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Polling Booth in Ajagara Assembly Constituency

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Ajagara Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ajagara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ajagara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P.Chamav R.No1975Chamawn
2P.P.Chamav R.No 2645Chamawn
3P.P.Chamav R.No 31329Paschimpur
5Kashi Krishak I.C. Harahua R.No.11012Koirajpur
6Kashi Krishak I.C. Harahua R.No.2999Koirajpur
7Kashi Krishak I.C. Harahua R.No.3679Koirajpur
8Kashi Krishak I.C. Harahua R.No.41118Wazidpur
9K.J.H.School. Harahua1231Harhua
10J.H.School. Harahua616Dasepur
11B.P.P. Harahua1080Dhaneshri
12P.P. Bhagatupur R.No.1893Bhagtupur
13P.P. Bhagatupur R.No.2986Bhagtupur
14P.P. Bhagatupur R.No.3888Dasepur
15Panchayat Bhawan Manshapur444Mansapur
16Panchayat Bhawan Ramsinghpur484Ramsinghpur
17P.P. Singhapur747Singhapur
19P.P. Ausanpur R.No. 11177Ausanpur
20P.P. Ausanpur R.No. 2897Ausanpur
21P.P. Karoma1414Karoma
22P.P. Chakka1301Chakka
23P.P.Gadava R.No. 1991Garhwa
24P.P.Gadava R.No. 2927Ramapur
25P.P. Chandipatti1070Chandi Patti
26P.P. Saraykaji R.No. 11274Sarai Kazi
28P.P. Bhataulee R.No. 11232Bhadewli
29P.P. Bhataulee R.No. 2832Bhadewli
30P.P. Berava1194Berwa
31P.P. Sehamalpur R.No. 1757Gokulpur
32P.P. Sehamalpur R.No. 2950Sehmalpur
38B.P.P. Indarpur1021Indrapur
39P.P. Krishnapur Kala312Krishnapur Kala
40P.P Hathiwar Nandapur R.No. 11019Nandapur
41P.P. Hathiwar Nandapur R.No. 21364Koilipur Khurd
42P.P. Krishnapur Khurd1383Koilipur Khurd
43J.H. School Tikaree Khurd1111Koilipur Khurd
44P.P. Tikaree838Tikari Kala
46P.P. Shaira Gopalpur324Saira
47J.H. School Bhopatpur564Bhupatpur
48P.P. Gopalpur R.No. 11395Shahpur
49P.P. Gopalpur R.No. 2607Dubeypur
50P.P. Iseepur923Eshipur
51P.P. Namapur600Namapur
52B.P.P. Chiurapur R.No. 11340Babatpur
53B.P.P. Chiurapur R.No. 21080Sarai Takki
54B.P.P. Chiurapur R.No. 31066Chiurapur
55P.P. Jamalpur1016Jamalpur
56P.P. Ramaipatti1062Ramai Patti
57B.P.P. Poorabpatti Urf Marudeeh R.No. 11298Noharpur
59P.P. Dharamanpur772Dharmanpur
60P.P. Bedee931Bedi
61P.P. Nawalpur525Purabpur
62B.P.P. Aharak R.No. 11337Aharak
63B.P.P. Aharak R.No. 21458Nainpur
64B.P.P. Aharak R.No. 31329Pashchimpur
66B.P.P. Parasadpur R.No. 21201Prasadpur
67B.P.P. Parasadpur R.No. 3464Harishankarpur
68P.P. Tiwaripur642Tiwaripur
69Panchayat Bhawan Lallapur1106Lallapur
70P.P. Bajhiya R.No. 1889Mohanpur
71P.P. Bajhiya R.No. 2726Bajhiya
72Panchayat Bhawan Amawar352Amawar
73P.P. Devanathpur466Devonathpur
74P.P. Payagpur R.No. 1746Nonauti
75P.P. Payagpur R.No. 2417Payagpur
76P.P. Khanpatti583Khan Patti
77P.P. Paliya Shambhupur983Pali Shambhupur
78P.P. Birapatti R.No. 11022Bira Patti
79P.P. Birapatti R.No. 21062Bira Patti
80P.P. Indrawar813Inderwar
81Panchayat Bhawan Madhopur696Madhopur
83P.P. Madhaipur1016Raisi Patti
84P.P. Undee976Undi
85P.P. Bhaumee939Bhobhi
86P.P. Jaipar601Jaipar
87P.P. Sabhaipur R.No. 11349Sabhaipur
89P.P. Bhelakha1266Bhelkha
90P.P. Pratappatti1409Pratap Patti
91P.P. Dashamipur1195Dashamipur
92P.P. Belawariya1349Belwariya
93P.P. Raichandpur618Ramchandarpur
94P.P. Sutabalpur981Sutwalpur
95Panchayat Bhawan Nakachhedpur1081Nakchhdpur
97K.P.P. Bhopapur R.No. 11214Bhopapur
98K.P.P. Bhopapur R.No. 21321Bhopapur
99P.P. Gahura R.No.1927Gaura
100P.P. Gahura R.No.2619Gaura
101P.M.V. Gahura954Gaura
102P.P. Puareekala R.No. 11014Puari Kala
103P.P. Puareekala R.No. 21256Puari Kala
104J.H. School Purareekala R.No. 11327Puari Kala
105J.H. School Purareekala R.No. 21022Puari Kala
106J.H. School Purareekala R.No.31065Puari Kala
107P.P. Puaree Khurd R.No.11259Puari Khurd
108P.P. Puaree Khurd R.No.21476Puari Khurd
109P.P. Mahadepur905Mahadepur
110Panchayat Bhawan Chauka1251Chakka
111P.P. Krishnapur543Krishnapur Kala
112P.P. Jariyari1424Jariyari
113P.P. Mohanideeh677Mohanidih
114P.P. Rupchandpur R.No. 11501Ramchandarpur
115P.P. Rupchandpur R.No. 2417Ramchandarpur
116P.P. Paragdeeh1170Paragadih
117P.P. Bharatpur797Bharatpur
118P.P. Tilamapur R.No. 1721Tilamapur
119P.P. Tilamapur R.No. 2713Tilamapur
120P.P. Khanuan838Khanuan
121P.P. Mavaiya1482Mawaiya
122P.P. Lashkarpur R.No. 1816Laskarpur
123P.P. Lashkarpur R.No. 2895Laskarpur
124P.P. Shahadeeh871Shahdeeh
125Shankul V. Jagadeeshpur R.No. 11325Jagdeeshpur
126Shankul V. Jagadeeshpur R.No. 21139Jagdeeshpur
127P.P. Gosaipur1171Gosaipur Pathkhuli
128P.P. Ramgaon1180Ramgaon
129A.U.M.V. Palahipatti R.No. 11146Palahi Patti
130A.U.M.V. Palahipatti R.No. 2735Palahi Patti
131P.P. Rajapur R.No. 1576Rajapur
132P.P. Rajapur R.No. 2988Rajapur
133P.P. Tewar (Deehpar) R.No. 1924Rajapur
134P.P. Tewar (Deehpar) R.No. 2546Rajapur
135????0??0 ???? (?????) ?0??0 31201Rajapur
136P.P. Tewar (Dalpatti)1373Rajapur
137P.P. Guravat995Rajapur
138P.P. Jamuneepur780Rajapur
139P.P. Bhataulee898Bhatauli
140P.P. Sulemapur1374Bhatauli
141P.P. Shivrampur1119Bhatauli
142Panchayat Bhawan Shivrampur1014Bhatauli
143P.P. Kakalpur1022Bhatauli
144P.P. Kuraulee858Bhatauli
145P.P. Dihava721Bhatauli
146P.P. Ayar937Bhatauli
147Hayar S. School Ayar R.No. 11240Bhatauli
148Hayar S. School Ayar R.No. 21227Bhatauli
149Kanya P.V. Ahiraulee853Bhatauli
150P.P. Avara R.No.1953Aura
151P.P. Avara R.No573Aura
152P.P. Gahani R.No. 11162Aura
153P.P. Gahani R.No. 2531Aura
154P.P. Saraiya1438Saraiya T. Ayar
155P.P. Benipur Khurd745Benipur Khurd
156P.P. Murdaha R.No. 1465Dharampur
157P.P. Murdaha R.No. 2640Murdaha
158P.P. Murdaha R.No. 31424Murdaha
159A.J.P.M.V. Atesua R.No. 1957Ateshua
160A.J.P.M.V. Atesua R.No. 2605Ateshua
161A.J.P.M.V. Atesua R.No. 31139Ateshua
162P.P. Bhatapurava Kala1336Bhatpurwa Kala
163Panchayat Bhawan Kohansee1372Kohasi
164J.H. School Bhohar R.No. 11012Bhohar
165J.H. School Bhohar R.No. 21417Bhohar
166P.P. Gosaipur Mohav R.No. 11374Gosaipur Mohaon
167P.P. Gosaipur Mohav R.No. 21240Gosaipur Mohaon
168P.P. Gosaipur Mohav R.No. 31444Gosaipur Mohaon
169P.P. Gosaipur Mohav R.No. 41143Gosaipur Mohaon
170J.H. School Cholapur R.No. 11246Cholapur
171J.H. School Cholapur R.No. 21316Cholapur
172P.P. Muralee1219Murli
173P.P. Dharasauna R.No. 11291Dharsauna
174P.P. Dharasauna R.No. 21265Dharsauna
175P.P. Dharasauna R.No. 31032Dharsauna
176P.P. Deipur R.No. 11028Bhawanipur
177P.P. Deipur R.No.2747Deipur
178B.M.S.Sansthan.Katari R.No.1948Deipur
179B.M.S.Sansthan .Katari R.No.2858Deipur
180B.M.S.Sansthan.Katari R.No.31155Deipur
182P.P. Tisaura R.No. 11150Deipur
183P.P. Tisaura R.No. 2510Deipur
184P.P. Beneepur Kala817Deipur
185P.P. Singhpur1083Singhpur
186P.P. Mahada988Singhpur
187P.P. Lalmankot672Singhpur
188P.P. Lakhanpur R.No. 11287Lakhanpur
191P.P. Tarav786Lakhanpur
192P.P. Suraree1388Lakhanpur
194P.P. Bantaree R.No. 2561Lakhanpur
195P.P. Danganj R.No. 1441Lakhanpur
196P.P. Danganj R.No. 21462Lakhanpur
197Panchayat Bhawan Kapasa1143Lakhanpur
198P.P. Mahamudpur R.No.11095Lakhanpur
199P.P. Mahamudpur R.No.2549Lakhanpur
200P.P. Daudpur1089Lakhanpur
201P.P. Rasarna910Lakhanpur
202P.P. Bhadava R.No. 11056Lakhanpur
203P.P. Bhadava R.No. 2636Lakhanpur
206P.P. Sultanipur R.No. 1979Lakhanpur
207P.P. Sultanipur R.No. 2447Lakhanpur
208P.P. Mohandaspur753Lakhanpur
209P.P. Kaithaur1004Lakhanpur
210P.P. Khutaha R.No. 1594Lakhanpur
211P.P. Khutaha R.No. 2850Lakhanpur
212Shri Krishna L M.V. Hardaseepur1482Lakhanpur
213P.P. Mangolepur1081Lakhanpur
214P.P. Kharadaha R.No. 1847Lakhanpur
216P.P. Ramadatahan323Lakhanpur
217P.P. Munderee571Lakhanpur
218P.P. Paranapatti1428Lakhanpur
219P.P.Babiyav R.No. 1834Lakhanpur
220P.P.Babiyav R.No. 21099Babhaniyav
221P.P. Tala R.No. 1812Tala
222P.P. Tala R.No. 2793Tala
223P.P. Bela R.No. 11052Bela
224P.P. Bela R.No. 21005Bela
225P.P. Hajeepur R.No. 11193Hajipur
226P.P. Hajeepur R.No. 2742Hajipur
227P.P. Tari1319Tari
228P.P. Gadrasara R.No. 11014Garsara
229P.P. Gadrasara R.No. 2899Garsara
230P.P. Barathaulee628Barthauli
231P.P. Tekaree844Tekari
232Vishwakarama Purv M.V. Raunakhurd1184Rauna Khurd
233P.P. Rauna Khurd R.No. 1989Rauna Khurd
235P.P. Dengaroopur1179Bhabhiyar
237P.P. Lataunee R.No. 11132Latauni
238P.P. Lataunee R.No. 2408Latauni
239Saraswati Gurukul Vidhyapeeth Munaree R.No. 11244Munari
240Saraswati Gurukul Vidhyapeeth Munaree R.No. 21094Munari
241Saraswati Gurukul Vidhyapeeth Munaree R.No. 3907Munari
242P.P. Raunakala1276Rauna Kala
243P.P. Hadriyadeeh R.No. 11143Handiyadih
244P.P. Hadriyadeeh R.No. 2989Handiyadih
245P.P. Ajagara R.No. 11205Ajagara
246P.P. Ajagara R.No. 21150Ajagara
247P.P. Ajagara (New Bhawan) R.No. 1736Ajagara
248P.P. Ajagara (New Bhawan) R.No. 2825Ajagara
249P.P. Ajagara (New Bhawan) R.No. 3911Ajagara
250P.P. Chahin727Chahi
251P.P. Hathiyar Khurd517Hathiyar Khurd
252P.P. Hathiyar Kala973Hathiyar Kala
253P.P. Devariya439Deoriya
254Panchayat Bhawan Puredhurshah799Pura Ghurshah
255J.H. School Niyardeeh R.No. 11399Niyardiha
256J.H. School Niyardeeh R.No. 21289Niyardiha
257P.P. Chaubepur Khurd914Chaubepur Khurd
259P.P. Rajala R.No.2368Chak Dagrha
260P.P. Babatpur R.No.11227Babatpur
261P.P. Babatpur R.No.2477Babatpur
262P.P. Udhorampur R.No. 11036Udho Rampur
263P.P. Udhorampur R.No. 2470Udho Rampur
264P.P. Pipari524Piyri
265P.P. Ajanv R.No.1723Ajawan
266P.P. Ajanv R.No.2764Ajawan
267P.P. Barthara Khurd R.No.1993Barthara Khurd
268P.P. Barthara Khurd R.No.21257Barthara Khurd
269Jay Javan Jay Kisan Barthara Khurd1052Barthara Khurd
270P.P. Chumkuni623Chumkuni
271P.P. Chhittampur R.No.11145Chhitampur
272P.P. Chhittampur R.No.2821Kadipur Kala
273J.H.School Chaubepur R.No.1945Jugar Patti
274J.H.School Chaubepur R.No.21284Chaubepur Kala
275J.H.School Chaubepur R.No.3220Chaubepur Kala
276P.P. Paranapur1044Paranapur
277P.P. Kauvapur1033Paranapur
278P.P. Garthauli1190Garthauli
279J.H.School Garthauli1408Garthauli
280P.P. Bahadurpur887Bahadurpur
281Panchayat Bhawan Baharampur942Baharampur
282P.P. Birnathipur468Biranathipur
283P.P. Palkahan706Palkanhh
284P.P. Dhaurahara R.No.11118Dhaurhara
285P.P. Dhaurahara R.No.21174Dhaurhara
286P.P. Dhaurahara R.No.31316Dhaurhara
287K.J.H.School Dhaurahara R.No.1726Dhaurhara
288K.J.H.School Dhaurahara R.No.2733Dhaurhara
289J.H.School Dhaurahara R.No.1897Dhaurhara
290J.H.School Dhaurahara R.No.21009Dhaurhara
291J.H.School Dhaurahara R.No.31228Dhaurhara
292P.P. Hariharpur R.No.1808Dhaurhara
293P.P. Hariharpur R.No.21192Dhaurhara
294P.P. Bhagwanpur Khurd1020Bhagwanpur Khurd
295P.P. Kursiya440Kursiyan
296P.P. Tekuri R.No. 1722Tekuri
297P.P. Tekuri R.No. 2539Lachhimanpur
298J.H. School Saraiya R.No.1989Duduhan
299J.H.School Saraiya R.No.2845Duduhan
301P.P. Rajvari R.No.11165Rajwari
302P.P. Rajvari R.No.21201Rajwari
303P.P. Rajvari R.No.31196Rajwari
304P.P. Kaithi R.No. 1862Kaithi
305P.P. Kaithi R.No. 21005Kaithi
306Markandey U.M.V. Kaithi R.No.11047Kaithi
307Markandey U.M.V. Kaithi R.No.2949Kaithi
308P.P. Bhandaha Kala1209Bhandaha Kala
309P.P. Dhaka1377Dhakhawa
310P.P. Chandravati R.No.11058Chandrawati
311P.P. Chandravati R.No.2647Chandrawati
312P.P. Molanapur1124Molanapur
313P.P. Shrikanthpur1106Srikanthpur
314P.P. Ugapur1355Ugapur
315P.P. Rampur1117Rampur
316P.P. Gaura Uparavar R.No.11301Gaurapurwar
317P.P. Gaura Uparavar R.No.21064Gaurapurwar
318P.P. Sungulpur R.No.1916Sugulpur
319P.P. Sungulpur R.No.2634Sugulpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014