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Polling Booth in Nettapakkam Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Nettapakkam

Nettapakkam Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nettapakkam Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nettapakkam Assembly Constituency falls under the Nettapakkam Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Pondicherry.

Sl. No.Polling Station BuildingPolling Booths Area
1 Anganwady Centre, Indiranagar 2Nd Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 4Th Street, V.S. Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 3Rd Street, V.S. Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 2Nd Street, V.S. Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 1St Street, V.S. Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 5Th Street, V.S.Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Indiranagar 1St Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Indiranagar 2Nd Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Indhira Nagar 3Rd Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Indhira Nagar 4Th Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Indhira Nagar 5Th St
2 Govt. Primary School, Kampatham Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Karumara Veedhi, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Valavanur Main Road, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Pudutheru, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Murugan Koil Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Nappalayatheru, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Kulathumettutheru, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Perumal Koil Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605106 Kuruvanpet, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Mariamman Koil Street - Kuruvampet, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Anganwadi Street, Kuruvanpet, Maducarai, Puducherry-605106 Ambedk
3 Govt. Primary School, Kampatham Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Reddiarveedhi, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Senguntharveedhi, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Mandhaiveli, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Nadustreet, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Panrutiroad, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Thangaraj Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 3Rd Street, Thangaraj Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Iyyanar Koil Veedhi, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Iyyanarkoil Veedhi-Sarangapaninagar., Maducarai, Puducherry-605106
4 Govt. Primary School, Kampatham Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Sedatheru, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Kampatham Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Vaniyar Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Easwaran Koil Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Kamaraj Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Balaji Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Sathiyamurthy Nagar, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105
5 Govt. Primary School, School Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 School Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Mariamman Koil Veedhi, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Balwadi Street, Periyapet, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 East Veedhi, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 2Nd Cross Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 3Rd Cross Pudunagar, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 4Th Cross Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 South Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Anganwadi Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105
6 Govt. Primary School, School Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Othawadai Street-Pudunagar, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 1St Street -Pudunagar, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 2Nd Street - Pudunagar, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 3Rd Cross Street-Pudunagar, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 4Th Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Muthunagar-1St Cross Street, Maducaraipet, Puducherry-605105 Muthunagar 2Nd Cross Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Muthunagar 3Rd Cross Street, Maducarai, Puducherry-605105 Muthunagar-4Th Cross Street, Maducarai, Puducher
7 Govt. Middle School, School Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mainroad, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 New Water Tank Veedhi, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Vinayakarkoil Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 South Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Nathamettu Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 School Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Erikarai Street, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Ooralkulam, Molappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mainroad, Modakurichipalayam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar, Modakuruchipalayam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar-Murugan Koil
8 Govt, Primary School, Pallikooda Street, Sooramangalampet, Puducherry-605107 Main Road, Sooramangalampet, Mettu Street, Sooramangalampet, Mariammankoil Veedhi, Sooramangalampet, Ambedkarnagar, Sooramangalampet, Sooramangalampet, Sooramangalampet, Erikaraitheru, Sooramangalampet, Pudu Colony, Sooramangalam Pet, 1St Street, Sooramangalampet, Puducherry-605107
9 Govt. Primary School, Pallikooda Street, Sooramangalampet, Puducherry-605107 Mariamman Koil Street, Sooramangalam Pet, Pallikooda Street, Sooramangalampet, Vaikalmedu Street, Sooramangalampet, Kalyanamandaba Street, Sooramangalampet, Mandaiveli Street, Sooramangalampet, Puducherry-605107
10 Govt. Primary School, Puliyanthoppu, Sooramangalam, Puducherry-605107 V.V.R. Nagar, Sooramangalam, Main Road, Sooramangalam, Manthaiveli, Sooramangalam, Puliyanthoppu, Sooramangalam, Reddiar Street, Sooramangalam, Vinayakarkoil Street, Sooramangalam, Pudunagar, Sooramangalam, Puducherry-605107
11 Govt. Middle School, Kalkulam, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Rajagopalnagar, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 V.S. Nagar-New., Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 V.S. Nagar -1St Street, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Madagadipet Road, Kariamanikkam, Puducherry-605106 Kozhipannaiveedhi, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Kalyanamandapam Veedhi, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Saliyar Veedhi, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Reddiar Veedhi, Kariamanickam, Puducherry-605106 Maducaraimainroad, Kariamanickam, Puducher
12 Sri Muthukumaasamy Handloom Weavers Coop. Society, Pondy Main Road, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Melakandaveedhi, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 5Th Cross Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 Indhiranagar, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 Pudhu Nagar, Eripakkam Pet, Puducherry-605106 1St Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 2Nd Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 3Rd Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar 2Nd Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605115 Mainroad, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605115 Main Road, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 4Th Street, Erippakkampet, Pu
13 Kamban Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Pondy Main Road, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Poonthottam Pudunagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Ramalingaswami Nagar, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 Nesavalar Kudiyiruppu, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Nesavalar Kudiyiruppu - 2Nd Street, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 Nesavalar Kudiyiruppu - 3Rd Street, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 4Th Street, Weavers Colony, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605106 Punithavathi Nagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Thattankulam, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Thattangulam Extension, Nettapakkam, Puducherr
14 Kamban Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Pondy Main Road, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Pondy Main Road, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mettu Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mettu Street Extn., Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605106 Kumaran Nagar, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mettu Street, Krishnammal Nagar, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 V.V.R. Nagar, Kodeeswami Nagar, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 Masuthi Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Kurinji Nagar, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 Madathu Street, Thattankulam, Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605105 Police Veedhi, Nettappakka
15 Govt. Smart Primary School, Kampatham Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 V.S. Nagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Quarter Veedhi, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Teachers Quarters Extension, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-607106 Bharathinagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 North Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Bank Veedhi, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Nadustreet, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Kampatham Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mariammankoil Street, P.S.Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Selva Vinayagar Kovil St., Nettapakkam, Puducherry-605106
16 Nettappakkam Commune Panchayat Office, Kampatham Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Old Colony, Nettappakkam Pet, Puducherry-605106 Ambedkarnagar 1St Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 2Nd Street, Ambedkar Nagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 New Colony (M.G.R. Nagar), P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Mgr Nagar - 1St Cross Street, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 2Nd Street, Mgr Nagar, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Mandaiveli, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar Sembadapet, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Ammapettai, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Othavady Stree
17 Communilty Hall, Mrf Main Road, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106 Mandaivelithidal, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106 Mariammankoil Street, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106 Thopputheru, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106 Mrf Main Road, Nathamedu, Puducherry-605106
18 Govt. Primary School, Mainroad, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mainroad, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Kurukku Street, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Koil Street, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 East Street, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Kaliamman Koil Street, Eripakkam, Puducherry-605106 Library Street, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Pillaiyarkoil Street, Erippakkam, Puducherry-605106 Erippakkampet, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 1St Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 2Nd Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-605106 South Street, Erippakkampet, Puducherry-
19 Community Hall, Main Road, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 East Street, Kalmandapam, Puducherry-605106 Vaithilingam Nagar, Kalmandapam, Puducherry-605106 Main Road, Andarasikuppam, Puducherry-605106 Library Street, Andarasikuppam, Puducherry-605106 Andharasikuppam, Kalmandapam, Puducherry-605106 1Nd Street, Andarasikuppam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar-1St Street, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 Pudunagar-2Nd Street, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 Pudunagar - 3Rd Street, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 P.S. Nallur Road, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 60510
20 Govt. High School, Main Road, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 Main Road, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 East Street, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 Moogambigai Nagar, Kalmandapam, Puducherry - 605106 Mariammankoil Street, Kalmandapampet, Puducherry - 605106 Kalmandapam, Kalmandapam Pet, Puducherry - 605106 Thilakavathy Nagar, Kalmandapam, Puducherry 605106 Thirumalai Nagar, Kalmandapam, Nettappakkam, Puducherry -605106.
21 Govt. Primary School, Perumal Koil Street, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Mariamman Koil Street, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Iyyanar Koil Street, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Perumal Koil Street, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar-4Th Cross, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106 Pudunagar - 3Rd Cross, Vadukuppam, Puducherry-605106
22 Balwady - New Building, Sembadavarpettai, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Angalamman Koil Veedhi, Sembadavarpet, Puducherry-605106 Kammalar Street, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Sinnatheru, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Nadunayagapuram, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Nadunayakapuram Main Road, Nettappakkam , Puducherry-605106 Annanagar, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Mainroad, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Sanarpet 1St Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Sanarpet - 2Nd Street, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 Sembadavarpettai, Nettappakkam, Puducherry-605106 An
23 Govt. Middle School, Sorappur Main Road, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Easwaran Koil Street, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Vadukuppam Road, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Sorappur Main Road, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Kuttaithoppu, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Sooriyanpettai Street, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 Kambatham Street, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 Kulathumettu Street, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 L.G.R. Plot, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 Sapthagirinagar, Pandasozhanallur, Puducherry-605106 Vallalar Nagar, Pandasozhanallu
24 Govt. Primary School, Iyyanarkoilthoppu, P.S.Nallurpet, Puducherry-605106 New Colony 1St Street, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 2Nd Street, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 3Rd Sstreet, P.S.Nallurpet, Puducherry-605106 4Th Street, P.S.Nallurpet, Puducherry-605106 Old Colony East Street, P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Mariammankoil West Street, P.S.Nallurpet, Puducherry-605106 Erikkarai Veedhi (Vaduvakuppam Vazhi), P.S. Nallur, Puducherry-605106 Iyyanarkoilthoppu, P.S.Nallurpet, Puducherry-605106
25 Govt. Middle School, Mariammankoil Street, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Manjalmettu Street, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Angalammankoil Veedhi, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Nadutheru, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Perumal Koil Street, Panayadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Pazhaiyapet, Panaiyadikuppampet, Puducherry-607104 Mariammankoil Street, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Anganwadi Street, Panayadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Mandram Street, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Kulathumettustreet, Panaiyadikuppam, Puducherry-607104 Othavadai Street, Pa
26 Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Mariyamman Koil Street, Karaiyamputhurpet, Puducherry-607402 Karaiyambuthurpet, Karaiyambuthur, Puducherry-607104 Quarters Veedhi, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Sinnapet, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Mariyamman Koil Street, Karaiyamputhurpet, Puducherry-607402 Periyapet, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607402 Ponthottaveedhi, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607402 Mettu Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104
27 Govt. Primary School, Subramaniyarkoil Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Hospital Veedhi, Karaiyambuthur, Puducherry-607104 Reddiar Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Subramaniyarkoil Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Pathirikadumadam, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Karumaraveedhi, Karaiyambuthur, Puducherry-607104 Throwpathiamman Koil Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Ponthottaveedhi, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Kulathumettuveedhi, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Nalla Thaneerkinatru Veedhi, Karaiyambuthur, Puducherry-607104 Oversea
28 Govt. Primary School, Subramaniyarkoil Street, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Kalinjikuppamroad, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Sornavurroad, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Bahourroad, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Sri Ram Nagar, Karayamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Kamatchiyammannagar, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Balaji Nagar, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Gangaiammankoilstreet, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Nagammal Nagar, Karayamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Ricemill Veedhi, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Nehrunagar, Karaiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104
29 Govt. Primary School, Mariyammankoilstreet, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Mariyammankoilstreet, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Nachiaramman Koil Street, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607402 V.O.C. 1St Street, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607402 V.O.C. 2Nd Street, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Vivekanandar Veedhi, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Bharathiveedhi, Sinnakaraiyamputhur, Puducherry-607104 Main Road, Chinnakarayamputhur, Puducherry-607104
30 Govt. Primary School, School Street, Manamedu, Puducherry-605104 Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Rediarpalayam, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Reddiarstreet, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Nellikuppam Veedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-605104 Neelathottiveedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Neelathotti Street - 1St Street, Manamedu, Puducherry-607104 Sandhuveedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607104 Pillaiyarkoil Veedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607104 Agraharaveedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607104 Post Office Street, Manamedu, Puducherry-607104 School Street, Manamedu, Puducherry-605104 Soc
31 Govt. Primary School, School Street, Manamedu, Puducherry-605104 Kalar, Manamedupet, Puducherry-607402 Thakkakuttai (M.A.S.), Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Pudupet, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Maruthuvamanaiveedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Manamedu, Manamedupet, Puducherry-607402 Ambedkarveedhi, Manamedupet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Veedhi, Manamedu, Puducherry-607402 Periyarveedhi, Manamedupet, Puducherry-607402 M.A.S. Nagar, Manamedupet, Puducherry-607402 1St Street, Manamedu Pet, Puducherry-607104

Last Updated on March 27, 2014