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Jharkhand Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

The Raghubar Das led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is looking at a crucial setback in the state of Jharkhand as the Hemant Soren led opposition alliance is marching towards the majority mark. The alliance that includes Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), Congress and Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) has maintained considerable leads on 41 out of the […]

Nationalism Doesn’t Seem to Work in BJP’s Jharkhand Campaign

Jharkhand Assembly Election 2019 is done with the voting on 20th December. All the parties are longing for Monday to finally get to know if there will be anti-incumbency or regain of the power. Jharkhand has never had a full-term government until 2014 when BJP won the elections and provided a stable government for full […]

Jharkhand Exit Poll 2019: BJP falls behind

JHARKHAND EXIT POLL 2019 – CLICK HERE   Voting for Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019 has concluded today. The process recorded over 70% voter turnout. There are about 237 candidates in the election battle. Jharkhand Assembly has 81 seats and the majority number is 41. Final results of the voting will be announced on 23 December. […]

BJP ahead in Jharkhand?

As BJP lock horns with Congress and allies, a stellar contest is on the cards in Jharkhand Assembly elections 2019. Jharkhand, with its majority Hindu population followed by Muslims, is termed an energy curse state with the first full-term government after its formation. With 26.3% (2011 census data) tribal population, tribal issues and tribal vote […]

The Politics and Crop Loan Waiver

Over the past few years, majority of the world population is in the grip of countless natural calamities. India was no exception to this havoc, which lead to untold deaths and significant damage to properties and livestock. A group of population had to face the brunt of these disasters more prominently – The poor farmers. […]

Assembly Elections Dilemma for BJP

The last few weeks have been like a Bollywood thriller movie with so many twists and turns in the Political arena that could put even Abbas-Mastan to shame. The Maharashtra Assembly Elections were held on 21st October 2019 to elect MLAs on the 288 seats. The results were declared on the 24th of October after […]

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Polling Booth List for Tripura Assemblies

AC. No.AC. NameList of Polling Stations/Booths
1SimnaSee Simna Polling Booths
2MohanpurSee Mohanpur Polling Booths
3BamutiaSee Bamutia Polling Booths
4BarjalaSee Barjala Polling Booths
5KhayerpurSee Khayerpur Polling Booths
6AgartalaSee Agartala Polling Booths
7RamnagarSee Ramnagar Polling Booths
8Town BordowaliSee Town Bordowali Polling Booths
9BanamalipurSee Banamalipur Polling Booths
10MajlishpurSee Majlishpur Polling Booths
11MandaibazarSee Mandaibazar Polling Booths
12TakarjalaSee Takarjala Polling Booths
13PratapgarhSee Pratapgarh Polling Booths
14BadharghatSee Badharghat Polling Booths
15KamalasagarSee Kamalasagar Polling Booths
16BishalgarhSee Bishalgarh Polling Booths
17GolaghatiSee Golaghati Polling Booths
18SuryamaninagarSee Suryamaninagar Polling Booths
19CharilamSee Charilam Polling Booths
20BoxanagarSee Boxanagar Polling Booths
21NalcharSee Nalchar Polling Booths
22SonamuraSee Sonamura Polling Booths
23DhanpurSee Dhanpur Polling Booths
24RamchandraghatSee Ramchandraghat Polling Booths
25KhowaiSee Khowai Polling Booths
26AsharambariSee Asharambari Polling Booths
27Kalyanpur PramodenagarSee Kalyanpur Pramodenagar Polling Booths
28TeliamuraSee Teliamura Polling Booths
29KrishnapurSee Krishnapur Polling Booths
30BagmaSee Bagma Polling Booths
31RadhakishorepurSee Radhakishorepur Polling Booths
32MatarbariSee Matarbari Polling Booths
33Kakraban SalgarhSee Kakraban Salgarh Polling Booths
34RajnagarSee Rajnagar Polling Booths
35BeloniaSee Belonia Polling Booths
36SantirbazarSee Santirbazar Polling Booths
37HrishyamukhSee Hrishyamukh Polling Booths
38JolaibariSee Jolaibari Polling Booths
39ManuSee Manu Polling Booths
40SabroomSee Sabroom Polling Booths
41AmpinagarSee Ampinagar Polling Booths
42AmarpurSee Amarpur Polling Booths
43KarbookSee Karbook Polling Booths
44Raima ValleySee Raima Valley Polling Booths
45KamalpurSee Kamalpur Polling Booths
46SurmaSee Surma Polling Booths
47AmbassaSee Ambassa Polling Booths
48KarmachharaSee Karmachhara Polling Booths
49ChawmanuSee Chawmanu Polling Booths
50PabiachharaSee Pabiachhara Polling Booths
51FatikroySee Fatikroy Polling Booths
52ChandipurSee Chandipur Polling Booths
53KailashaharSee Kailashahar Polling Booths
54Kadamtala KurtiSee Kadamtala Kurti Polling Booths
55BagbassaSee Bagbassa Polling Booths
56DharmanagarSee Dharmanagar Polling Booths
57JubarajnagarSee Jubarajnagar Polling Booths
58PanisagarSee Panisagar Polling Booths
59PencharthalSee Pencharthal Polling Booths
60KanchanpurSee Kanchanpur Polling Booths

Last Updated on April 14, 2019