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Tripura Assembly Election 2018 Updates

Tripura Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Tripura. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by CPM, INC, CPI and Others.
Tripura Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 59)
Tripura Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Constituency Wise Results
Simna Brishaketu Debbarma (IPFT )WinnerPranab Debbarma (CPM )Runner-up
Mohanpur Ratan Lal Nath (BJP )WinnerSubashchandra Debnath (CPM )Runner-up
Bamutia Krishnadhan Das (BJP )WinnerHaricharan Sarkar (CPM )Runner-up
Barjala Dilip Kumar Das (BJP )WinnerJhumu Sarkar (CPM )Runner-up
Khayerpur Ratan Chakraborty (BJP )WinnerPabitra Kar (CPM )Runner-up
Agartala Sudip Roy Barman (BJP )WinnerKrishna Majumder (CPM )Runner-up
RamnagarSurajit Datta (BJP)WinnerRatan Das (CPM)Runner-up
Town Bordowali Asish Kumar Saha (BJP )WinnerBiswanath Saha (AIFB )Runner-up
Banamalipur Biplab Kumar Deb (BJP )WinnerAmal Chakraborty (CPM )Runner-up
Majlishpur Sushanta Chowdhury (BJP )WinnerManik Dey (CPM )Runner-up
Mandaibazar Dhirendra Debbarma (IPFT )WinnerMonoranjan Debbarma (CPM )Runner-up
Takarjala Narendra Chandra Debbarma (IPFT )WinnerRamendra Debbarma (CPM )Runner-up
Pratapgarh Rebati Mohan Das (BJP )WinnerRamu Das (CPM )Runner-up
Badharghat Dilip Sarkar (BJP )WinnerN.A
Kamalasagar Narayan Chandra Chowdhuri (CPM )WinnerArun Bhowmik (BJP )Runner-up
Bishalgarh Bhanulal Saha (CPM )WinnerNitai Chaudhuri (BJP )Runner-up
Golaghati Birendra Kishore Debbarma (BJP )WinnerKeshab Debbarma (CPM )Runner-up
Suryamaninagar Ramprasad Paul (BJP )WinnerRajkumar Choudhury (CPM )Runner-up
Boxanagar Sahid Choudhuri (CPM )WinnerBaharul Islam Majumder (BJP )Runner-up
Nalchar Subhash Chandra Das (BJP )WinnerTapan Chandra Das (CPM )Runner-up
SonamuraShyamal Chakraborty (CPM)WinnerSubal Bhowmik (BJP)Runner-up
DhanpurManik Sarkar (CPM)WinnerPratima Bhoumik (BJP)Runner-up
Ramchandraghat Prasanta Debbarma (IPFT )WinnerPadma Kumar Deb Barma (CPM )Runner-up
Khowai Nirmal Biswas (CPM )WinnerAmit Rakshit (BJP )Runner-up
Asharambari Mevar Kr Jamatia (IPFT )WinnerAghore Deb Barma (CPM )Runner-up
Kalyanpur-Pramodenagar Pinaki Das Chowdhury (BJP )WinnerManindra Chandra Das (CPM )Runner-up
Teliamura Kalyani Roy (BJP )WinnerGouri Das (CPM )Runner-up
Krishnapur Autul Debbarma (BJP )WinnerKhagendra Jamatia (CPM )Runner-up
Bagma Ram Pada Jamatia (BJP )WinnerNaresh Chandra Jamatia (CPM )Runner-up
Radhakishorepur Pranajit Singha Roy (BJP)WinnerSrikanta Datta (RSP )Runner-up
Matarbari Biplab Kumar Ghosh (BJP )WinnerMadhab Chandra Saha (CPM )Runner-up
Kakraban-Salgarh Ratan Kumar Bhowmik (CPM )WinnerJitendra Majumder (BJP )Runner-up
Rajnagar Sudhan Das (CPM )WinnerBibhishan Chandra Das (BJP )Runner-up
Belonia Arun Chandra Bhaumik (BJP )WinnerBasudev Majumder (CPM )Runner-up
Santirbazar Pramod Reang (BJP )WinnerManindra Reang (CPI )Runner-up
Hrishyamukh Badal Choudhury (CPM )WinnerAshesh Baidya (BJP )Runner-up
Jolaibari Jashabir Tripura (CPM )WinnerAnkya Mog Choudhuri (BJP )Runner-up
ManuPravat Chowdhury (CPM)WinnerDhananjoy Tripura (IPFT)Runner-up
Sabroom Sankar Roy (BJP )WinnerRita Kar Majumder (CPM )Runner-up
Ampinagar Sindhu Chandra Jamatia (IPFT )WinnerDaniel Jamatia (CPM )Runner-up
AmarpurRanjit Das (BJP)WinnerParimal Debnath (CPM)Runner-up
Karbook Burba Mohan Tripura (BJP )WinnerPriyamani Debbarma (CPM )Runner-up
Raima Valley Dhananjoy Tripura (IPFT )WinnerLalit Mohan Tripura (CPM )Runner-up
Kamalpur Manoj Kanti Deb (BJP )WinnerBijoy Laxmi Singha (CPM )Runner-up
Surma Ashis Das (BJP )WinnerAnjan Das (CPM )Runner-up
Ambassa Parimal Debbarma (BJP )WinnerBharat Reang (CPM )Runner-up
Karmachara Diba Chandra Hrangkhawl (BJP )WinnerUmakanta Tripura (CPM )Runner-up
Chawamanu Sambhu Lal Chakma (BJP )WinnerNirajoy Tripura (CPM )Runner-up
Pabiachhara Bhagaban Das (BJP )WinnerSamiran Malakar (CPM )Runner-up
Fatikroy Sudhangshu Das (BJP )WinnerTunubala Malakar (CPM )Runner-up
Chandipur Tapan Chakrabarti (CPM )WinnerKaberi Singha (BJP )Runner-up
Kailashahar Moboshar Ali (CPM )WinnerNitish De (BJP )Runner-up
Kadamtala-Kurti Islam Uddin (CPM )WinnerTinku Roy (BJP )Runner-up
Bagbassa Bijita Nath (CPM )WinnerPradip Kumar Nath (BJP)Runner-up
Dharmanagar Biswabandhu Sen (BJP )WinnerAbhijit De (CPM )Runner-up
Jubarajnagar Ramendra Chandra Debnath (CPM)WinnerJadab Lal Debnath (BJP )Runner-up
Panisagar Binay Bhushan Das (BJP )WinnerAjit Kumar Das (CPM )Runner-up
Pencharthal Santana Chakma (BJP )WinnerAnil Chakma (CPM )Runner-up
Kanchanpur Prem Kumar Reang (IPFT )WinnerRajendra Reang (CPM )Runner-up
Important Candidates of Tripura
Pabitra Kar (CPM )Khayerpur
Ratan Chakraborty (BJP )Khayerpur
Prashanta Sen Chowdhury (INC)Agartala --
Sudip Roy Barman (BJP )Agartala
Asish Kumar Saha (BJP )Town Bordowali
Gopal Chandra Roy (INC)Banamalipur --
Manik Dey (CPM )Majlishpur
Monoranjan Debbarma (CPM )Mandaibazar
Arun Bhowmik (BJP )Kamalasagar
Narayan Chandra Chowdhuri (CPM )Kamalasagar
Baharul Islam Majumder (BJP )Boxanagar
Sahid Choudhuri (CPM )Boxanagar
Subhash Chandra Das (BJP )Nalchar
Jahir Uddin (AITC)Dhanpur--
Pratima Bhoumik (BJP)Dhanpur
Manik Sarkar (CPM)Dhanpur
Laxmi Nag ( Barman) (INC)Dhanpur--
Nirmal Biswas (CPM )Khowai
Tarani Sadhan Jamatia (INPT)Matarbari --
Daniel Jamatia (CPM )Ampinagar
Dasarath Sarkar (IND)Chandipur --

Tripura Assembly Elections 2018

Tripura Assembly election was held on Feb 18, 2018. The turnout was recorded to be 75%. The term of the current state government ends on March 6, 2018, and polls were held for 60 constituencies. The state has been under the rule of CPI for 25 years and it has turned out to be the most stable government in the country. The last legislative Assembly election in Tripura was held in February 2013.

BJP Wave

Presently, most states of the country are under the BJP government and the party seemingly left no stone unturned even in the northeastern part of the country. The BJP national president, Amit Shah and other party dignitaries have held a number of rallies and conducted meetings. The saffron party has also seen some members defecting to it in last few months from Congress and other parties, which is one indication of the party's strengthening grip over the state. The party also held a 'Parivartan rally' in the state with an aim to expose the ruling party for its misrule and use of terror to suppress any political opposition. BJP state president Biplab Deb also expressed assurance that people were not going to vote for the CPI(M) in the coming Vidhan Sabha elections in Tripura.

CPI(M) is also Preparing Hard

OOn the other hand, the Left Front too made a number of attempts to retain its power in the state. The party also launched a huge election campaigning in the state. Many chief party officials also called the saffron party's moves a conspiracy against them. Currently, the ruling party CPI(M) holds a majority in the Tripura Assembly House with 49 seats and is ruling the constituencies for over 2 decades without facing many challenges from the opposition parties.

Tripura Assembly Election

The Assembly Elections held in Tripura are listed below.
Election YearAssembly ElectionWinning Party
Tripura Assembly Election Result 2018Eleventh AssemblyBJP
Tripura Assembly Election 2013Tenth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 2008Ninth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 2003Eighth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1998Seventh AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1993Sixth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1988Fifth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1983Fourth AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1977Third AssemblyCPIM
Tripura Assembly Election 1972Second AssemblyINC
Tripura Assembly Election 1967First AssemblyINC
Last Updated on March 7, 2018