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Polling Booth in Anupshahr Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Anupshahr

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Anupshahr Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Khedi Primary School1160Khairi
2Baundra Primary School856Bondra
3Beehara Primary School Room No.1792Bihra
4Beehara Primary School Room No. 2677Bihra
5Tomdi Primary School1363Tomri
6Pipala Ikhlaspur Primary School Room N0.11163Pipala Ikhlaspur
7Pipala Ikhlaspur Primary School Room No.21240Pipala Ikhlaspur
8Mohammadpur Panahpur Saingli Primary School653Mo.Panahpur Segli
9Bahadurpur Maheshpur Primary School880Bahadurpur Pasauli
10Bahadurpur Pasauli Primary School1071Bahadurpur Pasauli
11Raheempur Alawa Primary School1078Rahimpur Alawa
12Naseerabad Poothi Primary School718Nasirabad Poothi
13Shekhpur Garhwa Junior High School950Shekapur Grwa
14Shekhpur Garhwa Primary School Room No . 11269Shekapur Grwa
15Shekhpur Garhwa Primary School Room No . 21068Shekapur Grwa
16Daultabad Primary School573Daulatabad
17Ramgarh Primary School542Ramgarh
18Lakhavati Primary School Room No.1955Lakhavati
19Lakhavati Primary School Room No.2989Lakhavati
20Moodhi Bakapur Primary School Room No .1572Mudi Bakapur
21Moodhi Bakapur Primary School Room No .21115Mudi Bakapur
22Moodhi Bakapur Junior High School Room No .1713Manohargari
23Moodi Bakapur Junior High School Room No .2804Mudi Bakapur
24Gangahari Mazra Moodhi Bakapur Primary School653Mudi Bakapur
25Bhandoriya Primary School510Bhandauria
26Khawajpur Ashrafpur Primary School Room No 1929Khawajpur Ashrafpur
27Khawajpur Ashrafpur Primary School Room No 2918Khawajpur Ashrafpur
28Nagla Jeet Alias Jtaka Priamry School1289Nagala Jeet Urf Jitava
29Khanauda Primary School1248Khanauda
30Pawsara Jansewa Inter College Room No.1744Pavsara
31Pawsara Jansewa Inter College Room No.2788Pavsara
32Pawsara Primary School Room No.1752Pavsara
33Pawsara Primary School Room No.2853Pavsara
34Manpur Primary School1099Manpur
35Bisundara Primary School Room No.1881Bisundra
36Bisundara Primary School Room No.2778Bisundra
37Loharka Primary School790Loharka
38Palibegpur Primary School885Palibejpur
39Hingthala Urf Bhawsi Primary School1024Hingmala Urf Bhawsi
40Aurangabad Primary School Saeedgarhi Room No . 1777Aurangabad (NP)
41Aurangabad Primary School Saeedgarhi Room No . 2725Aurangabad (NP)
42Aurangabad Primary School Saeedgarhi Room No . 3728Aurangabad (NP)
43Aurangabad New Dharamsala Ghas Mandi Room No.11096Aurangabad (NP)
44Aurangabad Samarth Bharti Junior High School Room No.1920Aurangabad (NP)
45Aurangabad Samarth Bharti Junior High School Room No.2939Aurangabad (NP)
46Aurangabad Samarth Bharti Junior High School Room No.3582Aurangabad (NP)
47Aurangabad Samarth Bharti Junior High School Room No.4785Aurangabad (NP)
48Aurangabad Samarth Bharti Junior High School Room No.61157Aurangabad (NP)
49Aurangabad Primary School Room No.1935Aurangabad (NP)
50Aurangabad Primary School Room No.21053Aurangabad (NP)
51Aurangabad Primary School Rooom No.31429Aurangabad (NP)
52Aurangabad Primary School New Building965Aurangabad (NP)
53Aurangabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .11012Aurangabad (NP)
54Aurangabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .2750Aurangabad (NP)
55Aurangabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .31084Aurangabad (NP)
56Auranagabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .4692Aurangabad (NP)
57Auranagabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .5994Aurangabad (NP)
58Auranagabad Saraswati Shishu Mandir Urf Shiv Mandir Room No .61368Aurangabad (NP)
59Charora Mustafabad Primary School Old Building Room No.1884Charaura Mustafabad
60Charora Mustafabad Primary School Old Building Room No.2884Charaura Mustafabad
61Charora Mustafabad Primary School New Building891Charaura Mustafabad
62Nagla Karan Primary School Room No.11097Nagla Karan
63Nagla Karan Primary School Room No.2457Nagla Karan
64Maithana Jagatpur Primary School1444Mathna Jagatpur
65Jehara Junior High School Room No .1870Jahara
66Jehara Junior High School Room No .21487Jahara
67Saimli Primary School1391Semli
68Jeevat Primary School Room No .11056Jeewat
69Jeevat Primary School Room No .21005Jeewat
70Sarai Chhabila Ramdas Junior High School Room No.11453Sarai Chhabila
71Sarai Chhabila Ramdas Junior High School Room No.21124Sarai Chhabila
72Sarai Chhabila Primary School Room No.11337Sarai Chhabila
73Sarai Chhabila Primary School Room No.2957Sarai Chhabila
74Ismaila Primary School1372Ismila
75Saidpura Primary School1347Sadarpur
76Bheekanpur Primary School673Bhikanpur
77Poth Primary School997Poth
78Janaura Primary School1412Janaura
79Naubatpur Primary School574Nabautpur
80Naglabal Urf Balka Junior High School Room No.1847Nagla Bal Urf Balka
81Naglabal Urf Balka Junior High School Room No.2774Nagla Bal Urf Balka
82Naglabal Urf Balka Junior High School Room No.3759Nagla Bal Urf Balka
83Naglabal Urf Balka Junior High School Room No.4771Nagla Bal Urf Balka
84Surjawali Primary School1161Surjawali
85Aurangpur Mohasan Primary School371Aurangpur Mohsan
86Bakaura Primary School1256Bakaura
87Aurangpur Meerpur Primary School774Aurangpur Mirpur
88Albarabad Kooda Primary School845N/A
89Jamnather Primary School588Kaithara
90Jaunth Primary School1282Jauth
91Alamgeer Nain Sukh Primary School552Alamgirpur Nainsukh
92Mirzapur Agarpur Primary School524Mirzapur Agarpur
93Adauli Primary School Room No. 1879Adauli
94Adauli Primary School Room No. 2826Adauli
95Adauli Primary School Room No. 3917Adauli
96Adauli Primary School Room No. 4872Adauli
97Bangla Poothri Primary School887N/A
98Manakpur High School1252Manakpur
99Utraoli Girls High School Room No.1774Utrawali
100Utraoli Grils Junior High School Room No .2731Utrawali
101Utraoli Grils Junior High School Room No.3796Utrawali
102Utraoli Grils Junior High School Roon .4725Utrawali
103Milk Mohasan Garh Primary School1321Milkmakanpur
104Hazartpur Samaspu Primary School1258Hazratpur Samaspur
105Kalauli Primry Schoo Room No.11448Kaurali
106Kalauli Primary School Room No.21086Kalauli
107Dohli Primary School Room No.1954Dohali
108Dohli Primary School Room No.2634Dohali
109Paundri Primary School Room No1748Pondari
110Paundri Primary School Room No.2729Pondari
111Paundri Primary School Room No.3822Pondari
112Aundri New Primary School Room No.1812Pondari
113Paundri New Primary School Room No.21459Pondari
114Fatehabad Urf Julepura Primary School Room No.1949Fatehabad Urf Julepura
115Fatehbad Urf Julepura Primary School Room No.2898Fatehabad Urf Julepura
116Kuchheja Primary School Room No.1748Kuchheja
117Kuchheja Primary School Room No.2920Kuchheja
118Sahkari Nagar Inter College1230Sahkarinagar
119Mursana Primary School Room No.1988Mursana
120Mursana Primary School Room No.21412Mursana
121Kishanpur Primary School1483Kishanpur
122Shivali Nain Singh Highr Secondary School Room No.1805Siwali
123Shivali Nain Singh Highr Secondary School Room No.2770Siwali
124Shivali Nain Singh Highr Secondary School Room No.31266Siwali
125Shivali Nain Singh Highr Secondary School Room No.4531Siwali
126Alameerpur Dhanora Primary School Room No.1858Alamgirpur Dhanaura
127Alameerpur Dhanora Primary School Room No.2732Alamgirpur Dhanaura
128Farhadpur Primary School624Farhadpur
129Sikri Primary School748Sikari
130Shahpur Primary School839Shahpur
131Rashidpur Primary School1091Rashidpur
132Sadarpur Primary School1066Sadarpur
133Sannaut Primary School517Sannaut
134Salemgarh Primary School813Salemgarh
135Budhana Primary School Room No.1976Budhana
136Budhana Primary School Room N0.21217Budhana
137Rasoolpur Telia Urf Maithna Primary School Room No.11074Rasulpur Teliya Urf Maithana
138Rasoolpur Telia Urf Maithna Primary School Room No.2636Rasulpur Teliya Urf Maithana
139Bhiroli Primary School Room No.1996Bhiroli
140Bhiroli Primary School Room No.2848Bhiroli
141Anjan Primary School1036Anjni
142Khanpura Primary School1128Khanpura
143Jugsana Kurd Primary School Room No.1425Jugasana Khurd
144Jugsana Kalan Primary School Room No.11293Jugasana Kalan
145Jugsana Kalan Primary School Room No.21147Jugasana Kalan
146Navinagar Primary School Room No.11369Navi Nagar
147Navinagr Primary School Room No .21443Navi Nagar
148Dabkora Primary School980Davkora
149Maankarora Primary School893Man Karora
150Kisan Adarsh Unter Colege Raunda1326Ronda
151Badarkha Primary School Room No.1733Badarkha
152Badarkha Primary School Room No.2683Badarkha
153Shekhupur Primary School Room No.1998Shekupur Raura
154Shekhupur Raura Primary School Room No.21011Shekupur Raura
155Jatvai Primary School1023Jatvai
156Gahana Govardhanpur Primary School Room No.11187Gahana Govardhanpur
157Gahana Govardhanpur Primary School Room No.21073Gahana Govardhanpur
158Khijarabad Primary School551Khijarabad
159Gochavali Primary School609Jahangirabad Rural
160Shivkumar Agralwal Jahangirabad Janta Inter College Room No .11191Jahangirabad (NPP)
161Shivkumar Agralwal Jahangirabad Janta Inter College Room No .21071Jahangirabad (NPP)
163Shivkumar Agralwal Jahangirabad Janta Inter College Room No .41113Jahangirabad (NPP)
164Jahangirabad B.P.A A.S Inter College Room No.11047N/A
165Jahangirabad B.P.A A.S Inter College Room No.21323Jahangirabad (NPP)
166Jahangirabad B.P.A A.S Inter College Room No.31039Jahangirabad (NPP)
167Jahangirabad B.P.A A.S. Inter College Room No.41362Jahangirabad (NPP)
168Jahangirabad B.P.A A.As. Inter College Room No.5762Jahangirabad (NPP)
169Jahangirabad B.P.A A.As. Inter College Room No.6924Jahangirabad (NPP)
170Nehru Memorila Junior High Jahangirabad Room No.1713Jahangirabad (NPP)
171Nehru Memorila Junior High Jahangirabad Room No.2322Jahangirabad (NPP)
172Nehru Memorila Junior High Jahangirabad Room No.41287Jahangirabad (NPP)
173Junior Kanya Pathshala Zila Parishad Jahangirabad Room No.1980Jahangirabad (NPP)
174Prathmik Vidhayala Aahangran Jahangirabad Room No.1836Jahangirabad (NPP)
175Prathmik Vidhayala Aahangran Jahangirabad Room No.2926Jahangirabad (NPP)
176Junior Kanya Pathshala Zila Parishad Jahangirabad Room No.2795Jahangirabad (NPP)
177Jahangirabad Subhash Memorial Junior High School Room No-11141Jahangirabad (NPP)
178Jahangirabad Subhash Memorial Junior High School Room No-21228Jahangirabad (NPP)
179Jahangirabad Midial Primary School Room No.11362Jahangirabad (NPP)
180Jahangirabad Midial Primary School Room No.21153Jahangirabad (NPP)
181Jahangirabad Midial Primary School Room No.3849Jahangirabad (NPP)
182Jahangirabad Midial Primary School Room No.41259Jahangirabad (NPP)
183Jahangirabad Midial Primary School Room No.51160Jahangirabad (NPP)
184Jahangirabad Junior High School Room No.11412Jahangirabad (NPP)
185Jahangirabad Junior High School Room No.2488Jahangirabad (NPP)
186Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .1 Purvi Bhag1296Jahangirabad (NPP)
187Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplalbansal Kanya Inter College Room No .2 Purvi Bhag888Jahangirabad (NPP)
188Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .3 Purvi Bhag578Jahangirabad (NPP)
189Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .4 Purvi Bhag866Jahangirabad (NPP)
190Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .5 Purvi Bhag1069Jahangirabad (NPP)
191Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .6 Pashchimi Bhag675Jahangirabad (NPP)
192Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .7 Pashchimi Bhag761Jahangirabad (NPP)
193Jahangirabad Dr. Anooplal Bansal Kanya Inter College Room No .8 Pashchimi Bhag724Jahangirabad (NPP)
194Jahangirabad Shishu Bharti School Room No.1819Jahangirabad (NPP)
195Jahangirabad Shishu Bharti School Room No.2790Jahangirabad (NPP)
196Jahangirabad Nagar Palika Karyalay1486Jahangirabad (NPP)
197Jahangirabad Shishu Bharti School Room No.31017Jahangirabad (NPP)
198Jahangirabad Laxmibai Kanya Pathshala Room No.1903Jahangirabad (NPP)
199Jahangirabad Laxmibai Kanya Pathshala Room No.2647Jahangirabad (NPP)
200Chachrai Primary School1155Jahangirabad (NPP)
201Permnagar Primary School356Jahangirabad (NPP)
202Bhaiyapur Primary School643Jahangirabad Dehat
203Jamrow Primary School811Jamrau
204Titouta Urf Veerganv High School Room No.1963Titota Urf Birgaon
205Titouta Urf Veerganv High School Room No.2849Titota Urf Birgaon
206Titouta Urf Veerganv High School Room No.3654Titota Urf Birgaon
207Bhopur Primary School807Bhopur
208Bidhipur Junior High Schol501Bidhipur
209Jasar Primary School Room No.11326Jasar
210Jasar Primary School Room No.21115Jasar
211Jairampur Urf Kudaina Primary School1390Jairampur Kudena
212Madhogharh Primary School706Madhogarh
213Sahibabad Urf Kakrai Junior High School Room No .11204Sahibad Urf Kakarai
214Sahibabad Urf Kakrai Junior High School Room No .2943Sahibad Urf Kakarai
215Mobarikpur Primary School510Mubarikpur
216Potha Primary School943Pootha
217Kariji Primary School1111Khadana
218Khadana Uchchattar Madhaymik Vidhalay Room No.1886Khadana
219Khadana Uchchattar Madhaymik Vidhalay Room No.2759Khadana
220Khadana Uchchattar Madhaymik Vidhalay Room No.3698Khadana
221Khadana Primary School777Khadana
222Godhna Primary School544Khadana
223Rutha Primary School1317Rootha
224Jaleelpur Primary School Room No.11340Jalilpur
225Jaleelpur Primary School Room No.21021Jalilpur
226Jaleelpur Primary School Room No.3815Jalilpur
227Sankhani Hedri Inter College Room No.1897Sankhani
228Sankhani Hedri Inter College Room No.2889Sankhani
229Sankhani Hedri Inter College Room No.31402Sankhani
230Sankhani Parathmik Vidhalay Abbasnagar Room No.1804Sankhani
231Sankhani Parathmik Vidhalay Abbasnagar Room No.2755Sankhani
232Sankhani Kanya Purv Madhaymik Vidhalay1257Sankhani
233Dungra Jat Primary School Room No.1991Dungara Jat
234Dungra Jat Primary School Room No.2856Dungara Jat
235Dungra Jat Primary School Room No.31439Dungara Jat
236Ganga Pahada Primary School1279Gangabas Pahara
237Lachoi Primary School1166Lachhoi
238Charora Primary School Room No.11396Lachhoi
239Charora Primary School Room No.21351Charaura
240Jatpura Inter College Room No.11267Jatpura
241Jatpura Inter College Room No.21054Jatpura
242Darora Inter College Room No.1850Daraura
243Darora Inter College Room No.2876Charaura
244Nurpur Urf Karanpur Primary School657Nurpur Ufe Karnpur
245Bichola Primary School1012Bichaula
246Khalaur Primary School Room No.11012Khalaur
247Khalaur Primary School Room No. 1614Khalaur
248Khalaur Primary School Room No. 3624Khalaur
249Khalaur Kanya Pathshala Room No.1702Khalaur
250Khalaur Kanya Pathshala Room No.2644Khalaur
251Khalaur Kanya Pathshala Room No.3340Khalaur
252Khalaur Kanya High School Room No.1794Khalaur
253Khalaur Kanya High School Room No.2684Khalaur
254Aahmad Urf Toli Primary School Room No.11107Ahamad Nagar Urf Touli
255Aahmad Urf Toli Primary School Room No.2886Ahamad Nagar Urf Touli
256Salagwan Primary School1094Salgavan
257Devkaran Urf Primary School Room No .1659Devakaranpur Urf Bajhera
259Biroli Junior High School Room No.1831Bhiroli
260Biroli Junior High School Room No.2720Bhiroli
261Biroli Primary School1054Bhiroli
262Shoerampur Primary School783Bhiroli
263Jinai Primary School798Shyaurampur Jinai
264Rora Primary School Room No.1868Raura
265Rora Primary School Room No.21126Raura
266Malakpur Primary School Room No.11313Malakpur
267Malakpur Primary School Room No .2720Malakpur
268Malakpur Primary School Room No.3771Malakpur
269Jarajpur Majra Malakpur Primary School351Malakpur
270Malakpur Purav Madhmik Vidhalaya Room No . 1998Malakpur
271Malakpur Purav Madhmik Vidhalaya Room No . 2675Malakpur
272Rajpur Primary School1024Rajpur
273Begampur Urf Jairampur Primary School1048Jairampur Kudena
274Shahjahanpur Primary School893Shahjahanpur
275Sunana Primary School1400Sunana
276Sunai Primary School1394Sunai
277Hisavati Primary School980Hisavati
278Dungara Jogi Primary School Room No.1811Dungara Jogi
279Dungara Jogi Primary School Room No.2669Dungara Jogi
280Parli Primary School1230Parali
281Amarpur Primary School609Amarpur
282Khanoda Kanya Pathshala Room No.11149Khaunada
283Khanoda Kanya Pathshala Room No.21128Khaunada
284Nagla Nalu Primary School927Nagala Nalu
285Potabadshahpur Primary School1226Pauta Badshahapur
286Badhpura Primary School1353Barhpura
287Banvaripur Primary School730Banawaripur
288Sihalinagar Primary School693Banawaripur
289Daravar Junior High School Room No.1818Daravar
290Daravar Junior High School Room No.2961Daravar
291Rajapur Primary School901Rajapur
292Ahar Bangar Primary School Room No.11202Ahar Bangar
293Ahar Bangar Primary School Room No.21087Ahar Bangar
294Ahar Bangar Junior High School1173Ahar Bangar
295Ahar Bangar Panchayat Ghar1202Ahar Bangar
296Mobarikpur Bangar Primary School667Mubarikpur Bangar
297Moharsa Primary School Room No.11119Mauharsa
298Moharsa Primary School Room No.2911Mauharsa
299Moharsa Primary School Room No.3734Mauharsa
300Bamanpur Primary School Room No .1762Bamanpur
301Bamanpur Primary School Room No .2750Bamanpur
302Khalakpur Prima Primary School858Khalikpur
303Mohamadpur Bangar Primary School799Mohammadpur Bangar
304Hasanpur Bangar Primary School1129Hasanpur Bangar
305Sirora Bangar Primary School Room No.11014Siraura Bangar
306Sirora Bangar Primary School Room No.2710Siraura Bangar
307Sirora Bangar Primary School Room No.31284Siraura Bangar
308Pachdevra Primary School1213Pachdevra
309Shikoi Sarvoday Inter College Room No.1791Shikoi
310Shikoi Sarvoday Inter College Room No.2795Shikoi
311Shikoi Sarvoday Inter College Room No.3884Shikoi
312Mojpur Primary School1251Maujpur
313Pahadpur Primary School Room No .1976Paharpur
314Pahadpur Primary School Room No .21047Paharpur
315Aajampur Torai Primary School Room No.1771Alampur Urf Torai Bangar
316Aajampur Torai Primary School Room No.2690Alampur Urf Torai Bangar
317Bachchikaeda Bagar Primary School1429Akbarpur Urf Bachchikhera Bang
318Netanagar Majra Salamatpur Primary School598Salamatpur
319Salamatpur Prtimary School1240Salamatpur
320Ametha Primary School701Ametha
321Garahara Primary School1445N/A
322Anivas Primary School Room No.1745Garhara
323Anivas Primary School Room No.2691Aniwas
324Dogaur Primary School1167Dugrau
325Pagona Primary School707Pagauna
326Karanpur Kanla Gandhi Shisha Niketan Inter College Room No.11431Karanpur Kalan
327Karanpur Kanla Gandhi Shisha Niketan Inter College Room No.21014Jugasana Kalan
328Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.11448Anupshahr (NPP)
329Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.21402Anupshahr (NPP)
330Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.31348Anupshahr (NPP)
331Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.4920Anupshahr (NPP)
332Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.5903Anupshahr (NPP)
333Anoopshahr Junior High School Room No.6687Anupshahr (NPP)
334Anoopshahr Karyalaya Up Sambhagiya Krishi Parsar Adhikari1138Anupshahr (NPP)
335Anoopshahr G.D.A Inter College Room No.21213Anupshahr (NPP)
336Anoopshahr G.D.A Inter College Room No.3625Anupshahr (NPP)
337Anoopshahr G.D.A Inter College Room No.4705Anupshahr (NPP)
338Anoopshahr G.D.A.V Inter College Room No.11136Anupshahr (NPP)
339Anoopshahr Ramsuroop Arya Kanya Inter College Room No.11253Anupshahr (NPP)
340Anoopshahr Ramsuroop Arya Kanya Inter College Room No.2881Anupshahr (NPP)
342Anoopshahr Nagar Shaili Primary School1202Anupshahr (NPP)
343Anoopshahr L.D.A.V Inter College Room No.11023Anupshahr (NPP)
344Anoopshahr L.D.A.V Inter College Room No.21363Anupshahr (NPP)
345Anoopshahr L.D.A.V Inter College Room No.3827Anupshahr (NPP)
346Anoopshahr L.D.A.V Inter College Room No.41429Anupshahr (NPP)
347Lachachampur Primary School Room No.11376Anupshahr (NPP)
348Lachachampur Primary School Room No.2457Lachchhampur
349Aachalpur Primary School645Achalpur
350Sherpur Bangar Primary School Room No.1943Fatahpur
351Sherpur Bangar Primary School Room No.2836Sherpur Bangar
352Fatehpur Primary School1037Fatahpur
353Roodhbangar Primary School781Rooth Bangar

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