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Polling Booth in Azamgarh Assembly Constituency

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Azamgarh Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Azamgarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Azamgarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P. P. Visauli1466Bisauli
2P. P. Husenpur595Husenpur
3P. P. Rawanpur595Ravanpur
4S. S. S. Janakipur867Jankipur
5P. P. Basahi Jarmajepur (R. N. - 1)902Bashijarmajaipur
6P.P. Basahi Jarmajepur (R.N.- 2)826Bashijarmajaipur
7P.P. Ekama741Ekma
8J.H.S. Lakhamanpur Patti Lalarai326N/A
9P.P. Dhadhani984N/A
10P.P. Naseeruddinpur1361N/A
11S. K. Awati495N/A
12P.P. Naipura (R.N.- 1)1054Naipura
13P.P. Naipura (R.N.- 2)590Naipura
14P.P. Khojapur Madhopatti840N/A
15Jachchabachcha Kendra Manikpur641Manikpur
16P.P. Bhorramakboolpur (R.N.- 1)1282Bhurramaq Bulpur Or Mori Makdu
17P.P. Bhorramakboolpur (R.N.- 2)1229Bhurramaq Bulpur Or Mori Makdu
18P. P. Madaya1290Madya
19P. P. Dudhnara961Dudhnara
20U.M.V. Gyaspur1118N/A
21P.P. Gangatiya832N/A
22P.P. Leduwa1140N/A
23P.P. Araya1199N/A
24P.B. Rampur Sudi Chakraja900N/A
25P.P. Pathkhauli1034N/A
26P.P. Semara814N/A
27P.P. Vishunpur Rajmandir Urf Lilapur1222Bisunpur Rajmandir
28P.P. Mataulipur1380Mataulipur
29P.B. Chhattarpur421Chhatterpur
30K.S. Kendra Khojapur933Khozapur
31J.H.S. Budaitha998Budaitha
32P.P. Chak Kalika (Chakenami) (R.N.- 1)1117N/A
33P.P. Chak Kalika (Chakenami) (R.N.- 2)517N/A
34P.P. Chakmunauwar538N/A
35P.P. Hasapur (R.N.- 1)814N/A
36P.P. Hasapur (R.N.- 2)736N/A
37G.I. College Kishundashpur (R.N.- 1)918N/A
38G.I. College Kishundashpur (R.N.- 2)906N/A
39P.P. Mujaffarpur (R.N.- 1)729N/A
40P.P. Mujaffarpur (R.N.- 2)825N/A
41J.H.S. Mujaffarpur903N/A
42P.P. Kamhenpur (R.N.- 1)1005N/A
43P.P. Kamhenpur (R.N.- 2)496N/A
44P.P. Matanpur1180Matanpur
45Gandhi Gurukul I.C. Bhawarnath (R.N.- 1)689Devkhari
46Gandhi Gurukul I.C. Bhawarnath (R.N.- 2)1188Devkhari
47P.P. Haraiya1341N/A
48P.P. Saray Mandraj990Saraymandraj
49Paylat Workshap Dewghar536N/A
50P.P. Sehada (R.N.- 1)1087Sehda
51P.P. Sehada (R.N.- 2)712Sehda
52P.P. Madhdhupur (R.N.- 1)706Maddhupur
53P.P. Madhdhupur (R.N.- 2)1057Maharajpur
54P.P. Karenhuwa (R.N.- 1)1304Karendua
55P.P. Karenhuwa (R.N.- 2)427Karendua
56P.B. Kishundashpur -21095Kisundaspur
57P.P. Harakhupur1154Harkhupur
58P.P. Hariharpur (R.N.- 1)1056Harkhupur
59P.P. Hariharpur (R.N.- 2)740Hariharpur
60P.P. Salempur1387Salempur
61P.P. Lachchirampur1471Lachhirampur
62K.V. Heerapatti (R.N.- 1)1195Hira Patti
63K.V. Heerapatti (R.N.- 2)1082Haji Patti
64K.V. Heerapatti (R.N.- 3)1242Hira Patti
65P.P. Sikraura (R.N.- 1)1337N/A
66P.P. Sikraura (R.N.- 2)934N/A
67P.P. Namdarpur933N/A
68P.P. Azampur (R.N.- 1)1406N/A
69P.P. Azampur (R.N.- 2)1490N/A
70P.P. Balrampur (R.N.- 1)1351Balrampur
71P.P. Balrampur (R.N.- 2)1184Balrampur
72P.P. Balrampur (R.N.- 3)932Balrampur
73J.H.S. Hafizpur (R.N.- 1)825Hafizpur (CT)
74J.H.S. Hafizpur (R.N.- 2)1001Hafizpur (CT)
75P.P. Hafizpur (R.N.- 1)983Hafizpur (CT)
76P.P. Hafizpur (R.N.- 2)1090Hafizpur (CT)
77P.P. Ukrauda (R.N.- 1)1232Ukraura Or Atraura
78P.P. Ukrauda (R.N.- 2)1228Ukraura Or Atraura
79K.P.P. Ukrauda1250Ukraura Or Atraura
80P.P. Kothara Sakhiya1098Kothra
81P.P. Kakarhata (R.N.- 1)906Kakarhata
82P.P. Kakarhata (R.N.- 2)967Kakarhata
83P.P. Kakarhata (R.N.- 3)1045Kakarhata
84Ambedkar P.P. Kolh636Kol
85P.P. Manchobha (R.N.- 1)1199Manchobha
86P.P. Manchobha (R.N.- 2)902Manchobha
87J.H.S. Manchobha1217Mamrakhapur
88P.P. Mojarapur813Mojrapur
89Ambedkar P.P. Chandauka535Chandoka
90P.P. Gangapur1041Gangapur
91P.P. Baddopur (R.N.- 1)1351Baddopur
92P.P. Baddopur (R.N.- 2)876Baddopur
93J.H.S. Baddopur (R.N.- 1)664Baddopur
94J.H.S. Baddopur (R.N.- 2)580Baddopur
95P.P. Kareemuddinpur1198Karimuddinpur
96P.P. Shekhpura (R.N.- 1)900Shekhapura 1
98P.P. Ahopatti1285Aho Patti
100P.P. Kartarpur (R.N.- 1)1163Azamgarh (NPP)
101P.P. Kartarpur (R.N.- 2)991Azamgarh (NPP)
102S.K.P.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)1031Azamgarh (NPP)
103S.K.P.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)718Azamgarh (NPP)
104S.K.P.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)1389Azamgarh (NPP)
105S.K.P.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 4)1497Azamgarh (NPP)
106S.N.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)1144Azamgarh (NPP)
107S.N.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)870Azamgarh (NPP)
108S.N.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)1492Azamgarh (NPP)
109S.N.I.College Azamgarh (R.N.- 4)1253Azamgarh (NPP)
110S.N. Digree College Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)1079Azamgarh (NPP)
111S.N. Digree College Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)1091Azamgarh (NPP)
112S.N. Digree College Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)790Azamgarh (NPP)
114S.N. Digree College Azamgarh (R.N.- 5)981Azamgarh (NPP)
115Rajkiya Palitecnik Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)1229Azamgarh (NPP)
116Rajkiya Palitecnik Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)893Azamgarh (NPP)
117Rajkiya Palitecnik Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)782Azamgarh (NPP)
118Rajkiya Palitecnik Azamgarh (R.N.- 4)1486Azamgarh (NPP)
119J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 1)845Azamgarh (NPP)
120J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 2)851Azamgarh (NPP)
121J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 3)1132Azamgarh (NPP)
122J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 4)806Azamgarh (NPP)
123J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 5)823Azamgarh (NPP)
124J.H.S. Kuraisiya (R.N.- 6)1278Azamgarh (NPP)
125Sibli Natinol Grils H.S. Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)831Azamgarh (NPP)
126Sibli Natinol Grils H.S. Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)1349Azamgarh (NPP)
127Sibli Natinol Grils H.S. Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)1276Azamgarh (NPP)
128Madarasa Niswa Pahadpur (R.N.- 1)811Azamgarh (NPP)
129Madarasa Niswa Pahadpur (R.N.- 2)747Azamgarh (NPP)
130Agrasen Digree Mahavidyalay Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)849Azamgarh (NPP)
131Agrasen Digree Mahavidyalay Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)963Azamgarh (NPP)
132Agrasen Digree Mahavidyalay Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)763Azamgarh (NPP)
133Agrasen Digree Mahavidyalay Azamgarh (R.N.- 4)1100Azamgarh (NPP)
134P.P. Gaya Singh (R.N.- 1)726Azamgarh (NPP)
135P.P. Gaya Singh (R.N.- 2)760Azamgarh (NPP)
136P.P. Gaya Singh (R.N.- 3)1145Azamgarh (NPP)
137P.P. Gaya Singh (R.N.- 4)1259Azamgarh (NPP)
138J.H.S. Ganga Rai (R.N.- 1)902Azamgarh (NPP)
139J.H.S. Ganga Rai (R.N.- 2)1104Azamgarh (NPP)
140J.H.S. Ganga Rai (R.N.- 3)786Azamgarh (NPP)
141J.H.S. Ganga Rai (R.N.- 4)843Azamgarh (NPP)
142Agrasen K.P.P. Azamgarh (R.N.- 1)1304Azamgarh (NPP)
143Agrasen K.P.P. Azamgarh (R.N.- 2)1359Azamgarh (NPP)
144Agrasen K.P.P. Azamgarh (R.N.- 3)1295Azamgarh (NPP)
145Wesli Inter College (R.N.- 1)1174Azamgarh (NPP)
146Wesli Inter College (R.N.- 2)934Azamgarh (NPP)
147Wesli Inter College (R.N.- 3)963Azamgarh (NPP)
148Wesli Inter College (R.N.- 4)701Azamgarh (NPP)
149Wesli Inter College (R.N.- 5)731Azamgarh (NPP)
150Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 1)779Azamgarh (NPP)
151Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 2)636Azamgarh (NPP)
152Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 3)1201Azamgarh (NPP)
153Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 4)1065Azamgarh (NPP)
154Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 5)822Azamgarh (NPP)
155Narsari School Matvarganj (R.N.- 6)1119Azamgarh (NPP)
156D.A.V. Digree College (R.N.- 1)1412Azamgarh (NPP)
157D.A.V. Digree College (R.N.- 2)1018Azamgarh (NPP)
158D.A.V. Digree College (R.N.- 3)1429Azamgarh (NPP)
159D.A.V. Digree College (R.N.- 4)1503Azamgarh (NPP)
160D.A.V. Digree College (R.N.- 5)909Azamgarh (NPP)
161D.A.V. Inter College (R.N.- 1)954Azamgarh (NPP)
162D.A.V. Inter College (R.N.- 2)796Azamgarh (NPP)
163D.A.V. Inter College (R.N.- 3)828Azamgarh (NPP)
164D.A.V. Inter College (R.N.- 4)1057Azamgarh (NPP)
165J.H.S. Madaya Jairam (R.N.- 1)1191Azamgarh (NPP)
166J.H.S. Madaya Jairam (R.N.- 2)479Azamgarh (NPP)
167J.H.S. Madaya Jairam (R.N.- 3)787Azamgarh (NPP)
168J.H.S. Madaya Jairam (R.N.- 4)506Azamgarh (NPP)
169P.M.V. Kol Pandey (R.N.- 1)1036Kol Pandey
170P.M.V. Kol Pandey (R.N.- 2)846Kol Pandey
171P.P. Kol Baj Bahadur (R.N.- 1)333Kol Baj Bahadur
172P.P. Kol Baj Bahadur (R.N.- 2)1361Kol Baj Bahadur
173P.P. Kol Baj Bahadur (R.N.- 3)1431Kol Baj Bahadur
174P.P. Bag Lakhranw869Bagalkhranw
175P.P. Ekarampur1130Ikrampur
176P.P. Jafarpur (R.N.- 1)920Jafarpur
177P.P. Jafarpur (R.N.- 2)1165Jafarpur
178P.P. Jafarpur (R.N.- 3)1214Jafarpur
179J.H.S. Munda1311Munda
180Sarvoday P.I. College Ghorath (R.N.- 1)1342Ghorath
181Sarvoday P.I. College Ghorath (R.N.- 2)1138Ghorath
182Dr. A.J.H.S. Harvanshpur (R.N.- 1)751Azamgarh (NPP)
183Dr. A.J.H.S. Harvanshpur (R.N.- 2)877Azamgarh (NPP)
184Dr. A.J.H.S. Harvanshpur (R.N.- 3)1227Azamgarh (NPP)
185P.P. Sarfuddinpur531Musepue
186J.H.S. Narauli (R.N.- 1)1223Azamgarh (NPP)
187J.H.S. Narauli (R.N.- 2)1114Azamgarh (NPP)
188J.H.S. Narauli (R.N.- 3)955Azamgarh (NPP)
189P.P. Palhani (R.N.- 1)1359Azamgarh (NPP)
190P.P. Palhani (R.N.- 2)779Azamgarh (NPP)
191P.P. Palhani (R.N.- 3)781Azamgarh (NPP)
192P.P. Palhani (R.N.- 4)840Azamgarh (NPP)
193P.P. Palhani (R.N.- 5)670Sara Dhanni
194J.H.S. Palhani (R.N.- 1)1152Palhni (CT)
195J.H.S. Palhani (R.N.- 2)938Palhni (CT)
196J.H.S. Palhani (R.N.- 3)840Palhni (CT)
197P.P. Sidhari Haidil Calony (R.N.- 1)1202Azamgarh (NPP)
198P.P. Sidhari (R.N.- 2)1208Azamgarh (NPP)
199P.P. Sidhari (R.N.- 3)825Azamgarh (NPP)
200P.P. Sidhari (R.N.- 4)720Khairatpur
201P.P. Hathiya1215Hathiya
202P.P. Sammopur1400Sammopur
203P.P. Jayrampur909Jairampur
204J.H.S. Sidhari Haidil920Azamgarh (NPP)
206P.P. Sidhari Haidil Calony (R.N.- 2)995Azamgarh (NPP)
207P.P. Sidhari Haidil Calony (R.N.- 3)1133Azamgarh (NPP)
208P.P. Dugdugawa (R.N.- 1)995Dugdugwa
209P.P. Dugdugawa (R.N.- 2)1089Dugdugwa
210P.P. Hengapur876Hegapur
211J.H.S. Gopalpur (R.N.- 1)1212Katghar Sadar
212J.H.S. Gopalpur (R.N.- 2)1208Katghar Sadar
213J.H.S. Gopalpur (R.N.- 3)415Gopalpur
214P.P. Jamalpur Baj Bahadur (R.N.- 1)1292Jamalpur Baz Bahadur
215P.P. Jamalpur Baj Bahadur (R.N.- 2)1291Jamalpur Baz Bahadur
216P.P. Nibi (R.N.- 1)693N/A
217P.P. Nibi (R.N.- 2)853N/A
218P.P. Shahkundanpur1177N/A
219P.P. Mitrasenpur864N/A
220P.P. Muhammadalla1116N/A
221P.P. Gelwara (R.N.- 1)1240Gelwara
222P.P. Gelwara (R.N.- 2)1208Gelwara
223P.P. Bhaduli (R.N.- 1)1319Bhaduli
224P.P. Bhaduli (R.N.- 2)999Bhaduli
225J.H.S. Majhganwa (R.N.- 1)1225Majhgawan
226J.H.S. Majhganwa (R.N.- 2)1007Majhgawan
227P.P. Sakipur (R.N.- 1)789Shakipur Or Sakipur Urf Jmoorp
228P.P. Sakipur (R.N.- 2)630Shakipur Or Sakipur Urf Jmoorp
229P.P. Chadai (R.N.- 1)899Chadae
230P.P. Chadai (R.N.- 2)532Chadae
231P.P. Bakipur1138Bakipur
232P.P. Kothiya1493Kothiya
233P.P. Badaya1222Bardhaiya
234P.P. Ishwarpur1342Ishwarpur
235Kshetriya S.S. Mahmoodpur702Adiyanpur Or Udiakhan
236P.P. Malikshehpur782Malik Sehpur
237P.P. Choohadpur781Chuhaipur
238P.B. Gopalpur465Gopalpur
239P.P. Hasanpur1254Hansapur
240P.P. Pandaha596Pandaha
241J.H.S. Sethwal (R.N.- 1)1486Sethaval
242J.H.S. Sethwal (R.N.- 2)1496Sethaval
243J.H.S. Sethwal (R.N.- 3)912Sethaval
244P.P. Sethwal (R.N.- 1)949Sethaval
245P.P. Sethwal (R.N.- 2)1085Chak Sethaval
246P.P. Saray Jagarnath510Sarai Jagarnath
247J.H.S. Hameedpur447Hamidpur
248P.P. Kotawa (R.N.- 1)1249Kotawa
249P.P. Kotawa (R.N.- 2)331Araji Bagmati
250P.P. Semraha (R.N.- 1)1236Semaraha
251P.P. Semraha (R.N.- 2)356Semaraha
252P.P. Khairpur Jagjeevan1028Khairpur Jagjivan
253P.P. Khaira (R.N.- 1)1379Khaira
254P.P. Khaira (R.N.- 2)646Sarai Tajuddin
255P.B. Ghatipatti527Ghati Patti
256P.P. Kotila (R.N.- 1)862Kotila
257P.P. Kotila (R.N.- 2)783Kotila
258P.P. Kotila (R.N.- 3)1038Kotila
259Ambedkar P.V. Kotila865Kotila
260J.H.S. Anaura583Malik Husainpur
261P.P. Anaura (R.N.- 1)1487Anaura
262P.P. Anaura (R.N.- 2)824Faridanpur
263P.P. Anaura (R.N.- 3)553Chak Jiya
264P.P. Chanditeekar314Chandi Tikar Or Chak Tikar
265P.P. Sonwara (R.N.- 1)886Sonwara
266P.P. Sonwara (R.N.- 2)683Sonwara
267P.P. Sonwara (R.N.- 3)1324Sonwara
268P.P. Daudpur1266Daudpur
269P.P. Momarijpur955Momarijpur
270P.P. Shahkhajura (R.N.- 1)1222Shah Khajura
271P.P. Shahkhajura (R.N.- 2)1210Shah Khajura
272J.H.S. Tengarpur947Tegarpur
273J.H.S. Natthupur920Nathupur
274P.P. Sammopur Aema327Sammopur Ayama
275P.P. Sammopur Khalsa968Shambhupur Khalsa
276P.P. Jalalpur1235Jalalpur
277P.P. Newrahi837Nevarahi
278P.P. Gohukhor572Gohkhor
279P.P. Rudari (R.N.- 1)1229Rudari
280P.P. Rudari (R.N.- 2)1166Rudari
281J.H.S. Lachchirampur911Laxirampur
282P.P. Tilamapur1023Tilmapur
283P.P. Molanapur Mafi1298Molnapur Mafi Or Molnapur
284P.P. Tamauli (R.N.- 1)1073N/A
285P.P. Tamauli (R.N.- 2)1019N/A
286P.P. Saidpur580N/A
287P.P. Makhdumpur378N/A
288P.P. Salarpur1129Salarpur
289P.P. Jireekpur420Jirikpur
290P.B. Girdharpur1208Girdharpur
291P.P. Husenganj1444Husainganj
292P.P. Saraysadi640Sarai Sadi
293P.P. Haidrabad Urf Chhatwara (R.N.- 1)1183Haidarabad Urf Chhawara
294P.P. Haidrabad Urf Chhatwara (R.N.- 2)1172Haidarabad Urf Chhawara
295P.P. Haidrabad Urf Chhatwara (R.N.- 3)1046Haidarabad Urf Chhawara
296Islamiya School Gaurdeeh Khalsa (R.N.- 1)959Gaurdih Ayeema
297Islamiya School Gaurdeeh Khalsa (R.N.- 2)853Gaurdih Khalsa
298P.P. Bayasi740Bayasi
299P.P. Unchaganw (R.N.- 1)696Uncha Gaon
300P.P. Unchaganw (R.N.- 2)703Uncha Gaon
301P.P. Unchaganw (R.N.- 3)1142Uncha Gaon
302P.P. Unjigodam1253Unji
303P.M.V. Sahigada799Shahi Garha
304P.B. Bhagaha714Bhagaha
305P.P. Kajibhiti923N/A
306P.P. Chakwal476Chak Bal
307P.P. Khallopur (R.N.- 1)923Khallopur
308P.P. Khallopur (R.N.- 2)1016Nizamuddinpur
309Kanya P.P. Gambhirwan Ii (R.N - 1)1309Gambhirvan
310Kanya P.P. Gambhirwan Ii (R.N - 2)852Gambhirvan
311P.P. Gambhirwan I (R.N - 1)1098Gambhirvan
312P.P.Gambhirrwan I (R.N. - 2)1040Gambhirvan
314P.P.Parmeshwarpur739Parmeshwarpur Or Parmeshwarpur
317P.P.Chaklaldhar (R.N. - 1)1041Chak Lal Ghar
318P.P.Chaklaldhar (R.N. - 2)756Chak Lal Ghar
321P.P.Babhnauli Adai524Babhanauli Adayee
322J.H.S. Babhnauli Mafi604Babhanauli Adayee
324S.Milan Kendra Mamrakhapur596Mamarakhapur
325J.H.S.Karanpur (R.N. - 1)959N/A
326J.H.S.Karanpur (R.N. - 2)912N/A
327P.P.Karanpur (R.N. - 1)980N/A
328P.P.Karanpur (R.N. - 2)448Mahamudpur
329P.P.Teukhar1220Teo Khar
330P.P. Sumbhi (R.N. - 1)504Sumbhi
331P.P. Sumbhi (R.N. - 2)989Sumbhi
333P.P. Kisunpur (R.N. - 1)718N/A
334P.P. Kisunpur (R.N. - 2)800N/A
335P.P. Kisunpur (R.N. - 3)865Mahamudpur
337P.M.V. Faizpur468N/A
342P.P. Mittupur (R.N. - 1)696Mittupur
343P.P. Mittupur (R.N. - 2)808Mittupur
344P.P. Mittupur (R.N. - 3)693Mittupur
346J.H.S. Dharwara (R.N. - 1)1339Dharawara
347J.H.S. Dharwara (R.N. - 2)1080Dharawara
348J.H.S. Dharwara (R.N. - 3)1002Dharawara
352P.P.Pathauwa1110Zahid Chak
353P.P. Badaura Khurd737Badora Khurd
354P.P.Badaura Bujurg (R.N. - 1)1068Badora Buzarg
355P.P. Badaura Bujurg (R.N.- 2)1348Badora Buzarg
356J.B. Kendra Jalalpur841Jalalpur
357P.P. Mahballipur384Mohbalipur
358J.H.S. Kanaila Karnahat1336Kannayala Karanhat
359Rahul J.H.S. Chakrapanpur1038Chakarapanpur
360P.P. Narehathabanpur1267Narahatha Banapur
361P.P. Anei Tarachha1157Anaai

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