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Punjab Assembly Election Results in 1967

Punjab Legislative Assembly Election in 1967 Party Wise

Party NameSeats
Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS)9
Communist Party of India (CPI)5
Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM)3
Indian National Congress (INC)48
Republic Party of India (RPI)3
Sanghata Socialist Party (SSP)1
Akali Dal Master Tara Singh Group (ADM)2
Akali Das Sant Fateh Singh Group (ADS)24
Independent (IND)9

List of Successful Candidates in Punjab Assembly Election in 1967

A. C. NO.Assembly Constituency Name Category Winner Candidates Name GenderPartyVoteRunner-up Candidates NameGenderPartyvote
1Muktsar(SC)G. SinghMADS18028M. RamMINC15939
2GiddarbahaGENH. SinghMINC21692P. SinghMADS21635
3MaloutGENG. SinghMINC13046P. SinghMADS11562
4Lambi(SC)S. ChandMINC11982D. RamMCPI8327
5AboharGENS. DevMBJS21724C. RamMINC15029
6FazilkaGENRadha KrishanMINC20048Aad LalMBJS13011
7JalalabadGENP. SinghMCPI20046L. SinghMINC19378
8Guru Har SahaiGENB. SinghMIND15361D. RaiMINC14189
9FerozepurGENG. SinghMINC15419B. MukandMBJS9029
10Firozepur CantonmentGENM. SinghMINC12127R. SinghMADS10560
11ZiraGENH. SinghMADS21494M. SinghMINC20622
12DharamkotGENL. SinghMADS22634R. SinghMINC16733
13Nihal Singh Wala(SC)M. SinghMCPI15204S. SinghMINC10720
14MogaGENN. SinghMINC16847R. LalMSSP11433
15Bagha PuranaGENC. SinghMADS22170C. SinghMINC17027
16Khadoor SahibGENJ.M.S. NagokeMINC22443A. SinghMADS21565
17PattiGENR. KaurFINC26273Jaswant SinghM 13677
18ValtohaGENH. SinghMADS21249U. SinghMINC15985
19Attari(SC)S. SinghMINC15844D. SinghMCPM11624
20Tarn TaranGENH. SinghMADS24496N.S.S. PuriMINC20610
By Polls in 1967Tarn TaranGENM.SinghMADS30081D.Singh MINC15880
21BeasGENS. SinghMINC20401K. SinghMIND12148
22Jandiala(SC)A. SinghMINC16005T. SinghMADS12499
23Amritsar EastGENB. ParkashMBJS19750I. NathMINC15124
24Amritsar SouthGENH. LalMBJS17023K. SinghMPSP16320
25Amritsar CentralGENBalram DassMBJS22404J.I. SinghMINC13256
26Amritsar WestGENS.P. DangMCPI23339G.G.S. MussafirMINC13368
27Verka(SC)K. SinghMADS14940G. SinghMINC13354
28MajithaGENP. SinghMADS28002P. KaurFINC18584
29AjnalaGEND. SinghMCPM20932I. SinghMIND12385
30FatehgarhGENN. SinghMADS18570J. SinghMINC17081
31BatalaGENM. LalMINC18528R. LalMBJS13722
32Sri HargobindpurGENS. SinghMINC15278K. SinghMADS11722
33QadianGENS. SinghMINC18126B. SinghMCPI6748
34DhariwalGENS. SinghMINC15067U. SinghMIND10752
35GurdaspurGENP. ChandraMINC16741M. SinghMADS13546
36Dina Nagar(SC)J. MuniMINC13464S. PalMBJS12309
37Narot Mehra(SC)S. SinghMINC16452R. ChandMBJS13764
38PathankotGENC. RamMBJS18142B. LalMINC14958
39BalachaurGENB. RamMINC20687D. ChandMIND19466
40GarhshankarGENCapt. R. SinghMINC20412D. SinghMCPI13478
41Mahilpur(SC)G. SinghMINC18973K. SinghMADM10477
42HoshiarpurGENB. SinghMSSP16027BalkrishanMINC12669
43Sham Chaurasi(SC)G. DassMINC14656DevrajMCPM11241
44TandaGENJ. SinghMRPI11969A. SinghMINC10697
45DasuyaGENR.P. DassMIND15539D. SinghMIND11958
46MukerianGENB. NathMIND17451R. RamMINC12382
47KapurthalaGENK. SinghMINC18976B.H. SinghMIND12083
48SultanpurGENB. SinghMINC17743A. SinghMADM15211
49Phagwara(SC)S. RamMINC14943G. RamMIND11547
50Jullundur NorthGENL.C. SuberwalMBJS19613G. SainiMINC15374
51Jullundur SouthGENManmohanMBJS19138YashpalMINC14222
52Jullundur CantonmentGENR. SinghMIND11763B. RajMIND9473
53AdampurGEND. SinghMINC17485K. SinghMCPI16989
54Kartarpur(SC)P. RamMRPI18708G. SinghMINC16000
55Jamsher(SC)D. SinghMINC11808M. SinghMIND9185
56NakodarGEND. SinghMIND11755U. SinghMINC8437
57Nur MahalGEND. SinghMINC23230T. SinghMCPI16451
58Bara PindGENH.S. SurjitMCPM18078P. SinghMINC15946
59Banga(SC)H. RamMADS16368J. RamMINC15293
60NawanshahrGEND. SinghMINC22048H. SinghMADS14094
61PhillaurGENA. SinghMINC17267G. SinghMCPM9510
62JagraonGENG. SinghMINC20660D. SinghMADS18173
63RaikotGENJ. SinghMADS28912S. SinghMINC16947
64Qila RaipurGENG. SinghMADS25488A. SinghMINC20034
65Dakha(SC)J. SinghMINC18060B. SinghMADS16903
66Ludhiana NorthGENK. ChandMBJS22785T. DassMINC12055
67Ludhiana SouthGENV.A. VishwanathMBJS14482J. PallMINC11194
68Kum KalanGENG.M. SinghMINC17655M. SinghMADS16921
69PayalGENG. SinghMINC24505B. SinghMADS20027
70Khanna(SC)G. SinghMRPI16617B. SinghMINC12371
71SamralaGENJ. SinghMADS27719A. SinghMINC20320
72NangalGENS. ParasherFINC10733B. SinghMBJS7737
73AnandpurGENJ. SinghMINC12016S. SinghMADS9768
74RuparGENG. SinghMINC21314S. S. JoshMCPI13288
75Morinda(SC)P. S. AzadMINC18852R. SinghMCPM12377
76KhararGENB. SinghMADS15429N. S. TalibMINC14830
77BanurGENP. SinghMINC18595P. SinghMIND18086
78RajpuraGENS. ParkashMINC11623K. SinghMADM7932
79RaipurGENS. KapurMINC19073B. SinghMSWA13337
80PatialaGENS. SinghMADM13778O. ParkashMBJS11541
81DakalaGENY. SinghMIND28827R. SinghMCPI3297
82Samana(SC)B. LalMIND14549H. SinghMINC12228
83NabhaGENN. SinghMIND24135G. SinghMINC14629
84Amloh(SC)B. SinghMINC14629S. SinghMADS13146
85SirhindGENJ. SinghMADM13871R. SinghMADS12028
86DhuriGENT. SinghMINC17829J. SinghMCPM16556
87MalerkotlaGENH. H. N. I. A. KhanMINC22090N. MohammadMADS15307
88Sherpur(SC)K. SinghMADS23490L. SinghMINC10200
89BarnalaGENS. SinghMADS24271R. SinghMINC10119
90Bhadaur(SC)B. SinghMCPI14748G. SinghMINC8287
91DhanaulaGENH. SinghMCPM21192B. H. SinghMINC11228
92SangrurGENJ. SinghMADS14233G. SinghMINC13437
93SunamGENG. SinghMADS20027N. RamMBJS8671
94LehraGENB. BhanMINC26377B. LalMIND10340
95SardulgarhGENH. SinghMADS22167K. SinghMINC19050
96BudhladaGENG. SinghMINC19621T. SinghMADS16977
97MansaGENJ. SinghMCPI14466H. SinghMINC11864
98Talwandi SaboGEND. SinghMADS21148G. SinghMINC10106
99Pakka KalanGENK. SinghMADS19968T. SinghMINC15865
100BhatindaGENF. ChandMIND26356H. LalMINC14921
101PhulGENH. SinghMINC19826B. SinghMCPI17925
102Nathana(SC)H. SinghMADS21061K. SinghMINC7615
103KotkapuraGENH. SinghMADS23907M. SinghMINC14185
104Faridkot(SC)B. SinghMADS16273S. SinghMINC12771

List of Participating Political Parties in Punjab Assembly Election in 1967

S. No.Party Abbreviation Party
National Parties
1 BJS Bharatiya Jan Sangh
2 CPI Communist Party Of India
3 CPM Communist Party Of India (Marxist)
4 INC Indian National Congress
5 PSP Praja Socialist Party
6 RPI Republic Party Of India
7 SSP Sanghata Socialist Party
8 SWA Swatantra Party
State Parties
9 ADM Akali Dal Master Tara Singh Group
10 ADS Akali Das Sant Fateh Singh Group
11 IND Independents

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