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Polling Station List Sattenapalle Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Sattenapalle

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abburu61M.P.U.P.School, New Building 1St Class Room,Abburu
62Z.P.High School,Abburu
63Z.P.High School,Abburu
Anchulavaripalem H/O Kubadpuram102Mpps (H) New Building,2Nd Room,From Northern Side,Anchulavaripalem H/O Kubadpuram
Balaji Nagar H/O Gundlapalli135M.P.P. S. Balaji Nagar Tanda,Gundlapalli
Balijepalli119M.P.P.School,New Building, Northern Wing,Balijepalli
120M.P.P.School, New Building, South Wing,Balijepalli
Beeravallipaya H/O Ganapavaram117M.P.U.P.School Beeravallipaya,Beeravallipaya H/O Ganapavaram
Bhatluru69M.P.U. P..School Western Side Room,Bhatluru
Bhatluru Sivaru Gujjarlapudi68M.P.H.S.,Batlurusivaruguyjjaralapudi
Bhimavaram59Mandal Parishad Primary School,Harijanawada,,Bhimavaram
60M.P.E.School, Eastrn Room,Bhimavaram
Bhimavaram Sivaru Gandluru58M.P.Elementary School,Gandluruh/O Bhimavaram
Bollavaram196M P E School, Western Room,Bollavaram
Brahmanapalli H/O Rajupalem94Mandal Parishad U. P School,Southern Wing,Brahmanapalli H/O Rajupalem
Brugabandla Sivaru Kandulavaripalem83M P.P.H. S.New Building,Souhern Side Room,Kandulavaripalem H/O Brugubanda
84M P H S. New Building Northern Side Room,Kandulavaripalem H/O Brugubanda
Brugubanda85Z.P.H.S. Western Building South Side First Room,Brugabanda
86Z.P.H. S. Western Building North Side 3Rd Room,Brugabanda
Chagallu153M.P.U.P.School North Side 1Stroom,Chagallu
154Mandal Parishad Primary School, S.T Colony,Chagallu
Chagallu Sivaru Kandlagunta155M.P.Primary School(Aa)Eastside Room Sc Colony,Kandlagunta H/O Chagallu
156M.P.U.P.School(Z.P)Northern Side,Kandlagunta H/O Chagallu
157Zilla Parishad High School, Main Building Western,Side Room, Kandlagunta H/O Chagallu
Chaganti Vari Palem H/O Muppalla188Z.P. High School,East Block,1St Room,Chagantivaripalem H/O Muppalla
Chagantivaripalem H/O Muppalla187Z P High School, West Block 1St Room,Chaganti Vari Palem H/O Muppalla
Challagundla146Medikonda Nagarattamma Ramalinga Reddy Zphs,Northern Side Building 1St Room, Challagundla
147Z.P.High School New Building West Block North Side,1Stroom,Challagundla
148M Nagarattamma Ramalinga Reddy Zphs New Building,Beside Kalavedika, Northside 1St Room,Challagundla
149M.P.P. School(Main)Z.P.H.S.Compound Southblockeast,Sideroom, Challagundla
150M P P School,East Side Room Addaroad,Adda Road H/O Challagundla
Challapalli Tanda H/O Uppalapadu123M.P.P.School, Challapalli Thanda,Challapalli Thanda H/O Uppalapadu
Chejarla173M.P.Primaryschool, North Block,West Side Room,Chejarla
174M.P.Primary School,North Block East Side Room.,Chejarla
175M.P.Primary School,South Side Room,Chejarla
Chimalamarri151Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Western,Side Room, Cheemalamarri
152Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School Estern Room,Cheemalamarri
Choutapapayapalem97Mandal.Parishad.Primary School,Chowtapapayapalem
Dammalapadu193Mandal Parishad Primary School(H W),Dammalapadu
194M.P.Primary School,Western Side ,Ramapuram.,Dammalapadu
195Zilla Parishad High School,Dammalpadu
Dechavaram H/O Rupenaguntla159M.P.U. P.S. (A.A)Western Side Room,,Dechavaram H/O Rupenaguntla
160Mpps St Colony Estern Side Room (Old Building),Dechavaram H/O Rupenaguntla
Dhulipalla87M. P. P. S. East Block, Northrn Side Room,Dhulipalla
88M. P.P. School, Eastern Block, North Side Room,Dhulipalla
89M.P.Primary School,East Block South Side Room,Dhullipalla
Eurukupalem H/O Madala209Mandal Parishad Primary School, New Building,5Th Class Room, Irukupalem
Ganapavaram112M.P.P.School(Hindhu),1Stroom From East,Ganapavaram,Ganapavaram
113M.P.P S (Hindu) New Building South Side Room,Ganapavaram
114M.P.P.S.(H) 2Nd Room From East,Ganapavaram
115M.P.P.S (Abm) Northern Side Room,Ganapavaram
116M.P.P.S (Abm) South Side Room.,Ganapavaram
Garnepudi H/O Pedamakkena17Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Garnepudi
Gollapadu178M.P.U.P. School, West Side Room,,Gollapadu
179Mpup School, East Side Room, Gollapadu,Gollapadu
73Mandal Parishd Primary School, Sc Colony,Gorantla
Gudipudi11M P U P School, West Building South Side Room,Gudipudi
13M P U P School, West Building,Gudipudi
14Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,North Building,Gudipudi
Gundlapalli128M.P.P. S. Balaji Nagar Tanda,Gundlapalli
129Vandanapu Manikyam Choultry,Gundlapalli
130M.P Primary School Addl Class Room South Side Room,Gundlapalli.
131Mandal Parishad Primary School Urdu, Middle Block,Eastern Side 1St Room, Gundlapalli
132Mandal Parishad Elementary School Urdu,Middle Block, Western Side Room, Gundlapalli
133M.P.P. S. Balaji Nagar Tanda,Gundlapalli
134M.P.Primary School Addl Class Room North Side Room,Gundlapalli
Inumetla H/O Uppalapadu124M.P.P.School (Urdu) Western Room,Inimetla H/O Uppalapadu
125M.P.P.School (Urdu) Western Room,Inimetla H/O Uppalapadu
126M.P.P.S, (H.W.) .East Side Building,Inumetla H/O Uppalapadu
Irukupalem H/O Madala210M P P.P. School, North Side Building,Irukupalem H/O Madala
Kankanalapalli82Mandal Parishad Primary School,Southren Side,Room, Kankanalapalli
Kantepudi2Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,2Nd Room, From Eastern Side, Kantepudi
Kattamuru70Z.P.High School,Kattamuru
71Z.P.High Schoolwestroom,Kattamuru
Kattavaripalemh/Okantepudi1Mandala Parishath Primary School,Kattavaripalem
Komerapudi3Z.P.High School,3Rd Room From North,9Th Class Room,Komerapudi
4Z.P.High School,1St Room North,Komerapudi
5M.P.P.H. School, North Side,Komerapudi
6M.P.U.P.School(H.E. ) North Side,Komerapudi
Kothapalem H/O Balijepalli118M .P. Upper Primary School,Kothapalem,Kothapalem H/O Balijepalli
Kubad Puram98M.P.P.School Northern Wing,Kubadpuram
99M.P.P.School.Southern Wing,Kubadpuram
Kubadpuram Sivaru104Mpp School (H), Anchulavaripalem, New Building,,1St Room From Northern Side. Anchulavaripalem
Kubadpuram Sivaru Anchulavari Palem101Mpp School (H), Anchulavaripalem, New Building,,1St Room From Northern Side. Anchulavaripalem
Kubadpuram Sivaru Kotanemalipuram103Mpp School (H), Anchulavaripalem, New Building,,1St Room From Northern Side. Anchulavaripalem
Kubadpuram Sivaruparvathipuram105M.P Primary School (Hindu) Eastern Building,Kotanemalipuri H/O Kubadu Puri
Kubatpuram100Primary Agrl. Co-Op Society Building,Kubadupuram
Kunduruvaripalem H/O Gollapadu176M.P.Primary School,West Side Room,Kunduruvaripalem H/O Gollapadu
177Mandal Parishad Primary School, East Side Room,Kunduruvaripalem H/O Gollapadu
Kunkalagunta165Mandal Parishad Primary School, Middle Room,Main Building, Kunkalagunta
166Panchayat Office,Kunkalagunta
167Z.P. High Schoolnorth Block West Side 1St Room,,Kunkalagunta
168Z.P. High School, New Building Western Side 1St,Room, Kunkalagunta
169Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Sc Colony, Old,Buiding, Kunkalagunta
170Mpes (A.A)D.E.P.E.P, Southern Side Room Sc Colony,Kunkalagunta.
Kunkavari Palem H/O Muppalla191Mandal Parishad Primary School.,Konkavaripalem H/O Muppalla
Lakkarajugarlapadu18Z.P.H School 2Nd Room From West,Lakkarajugarlapadu
19Zilla Parishad High School 3Rd Room,Lakkarajagarlapadu
20Mandal Parishad Primary School, (Abm)South,Building,Lakkarajugarlapadu
Lakshmipuram H/O.Gudipudi12Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Lakshmipuram.,Lakshmipuram H/O.Gudipudi
Lankelakurapadu180M P U P School, D.P.E.P Building West Side Room,Lankelakurapadu
181M P U P School,D.Pep, East Side Room,Lankelakurpadu
Madala198M P E School, North Block South Side Room,Madala
199M P Ele.School,Out Side West Room, Madala,Madala
200M P Ele.School,Out Side West Room, Madala,Madala
201Z.P.High School, Eastern Side 1St Room, Madala.,Madala
202Z.P. High School, Eastern Side 3Rd Room, Madala.,Madala
Mokkapadu H/O Reddy Gudem92M.P.P.School,(Hw) Eastern Wing,Mokkapadu H/O Reddygudem
93M.P.E.S. Western Wing,,Mokkapadu H/O Reddy Gudem
Muppalla189R C M School,Muppalla
190Mandal Parishad Primary School(Hindu).,Muppalla
Nakarikallu138Z.P.High School New Building North Side 1St Room,Nekarikallu
139Z.P.High New Building South Side 1St Room,Nekarikallu
140Z.P.Highschool South Block Building West Side Seco,Nd Room,Nekarikallu.
141Z.P.High School South Block Westren Side 3Rd Room,Nekarikallu
142M.P.P.S.(He), New Bdg., East Side 1St Room, Pathur,Nakarikallu
143Mandal. P..P School(He)Westsiside Room Paturu,Nakarikallu
144M. P. P.School,2Ndroom From Eastern Side,Nekarikallu
Nakarikally Sivaru Sivapuram Thandauday Nagar Col145M. P. P.School,2Ndroom From Eastern Side,Nekarikallu
Nandigama7Z P H S., 2Th Room From East Side,Nandigama
8Z P H S., 2Th Room From East Side,Nandigama
9Z P H School, 5Th Room From East Side,Nandigama
Narnepadu182M.P.P.School, 1St Room From Eastern,Narnepadu
183M P.P.School, Western Side 1St Room,Narnepadu
184M.P.P.S., (L.E) East Side Friest Room,Narnepadu
Narsingapadu136M.P.U.P.School,Eastern Side Room,Narasingapadu
137M.P.Upper Primery School West Side Room,Narsingapadu
Nemalipudi Sivaru Devarampadu107Mp.U.P.School.,Devaram Padu H/O Nemalipuri
Nemalipuri109Z.P.H.School,Northern Room,,Nemalipuri
110M.P.P.School(Spl),B.C.Colony, Nemalipuri,Nemalipuri
Pakalapadu78M.P.P.S.Plenth Room Eastern Side Building,Pakalapadu
79M.P.P.S Peanth Room Western Building,,Pakalapadu
Pakalapadu Sivaru Gogulapadu77M.P.P.School,Gogulapadu H/O Pakalapadu
Paludevarlapadu185M P.P. School, Southside Room,Paludevarlapadu
186M P Ele. School,(Le)New Building,Paludevarlapadu
Papisettypalem H/O Kunkalagunta171Dpep School Main Room,Papasettypalem H/O Kunkalagunta
Parvathipuram Kotanemalipuri H/O Kubadpuram106Mpp School (H), Middle New Building, Parvathipuram,Kotanemalipuri H/O Kubadpuram
Pedamakkena15Z P High School, 9Th Class Room,Pedamakkena
16Z P High School, 10 Th Class Room,Pedamakkena
66M.P .U. P.. School, East Side Room,Phanidam
Phanidham67Z.P.H.School, 1St Room From East,Phanidam
Phanidham Sivaru D.D.Palem64Mandal Parishad Primary School,Depaladinnepalem
Rajupalem95M.P.P School, Western Wing,,Rajupalem
96Mandal Parishad Primaryschool, Eastern Wing,Rajupalem
Ramakrishnapuram H/O Madala197M P Ele. School,Ramakrishnapuram H/O Madala
Ramakrishnapuram.Nandigama10M.P.P.S., Ramakrishna Puram,Nandigama
Reddy Gudem90M.P.P.School, (Hindu),Reddygudem
91M. P.Primary School ,Hrijanawada,,Reddygudem
Rentapalla74M.P.U.P.S(Z.P) North Side Room,Rentapalla
75Z.P.U.P.School Eastern Block,2Nd Room From East,Rentapalla
76Z.P.U.P.S. Eastern Block, 4Th Room From North,Rentapalla
Rudravaram H/O Tondapi203M.P.Primary School,South Side 1St Room.,Rudravaram H/O Thondapi
Rupena Guntla Sivaru Dechavaram158M.P.U.P School,North Side Room,Bechavaram H/O Rupenaguntla
161Mpps Adi Andhra Estern Side Room,Dechavaram H/O Rupenaguntla
Rupena Guntla Sivaru Turakapalem164Roman Catholic Mission School.,Turakapalem H/O Rupenaguntla
Rupenaguntla162M.P.U.P.S Western Side 1St Room,Southern Building,,Rupenaguntla
163M.P.U.P.S Western Side 2Nd Room In Southeren Side,Building, Rupenaguntla
Sattenapalli21Mandal Parishad Primary School, Near Urdu,Shadikhana, Sattenapalli
23S.R.B.N.S.Eastblock Center Room,Sattenapalli
24S.R.B.N.S. East Block South Side Room,Sattenapalli
25Mpups (Urdu), Near Shadhikhana,Sattenapalli
26M.P.P.S. Salivahana Nagar North From South Room,Sattenapalli
27M.P.Primary School (L.E.) Western Building,Sattanapalli
28M.P.Primary School (L.E.) Eastern Building,Sattanapalli
29Govt.Jr.College Northbuilding .,Sattenapalli.
30Government Junior College, East Building,3Rd Room,From South Side,Sattenapalli
31Gj College, Western Side 3Rd Room From North,Sattenapalli
32Govt.Jr.College East Building 1St Room From South,Sattenapalli
33Government Junior College, Eastern Building 2Nd,Sattenapalli .
34Zpghs, Southern Block, Eastern Side, 1St Room,Sattenapalli
35Mandal Parishad Primary School(Abm), South Side,Building ,Sattenapalli
36Mandal Parishad Primary School(Abm), South Side,Building ,Sattenapalli
37Z.Igh School. For Girls 3Rd Room From South,Sattenapalli
38Z.P.Girls Highschool,Newbuilding Istroom Fromnorth,Sattenapalli
39Z.P.Girls High School New Building,Sattenapalli
40Zilla Parishad Girls High School,South Building,3Rd Room From West Side,Sattenapalli
41M.P.Primary School Southern Side Sugali Colony.,Sattenapalli
42Mpps, Southern Side, 2Nd R From East, Sugali Colon,Sattenapali
43Zphs, Eastern Side 1St Room, Vavilala Ghat,,Vavilala Ghat, Sattenapalli
44Mpps, East Block, 1St Room,Sugali Colony, Sattenapalli
45Mpps , Western Side, 2Nd Room From South,Sugali Colony, Sattenapalli
46Zphs, East Block, 2Nd Room, Vavilala Ghat,Sattenapalli
47Sri Sarabhiah Hindu High School,East Building,,South Side,5Th Room From South,Sattenapalli
48Sri Sarabhiah Hindu High School,East Building,,3Rd Room From South,Sattenapalli
49Sri Sarabhiah Hindu High School,3Rd Room From,East Side,East Side Tiled House,Sattenapalli
50Sri Sarabhiah Hindu High School, East Side,,Tiled House, 2Nd Room From West,Sattenapalli
51Sri Sarabhiah Hindu High School, East Building,, 3Rd Room From North,Sattenapalli
53H F E S Eastside Gate,Sattenapalli
54Holy Family School, North B, 2Nd Room From West,Sattenapalli
55H.F.E.S Eastside Bulidingwestside3Room,Sattenapalli
57Holy Family English Medium School,South Building,1St Room From East,Sattenapalli
Srinivasa Nagar H/O Nemalipuri111Mandal Parishad Primary School,Srinivasa Nagar H/O Nemalipuri
Thondapi205M.P.U.P.School, Easternside Building,Thondapi
207M.P.Primary School(P S)2Nd Room From West Side.,Thondapi
Tondapi206Mpup School, Depep Building,,Tondapi
208Mpp School, (Ps)First Room,Eastern Side.,Tondapi
Tondapi Sivaru Rudravaram204Mpp School West Side,Rudravaram
Tripurapuram127Mandal Parishad Primary School Westren Side,Building, Tripurapuram
Turakapalem H/O Dammalapadu192R.C.M.Primary School,East Side Room,Turakapalem H/O Dammalapadu.
Uppalapadu121M.P.U.P.School, 1St Room, From South,Uppalapadu
122M.P.U.P.School, 1St Room, From South,Uppalapadu
Veannadevi Vavilala Nagar H/O Kankanalapalli81Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vavilala Nagar,,Vennadevi
Vennadevi H/O Kankanalapalli80Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vavilala Nagar,Vennadevi
Z.P.H.Schoolnemalipuri108Z.P.H.School,Northern Room,,Nemalipuri
Zillapet Thanda H/O Kunkalagunta172Mandal Parishad Primary School, Zillapet Thanda,Zillapet Thanda H/O Kunkalagunta

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