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Polling Booth in Alapur Assembly Constituency

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Alapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Alapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Alapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P.Katokhar Uttari Kaksh1175Katokhar
2P.P.Musepur Kala Naya Bhawan Purvi Kaksh1426Musupur Kalan
3P.P.Musepur Kala Naya Bhawan Pashchimi Kaksh1396Hanswar
4P.P Mokalpur (.Musepur Kala) Purvi Kaksh1483Musepur Kalan Aa.
5P.P. Mokal Pur (Musepur Kala) Pashchimi Kaksh192Musepur Kalan Aa.
6D.P.J.H.S.Makrahi Purvi Kaksh1330Makrhe
7D.P.J.H.S.Makrahi Madhya R.430Makrhe Aa.
9P.P.Saidpur Leduadeeh1186Saidapur Leduadeeh
10P.P.Sarfuddinpur Dakshini.Kaksh885Sarphuddinpur
11P.P.Danukara Uttari Kaksh1350Dhanukara
12P.P.Chahora Shahpur Purvi Kaksh1499Chahoda Shahpur
13P.P.Parsauna Purvi Kaksh321Parsouna
15P.P.Isaurinasirpur Purvi Kaksh1107Esaure Naserpur
16P.P. Esauri Naseerpur Pashchimi Kaksh612Barhe Pur
17P.P.Patarabhar Uttari Kaksh663Patra Bhar
18P.P. Goverdhanpur Uttari Kaksh1234Govardhanpur
19P.P. Tighra Tappa Jahangirganj Purvi Kaksh296Tighara Tappa Jahager Ganj
20P.P.Kavahi Anjanpur Uttari Kaksh1001Kabye Anjanpur
21P.P. Bhavanipur Umari Uttari Kaksh925Umre Bhawanepur
22P.P.Bhavanipur Umari Dakshini Kaksh505Rampur Saray
23P.P. Kalyanpur Urf Pahi Tiyapur Uttari Kaksh430Kalyanpur Urf Pahitiyapur
24P.P.Mahmadpur Chak Fareedpur922Mahamadpur
25P.P. Lakhamipur Naya Bhawan943Lakhmepur
26P.P. Sultanpur Tappa Chahora Uttari Kaksh1110Sultanpur Tappa Chahoda
27P.P.Sarawan Purvi Kaksh882Sarawa
28P.P.Sarawan Pashchimi Kaksh648Sarawa Aa.
29P.P. Sarawan Naya Bhawan773Bateripur
30U.P.V.Hisamuddeenpur Pipra Purvi1521Hisamudenpur Pipra Aa.
31U.P.V. Hisamuddeenpur Pipra Pashchimi1271Hisamuddinpur Pipra
32K.J.H.S. Shekhpur Malpura Purvikaksh1085Shekhpur Malpura Aa.
33K.J.H.S. Shekhpur Malpura Pashchimi Kaksh1183Shekhapur Malpura
34P.P. Dilawalpur Uttari Kaksh936Dilawalpur
35P.P. Patna Mubarakpur Uttari Kaksh977Patna Mubarakpur
36P.P. Patna Mubarakpur Dakshini Kaksh559Patna Mubarakpur Aa.
37Purv M.V. Achhati Pashchimi Kaksh (Mustafabad)711Mustfabad
38P.P.Achhati Purvi Kaksh1319Achhte Aa.
39P.P.Achhati Pashchimi Kaksh961Achhte
40P.P. Indaipur Purvi Kaksh1323Indaipur
41P.P.Hathinaraj Purvi Kaksh988Hathiyaraj
42P.P.Hathinaraj Pashchmi Kaksh1299Hathiyaraj Aa.
43Purv M.V.Alapur Uttari Kaksh800Aalapur
44P.P.Hafijpur Langari Purvi Kaksh1049Hafijpur Lagri
45P.P.Saidpur Raseedpur Purvi Kaksh602Saidpur Rasidpur
46P.P.Khawajabarapur Purvi Kaksh450Khwaja Badapur
47P.P.Aribpur Dakshinikaksh860Aribpur Sari
48P.P.Aribpur Uttari Kaksh643Sray Haiwat
49P.P.Bheeti Uttari Kaksh532Bhete
50P.P.Vimawal Uttari Kaksh1336Bimawal
51P.P.Asharafabad Uttari Kaksh1345Parwrdeeh
52P.P.Barideehsikandarpur Purvi Kaksh490Barideeh Sikandarpur
53P.P.Manvarpur Uttari Kaksh1169Manwarpur
54J.H.S.Bhavanipur Umari Purvikaksh (Baksapur)349Baksapur
57P.P.Masenamirjapur Uttari Kaksh1169Masana Mirjapur
58P.P. Masena Mirjapur Dakshini Kaksh760Masana Mirjapur Aa.
59J.H.S. Ramnagar Mahuvar Uttri1005Ramnagar Mahuware
60J.H.S.Ramnagar Mahuvar Dakshini818Ramnagar Mahuware Aa.
61P.P.Ramnagar Mahuvar Pashchimi1099Ramnagar Mahuware
62P.P.Ramnagarmahuvar Purvi558Ramnagar Mahuware Aa.
63P.P. Banhavan Uttari Kaksh(Shahpur Auraon)833Shahpur Aurawa
64P.P.Bahrampur Uttari Kaksh1371Bahrampur
65P.P.Khatmipur Uttari Kaksh1091Khatmepur
66P.P.Rannapur Dakshini Kaksh600Rannapur
67P.P.Neeba Purvi Kaksh1289Neeba
68P.P.Neeba Pashchimi Kaksh273Newa Aa.
69P.P.Sahijanahamjapur Uttari Kaksh1403Sahijana Hamjanapur
70P.P.Husenpur Musalman Uttari Kaksh880Husenpur Musalman
71P.P. Husenpur Musalman Dakshini Kaksh1070Husenpur Aa.
72P.P.Jallapur Tappa Neori Uttari Kaksh474Jllapur Tappanewari
73P.P.Khajuriya Dakshini Kaksh946Khajuriya
74P.P.Khvajapur Purvi Kaksh602Mahmudpur Dewi Dyal
75P.P.Sandahamajhgavana Dakshini Kaksh1016Sandaha Majgawan
76P.P.Sandahamajgavan Madhya Kaksh520Sandha Majgwa Aa.
77P.P.Sandahamajgavana Uttari Kaksh1155Sandaha Majgawan
78Matri Shishu Kalyan Kendra Sandahamajgavana904Sandha Majgwa Aa.
79P.P.Sultanpur Kabeerpur Uttari Kaksh875Sultanpur Kabeerpur
80P.P. Bukiya Purvi Kaksh1292Bukiya
81P.P.Bukiya Pashchimi Kaksh784Bukiya Aa.
82J.H.S. Durgipur Faijullahpur Purvi Kaksh529Phaijullahpur
83P.P.Kataya Pahalvan Purvi Kaksh503Katya Pahalwan
84P.P.Maraucha Purvi Kaksh1404Maroucha Aa.
85P.P.Maraucha Pashchimi Kaksh1277Maroucha Aa.
86P.P.Shivtara Uttari Kaksh1377Shiv Tara
87P.P.Shivtara Dakshini Kaksha703Shiv Tara
88P.P.Rautpara Pashchimi Kaksh1281Rautpara
89P.P.Bheekhpur (Rampur Indi Pindi) Uttari Kaksh1226Rampur Indi Pinde
90P.P.Naseerpur Uttari Kaksh1215Naserpur Aa.
91P.P.Naseerpur Dakshini Kaksh698Naserpur
92P.P.Jhakharvara Naya Bhawan Uttari Kaksh792Jhakharwara
93P.P.Katar Grah Purvi Kaksh610Katarharh
94Sah.S.Lt.Tendua Purvi Kaksh654Tendua
95P.P.Kasdaha (Pratapur Belvariya )Uttari Kaksh1387Pratappur Belwariya
96P.P. Kaurahi Purvi Kaksh1279Koudahe
97P.P.Kaurahi Atirikat Kaksh1350Kaudari
98P.P.Kaurahi Pashchimi Kaksh1238Koudahe Aa.
99P.P.Amola Bujurg Uttari Kaksh972Amola Buzurg
100P.P.Amola Bujurg Purvi Kaksh701Amola Buzurg
101P.P.Amola Bujurg Dakshini Kaksh759Amola Buzurg Aa.
102P.P. Amola Bujurg Atirikt Kaksh726Amola Buzurg
103P.P. Imadpur Purvi Kaksh1240Imadpur
104P.P.Ahirauli Govindsahab Uttari Kaksha771Ahirauli
105P.P. Bhagvanpur Manjhariya Uttari Kaksh1046Bhagwanpur Manjhariya Aa.
106P.P.Bhagvanpur Manjhariya Madhya Kaksh674Bhagwanpur Manjhariya
107P.P.Bhagvanpur Manjahariya Dakshini Kaksh595Bhagwanpur Manjhariya Aa.
108P.P.Amdi Purvi Kaksh1195Amari
109P.P.Amdi Pashchimi Kaksh759Amari Aa.
110P.P.Daudpur Tappa Neori971Daudpur Tappa Newre
111J.H. Rustampur Uttari Kaksh935Rustampur
112P.P.Mahmoodpur Shahpur Purvi Kaksh929Shahpur Mahamudpur
113P.P.Bhojpur Dakshini Kaksh858Bhojpur
114P.P.Neori Pashchimi Kaksh1445Neware
115P.P.Neori Purvi Kaksh508Neware Aa.
116P.P.Amadarveshpur Pashchimi Kaksh1056Ama Darwespur
117P.P.Amadarveshpur Purvi Kaksh1000Ama Darwespur
118P.P.Satrahi Uttari Kaksh1047Satrhe
119P.P.Lonideeh Purvi Kaksh854Malpur
120P.P.Mirjapur Jangal Uttari Kaksh665Madho Tanda
121P.P.Basahiya Gangasagar Purvi Kaksh1446Bashiya Ganga Sagar
122P.P. Bahigawanjogipur Pashchimi Kaksh953Bahingawa Jogipur Aa.
123P.P.Bahingawanjogipur Uttari Kaksh650Bahingawa Jogipur
124P.P.Bahingawan Jogipur Purvi Kaksh337Basant Patti
125P.P.Arma Purvi Kaksh694Arama
126J.H.S. Saraiya Hardo Purvi Kaksh614Saraiya Hardo
127P.P.Gohnarpur Purvi Kaksh918Gohanarpur
128J.H.S. Lakhanipatti Dakshini Kaksh1281Lakhani Patti
129P.P.Ladilapur Purvi Kaksh1303Harpur
130P.P. Maheshpur Mandap Uttari Kaksh1384Maheshpur Mandap
131P.P.Thatthapur Dakshini Kaksh1144Manapur
132Panchayat Bhawan Nagdaha442Nagadaha
133S.V.K.V. Tapsinagar Sekhauliya Uttari Kaksh338Shekhwalia
134P.P.Maduana Uttari Kaksh564Maduwana
135P.P.Lakhandeeh Pashchimi Kaksh936Lakhandih
136P.P.Lakhandeeh Purvi Kaksh1375Lakhandih A.
137P.P.Husenpur Khurd Uttari Kaksh783Husenpur Khurd
138P.P.Husenpur Khurd Dakshini Kaksh754Husenpur Khurd A.
139P.P. Annapur Purvi Kaksh940Aannapur
140Ramnaresh J.B.V. Sutharpara (Parmesharapur)Uttari Kaksh1051Suthar Para
141Ramnaresh J.B.V. Sutharpara (Parmeshrapur)Madhya Kaksh518Suthar Para A.
142Ramnaresh J.B.V. Sutharpara (Parmesrapur) Dakshini Kaksh253Parmeshrapur
143P.P.Parsauli Uttari Kaksh470Parsoule
144P.P.Itahuvasundarpur Purvi Kaksh990Itahwa Sunderpur
146P.P.Bidhar Khas Uttari Kaksh1421Birhar Khas
147J.H. Bidharkhas Purvi Kaksh694Mirjapur Indaipur
148J.H.Bidhar Khas Pashchim Kaksh595Khijjirpur Bulachak
149P.P.Mansoorganj Pashchimi Kaksh956Mansurganj
150P.P.Durgupur Pashchimi Kaksh1246Durgapur
151K.P.P.Jamaloopur Dakshini Kaksh526Jamlupur
152P.P.Madarmau Pashchimi Kaksh1236Maganpur Mahimapur
153P.P.Madarmau Purvi Kaksh1462Madermau
154P.P.Ramkola Uttari Kaksh539Ramcola
156P.P.Khargupur Purvi Kaksh1002Khargupur
157P.P.Chakpurva (Dharmpur Karmaitepur)1251Kakrhe Kisunpur
158P.P.Chandanpur Purvi Kaksh397Chandanpur
159P.P.Ganpatpur Nayabhawan Purvi Kaksh1410Neware Durajpur
160P.P.Ganpatpur Nayabhawan Pashchimi Kaksh1217Neware Durajpur A.
161P.P.Ganpatpur Purvi Kaksh1228Ganpati Pur
162J.H. Vishavanathpur Uttari Kaksh925Chaktara
163P.P Fattepur Khas Purvi Kaksh1300Fattepur Khas
164P.P.Fattepur Khas Pashchimi Kaksh856Fattepur Khas A.
165P.P.Jagdeeshpur Purvi Kaksh728Jagadishpur Mt. Fattehpur
166P.P.Mampur Uttari Kaksh1143Mampur
167J.H.Jahangirganj Uttari. Pashchimi.Kaksh1449Jahangir Ganj
168J1379Jahangir Ganj A.
169P.P.Jahangirganj Pratham Sima Navagawon Purvi789Nawagawan
170P.P.Jahangirganj Pratham Sima Nava Gaon Pashchimi689Naya Gaon A.
171Kanya P.P.Nariyaon Uttari Kaksh768Nariyaon
172K.P.P.Nariya0N Atirikt Kakhs767Nariyaon A.
173K.P.P.Nariyaon Dakshini Kaksh1098Nariyaon
174K.P.P.Nariyavan Dakshini Pashchimi Kaksh571Nariyaon A.
175K.P.P.Nariyaon Atirikat Kaksh522Nariyaon
176P.P. Makhdoompur Pashchimi Kaksh1229Makhadumpur
177P.P. Tilaktanda1392Tilktanda
178P.P.Aktharanarayanpur Purvi Kaksh947Akthranarayan Pur
179P.P.Sahasa Pashchmi Kaksh761Sahsa
180P.P.Singhpur Uttari Kaksh737Singhpur
181P.P.Kakarapar Purvi Kaksh913Kakrapar
182P.P.Bairi Bujurg Pashchimi Kaksh1180Baire Bujurg
183P.P.Naseerpur Jameen Asnara Pashchmi Kaksh525Sray Rammal
184P.P.Asnara Uttari Kaksh1471Bhabhaira
185P.P.Asnara Dakshini Kaksh755Dewchand Pur
186P.P. Sayampur Alaupur Uttarikaksh1095Syampur Alampur
187P.P.Kesharpur Uttari Kaksh276Kasarpur
188P.P. Sujawalpur1272Sujawal Pur
189P.P.Hardiha Jalal (Umari Jalal)1208Umre Jllal
190P.P. Naseerpur Chhitauna Purvi Kaksh817Naserpur Chhitauna
191P.P.Adampur Uttari Kaksh804Adampur
192P.P. Golahaipur1247Golhepur
193P.P.Hariharpur Uttari Kaksh1389Hariharpur
194P.P.Hariharpur Dakshini Kaksh190Sunderpur Khalsa
195P.P. Beerkhet1255Berkhet
196P.P.Tetariya Uttari Kaksh1353Hisamudenpur
197P.P.Rambag (Udaychandpur)637Hakempur Khurd
198P.P. Baragaon Purvi Kaksh982Baragaw
199P.P.Raypur Belwadari Purvi Kaksh1108Raypur Belwadadi
200P.P.Kinhupur Purvi Kaksh904Kinnupur
201P.P.Kinhupur Pashchmi Kaksh1254Jogipur
202P.P.Ainwan Purvi Kaksh1082Aenwa
203P.P.Ainwan Atirikt Kaksh522Aenwa A.
204P.P.Ainwan Pashchmi Kaksh1450Aenwa
205P.P.Kotiya Asharafpur749Kotiya Ashraphpur
206P.P.Sondau Samaisa Purvi Kaksh642Sondhu
207P.P.Jaitee Uttari Kaksh627Jaitee
208P.P.Karmanpur519Basant Pur
209P.P. Bangalpur Utttari Kaksh747Bangal Pur
211P.P.Charipur Kala Purvi Kaksh1386Saidoule
212P.P.Charipur Kala Pashchmi Kaksh789Chadipur Khurd
213P.P.Charipur Kala Atirikt Kaksh839Bahadurpur Annupur
215P.P.Madainiya . Kamra.N.11144Madainiya
216P.P.Itaura Dholipur Purvi Kaksh1047Itaura Dholipur
217P.P.Kathmorva(Saray Hankar)466Saray Hankar
218P.P.Kathmorva Uttari Kaksh671Kathmorwa
219P.P.Garhwal Pashchimi Kaksh1226Gahwal
220P.P.Semra Tappa Haveli461Semra Tappa Haveli
221J.H. Ahirauli Ranimau Purvi Kaksh1337Ahirauli Ranimau
222J.H.Ahirauli Ranimau Madhaya Kaksh503Ahirauli Rani Mau A.
223P.P.Fulwariya Maharampur786Maharam Pur
224P.P. Dashvatpur Itahiya Purvi Kaksh449Daswat Pur Ethiya
225P.P.Kayampur Uttari Kaksh996Rajesultanpur
226P.P.Kayampur Dakshini Kaksh1033Tikoriya Bujurg
227P.P.Narvapitambarpur Pashchimi Kaksh665Narwa Pitambarpur
228P.P. Narapitambarpur Purvi Kaksh832Badipur
229P.P.Uncheypuer914Ganga Sagar
230P.P.Kedarupur Purvi Kaksh1425Jalla Pur
231P.P.Kedarupur Pashchimi Kaksh537Solhwa
232P.P. Kadrupur Atirikt Kaksh930Kedru Pur
233P.P.Shahabuddeenpur Uttari Kaksh823Shahabuddinpur
234P.P.Sahabuddeenpur Dakshini Kaksh679Shahbuddinpur
235P.P.Karaudeeramdeen Singh Pashchimi Kaksh294Karoude Ramdeen Singh
236P.P.Gadaipatti (Shivrajpatti)911Shiwrajpatti
237P.P.Muvarkpur Anjan Purvi Kaksh476Mubarak Pur Anjan
238P.P.Itauri Bujurg (Itauri Khurd)1121Ituri Bujurg
239P.P.Devariya Pandit Purvi Kaksh912Devariya Pandit
240P.P.Devariya Lala Uttari Kaksh1101Devariya Lala
241J.H.Devariya Uttari Kaksh1418Dewriya Bujurg A.
242J.H. Devkariya Dakshini Kaksh1024Dewriya Bujurg
243P.P.Jagdeeshpur Imiliya432Jagdishpur Imyllya
244P.P.Jagdeeshpur Kandipur Purvi Kaksh829Jagdesh Pur Kade Pur
246P.P.Samdeeh Purvi Kaksh1170Samadih
247P.P.Samdeehmadhaya Kaksha381Samadih A.
248P.P.Samdeeh Pashchimi Kaksh1280Samadih A.
249P.P.Kharuvaon Purvi Kaksh1283Kharuwanw
250P.P678Kharubaon A.
251P.P.Karaudimishr982Karundi Mishra
252P.P.Tenduai Kurd Purvi Kaksh289Tenduai Khurd
253P.P. Tenduai Kala988Tenuai Kala
254P.P.Karauli Lathauri Purvi Kaksh990Karoly Lathury
255K. P.P.Tandva Jalal800Tandava Jalal
256P.P. Kharuvaiya Uttari676Kharuwiya
257P.P.Shankar Pur Tappa Haveli .Pashchimi Kaksh1111Sankarpur Tappa Havely
258P.P. Kamalpur Pikar Purvi (Babhanpura)808Babhanpur
259P.P.Devlar Uttari Kaksh1487Devlar
260P.P. Nijampur Ratigarpur Purvi Kaksh985Nijampur Ratigarpur
261P.P. Mubarkpur Pikar (Kamalpur Pikar) Dutieya826Kamalapur Pikar
262P.P. Majha Kamhariya1452Majha Kamhariya
263P.P. Arajidevara Purvi Kaksh929Araji Dewari
264P.P. Araji Devara. Pashchimi Kaksh722Araji Debara A.
265P.P. Mubarakpur Pikar Pratham860Kamalapur Pikar
266P.P. Indaurpur Urf Ghinahapur1345Indorpur Urf Dhinhapur
267P.P. Saithua Purvi Kaksh736Saithua
268P.P. Shankarpur Dharampur .Pashchimi Kaksh229Khausi
269P.P. Shankarpur Dharampur Purvi Kaksh346Kalyanpur Talukedar
270Shree Lallanji Barahmchar. Inter C. Bharatpur .K.N.11068Bharatpur
271Shree Lallanji Barhmchar. Inter C. Bharatpur .K.N.2999Bahoripur Pande
272Shree Lallanji Barahmchar. Inter C. Bharatpur .K.N.3835Govardhanpur Tivari
273P.P. Mudiyari Uttari Kaksh647Mundiyari
274J.H. Sabitpur Uttari Kaksh977Sabitpur
275P.P. Bhadaya Dakshini Kaksh333Umrauna
276P.P.Bhadaya Utttari Kaksh731Bhadya A.
277P.P.Bhadaya Madhay Kaksh788Bhadya
278P.P.Durgecheetpur Purvi Kaksh1121Saraiya
279K.P.P.Malpur Madhavpur Purvi Kaksh878Malpur Madhawpur
280K.P.P.Malpur Madhavpur Pashchimi Kaksh399Bharauli
281S.L.J.B. U.M.V. Kashtooripur771Tandwa Deoram
282Purv.M.V. Shankarpurbarji Dakshini Kaksh406Shankerpur Berge
283P.P.Fareedpur Hethariya Purvi Kaksh1213Faridpur Hethariya
284P.P.Gopalpur Madhavpur Pashchimi Kaksh893Gopalpur Madhawpur
285P.P.Bhupatpur Kodraraha Purvi Kaksh1039Bhatpurwa
286P.P.Thegipur Purvi Kaksh648Thegipur
287P.P.Pratappur Rupaipatti Purvi Kaksh938Padumpur Nasiruddin
288P.P.Chormara Kamalpur Uttari Kaksh653Pathakpur
289P.P. Parsanpur Dakshini Kaksh (Kuraon)942Personpur
290P.P. Parsanpur Dakshini (Kuraon )844Kuraw
291P.P.Allipur Barji Uttari Kaksh789Shankerpur Berge
292J.H. Jaisinghpur Pashchimi Kaksh456Sarvepur
293P.P. Nikaspur Uttari Kaksh1284Nikaspur
294P.P Godalpur Dakshini Kaksh (Saghapur)860Tarem
295P.P Godalpur(Sagahapur ) Uttari Kaksh539Saghapur
296Purv. M.V. Lalmanpur Purvi Kaksh666Lalmanpur A.
297Purv.M.V. Lalmanpur Pashchimi Kaksh1252Lalmanpur A.
298P.P.Tihayatpur Pashchimi Kaksh771Tihaitpur
299P.P.Tihayatpur Purvi Kaksh793Tihaitpur A.
300P.P.Mujahidpur Uttari Kaksh870Mujahidpur
301P.P.Mujahidpur Dakshini Kaksh744Tilokpur
303U. P.V.Dharupur Dakshini Kaksh235Rampatti
304P.P.Janesari Bujurg Purvi Kaksh600Janesri Buzurg
305P.P.Sirsiya Jamunipur766Siriya Tiharpur
306J.H. Sirsiya Siswa (Jamunipur)410Jamunipur
307Purv M.V1271Balrampur
308.P.M.V. Rajesulatanpur Dakshini Kaksh1436Balrampur A.
309P.M.V. Rajesultanpur Madhya Kaksh-1977Balrampur
310P.M.V.Rajesultanpur Madhay Kaksh2637Balrampur A.
311G.S.I.C. Rajesultanpur Uttari Kaksh-11372Raje Shaheryarpur
312G.S.I.C. Rajepur Sulatanpur Utttari . Kaksh21064Raje Shaheryarpur A.
313G.S.I.C. Rajesulatanpur Dakshini Kaksh.21038Raje Shaheryarpur
314P.P. Tarauna Bansgaon Purvi Kaksh934Tarauna Basgaw
316U.P.V. Katya Janesari Pashchimi Kaksh689Bisuanpur Bankata
317P.P. Bankata Bujurg Utttari Kaksh1249Bankta Bujurg
318P.P.Bankata Bujurg Dakshini Kaksh797Bankata Buzurg A.
319P.P. Mallupur Majgaon(Gobdaur)991Majganwa
320P.P.Bijali Tihaitpur Pashchimi733Bizli Padauli
321P.P.Bijali Tihaitpur Purvi932Sirsiya Siswan

Last Updated on November 15, 2014