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Polling Booth in Amroha Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Amroha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Amroha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prakash Junior High School Kishangar1489Amroha (NPP)
2R.N. Inter College Room No.11086Amroha (NPP)
3R.N. Inter College Room No.21081Amroha (NPP)
4R.N. Inter College Room No.4760Amroha (NPP)
5R.N. Inter College Room No.31017Amroha (NPP)
6M.M. Jannat Nisha Girls High School Gher Paccheya Room No.2888Amroha (NPP)
7M.M Jannat Nisha Girls High School Gher Paccheya Room No.21257Amroha (NPP)
8Primary School Lakra Room No.11200Amroha (NPP)
9Primary School Lakra Room No.2861Amroha (NPP)
10Primary School Lakra Room No.31315Amroha (NPP)
11Primary School Lakra Room No.41303Amroha (NPP)
12Primary School Lakra Room No.51023Amroha (NPP)
13Abdul Karim Khan Inter College Room No.11077Amroha (NPP)
14Abdul Karim Khan Inter College Room No.2832Amroha (NPP)
15Abdul Karim Khan Inter College Room No.31138Amroha (NPP)
16Primary School Girls Qureshi Asthai Diwar Ke Sahare1081Amroha (NPP)
19Jatav Dharmshala Qureshi Room No.11114Amroha (NPP)
20Modern Children Public Junior High School Moh Qureshi Akbarpur Patti Road Room No.11003Amroha (NPP)
21Modern Children Public Junior High School Moh Qureshi Akbarpur Patti Road Room No.2656Amroha (NPP)
22Bal Vidha Vihar Junior High School Kala Quan Room No.1744Amroha (NPP)
23Bal Vidha Vihar Junior High School Kala Quan Room No.2866Amroha (NPP)
24Primary School Balak Chowk Room No.11067Amroha (NPP)
25Primary School Balak Chowk Room No.21179Amroha (NPP)
26Primary School Balak Chowk Room No.31353Amroha (NPP)
27M.B.Junior High School Chowk Room No.1852Amroha (NPP)
28M.B.Junior High School Chowk Room No.3772Amroha (NPP)
29M.B.Junior High School Chowk Room No.21359Amroha (NPP)
30Jaefia Memo. Junior High School Katkoi Room No.1829Amroha (NPP)
31Jaefia Memo. Junior High School Katkoi Room No.3977Amroha (NPP)
32Jaefia Memo. Junior High School Katkoi Room No.21195Amroha (NPP)
33Sharma Devi Inter College Room No.11461Amroha (NPP)
34Sharma Devi Inter College Room No.21288Amroha (NPP)
35Sharma Devi Inter College Room No.31266Amroha (NPP)
36Sharma Devi Inter College Room No.41230Amroha (NPP)
37Primary School Ahmad Nager Room No.11119Amroha (NPP)
38Primary School Ahmad Nager Room No.5854Amroha (NPP)
39Primary School Ahmad Nager Room No.21244Amroha (NPP)
40Primary School Ahmad Nager Room No.31171Amroha (NPP)
41A.W. Faizey Aam Inter College Room No.11222Amroha (NPP)
42A.W. Faizy Aam Inter College Room No.2948Amroha (NPP)
43Saraswat Dharmshala1210Amroha (NPP)
44Ramchandra Ktari K.U.M.V. Room No.11008Amroha (NPP)
45Ramchandra Khatri K.U.M.V.Room No.21139Amroha (NPP)
46Ramchander Khatri K.U.M.V.Room No.31048Amroha (NPP)
47Ramchander Kanya Pa. Room No.21050Amroha (NPP)
48Ramchander Kanya Pa. Room No.31358Amroha (NPP)
49Ramchander Kanya Pa.974Amroha (NPP)
50Ramchander Kanya Pa. Room No.1688Amroha (NPP)
51J.S.Hindu Inter College Room No.11509Amroha (NPP)
52J.S.Hindu Inter College Room No.21480Amroha (NPP)
53J.S.Hindu Inter College Room No.3953Amroha (NPP)
54J.S.Hindu Inter College Room No.41263Amroha (NPP)
55J.S.Hindu Inter College Room No.51243Amroha (NPP)
56Primary School Katra Gulam Ali Room No.1889Amroha (NPP)
57Primary School Katra Gulam Ali Room No.2636Amroha (NPP)
58Agarwal Dharmshala Room No.1894Amroha (NPP)
59Agarwal Dharmshala Room No.3984Amroha (NPP)
60Agarwal Dharmshala Room No.2886Amroha (NPP)
61Agarwal Dharmshala Room No.4851Amroha (NPP)
62I.M.Inter College Room No.11307Amroha (NPP)
63I.M.Inter College Room No.21398Amroha (NPP)
64I.M.Inter College Room No.31034Amroha (NPP)
65I.M.Inter College Room No.4846Amroha (NPP)
66I.M.Inter College Room No.51014Amroha (NPP)
67Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.1949Amroha (NPP)
68Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.2889Amroha (NPP)
69Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.3986Amroha (NPP)
70Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.41506Amroha (NPP)
71Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.51004Amroha (NPP)
72Nagar Palika Parishad Office Room No.6652Amroha (NPP)
73Sayyadul Madaris Junior High School Room No.1823Amroha (NPP)
74Sayyadul Madaris Junior High School Room No.3668Amroha (NPP)
75Sayyadul Madaris Junior High School Room No.21238Amroha (NPP)
76Aly Ahmed Girls School Saddo Room No.11472Amroha (NPP)
77Aly Ahmed Girls School Saddo Room No.21284Amroha (NPP)
78Aly Ahmed Girls School Saddo Room No.31165Amroha (NPP)
79Primary School472Amroha (NPP)
80National Children Home Junior High School825Amroha (NPP)
82Aly Ahmed Girls Inter College Room No.1946Amroha (NPP)
84Aly Ahmed Girls Inter College Room No.31081Amroha (NPP)
85Mirza Safdar Beg School1216Amroha (NPP)
86Primary School Katra Bakhtawar Singh Asthai Diwar Ke Sahare1271Amroha (NPP)
89Sunveem Public School Room No.1951Amroha (NPP)
90Sunveem Public School Room No.21036Amroha (NPP)
91Madrsa Rashidiya Bazar Razzad1331Amroha (NPP)
92Imambargha Haqqani1375Amroha (NPP)
93Imam Bargha Satti678Amroha (NPP)
94Primary School Room No.1757Amroha (NPP)
95Primary School Room No.3780Amroha (NPP)
96Primary School Room No.21359Amroha (NPP)
97Primary Shool Room No.1480Amroha (NPP)
100Primary School Room No.4848Amroha (NPP)
101Biri Workers Muslim Girls Inter College Room No.4970Amroha (NPP)
102Biri Workers Muslim Girls Inter College Room No.51050Amroha (NPP)
103Ajmal Memo. School Room No.1701Amroha (NPP)
104Ajmal Memo. School Room No.21126Amroha (NPP)
105Arban Health Post Room No.11351Amroha (NPP)
106Madrsa Darool Uloom Islamiya Arbiya Room No.11175Amroha (NPP)
107Madrsa Darool Uloom Islamiya Arbiya Room No.2782Amroha (NPP)
108Madrsa Darool Uloom Islamiya Arbiya Room No.3836Amroha (NPP)
109Madrsa Darool Uloom Islamiya Arbiya Room No.4885Amroha (NPP)
110N.A.M. Inter College Room No.11500Amroha (NPP)
111N.A.M. Inter College Room No.21447Amroha (NPP)
112M.Q.M Inter College Room No.11400Amroha (NPP)
113M.Q.M Inter College Room No.31091Amroha (NPP)
114M.Q.M Inter College Room No.41028Amroha (NPP)
116Karlay Ganna Vikas Parishad Room No.11050Amroha (NPP)
117Karlay Ganna Vikas Parishad Room No.21325Amroha (NPP)
118Kundan Modal Inter College Room No.11268Amroha (NPP)
119Kundan Modal Inter College Room No.21000Amroha (NPP)
120Kundan Modal Inter College Room No.3857Amroha (NPP)
121Sujata Ma. School (Kundan College) Room No.1775Amroha (NPP)
122Sujata Ma. School (Kundan College) Room No.2824Amroha (NPP)
123Sujata Ma. School (Kundan College) Room No.31478Amroha (NPP)
124Sujata Ma. School (Kundan College) Room No.4899Amroha (NPP)
125Sujata Ma. School (Kundan College) Room No.51428Amroha (NPP)
126Goverment Inter College Room No.11329Amroha (NPP)
127Goverment Inter College Room No.21134Amroha (NPP)
128Goverment Inter College Room No.31178Amroha (NPP)
129Mirza Farookh Beg Girls Inter Colleg Room No.11103Amroha (NPP)
130Mirza Farookh Beg Girls Inter Colleg Room No.2842Amroha (NPP)
131Prathmik Vidhaly1219Amroha Dehat
134M.S. Junior High School933Amroha Dehat
137Junior High School1211Pachkaura Meherban Ali
145Junior High School Room No.1840Kazi Sarai Urf Kanker Sarai
146Junior High School Room No.2924Kazi Sarai Urf Kanker Sarai
147Junior High School Room No.31135Kazi Sarai Urf Kanker Sarai
176Kanya Pathshala Room No.1870Sarkari Aziz
177Kanya Pathshala Room No.2845Sarkari Aziz
218Purv Madhymik Vidhaly Room No.1863Joya (NP)
219Purv Madhymik Vidhaly Room No.2909Joya (NP)
220Purv Madhymik Vidhaly Room No.3799Joya (NP)
221Purv Madhymik Vidhaly Room No.4683Joya (NP)
222Block Office Room No.11355Joya (NP)
223Block Office Room No.2927Joya (NP)
224Block Office Room No.3708Joya (NP)
225Block Office Room No.61002Joya (NP)
234Sushila Devi Inter College Room No.11433Didauli
235Sushila Devi Inter College Room No.21207Didauli
236Sushila Devi Inter College Room No.31473Didauli
237Sushila Devi Inter College Room No.4892Didauli
238Sushila Devi Inter College Room No.5683Didauli
257Janta Inter College Room No.11139Patei Khalsa
258Janta Inter College Room No.21030Patei Khalsa
259Janta Inter College Room No.31113Patei Khalsa
260Janta Inter College Room No.4995Patei Khalsa
261Janta Inter College Room No.5787Patei Khalsa
262Janta Inter College Room No.6750Patei Khalsa
270Kanya Junior High School1266Khaya Mafi

Last Updated on June 02, 2020
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