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Polling Booth in akbarpur-raniya Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in akbarpur-raniya

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the akbarpur-raniya Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Gadanpur786Gadanpur
2Primary School Lakshmanpur488Lachhmanpur
3Hayar Secendri School Jaganpur869Jaganpur
4Primary School Sarva Tappa Tigai718Sarwa Tappa Tigai
5Hayar Secendri School Gutaiha802Gutaiya
6Primary School Dhanirampur1153Dhanirampur
7Primary School Ambarpur1408Ambarpur
8Primary School Uttri Kaksh Karikalvari899Kari Kalwari
9Primary School Karikalvari990Kari Kalwari
10Primary School Lamhara1166Lamahara
11Primary School Bughuva Lamhara215Lamahara
12Primary School Veerpur Nakasiya689Birpur Naksiya
13Primary School Uttari Kaksh Bhanvarpur1016Bhaupur
14Primary School Dakhhini Kaksh Bhanvarpur676Bhaupur
15Primary School Banjarndera Hamlet Sumerpur830Sumerpur
16Primary School Andayan811Andayan
17Primary School Ikghara603Ekghara
18Primary School Sarsi1323Sarasi
19Primary School Aseni360Aseni
20Primary School Roshanmau1219Roshan Mau
21Primary School Patratappa Madauli568Patra Tappa Mandauli
22Primary School Lalpur Akbarur723Lalpur Akbarpur
23Primary School Naurangabad713Kargaon
24Primary School Bhikhanapur983Bhikhanapur
25Primary School Baijupurva Hamlet Bhikhanapur771Bhikhanapur
26Primary School Tigai934Tigain
29Primary School Natpurva Hamlet Tigai427Tigain
30Primary School Gaijumau921Gaijumau
32Primary School Rura1237Rura (NP)
35Juniyar High School Rura994Rura (NP)
39R0 P0 S0 Intar Colagege Rura1112Rura (NP)
43Kanya Juniyar High School Rura1342Rura (NP)
45Primary School Jagdeeshpur404Jagdishpur
46Primary School Srayan1467Saraiyan
48Primary School Navabpurva Hamlet Sarayan363Saraiyan
49Primary School Kishunpur503Kishunpur
50Primary School Bhatauli1310Bhatauli
51Primary School Atirikt Kaksh Bhatouli1104Bhatauli
52Primary School South Kaksh Bhatauli846Bhatauli
53Primary School Gaholiya934Gaholiya
54New Primary School Gaholiya809Gaholiya
55Primary School Narth Kaksh Hasnapur825Hasanapur
56Primary School South Kaksh Hasnapur867Hasanapur
57Primary School Thakuran Gadeva Hamlet Hasnapur877Hasanapur
58Primary School Pur811Pur
60Primary School Shahbajpur Nariha639Shahbajpur Nariha
61Primary School Asanda802Asanda
62Primary School Budhiya529Budhiya
63Primary School Sarayharpali822Sarai Harpali
64Primary School Rurvahar1003Rurwahar
65Primary School Mukhlispur827Mukhlishpur
66Primary School Bivain927Biwain
69Primary School Hitmapur Hamlet Bivain435Biwain
70Primary School Matiyamau872Matiamau
71Primary School Bilai599Bilai
72Primary School Bilvahar665Bilwahar
73Primary School Purvi Kaksh Kisharval1228Kisharwal
74Primary School Kisharval1060Kisharwal
75Primary School Parsauli860Parsauli
76Primary School Karchal1060Karchal
77Primary School Karbak1150Karbak
78Primary School Bhavan967Sihura Bhawan
79Primary School Bhujpura712Bhujpura
81Primary School Aliyapur1265Aliyapur
82Nya Primary School Sunvarsa584Sunbarsa
83Primary School Sunvarsa Khas720Sunbarsa
84Primary School Behta1165Behata
85Primary School Kairani643Naidhi
86Juniyar High School Raipalpur1032Raipalpur
88Primary School Champatpur Hamlet Raipalpur544Raipalpur
89Primary School Ahirani Hamlet Raipalpur589Raipalpur
90Primary School Sabalpur Bithur428Sabalpur Bithoor
91Primary School Rampur Gajra700Rampur Gajara
92Primary School Ant701Ant
93Primary School Bhagvantpur Hamlet Ant327Ant
95Primary School Pitarapur1295Pitarapur
96Primary School Gadriyanpurva Hamlet Pitrapur376Pitarapur
97Primary School Singhpur Divani756Singhpur Dewani
98Primary School Ranjeetpur1181Singhpur Dewani
99Primary School Bhaupur Ki Madaiyan384Bhaupur
100Primary School Bhikhar791Bhikhar
101Primary School Mohanpur Hamlet Bhikhar528Bhikhar
102Primary School Noubasta931Naubasta
103Primary School Bhangapurva Hamlet Noubasta441Naubasta
104Primary School Basehi Hamlet Noubasta330Naubasta
105Primary School Shahpur Hamlet Bhikhar698Shahpur Mazara Bhikhar
106Primary School Bhatuvamau411Bhatuamau
107Primary School Baluvapur1155Baluapur
108Primary School Sangrampurhamlet Baluwapur419Baluapur
109Primary School Juravarpur Hamlet Baluwapur463Baluapur
110Primary School Lalpur Shivrajpur1386Lalpur Shivrajpur
112Juniyar High School Saraiyanhamlet Lalpur Shivrajpur854Lalpur Shivrajpur
113Juniyar High School Nouganv Hamlet Lalpur Shivrajpur414Lalpur Shivrajpur
114Primary School Vikrampur840Bikrampur
115Primary School Chhateni1120Chhateni
116Primary Schoolchandravalkishunpur310Chandwal Kishunpur
117New Primary Schoolmadarpur Gajiuddeen1012Madarpur Gajiuddinpur
118Primary School Tikari875Tikari
119Primary School Kuriyanpurwa Hamlet Manda513Manda
120Juniyar High. School Manda1077Manda
122Primary School Maitha Second Garab1036Garab
123Primary School Maitha First Marag838Marag
125Juniyar High School Hathika1197Hathika
126Primary School Purasbha391Pura Sabha
127Primary School Kodawa889Korhwa
129Primary School Jarailapurwa Hamlet Kodawa777Korhwa
130Primary Schoolnorth Kaksh Mandaulee1469Mandauli
131Primary School Mandaulee1327Mandauli
132Primary School Baletha Hamlet Mandaulee893Mandauli
134Primary School Guesar Hamlet Mandaulee226Mandauli
135Primary School Nijamatpur684Nijawatpur
136Primary School Makhanpurwa Hamlet Nijamatpur313Nijawatpur
137Primary School Gahlo Jarbee701Gahlo Jarbi
138Baratshala Bhilahindupur930Bhila Hindupur
139Primary School Bhairoshahjahanpur1173Bhairon Shanjahanpur
140Juniyar High School Arimalnyaee744Armal Nyai
141Primary School Prempur Hamlet Arimalnyaee559Armal Nyai
142Primary School Narsujha690Narsoojha
143Primary School Devipur833Devipur
144Primary School Jugrajpur Shivli434Jugrajpur Shiwali
145Primary School Sutanpurwa412Sutanpurwa
146Primary School Muridpur727Muridpur
147Primary School Sahnikhera511Sahani Khera
148Primary School Aaungi779Aungi
149Primary School Tatmaou1086Tantmau
150Primary School Arashadpur1318Arshadpur
151Primary School Pratappur Nala287Partappur Nala
152Primary School Kesharinivada Hamlet Heeramanshivli741Hiraman Shiwali
153Primary School Hardiyanala Hamlet Heeramanshivli373Hiraman Shiwali
154Primary School Dhanounivada Hamlet Dakanshivli976Hiraman Shiwali
155Girls Juniyar High School Shivli603Shivli (NP)
157Juniyar High. School Shivli986Shivli (NP)
159Tarachandra Inter College Shivli1394Shivli (NP)
161Primary School Rampur Shivli1397Rampur Shiwali
162Primary School Jasapur Hamlet Rampur Shivli394Rampur Shiwali
163Primary School Pratappur Udait528Partappur Udet
164Primary School Saraiyan737Saraiyan
165Primary School Makrandpurbantha1123Makrandpur Bantha
166Primary School Jyoti1079Jyoti
167Primary Schooljuravarpur Hamlet Jyoti264Jyoti
168Primary School Asaie776Asai
169Primary School Fanda479Phanda
170Primary School Jugrajpur Bithur1454Jugrajpur Bithoor
171Primary School Shobhan717Shobhan
172Primary School First Bairidariyav937Bairi Dariyon
173Primary School Rajpur Hamlet Bairidariyav847Bairi Dariyon
174Primary School Bairidariyav Fast722Bairi Dariyon
175Primary School Bairisavaie1093Bairi Sawai
177Juniyar High School Surajpur Hamlet Bairisavaie985Bairi Sawai
178Primary School Barar465Barar
179Primary School Gunsar377Gursarh
180Primary School Dhakanpurwa Hamlet Baghpur314Baghpur
181Primary School Jogidera Hamlet Baghpur614Baghpur
182Primary School Pakara -Ibaghpur560Baghpur
183Primary School Baghpur-I1017Baghpur
186Primary School Second Baghpur549Baghpur
187Primary School Gouri Hamlet Baghpur450Baghpur
188Primary School Kakardahi1239Kakardahi
190Primary School Kakarmauo818Kakarmau
191Primary School Harikushunpur Hamlet Kakarmauo1197Kakarmau
192Primary School Andhiyarvar Hamlet Kakarmauo642Kakarmau
193Juniyar High School Pratappur Khas1053Partappur Khas
194Primary School Hridaypur Hamlet Pratappur536Hirdaypur Mazara Partappur
195Primary School School Rastpur1161Rastpur
196Primary School Nahribari Hamlet Rastpur1235Rastpur
197Primary School Shekhupur596Shekhupur
198Primary School Baghvat315Baghawat
199Primary School Nihuta749Nihutha
200Primary School Fattehpur Hamlet Nihuta990Fatehpur Mazara Nihutha
201Primary School Todarpur1288Todarpur
202Primary School Dhikiya531Dhikiya
204Primary School Kamalpur407Kamalpur
205Primary School Nibauli Bujurg1195Nibauli Bujurg
206Juniyar High School Khokha555Khokha
207Primary School Kamir1205Kamir
208Primary School Mansura484Mansura
209Primary School Vigahi1260Bigahi
210Primary School Bilhara598Bilhara
211Primary School Dastampur695Dastampur
212Primary School Jagjeevanpur638Jagjiwanpur
213Primary School Rahaniyapur813Rahniyapur
214Primary School Malik Mohammadpur521Malik Mohammadpur
215Primary School Banna Jakha494Banna Jakha
216Primary School Baraula881Baraula
217Primary Schooljyotish760Jyotish
219Primary School Pal Nagarhamlet Jyotish231Jyotish
220Primary School Nariha1039Nariha
222Primary School Durgapurwa611Durga Purwa
223Primary School Muktapur Hamlet Nariha897Muktapur Mazara Nariha
224Primary School Aghookamalpur542Aghoo Kamalpur
225Akbarpur Inter Co. Akbarpur937Akbarpur (NP)
232Juniyar High School Akbarpur Rura Road1322Akbarpur (NP)
234Girls Inter College Akbarpur666Akbarpur (NP)
236Boys Juniyar High School Akbarpur938Akbarpur (NP)
240Primary School Badhapur1183Akbarpur (NP)
242Primary School Tiwaripurwa Hamlet Badhapur417Barhapur
243Primary Schooltaharpur Maidu668Taharpur Maidu
244Primary School Sahabapur762Sahabapur
245Primary School Sangsiyapur927Sangasiyapur
247Primary School Bevan1111Bewan
248Primary School Sariyapur895Sariyapur
249Primary School Kuitkhera1387Kurwa Khurd
250Primary School Mohammadpur Majra396Mohammadpur Marza
251Primary School Lahrapur999Laharapur
252Primary School Kumbhi1228Kumbhi
253Primary School Kuitmandir735Kuit Mandir
254Primary Schoolgauriyapur866Gauriyapur
255Primary School Banshanpurwa Hamlet Toramohamadpur729Tora Mohammadpur
256Primary School Toramohamadpur983Tora Mohammadpur
257Primary School Kripalpur801Kripalpur
258Primary School Patari1349Patari
259Primary School Bhuganiyapur878Bhuganiyapur
260Primary School Balbhadrapur846Katara Ama
261Primary School Jamalpur461Jamalpur
262Primary School Mairakhpur587Mairakhpur
263Primary School Mandvaie991Madwai
264Juniyar High School Karausa1370Karaunsa
265Primary School Kukchhi611Kukchhi
266Primary School Dargawan777Dargawan
267Primary School Alamchandpur416Alam Chandpur
269Primary School Milkinpurwa Hamlet Dharaou770Dharau
270Primary School Salavatpur438Salawatpur
271Primary School Muridpur Hamlet Matikishunpur1335Mati Kishunpur
273Primary School Kandhiya420Kandhiya
274Primary School Patepur1106Patepur
276Primary School Gujraie885Gujrai
278Primary School Jasaura Virsinghpur1240Jasaura Birsinghpur
279Primary School Jindaura483Jindaura
280Primary School Naholi1003Naholi
281Primary School Kurwakhurd1050Kurwa Khurd
283Primary School Jalalpur Nagin1372Jalalpur Nagin
285Primary School Bahbalpur Hamlet Jalalpur Nagin370Jalalpur Nagin
286Primary School Sidhamaou1159Sidhamau
287Primary School Nabipur Urf Naginjasi1145Nagin Jasi
289Munshi Prem Chandra Aditoriyam Taktaulee627Taktauli
290Primary School Shahjadpur Hamlet Banaralipur835Banar Ali
292Primary School Swarooppur880Swarooppur
293Primary School Jainpur770Jainpur
294Girls Primary School Bara663Bara
296Juniyar High School Hajaripurva Hamlet Bara621Bara
297Primary School Nasratpur Hamlet Bara751Bara
299Juniyar High School Bara1490Bara
303Primary School Uttari Kaksh Umran1219Umaran
305Primary School Dakshini Kaksh Umran407Umaran
306Primary School Rahimpur Hamlet Umran993Umaran
307Primary School Bisayakpur877Bisayakpur
308Primary School Pachgawa Hamlet Bisayakpur1207Bisayakpur
309Primary School Malvar Hamlet Bisayakpur971Bisayakpur
310Primary School Chirana Hamlet Bisayakpur835Bisayakpur
312Girls Juniyar High School Uttari Kaksh Raniya1153Raniyan (CT)
313Girls Juniyar High School Madhy Kaksh Raniya1272Raniyan (CT)
314Juniyar High School Purvi Kaksh Raniya1125Raniyan (CT)
315Juniyar High School Madhy Kaksh Raniya1084Raniyan (CT)
316Juniyar High School Raniya1288Raniyan (CT)
317Juniyar High School Raniya Kaksh No. 4647Raniyan (CT)
318Primary School Chiraura1430Chiraura
319Juniyar High School Dhanjuva812Dhanjuwa
320Primary School Devkali371Devkali
321Juniyar High School Fatehpur Roshnaie969Fatehpur Roshanai
323Primary School Fatehpur Roshnaie926Fatehpur Roshanai
325Primary School Shyampur Hamlet Fatehpur Roshnaie382Fatehpur Roshanai
326Primary School Kataka857Katka
327Primary Schoolsherpur Tarauda1101Sherpur Taraunda
329Primary School Ahmadpur Syonda1257Ahamadpur Syoda
330Primary School Khanchandrapur1280Khan Chandpur
331Primary School Pama881Paman
332Primary School Lodipur1294Lodipur
333Primary School Raruva H. Lodipur923Lodipur
334Primary School Raipur Kukahat771Rampur Kukhat
336Primary School Goeni774Guini
337Primary School Mubarakpur Lata1001Mubarak Purlata
338Primary School Itailiya Hamlet Mubarakpur Lata727Mubarak Purlata
339Primary School Rasoolpur Gogumaou814Rasulpur Gogumau
342Juniyar High School Sultanpur Perajor942Sultanpur Perajor

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