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Polling Booth in Ayah Shah Assembly Constituency

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Ayah Shah Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ayah Shah

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ayah Shah Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Thithaura1196Thithura
2P.S. Dugrai Room N0 1994Dugreai
3P.S. Dugrai Room N0 2852Dugreai
4P.S. Dulapur636Dulapur
5P.S. Shyampur Room N0 1698Shyampur
6P.S. Shyampur Room N0 2678Kharika
7P.S. Banarsi Room N0 11144Banarsi
8P.S. Banarsi Room N0 21134Banarsi
9P.S. Harirampur780Harirampur
10P.S. Parethi764Parethi
11P.S. Dhanipur701Dhanipur
12P.S. Vahidpur550Vahidpur
13P.S. Ladigawan1265Ladgawa
14P.S. Rasoolpur456Rasoolpur
15P.S. Korari921Khatauli
16P.S. Khatauli1239Khatauli
17P.S. Hariyapur1318Hariapur
18P.S. Kichaucha1006Abu Mohamadpur
19P.S. Jindpur731Jindpur
20P.S. Samdabad Kubhati968Samdabad Kuchahti
21P.S. Chakrasoolpur749Chak Rasulpur
22Panchyat Ghar Chak Mirpur608Chakmeerapur
23P.S. Rbarauha Room N0 11133Baruha
24P.S. Rbarauha Room N0 2979Baruha
25P.S. Kamlapur446Kamalpur
26P.S. Meuli1034Mewli Bujurg
27Kanya Ju. Ba.V. Badagaoun Room N0 11268Baragaon
28Kanya Ju. Ba.V. Badagaoun Room N0 21151Baragaon
29Kanya Ju. Ba.V. Badagaoun Room N0 31265Baragaon
30P.S. Sujanpur Room N0 11291Bhuhua Dehat
31P.S. Sujanpur Room N0 2573Bhuhua Dehat
32P.S. Barwat516Barvat
33P.S. Rampur738Rampur
34P.S. Gauri956Gouri
35P.S. Thavai662Thawi
36P.S. Kirtikheda Majre Rey Room N0 11277Thavai
37P.S. Kirtikheda Majre Rey Room N0 2544Rey
43U.P.S. Adhawal Room N0 3760Adawal
44P.S. Dhanuhandera Majre Adhawal696Adawal
45P.S. Urauli1249Urauli
46P.S. Dasauli Room N0 11337Dasauli
47P.S. Dasauli Room N0 21250Dasauli
48Sa.S.Samiti Lalauli Room N0 1788Lalauli
49Sa.S.Samiti Lalauli Room N0 2753Lalauli
50Anganvadi Kendra Laluli1416Lalauli
51P.S. Lalauli Room N0 11337Lalauli
52P.S. Lalauli Room N0 21239Lalauli
53Inter College Lalauli Room N0 1889Lalauli
54Inter College Lalauli Room N0 2697Lalauli
55Inter College Lalauli Room N0 3783Lalauli
56Inter College Lalauli Room N0 4744Lalauli
57Kanya U.P.S. Lalauli Room N0 1944Lalauli
58Kanya U.P.S. Lalauli Room N0 2882Lalauli
59P.S. Lalauli Ii Room N0 1789Lalauli
60P.S. Lalauli Ii Room N0 2798Lalauli
61P.S. Paltu Ka Purwa Majre Lalauli Room N0 1940Lalauli
62P.S. Paltu Ka Purwa Majre Lalauli Room N0 2646Lalauli
63U.P.S. Korrankanak Room N0 11093Korra-Kanak
64U.P.S. Korrankanak Room N0 2838Korra-Kanak
65P.S. Korrankanak Room N0 1759Korra-Kanak
66P.S. Korrankanak Room N0 2794Korra-Kanak
67P.S. Rasi Ka Dera Majre Korra Kanak Room N0 1811Korra-Kanak
68P.S. Rasi Ka Dera Majre Korra Kanak Room N0 2801Korra-Kanak
69P.S. Onai Ka Dera Majre Korra Kanak Room N0 1876Korra-Kanak
71P.S. Mahna Room N0 11379Mahna
72P.S. Mahna Room N0 2932Mahna
73P.S. Dashari504Dashahri
74P.S. Pawaranpur Majre Samrai Room N0 1792Semrai
75P.S. Pawaranpur Majre Samrai Room N0 2773Semrai
76Kanya Sidhao P.S. Room N0 1801Sidhawa
77Kanya Sidhao P.S. Room N0 2770Sidhawa
78Kanya Sidhao P.S. Room N0 3895Sidhawa
79P.S. Chak Paigambarpur901Chak Paigambarpur
80P.S. Karaiha1002Karhiya
81P.S. Muttaur Room N0 11252Muttaur
82P.S. Muttaur Room N0 21335Muttaur
83P.S. Umarpur602Umarpur
85P.S. Samadpur525Samatpur
86P.S. Oti1162Oti
87Janta Inter College Datauli Room N0 11448Dattauli
88Janta Inter College Datauli Room N0 21233Dattauli
89Janta Inter College Datauli Room N0 3997Dattauli
90P.S. Saimbsi798Saibsi
91P.S. Dev Gaon1381Devgaon
92P.S. Gangaipar579Gangaipar
93Ashok Inter College Sankha Room N0 11051Sakha
95P.S. Sankha . Room N0 11378Sakha
96P.S. Sankha . Room N0 21150Sakha
97P.S. Jajraha546Jajraha
98P.S. Ghaghaura895Ghaghaura
99P.S. Ratantara Majre Satkhara670Satavra
100P.S. Gadhi1365Gadhi
102P.S. Bawan919Bawan
103P.S. Kudwari931Kurwari
104P.S. Fuluruwa396Fulurwa
105P.S. Jivkara1220Jukra
106P.S. Gambhiri Room N0 11348Gamhari
107P.S. Gambhiri Room N0 2909Gamhari
108P.S. Gambhiri Room N0 3619Gamhari
109P.S. Loharan Gadhwa Majre Gambhiri Room N0 1945Gamhari
110P.S. Loharan Gadhwa Majre Gambhiri Room N0 2399Gamhari
111P.S. Simaur Room N0 11020Samaor
112P.S. Simaur Room N0 2934Samaor
113U.P.S.Simaur Room N0 1994Samaor
114U.P.S.Simaur Room N0 2776Samaor
115P.S. Mirjapur455Mirzapur
116P.S.Musenagar Hathema750Musenagar Hathema
118P.S. Kathawara892Kadherwa
119P.S. Mardanpur638Mardanpur
120P.S. Dhansinghpur829Dhansinghpur
121P.S. Chakskaran737Chakmeerapur
122P.S.Ayah Room N0 11329Ayah
123P.S.Ayah Room N0 21414Ayah
124Kanya P.S. Ayah1206Ayah
125P.S. Chak Allipur409Chak Alipur
126P.S. Chak Kajipur610Chak Kajipur
127Eki.U.P.S. Shah Room N0 11449Shah
128Eki.U.P.S. Shah Room N0 21224Shah
129P.S. Shah1240Shah
130Kanya P.S. Shah Room N0 1885Shah
131Kanya P.S. Shah Room N0 2632Shah
132Kanya P.S. Shah Room N0 31460Shah
133P.S. Gopalpur Majre Shah1461Adhah
135P.S.Fatehnagar Karsuma1117Fatehnagar Karsabha
136P.S. Balipur624Balipur
137P.S. Dundara Room N0 11019Dhidhaura
138P.S. Dundara Room N0 2811Dhidhaura
139P.S. Mohanpur545Mohanpur
140P.S. Pahadpur1163Nandlalpur
141P.S. Bankata963Bankata
142P.S. Ahirankheda324Ahiran Khera
143P.S. Pakhrauli Room N0 1804Pakhrauli
144P.S. Pakhrauli Room N0 2767Pakhrauli
145P.S. Karsawan1458Karsawa
146P.S. Mohmmadpur1429Mohammadpur
147P.S. Makhdoompur825Mohammadpur
148P.S. Pamrauli1241Pamrauli
149P.S. Sonbarsa1079Sonvarsa
151Martand Vidayalaya Inter College Churyanisamiyana Room N0 11332Samiyana
152Martand Vidayalaya Inter College Churyanisamiyana Room N0 2515Samiyana
153P.S. Churiyani Room N0 1968Churiyani
154P.S. Churiyani Room N0 2944Churiyani
155P.S. Fulwamau Room N0 11350Fulwamau
156P.S. Fulwamau Room N0 21268Fulwamau
157P.S Kheshan . Room N0 11360Kheshan
158P.S Kheshan . Room N0 2715Kheshan
159U.P.S. Kheshan Room N0 11192Kheshan
160U.P.S. Kheshan Room N0 2919Kheshan
161U.P.S. Kheshan Room N0 3673Kheshan
162P.S. Naharkhor826Nahar Khor
163P.S. Chak Itauli778Chak Chhavinathpur
164P.S. Paina Khurd934Paina Khurd
165P.S. Paina Kala560Painakala
166P.S. Gajipur Room N0 1932Gazipur
167P.S. Gajipur Room N0 2675Gazipur
168P.S. Gajipur Room N0 31428Gazipur
169Ja.Inter College Gajipur Room N0 11044Gazipur
170Ja.Inter College Gajipur Room N0 2839Gazipur
171Ja.Inter College Gajipur Room N0 31361Gazipur
172P.S. Gajipur Ii685Gazipur
173P.S. Bawara Room N0 1771Bavanra
174P.S. Bawara Room N0 21097Bavanra
176P.S. Bhauli730Darauli
177P.S. Indro489Chak Wajid
178P.S. Asalpur1096Asalpur
179P.S. Suketi Room N0 11180Suketi
180P.S. Suketi Room N0 21171Sarki
181P.S. Parsetha Room N0 11145Parsedha
182P.S. Parsetha Room N0 2760Parsedha
183U.P.S. Lamheta Room N0 1980Lamheta
184U.P.S. Lamheta Room N0 2667Lamheta
185P.S. Babhantara Majre Lamheta1091Lamheta
186P.S. Lilara849Lilra
187P.S. Devlan . Room N0 1847Devlan
188P.S. Devlan . Room N0 2847Devlan
189P.S. Gokan607Gokan
190P.S. Sevramau Room N0 1959Samaora
191P.S. Sevramau Room N0 2497Samaora
192P.S. Sarval963Sarwal
193P.S. Bahadurpur786Bahadurpur
194U.P.S. Paigambarpur Bakari1037Paigambarpur Babri
195Kanya P.S. Fareedabad Tikri1125Faridabad Tikri
196P.S. Baruha1148Baruha
197P.S. Laugaon863Laogav
198P.S. Suswan Bujurg Room N0 1858Suswan Bujurg
199P.S. Suswan Bujurg Room N0 2712Suswan Bujurg
200P.S. Dharampur Suswan Khurd Room N0 11023Dharmpur Suswan Khurd
201P.S. Dharampur Suswan Khurd Room N0 21215Dharmpur Suswan Khurd
202P.S. Sarki Room N0 1854Sarki
203P.S. Sarki Room N0 2690Sarki
204P.S. Sarki Room N0 31345Sarki
205P.S. Manikheda559Mani Khera
206P.S. Berrao Room N0 1563Baruha
207P.S. Berrao Room N0 21088Baruha
208P.S. Ghanghaul Room N0 11482Ghanghaol
209P.S. Ghanghaul Room N0 2202Ghanghaol
210P.S. Andmau955Anandipur
211Mishrit P.S. Budhramau1084Budhramaw
212U.P.S. Ajhi Room N0 11408Ainjhi
213U.P.S. Ajhi Room N0 2831Ainjhi
214U.P.S. Ajhi Room N0 3689Ainjhi
215P.S. Deimau504Deaimau
216P.S. Ghatampur758Deaimau
217P.S. Harnawa965Harnawa
218P.S. Premmau Katra1308Prem Mau Katra
219P.S. Besadi Room N0 11343Besandi
220P.S. Besadi Room N0 21280Besandi
221P.S. Bilarimau835Bilari Maw
222Nawab Singh U.P.S Kandhiya Room N0 11373Kandhiya
223Nawab Singh U.P.S Kandhiya Room N0 21015Kandhiya
224P.S. Beruii1403Berui
225P.S. Andipur629Anandipur
226P.S. Saray Khalis1089Sarai Khalis
227P.S. Baundar1170Baunda
228P.S. Janikpur Majre Kaundar1380Baunda
229P.S. Kaundar Room N0 11027Baunda
230P.S. Kaundar Room N0 21228Baunda
231P.S.Banpurwa Majre Ashothar1216Asothar
232P.S. Sujanpur Majre Ashothar Room N0 1686Asothar
233P.S. Sujanpur Majre Ashothar Room N0 2843Asothar
234P.S. Sujanpur Majre Ashothar Room N0 31079Asothar
235P.S. Ashothar Room N0 1911Asothar
236P.S. Ashothar Room N0 2611Asothar
237P.S. Ashothar Room N0 31483Asothar
238Sa.S.S. Ashothar Room N0 11117Asothar
239Sa.S.S. Ashothar Room N0 21284Asothar
240Sarvodaya Inter Colleg Ashothar Room N0 11085Asothar
241Sarvodaya Inter Colleg Ashothar Room N0 21336Asothar
242U.P.S. Jarauli Room N0 11078Jarauli
243U.P.S. Jarauli Room N0 2818Jarauli
244U.P.S. Jarauli Room N0 3740Jarauli
245P.S.Dariyavpur Majre Jarauli692Jarauli
246P.S. Ramnagar Kauhan1235Ramnagar Kauhan
247P.S. Bagaha Majre Sarkandi Room N0 1870Sarkandi
248P.S. Bagaha Majre Sarkandi Room N0 2663Sarkandi
249P.S. Sarkandi Khass Room N0 11032Sarkandi
250P.S. Sarkandi Khass Room N0 2549Sarkandi
251U.P.S. Mungikuei Majre Sarkandi Room N0 1920Sarkandi
252U.P.S. Mungikuei Majre Sarkandi Room N0 2595Sarkandi
253U.P.S. Mungikuei Majre Sarkandi Room N0 31378Sarkandi
254P.S. Maykuvapur Majre Sarkandi Room N0 11036Sarkandi
255P.S. Maykuvapur Majre Sarkandi Room N0 2815Sarkandi
256P.S. Maykuvapur Majre Sarkandi Room N0 31360Sarkandi
257P.S. Manawa1327Manawa
258Panchyat Bhawan Akbarpur639Akbarpur
259P.S. Purbujurg1416Pura Bujurg
260P.S. Fatehpur Matiha1229Fatehpur Matiya
261P.S. Ithraura398Etraura
262P.S. Naraini Room N0 11311Naraini
263P.S. Naraini Room N0 21236Naraini
264P.S. Naraini Room N0 31224Naraini

Last Updated on November 15, 2014