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Polling Booth in Baghpat Assembly Constituency

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Baghpat Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baghpat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baghpat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Jain Inter College East Room No1Baghpat1087Baghpat (NPP)
2Jain Inter College East Room No2 Baghpat520Baghpat (NPP)
3Jain Inter College Baghpat1312Baghpat (NPP)
6Jain Inter College Room No3 Baghpat834Baghpat (NPP)
7Jain Inter College Room No4 Baghpat810Baghpat (NPP)
8Yamuna Inter College Pashicham Bagh Baghpat1235Baghpat (NPP)
11Yamuna Inter College Baghpat816Baghpat (NPP)
15Kanya Junior High School Baghpat965Baghpat (NPP)
16Islamiya Madrsa Asraful Uloom Room No 1 Baghpat837Baghpat (NPP)
17Islamiya Madrsa Asraful Uloom Room No 2 Baghpat858Baghpat (NPP)
18Islamiya Madrsa Asraful Uloom Room No 3 Baghpat789Baghpat (NPP)
19Islamiya Madrsa Asraful Uloom Room No 4 Baghpat758Baghpat (NPP)
20Primary Pathshala No 2 Room No 1 Baghpat960Baghpat (NPP)
21Primary Pathshala No 2 Room No 2 Baghpat840Baghpat (NPP)
22Primary Pathshala No 2 Room No 3 Baghpat1035Baghpat (NPP)
23Block Bilding Room Hool Baghpat1194Baghpat (NPP)
24Block Bilding Uttre Room Baghpat520Baghpat (NPP)
25D.A.V.Public School Room No1 Meerut Road Baghpat1502Baghpat (NPP)
26Chopal Chohanan Uttar Baghpat1110Baghpat (NPP)
27Chopal Chohanan Dakshin Baghpat1416Baghpat (NPP)
28Primary Pathshala East Hamidabad Urf Naya Ganw829Baghpat (NPP)
29Primary Pathshala Pashicham Hamidabad Urf Naya Ganw1176Baghpat (NPP)
30Vedic Kanya Inter College Room No 9 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1204Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
31Vedic Kanya Inter College Room No 13 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1362Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
32Vedic Kanya Inter College Room No 18 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri649Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
33Vedic Kanya Inter College Room No 4 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri912Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
34D.A.V.Inter College Room No 5 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1172Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
35D.A.V.Inter College Room No 6 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1244Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
36D.A.V.Inter College Room No 7 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1190Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
37Ravidas Dharmshala School Room No 1 Agarwal Mandi Tatiri1448Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
38Ravidas Dharmshala School Branda Me Agarwal Mandi Tatiri666Agarwal Mandi (Tatiri) (NP)
39Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaya Room No 1 Surajpur Mahnwa902Soorajpur Mahanwa
40Purv Madhaymik Vidhalaya Room No 2 Surajpur Mahnwa700Soorajpur Mahanwa
41Parimary Pathshala Kasmabad Urf Dudbha541Kasmabad
42Parimary Pathshala Pali1379Pali
43Parimary Pathshala No1 East Aheda1132Ahera
44Parimary Pathshala No1 Pashicham Aheda1117Ahera
45Parimary Pathshala Chohalda1214Chauhlada
46Parimary Pathshala No1 Uttar Pawla Begmabed727Pawla Begmabad
47Parimary Pathshala No1 Dakshin Pawla Begmabed959Pawla Begmabad
48Parimary Pathshala No2 Room No1 Pawla Begmabed794Pawla Begmabad
49Parimary Pathshala No2 Add Room Pawla Begmabed1297Pawla Begmabad
50Parimary Pathshala Salawatpur Kheri1340Salawatpur Kheri
51Devnagri Inter College Dakshin Khatta Prahladpur1046Khatta Prahladpur
53Barat Ghar Rividas Mandir Khatta Prahladpur1258Khatta Prahladpur
54Parimary Pathshala No 1 Uttar Khatta Prahladpur767Khatta Prahladpur
55Primary Pathshala No 1 Dakshin Khatta Prahladpur856Khatta Prahladpur
56Primary Pathshala Basa Tkri1153Basetikri
57Primary Pathshala No2 Purv Doula1366Daula
58Primary Pathshala No2 Madya Doula1153Daula
59Primary Pathshala No2 Paschim Doula1015Daula
60Aaganwadi Candr Doula849Daula
61Primary Pathshala Uttar Doula953Daula
62Primary Pathshala Dakshin Doula1056Daula
63Primary Pathshala Amarpur Garhi Majra Basoud1203Basaud
64Primary Pathshala No1 Room No1 Basoud1464Basaud
65Primary Pathshala No1 Room No 2 Basoud1410Basaud
66Primary Pathshala Uttar Gospur1198Gospur
67Primary Pathshala Dakshin Gospur1081Gospur
68Primary Pathshala Fatehpur1083Fatehapur
69Juniar High School East Bilochpura1020Bilochpura
70Juniar High School Paschim Bilochpura1285Bilochpura
71Primary Pathshala East Bilochpura976Bilochpura
72Primary Pathshala Paschim Bilochpura1030Bilochpura
73Primary Pathshala Uttar Khindoda743Khindora
74Primary Pathshala Dakshin Khindoda982Khindora
75M.K. Primary Pathshala Khindoda651Khindora
76Primary Pathshala Ramnagar1143Ramnagar
77Primary Pathshala Room No 1 Tilpani1001Tilpani
78Primary Pathshala Room No2 Tilpani507Tilpani
79Primary Pathshala Barsia940Barsia
80Primary Pathshala Luhara1323Luhara
81Godamsahkari Samiti Room No 1 Luhara812Luhara
82Godam Sahkari Samiti Room No 2 Luhara735Luhara
83Sheel Chand Inter College Utter Aminagar Sarai1092Aminagar Sarai (NP)
84Sheel Chand Inter College Madhya Aminagar Sarai956Aminagar Sarai (NP)
85Sheel Chand Inter College Madhya Bagh Aminagar Sarai1187Aminagar Sarai (NP)
86Sheel Chand Inter College Dakshin Bagh Aminagar Sarai837Aminagar Sarai (NP)
87Purv Madhymik Vidhylay Uttar Room No 1 Avinagar Sarai892Aminagar Sarai (NP)
88Purv Madhymik Vidhylay Uttar Room No 2 Avinagar Sarai625Aminagar Sarai (NP)
89Purv Madhymik Vidhylay Dakshin Avinagar Sarai1030Aminagar Sarai (NP)
90Primary Pathshala Puthad1449Poother
91Primary Pathshala East Sadbhar826Saidbhar
92Primary Pathshala Paschim Sadbhar836Saidbhar
93Primary Pathshala No 2 Uttar Sadbhar999Saidbhar
94Primary Pathshala No2 Dakshin Sanad Bhar778Sikhera
95Netaji Subhash Smark School Uttar Budhseni1038Budhseni
96Netaji Subhash Smark School Dakshin Budhseni935Budhseni
97Primary Pathshala Uttar Matanat Nagar750Matanat Nagar
98Primary Pathshala Dakshin Matanat Nagar720Matanat Nagar
99Juniar High School Mavi Khurd929Mavi Khurd
100Primary Pathshala Uttar Pura923Pura
101Primary Pathshala Dakshin Pura576Pura
102Primary Pathshala Shahjahanpur Tishotra Urf Navada806Shahjahanpur Tisotra Urf Nwada
103Primary Pathshala Uttar Hariya Kheda813Haria Khera
104Primary Pathshala Dakshin Hariya Kheda748Haria Khera
105Shri Krishna Inter College Room No 1 Amipur Baleni1212Amipur Baleni
106Shri Krishna Inter College Room No 2 Amipur Baleni1081Amipur Baleni
107Shri Krishna Inter College Room No 3 Amipur Baleni1148Amipur Baleni
108Primary Pathshala Bakhrpur Balini793Bakharpur Balaini
109Samudayik Vikas Cander Bakhrpur Baleni715Bakharpur Balaini
110Primary Pathshala Uttar Habibpur Baleni690Habibpur Nagla
111Primary Pathshala Dakshin Habibpur Nangla863Habibpur Nagla
112Primary Pathshala No 1 Singhawli Ahir1266Singhaoli Ahir
113Dhramshala Madya Singhawli Ahir714Singhaoli Ahir
115Dhramshala Dakshin Singhawli Ahir921Singhaoli Ahir
117Primary Pathshala No 2 Singhawli Ahir1026Singhaoli Ahir
118Primary Pathshala Shobhapur Majra Hisawda792Hisawada
119Harijan Chopal Hisawda1350Hisawada
120Primary Pathshala East Hisawda960Hisawada
121Primary Pathshala Paschim Hisawda1333Hisawada
122Primary Pathshala Ratanpuri348Pilana
123Nehru Smark Inter College Uttar Pilana951Pilana
124Nehru Smark Inter College Dakshin Pilana771Pilana
125Primary Pathshala Uttar Pilana754Pilana
126Primary Pathshala Dakshin Pilana1069Pilana
127Primary Pathshala Uttar Rasulpur Sankalputthi943Pilana
128Primary Pathshala Dakshin Rasulpur Sankalputthi778Rasoolpur Sankal Poothi
129Primary Pathshala Abdullapur Mewla802Abdullapur Mewla
130Primary Pathshala Sikheeda1068Sikhera
131Primary Pathshala Patouli521Pathhouli
132Primary Pathshala Dolatpur981Daulatpur
133Junior High School Muradgaon Urf Roshangarh1084Muradagaon
135Primary Pathshala Saidpur Urf Nathmalpur512Saidpurkhurd Urf Nathmalpur
136Primary Pathshala Mukandpur Ogti722Mukandpur Ogati
137Adarsh Bhartiya Chandrlal U.M.V. Latifpur Datnagar729Latifpur Dattnagar
138Primary Pathshala Room No 1 Latifpur Dutt Datnagar800Latifpur Dattnagar
139Primary Pathshala Room No 2 Latifpur Dutt Datnagar682Latifpur Dattnagar
140Primary Pathshala Ghatoli1313Ghatoli
141Dev Inter College Uttar Dolcha1300Dolcha
142Dev Inter College Dakshin Dolcha1232Dolcha
143Primary Pathshala Dolcha1134Dolcha
144Primary Pathshala No 2 Uttar Mukari789Mukari
145Primary Pathshala No 2 Dakshin Mukari812Mukari
146Primary Pathshala Mukari781Mukari
147Primary Pathshala Harsiya295Kaharka
148Primary Pathshala Kahrka1194Kaharka
149High School East Chamrawal1207Chamrawal
150High School Paschim Chamrawal1051Chamrawal
151Primary Pathshala Khaspur326Khaspur
152Primary Pathshala East Panchi1249Panchi
153Primary Pathshala Paschim Panchi1038Panchi
154M.G.M.Inter College Madha Dhikoli1017Dhikoli
156Primary Pathshala No 2 Uttar Dhikoli740Dhikoli
157Primary Pathshala No 2 Dakshin Dhikoli878Dhikoli
158Primary Pathshala No 3 Dhikolroom No 1913Dhikoli
159Primary Pathshala No 3 Room No0 2 Dhikoli835Dhikoli
160Kanya Junior High School Dhikoli986Dhikoli
161Jatav Dharmshala Dhikoli498Dhikoli
162Primari Pathshala Meharmpur624Maharampur
163Primari Pathshala Saidpur Kala669Saidpur Kalan
164Janta Inter College Utter Basi1058Basi
165Janta Inter College Dakshin Basi1257Basi
166Janta Inter College Madhya Basi1323Basi
167Harijaan Chopal Add Basi1043Basi
168Primary Pathshala Room No1 Sunheda1254Sunhaira
169Primary Pathshala Room No2 Sunheda1289Sunhaira
170Tempreli Pooling Bouth Harijan Chopal Sunheda1217Sunhaira
171Primary Pathshala Anandpur Urf Bandpur1153Annandpur
172Primary Pathshala Harchadpur1295Harchandpur
173Harijan Chopal Add Katha1303Katha
174Primary Pathshala Room No 1 Katha1132Tatha
175Primary Pathshala Room No 2 Katha1444Katha
176Primary Pathshala Room No 3 Katha1137Katha
177Primary Pathshala Nangla Bahalolpur581Nagla Bahlolpur
178Kishan Inter College Utter Mavikala864Mavikala
179Kishan Inter College Daksin Mavikala784Mavikala
180A0 Dacha Amer Singh Ke Ghre Ke Pass Mavikala907Mavikala
182Jain Inter College East Khekra1275Khekada (NP)
183Jain Inter College West Khekra1374Khekada (NP)
184Jain Inter College Madya Room No 8 Khekra1381Khekada (NP)
185Jain Inter College Madya Room No 10 Khekra801Khekada (NP)
186Kasturba Kanya Inter Collegeroom No1 Khekra748Khekada (NP)
187Kasturba Kanya Inter College Room No2 Khekra635Khekada (NP)
188Kanya Juniar High School Room No 1 Khekra991Khekada (NP)
189Kanya Juniar High School Room No 2 Khekra798Khekada (NP)
190Kanya Junior High School Daksin Khekra1337Khekada (NP)
191Kanya Junior High School K.No.-5 Khekra1418Khekada (NP)
192Kanya Junior High School K.No.-6 Khekra670Khekada (NP)
193Gandhi Inter College Khehra989Khekada (NP)
194Harijan Chopal Purab Khekra1168Khekada (NP)
195Harijan Chopal Jatav Purab Khekra890Khekada (NP)
196Harijan Chopal Jatav Paschim Khekra713Khekada (NP)
197Saheed Dharmvir Singh Parisadiy Purv Madyamik Vidhalya1215Khekada (NP)
198Saheed Dharmvir Singh Parisadiy Purv Madymik Vidhalya794Khekada (NP)
199M.M.I.C.Utter Khekra879Khekada (NP)
200M.M.I.C. Utter Khekra1298Khekada (NP)
201Prathmik Vidyalaya No.-5 K.No.-1 Khekra1286N/A
202Prathmik Vidyalaya No.-5 K.No.-2 Khekra1277Khekada (NP)
203Prathmik Vidyalaya No.-5 K.No.-3 Khekra1054Khekada (NP)
204Prathmik Vidyalaya No.-5 K.No.-4 Khekra634Khekada (NP)
205M.M.Degree.C. K. No.-1 Khekra1442Khekada (NP)
206M.M.Degree.C. K. No.-2 Khekra1051Khekada (NP)
207M.M.Degree.C. K. No.-3 Khekra507Khekada (NP)
208Chopal Patty Shahjahapur Khekra956Khekada (NP)
209Junior High School Utter Sankrod1228Sankrod
210Junior High School Dakshin Sankrod998Sankrod
211Harijan Chopal Atti Sankrod1069Sankrod
212Valmiki Chopal Atti Sankrod709Sankrod
213Primary Pathshala Subhanpur892Subhanpur
214Primary Pathshala No. 2 Naya Subhanpur525Shahbanpur
215Primary Pathshala Nurpur Mujbita1008Shahbanpur
216Primary Pathshala Abdullpur Nurpur Khalsa470Noorpur Khalsa
217Primary Pathshala Jahangirpur Urf Dundahera588Jahangirpur Urf Dunda Hera
218Primary Pathshala Hasanpur Masoori1089Hasanpur Masoori
219Ambedkar Vidyalaya Fakarpur Mo. Shahpur1054Fakharpur Mohammad Shahpur
221Primary Pathshala Utter Fakharpur Mo. Shahpur1052Fakharpur Mohammad Shahpur
222Primary Pathshala Dakshin Fakharpur Mo. Shahpur670Fakharpur Mohammad Shahpur
223Primary Pathshala Utter Firojpur969Firozpur
224Primary Pathshala Dakshin Firojpur749Firozpur
225Primary Pathshala Norojpur Emma737Norozpur Aima
226Primary Pathshala Utter Mubarrikpur1187Mubarikpur
227Primary Pathshala Dakshin Mubarrikpur958Mubarikpur
228Primary Pathshala Utter Ravan Urf Badagaon764Rawan Urf Baragoan
229Primary Pathshala Dakshin Ravan Urf Badagaon500Rawan Urf Baragoan
230Kanya Primary Pathshala Ravan Urf Badagaon928Rawan Urf Baragoan
231Panchayat Ghar Ravan Urf Badagaon1081Rawan Urf Baragoan
232Primary Pathshala Khaila1236Khaila
233Primary Pathshala Mansoorpur1096Mansoorpur
234Saint Jo. Junior High School Laliyana1328Lalyana
235Primary Pathshala Laliyana1164Lalyana
236Primary Pathshala Sahwanpur590Shahbanpur
237Primary Pathshala Utter Lahchora1042Lahchauda
238Primary Pathshala Dakshin Lahchora654Lahchauda
239Rohtash Junior High School No. 1 Gona955Gauna
240Rohtash Junior High School No. 2 Gona1137Gauna
241Saint Merry Inter College K- No. 1 Ratol835Rataul
242Saint Merry Inter College K- No. 3 Ratol898Rataul
243Saint Merry Inter College K- No. 2 Ratol859Rataul
244Saint Merry Inter College K- No.4 Ratol765Rataul
245Primary Pathshala No. 2 K. No.-1 Ratol889Rataul
246Primary Pathshala No. 2 K. No.-4 Ratol679Rataul
247Primary Pathshala No. 2 K. No.-2 Ratol840Rataul
248Primary Pathshala No. 2 K. No.-3 Ratol853Rataul
249Saint Merry Primary School K- No. 1 Ratol1368Rataul
250Saint Merry Primary School K- No. 2 Ratol1010Rataul
251Saint Merry Primary School K- No. 3 Ratol772Rataul
252Primary Pathshala Naglabadhi837Nagla Badi
253Harijan Chopal Atti Naglabadhi914Nagla Badi
254Primary Pathshala Ahmadnagar1098Ahamadnagar
255Primary Pathshala No. 2 K. No.-1 Gothra1195Gothra
256Primary Pathsala No. 2 K. No.-2 Gothra956Gothra
257Primary Pathshala Purab Ghitora982Ghitora
258Primary Pathshala Paschim Ghitora1048Ghitora
259Junior High School K. No. -1 Ghitora988Ghitora
260Junior High School K. No. -2 Ghitora977Ghitora
261Primary Pathshala Tigari686Tigri
262Primary Pathshala Purab Dagarpur897Dagarpur
263Primary Pathshala Pachim Dagarpur865Dagarpur
264Kanya Primary Pathshala Dagarpur613Dagarpur
265Primary Pathshala Vinaypur1086Vinaipur
266Primary Pathshala Utter Bhagot1483Bhagot
267Primary Pathshala Dakchin Bhagot1456Bhagot
268Primary Pathshala Bhadapur773Bhairapur
269Primary Pathshala K. No.-1 Sigoli Taga816Singholi Taga
270Primary Pathshala K. No.-2 Sigoli Taga678Singholi Taga
271Primary Pathshala Alamgirpur Urf Tukali478Alamgirpur Urf Tukali
272Nehru Smarak Vidyalaya K. No. -1 Phulera1200Phulera
273Primary Pathshala Sarfabad1308Sharfabad
274Primary Pathshala Pooranpur Navada1262Poornpur Nawada
275Primary Pathshala Utter Gadhi Kalanjari1246Garhi Kalanjri
276Primary Pathshala Dakshin Gadhi Kalanjari1290Garhi Kalanjri

Last Updated on November 15, 2014