkoli
156Pra.Vid.Guganwali Room No.11226Gungawali
157Pra.Vid.Guganwali Room No.2719Gungawali
158Pra.Vid.Vichola Room No.11296Neemdanda
159Pra.Vid.Naveenkhilli Room No.11033Purajharna
160Pra.Vid.Narhauli Room No.11290Narholi
161Pra.Vid.Narhauli Room No.2874Narholi
162Pra.Vid.Pura Narhauli Room No.11389Pura Narholi
163Pra.Vid.Kwari Room No.11312Kwaari
164Pra.Vid.Renka Room No.1504Renka
165Pra.Vid. Changoli Room No.11251Changoli
166Pra.Vid.Pura Chunnilal Room No.1412Purachunnilal
167Pra.Vid.Pura Jaulal Room No.1563Bamroli
168Pra.Vid. Puramukandi Room No.1731Puramukandi
169Pra.Vid.Pura Chakrpan Room No.1698Bamroli
170Pra.Vid.Pura Barua Room No.1595Pura Barua
172Pra.Vid.Pura Bhadoria Room No.1614Purabhagwan
173Pra.Vid.Gausili Room No.1787Gonsili
174Pra.Vid.Pura Tal Room No.1960Kenjra
175Pra.Vid.Pura Baghraj Room No.1868Purabadhraj
176Pra.Vid.Pura Tinnet Room No.1390Kenjra
177Pra.Vid.Pura Beech Room No.1504Purakhad
178Pra.Vid.Pura Bhagwan Room No.1781Purabhagwan
179Pra.Vid.Abhaypura Room No.11375Purabrijbhushan
180Pra.Vid. Sannpura Room No.1765Sannpura
181Pra.Vid.Shantinagar Room No.1610Sannpura
182Pra.Vid. Chamraua Room No.11303Purahar Dayal
183Pra.Vid.Khajuapura Room No.1591Khajuhapura
184Pra.Vid.Vrashangpura Room No.1782Vrishangpura
185Pra.Vid.Pratappura Room No.11109Pratappura
186Pra.Vid.Derak Room No.1921Derak
187Kanya Poo.Ma.Vid.Jarar Room No.1903Jarar
188Kanya Poo.Ma.Vid.Jarar Room No.21110Jarar
189Samudayik Milan Kendra Jarar Room No.1913Jarar
190Poo.Ma.Vid.Jarar Room No.1846Jarar
191Poo.Ma.Vid.Jarar Room No.21113Jarar
192Poo.Ma.Vid.Jarar Room No. 3503Jarar
193Pra.Vid.Jarar Room No.1777Jarar
194Pra.Vid.Jarar Room No.2779Jarar
195Pra.Vid.Jarar Room No. 3577Jarar
196Pra.Vid.Pura Todi Room No.1972Pura Am
197Pra.Vid.Hingotkhera Room No.1734Hingot Khera
198Pra.Vid.Parwatipura Room No.11508Pharaiyapura
199Pra.Vid.Wateswar Room No.11162Bateshwar
200Pra.Vid.Wateswar Room No.2880Bateshwar
201Pra.Vid.Wateswar Room No.3535Bateshwar
202Pra.Vid.Kaliyanpur Manfi Room No.1616Kalyanpur Mafi
203Pra.Vid.Bharatar Room No.1728Bhartar
204Pra.Vid.Budera Room No.1234Budhera
205Pra.Vid.Vijkoli Room No.11258Vijkoli
207Pra.Vid.Syaich Room No.1887Danda
208Pra.Vid.Mai Room No.1949Mai
209Pra.Vid.Mai Room No.2843Mai
210Pra.Vid.Sidhawali Room No.1491Sidhaoli
212Pra.Vid.Rudmuli Room No.11028Rudmuli
213Pra.Vid.Rudmuli Room No. 2687Rudmuli
214Pra.Vid.Sunsar Room No.1554Sunsar
215Pra.Vid.Masoorpura Room No.1261Sunsar
216Pra.Vid.Kot Room No.1571Kot Kapura
217Pra.Vid.Vikrampur Room No.1840Vikarampur
218Pra.Vid.Vikrampur Room No.2877Vikarampur
219Pra.Vid.Vikrampur Room No.31123Vikarampur
220Pra.Vid.Chauranga Beharh Room No.1992Pura Vishun
221Pra.Vid.Mangadpur Room No.1784Mangadpur
222Pra.Vid.Pura Mansukh Room No.1582Mangadpur
223Pra.Vid.Emanpura Room No.1528Emanpura
224Pra.Vid.Khera Devidas Room No.1661Kheda Devidass
225Poo.Ma.Vid.Bah Room No.11139Vijoli
226Poo.Ma.Vid.Bah Room No.21101Vijoli
227Pra.Vid.Dhobai Room No.1564Dhobai
228San?T Shri Brijkishordas Kan?Ya In?Tar Kolej Bijauli Room No.1955Vijoli
229San?T Shri Brijkishordas Kan?Ya In?Tar Kolej Bijauli Room No.2770Vijoli
230Pra.Vid.Bah Room No.1897Ashok Nagar
231Pra.Vid.Bah Room No.2870Ashok Nagar
232Pra.Vid.Bah Room No.31057Vijoli
233Pra.Vid.Bah Room No.41214Alabeli Pura
234Pra.Vid.Bah Room No.5930Vijoli
235Pra.Vid.Bah Dehat Room No.1616Purajsol
236Bhadawar Digree College Bah Room No.1977Bah (NPP)
237Bhadawar Digree College Bah Room No.2888Bah (NPP)
238Bhadawar Digree College Bah Room No.31203Bah (NPP)
239Bhadawar Digree College Bah Room No.4954Bah (NPP)
240Bhadawar Digree College Bah Room No.5805Bah (NPP)
241Asharam Ramniwas Adarsh Inter College Bah Room No.11184Bah (NPP)
242Asharam Ramniwas Adarsh Inter College Bah Room No.2597Bah (NPP)
243Asharam Ramniwas Adarsh Inter College Bah Room No.3734Bah (NPP)
244Kanya Poo.Ma.Vid.Ganj Room No.11240Bah (NPP)
245Kanya Poo.Ma.Vid.Ganj Room No.2905Bah (NPP)
246Kanya Poo.Ma.Vid.Ganj Room No.3824Bah (NPP)
247Bhadawar Vidyamandir Inter College Room No.11177Bah (NPP)
248Bhadawar Vidyamandir Inter College Room No.2603Bah (NPP)
249Pra.Vid.Chaurangahar Room No.1720Chourangahar
250Pra.Vid.Chaurangahar Room No.2534Chourangahar
251Pra.Vid.Pura Manbhawati Room No.1229Chourangahar
252Pra.Vid.Prathampura Room No.1367Prathampura
253Pra.Vid. Samarmau Room No.11018Samaramau
254Pra.Vid.Madhepura Room No.1770Madhepura
255Pra.Vid.Madhepura Room No.2706Madhepura
256Pra.Vid.Dhaniyapura Room No.1622Dhaniyapura
257Poo.Ma.Vid.Pura Gumansingh Room No.1881Puraguman Singh
258Poo.Ma.Vid.Pura Gumansingh Room No.2647Khohri
259Pra.Vid.Pura Chittar Room No.1572Purachintar
260Pra.Vid.Khohari Room No.1823Kodar
262Pra.Vid.Pura Subedar Room No.2774Puramarhenian
263P00.Ma.Vid. Majhtla Room No.1704Maloni
264Pra.Vid.Pura Khajuriyan Room No.1472Maloni
265Kanyap00.Ma.Vid. Khedarathor Room No.1952Shyam Nagar
266Kanyap00.Ma.Vid. Khedarathor Room No.2742Khera Rathor
267Pra.Vid.Kasganj Room No.1164Kasganj
268Pra.Vid.Rani Ka Bag Room No.1325Khera Rathor
269Pra.Vid.Simrahi Room No.1692Khor
270Pra.Vid.Gurha Room No.1235Simrahi
271Pra.Vid.Gohara Room No.11248Bhatpura
272Pra.Vid.Devpura Room No.1452Devpura
273P00.Ma.Vid. Mahua Room No.1863Mahua
274P00.Ma.Vid. Mahua Room No.21054Mahua
275P00.Ma.Vid. Nandgawa Room No.1884Naugawan
276Pra.Vid. Nandgawa Room No.1902Naugawan
277Pra.Vid. Nandgawa Room No.21078Naugawan
278Pra.Vid.Karanpura Room No.11278Karanpura
279Pra.Vid.Karanpuri Room No.1505Karanpuri
280Kanya Pra.Vid.Keelpura Room No.1683Keelpura
281Pra.Vid.Udaypurkalan Room No.11390Udaypur Kalan
282Pra.Vid. Vedpura Room No.1614Bedpura
283Pra.Vid.Jojalipura Room No.1349Jojalipura
284Pra.Vid.Badaganw Room No.11200Badagaon
285Pra.Vid.Badaganw Room No.2830Badagaon
286Mansadevi Ju.H.School Nahtauli Room No.11041Nahtoli
287Mansadevi Ju.H.School Nahtauli Room No.2667Kamtari
288Pra.Vid.Raipura Dixit Room No.1837Khuliyapura
289P00.Ma.Vid. Rampuragarhi Room No.1929Rampura
290Pra.Vid.Vittona Room No.1883Bithona
291Janata Inter College Jaitpurkalan Room No.11131Jaitpura Kalan
292Janata Inter College Jaitpurkalan Room No.2355Jaitpura Kalan
293Janata Inter College Jaitpurkalan Room No.31391Puradaula
294P00.Ma.Vid. Jaitpurkalan Room No.1962Jaitpura Kalan
295P00.Ma.Vid. Jaitpurkalan Room No.2849Jaitpura Kalan
296P00.Ma.Vid. Jaitpurkalan Room No.3467Paduaki Marhaia
297Kanya P00.Ma.Vid. Jaitpurkalan Room No.1879Jaitpura Kalan
298Kanya P00.Ma.Vid. Jaitpurkalan Room No.2676Nand Gaon Road
299Pra.Vid.Dhaypura Room No.1796Dhaypura
300Pra.Vid.Madaiya Jai Singh Room No.1393Madhaya Jaisingh
302Pra.Vid.Sijawaripura Room No.1485Sijwaripura
303Pra.Vid.Amahi Room No.11372Dharmasala
304Pra.Vid.Paharhpura Room No.11342Paharpura
305Pra.Vid.Rooppura Room No.1665Rooppura
306Pra.Vid.Richhapura Room No.11086Richhapura
307Pra.Vid.Kamatari Room No.1250Kamtari
308Pra.Vid.Chpbe Dk Pura Room No.1624Kamtari
310Pra.Vid.Nonera Room No.1741Nonera
311Pra.Vid.Sjaitee Room No.11170Sajaiti
312Pra.Vid.Garhwar (Naween Bhawan} Room No.1917Gadhbar
313Pra.Vid.Garhwar (Naween Bhawan} Room No.2776Gadhbar
314Pra.Vid.Pura Mukand Room No.1784Gadhbar
315Pra.Vid.Garhi Baroli Room No.1795Purahanuman
316Pra.Vid.Chareetha Room No.1366Charitha
317Pra.Vid.Pootha Room No.1557Charitha
318P00.Ma.Vid. Parana Room No.11243Parana
319P00.Ma.Vid. Parana Room No.2476Parana
320Pra.Vid.Nagala Surai Room No.1636Naglamahasukh
321Pra.Vid.Nagla Imali Room No.1930Nagla Imali
322Pra.Vid.Nagala Brij Room No.1365Parana
323Pra.Vid.Pura Chaturbhuj Room No.1965Pura Chaturbhuj
324Pra.Vid.Fatehpura Room No.11090Fatehpura
325Pra.Vid.Tilupura Room No.11013Tilupura
326Pra.Vid.Lakhanpura Jagir Room No.1707Lakhanpura Jahageer
327Pra.Vid.Pryampura Room No.1859Pyarampura
328Pra.Vid.Bakati Room No.1438Vankati
329Pra.Vid.Sarokheepura Room No.1445Sarokhipura
330Pra.Vid.Kharik Room No.1563Kharik
331Pra.Vid. Mukatpura Room No.1937Mukutpura
332Pra.Vid.Nayepura Room No.11165Nayepura
333Pra.Vid.Mau Room No.11193Mau
334Pra.Vid.Mau Room No.2476Mau
335Pra.Vid.Gaddipalpura Room No.1689Nawali
336Pra.Vid. Syaupura Room No.11087Mau
337Pra.Vid.Kamalpura Room No.1395Kamalpura
338P00.Ma.Vid. Pathakpura Room No.1794Pathakpura
339Pra.Vid.Shahpur Brahman Room No.1800Shahapur Brahaman
340Pra.Vid. Kanharpura Room No.1697Kanaharpura
341P00.Ma.Vid.Udhannapura Room No.1912Udhannapura
342P00.Ma.Vid. Chitahat Room No.1989Chitrahar
343Pra.Vid.Soorajnagar Room No.11379Surajnagar
344Pra.Vid.Soorajnagar Room No.2306Chitrahar
345Pra.Vid.Pai Room No.1879Pai
346P00.Ma.Vid. Naugawan Room No.1833Nadgawan
347P00.Ma.Vid. Naugawan Room No.2904Nadgawan
348Pra.Vid.Pura Virwal Room No.1563Purabirbal
350P00.Ma.Vid. Kachaura Room No.11342Kachora Ghat
351P00.Ma.Vid. Kachaura Room No.2443Kachora Ghat
352Pra.Vid.Dhawalpura Room No.1386Kachora Ghat
353P00.Ma.Vid. Khichcharpura Room No.1522Khicharpura
354Pra.Vid.Kookapur Room No.1967Kookapur
355Pra.Vid.Kookapur Room No.2809Kookapur
356Pra.Vid.Ramkuan Room No.1690Kookapur
357Pra.Vid.Puranay Room No.1686Imali Ka Pura
358Pra.Vid. Garhiya Partappura Room No.1752Gadhia Pratappura
359Pra.Vid. Garhiya Partappura Room No.2712Gadhia Pratappura
360Pra.Vid.Khilawali Room No.1636Khilawali
361P00.Ma.Vid. Pura Dasoo Room No.1569Puradasu
362Pra.Vid.Puravirwal Room No.1380Khilawali
363Pra.Vid.Maliyakhera Room No.1879Maliakhera
364Pra.Vid.Vijay Nagar Room No.1881Khilawali
365Pra.Vid.Shahpurgujar Room No.11126Purachhota
366P00.Ma.Vid.Korath Room No.11087Korath
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Last Updated on June 04, 2020
Live at 6 PM | Bihar Exit Poll | Exit Poll

Live at 5PM | Bihar Elections - ओवैसी का बुख़ार महागठबंधन को | Sanjay Dixit

Latest Election News and Update Bihar Exit Poll NDA Wins Bihar Election: Accurately Predicted by – Chintamani Exit Poll

The – Chintamani Exit poll for Bihar Election 2020 couldn’t have been more accurate to predict the win of NDA. When all the other exit polls had projected a Read More…

Bihar Election Result LIVE Update Bihar Election Results LIVE Updates

9:37:41 PM Mayawati’s BSP has secured 1 seat in Bihar Elections. While AIMIM had won 3 seats and is leading on 2. In the case of Left parties, CPI and Read More…

Bihar Exit Poll Unpredictability The Unpredictability of Exit Polls in Bihar Election

The Bihar Election 2020 Exit Polls have failed to give a uniform prediction about the winner. This means that the actual Bihar Election Result 2020 can swing in any direction. Read More…