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Polling Booth in Asmoli Assembly Constituency

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Asmoli Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Asmoli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Asmoli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pri. School Shehvajpur Kala ???? 1Shahbazpur Kalan
4Samidaik Vikas Kendra Shehbajpur Kala636Shahbazpur Kalan
5Pri. School Gammanpura Majra Shehbajpurkala648Shahbazpur Kalan
6Pri. School Mansoorpur Mafi ???? 1Mansoorpur Mafi
8Pri. School Rajapur Galavpur1174Rajapur Ghalibpur
9Pri. School Ahraula Mafi841Ahrola Mafi
10Pri. School Paintiya Mafi902Pantya Mafi
11Pri. School Shahpur Dasar ???? 1Shahpur Dasar
13Pri. School Maalpur Urf Malhupura1457Malpur Urf Mallpur
14Pri. School Nareta Mohmmadpur1261Narata Mohammadpur
15Pri. School Mubarakpur Band ???? 1Mubarakpur Band
17Pri. School Itala Mafi ???? 1Etala Mafi
18Pri. School Italamafi ???? 2Etala Mafi
19Pri. School Madhan1114Madhan
21Pri. School Meerpur Sakipur794Mirpur Safipur
22Pri. School Khaspur1086Khaspur
23Pri. School Tanda ???? 1Tanda
25Pri. School Dugavar1168Dugawar
26Pri. School Matawali Patti Jaggu1113Matabli Patti Jaggu
27Pri. School Heerapur975Hirapur
28Pri. School Matawali Patti Parasram672Matawli Patti Persaray
29Pri. School Malakpur Navada871Malakpur Nawada
30Pri. School Bhavalpur Wansli1236N/A
31Pri. School Machariya984Machhari
32Pri. School Akhbandpur Kafurpur1088Akhbandpur
33Pri. School Dhampur497Dhampur
34Pri. School Nekpur Mukhtyarpur1190Naikpur Mukhtarpur
35Pri. School Saimli735Selmi
36Pri. School Rajikhera968Raji Khera
37Pri. School Kherpur958Kherpur
38Pri. School Paili989Peli
39Pri. School Hajipur Urf Haidarpur718Haiderpur Urf Hajipur
40Pri. School Dharangpur ???? 1Dharangur
42Pri. School Dhansoorpur ???? 1Ghansoorpur
44Pri. School Mathna1069Mathana
45Pri. School Nagliya Kamgar411Nagaliya Kamgar
46Pri. School Hasangar Urf Sikandarpur797Hasangarh Urf Sikandarpur
47Pri. School Chitawali660Chitawli
48Pri. School Gyanpur Sisona ???? 1Gyanpur Sisauna
51Junior High School Mandli Samaspur ???? 1Mandli Shamaspur
53Pri. School Mirjapur Kakrowa1323N/A
54Pri. School Rampur Jat636Rampur Jat
55Pri. School Mojjampur Urf Vishanpur751Mozzampur Urf Bishwnpur
56Pri. School Dehpa1255Dehpa
57Pri. School Fatehpur Dev1028Fatehpur Dev
58Pri. School Mannikhera ???? 1Manni Khera
60Pri. School Sharifpur944Sharifpur
61Pri. School Bhidwada639Bhirwara
62Pri. School Gulalpur289Gulalpur
63Pri. School Choukuni961Chokoni
64Pri. School Dariyapur Rajdev440Daryapur Rajdeve
65Pri. School Sirsanal848Sirsha Nal
66Pri. School Bhadraula966Bhadraola
67Pri. School Behrampur Bujurg522Behrampur Buzurg
68Pri. School Salkhna593Sala Khana
69Pri. School Fatehpur Bhau521Fatehpur Bhau
70Pri. School Bhartal Sirsi ???? 1Fatehpur Bhau
73Pri. School Badatajuddin629Bada Tajuddin
74Pri. School Bhatawali588Bhatawali
75Pri. School Kahggupura Room 1885Khagupura
76Pri. School Khaggupura Room 2919Khagupura
77Pri. School Jalab Saray969Jalab Sarai
78Pri. School Lakhauri Jalalpur1440Lakhori Jalalpur
79Pri. School Mohd.Pur Kunj600Mohammadpur Kunja
80Junior High School Isapur Sunwari ????1Esapur Sunwari
82Pri. School Tatarpur Sandal937Tatarpur Sandal
83Pri. School Sujatpur661N/A
84Pri. School Mehrana418Mehrana
85Junior High School Chamrouwa ???? 1Chamrua
87Pri. School Mohd.Pur Bhanda580Mohammadpur Bhanda
88Pri. School Keshopur Bhandi955Keshopur Bhandi
89Pri. School Gohat967Gonhant
90Pri. School Karanpur Kayasth379Karanpur Kayast
91Pri. School Sakarpur Taranpur689Sakarpur Taranpur
92Pri. School Lakhanpur768Lakhanpur
93Pri. School Sarangpur Room 1823Sarangpur
94Pri. School Sarangpur Room 2846Sarangpur
95Junior High School Bhamouri Patti1200Bhamori Patti
96Junior High School Sodhan Mohd.Pur ???? 1Sondhan Mohammadpur
99Pri. School Milak Sodhan Mohd.Pur811Sondhan Mohammadpur
100Pri. School Sinhawali ???? 1Sihawli
102Pri. School Chachu Nagal1330Chachu Nagla
103Pri. School Kamalpur Khanupura684Kamalpur Khanupura
104Junior High School Mujahidpur615Mujahidpur
105Pri. School Laalpur636Lalpur
106Pri. School Niryawali903Niryawli
107Pri. School Kailmundi1274Kailmundi
108Pri. School Sisouna769Sisona
109Pri. School Madhawali Rasulpur1301Madawli Rasoolpur
110Pri. School Turtipur Inayatpur921Turtipur Enayatpur
111Pri. School Tatarpur Road984Tatarpur Road
112Pei. School Pali ???? 1Pali
113Pri. School Pali ???? 2Pali
114Pri. School Sebda Jusrath Nagla1134Sevra Jasrat Nagla
115Pri. School Eachwada Dingar1068Echowara Dingar
116Pri. School Chandawali818Chandawli
117Pri. School Gailua640Gelua
118Pri. School Singhpur Sani1110Singpur Saani
119Pri. School Kurkawali1419Kurkawli
120Pri. School Rithali1018Rithali
121Pri. School Kalyanpur412Kalyanpur
122Junior High School Rustampur Niyawali Room 1936Rustampur Niyawali
123Junior High School Rustampur Niyawali Rrom 2804Rustampur Niyawali
124Junior High School Rustampur Niyawali Room 3805Rustampur Niyawali
125Junior High School Rustampur Niyawali Room 4778Rustampur Niyawali
126Pri. School Badanpur Basai687Rustampur Niyawali
127Junior High School Kabir Ki Saray687Narotamsarai
128Pri. School Rasulpur Saray861Rasoolpur Sarai
129Junior High School Rukunuddin Saray Room 1934Ruknuddin Sarai
130Junior High School Rukunuddin Saray Room 4892Ruknuddin Sarai
131Junior High School Rukunuddin Saray ???? 2Ruknuddin Sarai
133Junior High School Rukunuddin Saray Room 51172Ruknuddin Sarai
134Pri. School Badaun Darwaja1522Bandaun Darwaza
135Pri. School Ravakhurd Urf Bibipur803Rawan Bujurg
136Pri. School Thandsouli321Dhand Sauli
137Pri. School Kaima974Kaima
138Pri. School Bainipur Chak393Benipur Chak
139Pri. School Kavalpur Saray1081Kabalpur Sarai
140Pri. School Salarpur Kala Room 1940N/A
141Pri. School Salarpur Kala Room 3818Salarpur Kalan
142Pri. School Salarpur Kala Room 2843Salarpur Kalan
143Pri. School Salarpur Kala Room 4846N/A
144Pri. School Pipli Rehmapur Room 1910Pepli Rahmanpur
145Pri. School Pipli Rehmapur Room 2852Pepli Rahmanpur
146Pri. School Bhtoula1136Bhataola
147Pri. School Hisampur Room 1812Hisamur
148Pri. School Hisampur Room 2806Hisamur
149Pri. School Salempur Salar Urf Hajipur1450Salimpur Salar Urf Hajipur
150Pri. School Shekhupur Khalsa405Sekhupur Khalsa
151Sangram Singh Inter College Saidpur Gangu391Saidpur Gangu
152Pri. School Dhakiya577N/A
153Ri. School Babukhera1182Babu Khera
154Pri. School Nandpur Veeta1330Nandpur Vita
155Pri. School Matipur ???? 1Matipur
157Pri. School Saidpur Imma ???? 1Saidpur Imma
159Pri. School Ovari ???? 1Obri
160Pri. School Ovari Room 3805Obri
163Pri. School Manota ???? 1Manauta
165Pri. School Chanvaar1256Chandbar
166Pri. School Talvaar Room 1793Talwar
167Pri. School Talvaar Room 2838Talwar
168Pri. School Asgaripur669Asgaripur
169Pri. School Shahpur Sirpuda1380Shahpur Sirpura
170Pri. School Daboi ???? 1Dawoi
172Pri. School Sirouli479Siroli
173Junior High School Dulhapur Band Urf Darapur1391Dulahpur Band Urf Darapur
174Pri. School Kutubpur Sakta895Kutabpur Sakta
175Pri. School Murthala753Murtala
176Pri. School Fatehpur Sakta872Patahpur Sakta
177Pri. School Dariyapur Band1052Daryapur Band
178Pri. School Aliya Kalyanpur629Alya Kalyanpur
179Pri. School Haripur Milak880Haripur Milak
180Janta Higher Secondary School Satupura1364Satupura
181Pri. School Eachoda Kamboh ???? 1Enchora Kamboh
183Pri. School Nehrouli ???? 1Nehroli
185Pri. School Milak Pansukha545Pansukha
186Pri. School Pansukha1213Pansukha
187Pri. School Gojani1362Gonjni
188Pri. School Eatkadpur Bhatpura1273Aitmadpur Bhatpura
189Pri. School Chandpura443Chandpura
190Pri. School Rajha617Rajha
191Pri. School Rava Bujurg ???? 1Rawan Bujurg
193Pri. School Akbarpur Gehra ???? 1Akbarpur Gahra
195Pri. School Ikrotiya1170Ekrotiya
196Kisan Inter College Asmoli ???? 1Asmoli
200Pri. School Bhooda Begampur979Bhura Begampur
201Pri. School Garvara976Garwara
202Pri. School Khanpur Band ???? 1Khanpur Band
204Pri. School Saidpur Jaskoli ???? 1Saidpur Jaskoli
206Pri. School Madala Fattehpur ???? 1Madala Fatehpur
208Pri. School Madala Fatehpur Room 2820Madala Fatehpur
209Pri. School Madala Fatehpur Room 4786Madala Fatehpur
210Pri. School Mavai Dhol1409Mawai Dol
211Pri. School Pariyawali ???? 1Paryawli
213Pri. School Tajpur469Tajpur
214Pri. School Nagla652Nagla
215Pri. School Rampur Urf Yaarpur1254Rampur Urf Yarpur
216Pri. School Akhtyarpur Taga698Akhtyarpur Taga
217Pri. School Isapur Moosapur ???? 1Musa Esapur
219Panchayati Saini Dharmshala Vajidpur Saray1099Wajidpur Sarai
220Pri. School Kamalpur Saray1255Kamalpur Sarai
221Pri. School Ghunghawali1415Ghughawali
222Pri. School Sehra Urf Senda1038Sehra
223Pri. School Basla1326Basla
224Pri. School Bahadurpur Saray Urf Raipur935Bahadarpur Saray Urf Rampur
225Junior High School Khirni Mohiuddinpur1219Khirni Mohiuddinpur
226Pri. School Amavati Kutubpur842Amawati Kutabpur
227Pri. School Rasulpur Dhatra Room 1873Rasoolpur Dhatora
228Pri. School Rasulpur Dhatra Room 3796Rasoolpur Dhatora
229Pri. School Rasulpur Dhatra ???? 2Rasoolpur Dhatora
231Pri. School Paintiya693Petiya
232Pri. School Nivora929Niwora
233Pri. School Ajhra622Ajhra
234Pri. School Rudayan ???? 1Rudayan
236Pri. School Ladhanpur Shehbajpur687Ladanpur Shahwazpur
237Pri. School Kaili Patrasi608Keli Patrasi
238Pri. School Narangpur1262Narangpur
239Pri. School Noorpur Tatarpur ???? 1Noorpur Tatarpur
241Pri. School Rachaita1201Racheta
242Pri. School Bilalpat ???? 1Bilal Pat
244Pri. School Ramnagar814N/A
245Pri. School Vaila ???? 1Bela
247Pri. School Shafatnagar730Shafat Nagar
248Pri. School Sakarpur Sot ???? 1Shankarpur Sot
250Pri. School Shahpur Sot1334Shankarpur Sot
251Pri. School Adhol1207Adhola
252Pri. School Naseerpur806Nasirpur
253Pri. School Datawali1255Datawli
254Junior High School Lehra Kamangar ???? 1Lehra Kamangar
257Pri. School Mujaffarpur ???? 1Muzaffarpur
259Pri. School Akhtyapur Chowey897Akhtyarpur Chobay
260Pri. School Sherpur Ki Madaiya1057Sherpur
261Pri. School Mahora Lakhupura1145Mahora Lakhupura
262Pri. School Babaina ???? 1Bavaina
264Pri. School Maubhood1074Mau Bhur
265Pri. School Chirouli Bhagvantpur1265Chiroli Bhagwantpur
266Pri. School Saijna ???? 1Senjna
268Pri. School Dhuraita ???? 1Dhureta
269Pri. School Milak Dhuraita829Dhureta
270Junior High School Panwasa ???? 1Pawansa
273Pri. School Panwasa724Pawansa
274Pri. School Ajeemabad589Azimabad
275Pri. School Vikrampur Taharpur974Vikampur Taharpur
276Pri. School Kareempur778Kareempur
277Pri. School Sakin Sobhapur Munjavta894N/A
278Pri. School Sakin Sobhapur Khalsa1293Sakhan Sumapur Khalsa
279Pri. School Vichpuri678Bichpuri
280Pri. School Mallah Mustafabad804Mallah Mustfabad
281Pri. School Tatarpur Ghosi642Tatarpur Ghosi
282Junior High School Karchali1371Karchali
283Pri. School Aourangabad Devri604Aurangabad Devri
284Pri. School Bagadpur Choiya522Bagadpur Chhoia
285Pri. School Gangheta1001Gangneta
286Pri. School Prathipur432Pirthvipur
287Pri. School Banjarpuri437Banjrpuri
288Junior High School Kisoli Room 1989Kisoli
289Junior High School Kisoli Room 21191Kisoli
290Junior High School Kisoli Room 31112Kisoli
291Junior High School Atrasi ???? 1Atrasi
294Pri. School Thathi596Thathi
295Pri. School Ballabhpur661Ballampur
296Pri. School Saimla900Semla
297Pri. School Chandankati Mouja990Chandan Kati Mauza
298Pri. Schhol Chandankati Chuha409Chandan Kati Mauza
299Pri. School Barkhera Sonak640Barkhera Sonak
300Pri. School Chakarpur Maimari1148Chakarpur Memri
301Pri. School Isapur Sani Urf Lathira255Esapur Sani Urf Lathira
302Pri. School Bamanpuri Kala976Bamanpuri Kalan
303Pri. School Sikari Bhagvantpur878Sikri Bhagwantpur
304Pri. School Baderiya475Barheria
305Pri. School Barkhera Gaja247Barkhera Gaja
306Pri. School Lateefpur Pachtora406Latifpur Pachtaura
307Pri. School Dhatra Sekh1034Dhatura Sheikh
308Pri. School Kamalpur815Kamalpur
309Pri. School Behrouli Taharpur Room 1754Beri Khera
310Pri. School Behrouli Taharpur Room 2822Babepur
311Pri. School Raghunathpur Nikat Behrauli Taharpur468Raghunathpur Nikat Bahrauli Ta
312Pri. School Chopasobhapur1194Chaupa Shobhapur
313Pri. School Dhampur Kanhu1422Dhampur Kando
314Pri. School Pathakpur ???? 1Adampur
316Pri. School Jaitpur791Kurh Fatehgarh
317Pri. School Mohkampur1090Beri Khera
318Pri. School Nadhosh ???? 1Nadhosa
320Pri. School Pagouna707Azimganj
321Pri. School Hasanpur Khurd468Hasanpur Khurd
322Pri. School Fareedpur Khushhalpur937Kaithal
323Pri. School Arjunpur Khurd448Arjunpur Khurd
324Pri. School Kuvarpur570Kunwarpur
325Pri. School Kuriram474Kuriram
326Pri. School Sairua807Serua
327Pri. School Syorajpur1132Shivrajpur
328Pri. School Kirari854Kirari
329Pri. School Ahmadnagar Pzchtora Room 1548Ahmadnagarpachtaura
330Pri. School Dilgoura Room 11041Encholi
331Pri. School Partapur1261Partapur
332Junior High School Rajpur ???? 1Atwa
334Pri. School Bhawan Room 1770Bhawan
335Pri. School Bhawan Room 2754Bhawan
336Pri. School Chatan926Chatan
337Pri. School Ghasipur774Ghasipur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014