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Polling Booth in Neravy T.R. Pattinam Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Neravy T.R. Pattinam

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Neravy T.R. Pattinam Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Neravy T.R. Pattinam Assembly Constituency falls under the Neravy T.R. Pattinam Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Pondicherry.

Sl. No.Polling Station BuildingPolling Booths Area
1 Govt. High School (South), Main Road, Vizhidiyur Seshamoolai Road, Vizhidiyur Mariamman Kovil Street, Vizhidiyur Kottupalaiyam, Vizhidiyur Manamudipet, Vizhidiyur Manamutty Street, Vizhidiyur Main Road, Vizhidiyur Mudaliyar Street, Vizhidiyur
2 Govt. High School (East), Main Road, Vizhidiyur Sankaranthoppu, Vizidhiyur Keezhapet, Vizidhiyur East Street, Vizhidiyur Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Vizidhiyur Thamaraikulam Street, Vizidhiyur Madavilaga Street, Vizhidiyur Sivan Sannathy Street, Vizhidhiyur Mariammankoilmelatheru, Vizhidiyur Mariammankoil Colony Street, Vizhidiyur Kannkovil Street, Vizhidiyur Nadu Theru, Vizhidiyur
3 Govt. High School (West), Main Road, Vizhidiyur Sivanpadavar Street, Vizhidhiyur Vanniar Street, Vizidhiyur South Street, Vizhidiyur Kamarajar Nagar, Vizhidiyur Mudaliar Street, Vizidhiyur Vizhidiyurpet, Vizhidiyur Vettiyanpet, Vizhidiyur Southpet, Vizhidiyur Nadutheru, Vizhidhiyur
4 Govt. High School - South, Sesamoolai Salai, Oozhipathu Gandhi Nagar (Kakkamozhipet), Keezhamanai Keezhatheru, Oozhipathu Mela Theru - Oozhiapathu,? Padugai Theru - Oozhiapathu,? Sesamoolai Salai, Oozhipathu
5 Govt. High School - North, Sesamoolai Salai, Oozhipathu Seshamoolai Road - Oozhiapathu,? New Street - Oozhiapathu,? Seshamoolai Road - Arunmozhidevan, Oozhipathu Kaliammankoil Street - Oozhiapathu,? Pillaiyarkoil Street Dooduponamoolai,? Thooduponamoolaipet, Oozhiapathu
6 Govt. Primary School,, Keezha Theru, Keezhamanai, Kakkamozhi Keezhamanai Neravy,? Keezhamanaipet, Keezhamanai North Street, Kakkamozhi, Neravy Pillaiyar Kovil Street, Kakkamozhi Neravy South Street, Keezhamanai Keezha Theru, Keezhamanai, Kakkamozhi Main Road, Keezhamanai
7 Govt. Hr.Sec.School - West, Kumaran Koil Street, Neravy Akkarai Street, Neravy Gownder Theru, Neravy Kaliyamman Kovil Street, Neravy Veeran Kovil Street, Neravy Perumal Kovil North Street, Neravy Thoppu Theru, Neravy Perumal Kovil Theru, Neravy Nagathoppu, Neravy
8 Govt. Hr.Sec.School - East, Kumaran Koil Street, Neravy Ottukara Theru, Neravy Kuyavan Thoppu, Neravy Sivan South Street, Neravy Sivan Keezha Veethi, Neravy Sivan North Street, Neravy Sivan West Street, Neravy Sivan Sannidhi Street, Neravy Kumaran Koil Street, Neravy North Street, Neravy North Pet, Neravy
9 Bharathidasan Govt. Middle School - East, Kumaran Koil Street, Neravy Pambani Amman Kovil Street, Neravy Nagutha Veethi, Neravy Kammalar Street, Neravy Rajaveethi, Neravy Thiruvasalkollai Street, Neravy Patesa Street, Neravy Kannisa Palli Street, Neravy Caziar Street, Neravy
10 Bharathidasan Govt. Middle School - North, Kumaran Koil Street, Neravy Pananthoppu Street, Neravy Edatheru, Neravy Nadutheru, Neravy Pillaiyar Kovil Street, Neravy Kilaspet, Neravy Valluvar Street, Neravy Subbaiah Nagar, Neravy Glass Street, Neravy Old Market Street, Neravy Vazhaikollai Street, Neravy Rettaivaikal Street, Neravy Neduntheru, Neravy Kamarajar Nagar , Neravy Kallar Street, Neravy O.N.G.C Road, Neravy 609604
11 Hussainia Govt. High School Rajah Street,, Keezharajaveethi, Neravy Keezharajaveethi, Neravy Periya Palli Theru, Neravy Kamaliya Street, Neravy Puthumanai Street, Neravy Thaikkal Street, Neravy New Thaikal Street, Neravy Kamarajar Street, Neravy Therku Pet, Neravy Pallivasal Street, Neravy Karunaipakkir Street, Neravy Kallar Street, Neravy, Karaikal 609604
12 Govt. Primary School, Neravy Kovilpathu, Kovilpathu Pet Nadukalam Pet, Neravy Akkaraivattam Kovilpathu, Neravy Neravy Kovilpathu, Kovilpathu Pet Pudhumanai Street, Neravy Akkaraivattam Pet, Neravy Poosai Mandapam, Neravy Nadukkalam, Neravy Elandhar Thaikkal, Neravy Muttusavadi, Karaikal Madhagadi Atrangarai Theru, Neravy Kovilpathu Anthoniyar Kovil Street, Akkaraivattam
13 Govt. Primary School,, West Street, Karukalacherry North Street, Karukkalacherry L.G.R. Nagar, Karukalacherry Pillaiyarkoil Street, Karukkalacherry South Street, Karukkalacherry West Street, Karukalacherry Pudhu Theru, Karukkalacherry Pettai Street, Karukkalacherry Karumariamman Koil Street, Karukkalacheri
14 Govt. High School,, Kammalar Street, Akkarivattam Mela Theru, Akkaraivattam Therku Theru, Akkarivattam Kammalar Street, Akkarivattam Kavara Street, Akkaraivattam, Neravy North Street, Akkaraivattam Sivan North Street, Akkaraivattam East Street, Akkaraivattam Pillayar Koil Street, Karaikal Anna Nagar, Akkarivattam Madhakovil Theru (Uppalam Pet), Akkaraivattam Valluvar Street,Akkaravattam, Karaikal Perumal Koil Street, Akkaravattam Main Road, Akkaraivattam
15 Govt. Primary School, Vadakattalai Street, Vadakattalai Cherry Vadakattalai Street, Vadakattalai Cherry Sivan Kovil East Street, Keezhaiyur North
16 Govt. Primary School,, Tsunami Kudiyuruppu, Pattinacherry Amman Kovil Street, Pattinacherry Pillaiyar Kovil Street, Pattinacherry Hospital Street, Pattinacherry Tsunami Kudiyuruppu, Pattinacherry Magam Road, Pattinacherry
17 Govt. Middle School - East, Periya Maraicayar Street, T.R. Pattinam Nagore Salai (Attrangarai), T.R.Pattinam Nagoor Salai, T.R.Pattinam Caziar Street, , T.R.Pattinam Periya Maraicayar Street, T.R. Pattinam Vella Kula Colony, Thirupattinam Vella Kula Street, T.R. Pattinam Ganapathiya Pillai Street, T.R. Pattinam Pudhu Theru, T.R. Pattinam
18 Govt. Middle School - East, Periya Maraicayar Street, T.R. Pattinam Periya Palli Pet, T. R. Pattinam Katta Pillai Maraicayar Street, T.R. Pattinam Ravuthar Street, Thirupattinam Periya Palli Street, T.R. Pattinam Periya Palli Sannadhi, Thirupattinam Poraiyathu Maraickayar Theru, Thirupattinam Gandhi Salai, T.R. Pattinam Attrankarai, T.R. Pattinam Pillayar Koil Street, Thirupattinam Veera Pandy Nagar,T.R.Pattinam
19 Commune Panchayat Office,, Gandhi Salai, T.R. Pattinam Mellapalli Theru, Thirupattinam Halid Maricar Street, T.R.Pattinam Vannaratheru, T.R.Pattinam Kannara Street, T.R.Pattinam Thittacherry Salai, T.R.Pattinam Kallikattu Theru, T.R.Pattinam Kadaikulatheru, T.R.Pattinam Sattaiyapillai Theru, T.R.Pattinam Thanapillai Theru, Thirupattinam Thattara Street, T.R.Pattinam 609606
20 Govt. Girls High School, Sattaiyapillai Theru, T.R.Pattinam Malayan Street, Keezhaiyur North Vartharajaperumal Keezha Veethi, T.R.Pattinam Varatharaja Perumal Kovil North Madavilangai, Keezhiyur North Agraharam, T.R. Pattinam Sivan West Street, Keezhiyur North Sivan Kovil Madavilagam, Keezhiyur North Sivan Kovil East Street, Keezhaiyur North Varatharajaperumal Madam Campus, T.R.Pattinam Maganthoppu Theru, Keezhiyur North
21 Govt. Hr.Sec School - North, High School Street, T.R.Pattinam Arisikara Street, T.R.Pattinam Big Street, T.R. Pattinam Vaniar Street, Thirupattinam Karaikal Thiru. V. K Street, T.R. Pattinam Rio Chidambaram Pillai St., T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal Vazhuka Kulathu Theru, T.R.Pattinam Pandaga Salai Street, T.R. Pattinam Veerapillai Theru, T.R.Pattinam Mariamman Koil North Street, T.R.Pattinam Sowrirajaperumal Theru, Market Street, T.R.Pattinam High School Street, T.R.Pattinam Nagore Salai ( Gandhi Salai), T.R. Pattinam Mariyamman Kovil Keezha Veedhi, T.R. Pattinam
22 Govt. Hr.Sec School - South, High School Street, T.R.Pattinam Odhi Chetty Street, T.R. Pattinam Nagalinga Chetty Street, T.R. Pattinam Karuda Palaya Street, T.R. Pattinam Allikulathu Street, Keezhiyur South Viruthachalachetty Street, T.R.Pattinam Nadanakaliyamman Kovil Street, T.R. Pattinam Allikulathu Sandhu, Keezhiyur South Vellanth Street, Keezhaiyur South Church Street, Keezhaiyur South Panjukara Street, T.R. Pattinam, Nagavarna Pillaiyar Kovil Street, T.R. Pattinam Nagavarna Pillayar Koil South Street, T.R. Pattinam
23 Govt. Primary School,, Padutharkollai Melatheru, T.R.Pattinam Padutharkollai Melatheru, T.R.Pattinam Padudhar Kollai South Street, T.R. Pattinam Padutharkollai, Keezhatheru, T.R.Pattinam Padutharkollai North Street, Thirupattinam Mutham Palla Street, T.R. Pattinam North Street, T.R.Pattinam Sivan Kovil Street, T.R.Pattinam
24 Govt. Women Iti, Nellithidal, Thittacherry Salai, T.R.Pattinam Madhakovil Street, T.R.Pattinam Madhakovil Cross Street, T.R.Pattinam Melayur Pet Street, T.R.Pattinam Nellithidal, Thittacherry Salai, T.R.Pattinam Nellithidal, Thirupattinam Abirami Amman North Street, Thirupattinam Abirami Amman West Street, Thirupattinam Melamadam Kudiiruppu, T.R. Pattinam Vellai Mandapam Street, Thirupattinam
25 Swaminatha Mudaliar Govt. Primary School, Abirami Amman South Street, T.R.Pattinam Abirami Amman Mela Veedhi, T.R. Pattinam Abiramiammankoil Madavilagam, T.R. Pattinam Abiramiamman Sannathy Street, Thirupattinam Abirami Amman South Street, T.R.Pattinam Abirami Amman Keezha Veethi, T.R.Pattinam Mudukku Theru, T.R.Pattinam Gandhi Salai, T.R. Pattinam
26 Govt. Iti For Men, Vengatesa Perumal North Street, T.R.Pattinam Kuyavankula West Street, T.R. Pattinam Kulathu Mettu Street, T.R. Pattinam Appumudaliar Street, Thirupattinam Vengatesaperumal Mela Veethi, T.R.Pattinam Vengatesa Perumal North Street, T.R.Pattinam Bapanarishi Koil Street, Thirupattinam Venkadesa Perumal South Street, T.R. Pattinam Neduntheru, T.R.Pattinam
27 Govt. Middle School, Ellaiamman Kovil Street, T.R. Pattinam Reddy Street, Thirupattinam Lakshmi Narayanan Sannathi, T.R. Pattinam Ellaiamman Kovil Street, T.R. Pattinam Vadambokki Street, Keezhaiyur South Ramasamy Kovil Street, T.R. Pattinam Ramasamy Kovil South Street, T.R.Pattinam Gandhi Salai, Keezhaiyur South Polagam Street, T.R. Pattinam Nagoor Salai, Keezhaiyur South
28 Govt. Primary School,, Polagam Street, T.R. Pattinam Thamaraikulam Street, Polagam Pudhu Palaya Street, Polagam Neduntheru, T.R.Pattinam Ramasamy Kovil South Street, T.R.Pattinam Mariyamman Kovil Street, Polagam Polagam Street, T.R. Pattinam Ambu Thidal, Polagam, Keezhaiyur South Veeran Koil Street, Polagam, T.R.Pattinam.?
29 Community Hall,, Naineyar Kattlai, Polagam Naineyar Kattlai, Polagam Polagam Pet, North Street, Polagam Polagam, Pallatheru, T.R.Pattinam Polagam -5 Palla Street, Kaliamman Kovil Street , T. R. Pattinam Polagam New Colony, T.R. Pattinam
30 Govt. Boys Hostel, Nagoor Salai, Keezhaiyur South Kattapillai Maricayar Thottam, Keezhiyur South Bangalow Street, Keezhaiyur South Nagoor Salai, Keezhaiyur South Gandhi Salai, Keezhaiyur South
31 Pondicherry Power Corporation Limited, Mudhalimedu, Keezhaiyur South Southpet, Kezhaiyur South Ayyanar Kovil Street, Keezhaiyur South Mudhalimedu, Keezhaiyur South Subbaiya Mudalimedu North, Keezhaiyur South Bpcl Quarters, Keezhaiyur South V.S.Nagar, Mudhali Medu, T.R.Pattinam
32 Govt. Primary School,, Pallivasal Street, Keezhavanjour Mela Vanjiur - Kothari Colony, Vanjiur Melavanjur Rengayya Madam, Vanjour Mela Vanjore Main Road, Vanjore Melavanjour, Asari Theru, Vanjore Melavanjour, Visalatchi Amman Kovil Street, Vanjour Melavanjour, Kamakodi Nagar, Vanjour Melavanjore, Kanchakadai Street, Vanore Melavanjour Seyed Alisha Nagar, Vanjour Madakovil Street, Vanjoor
33 Vetnary Hospital,, Pallivasal Street, Keezhavanjour Keezha Vanjiur North Street, Vanjiur Keezha Vanjiur - Nadutheru, Vanjiur Pallivasal Street, Keezhavanjour Keezhavanjore Melapet, Vanjore Keezha Vanjiur - South Street, Vanjiur Pillayar Koil Street, Vanjour Keezhavanjour Pet, Vanjour Melatheru, Keezha Vanjiu Nagai Main Road, Melavanjoor
34 Govt. Primary School,, Eda Street, Keezhaiyur South Eda Street, Keezhaiyur South Mariamman Kovil Street, Keezhaiyur South Subash Chandirabose Nagar, Keezhaiyur South
35 Community Hall, North Street, Vadakku Vanjorekuppam North Street, Vadakku Vanjorekuppam Nadu Theru, Vadakku Vanjorekuppam South Street, Vadakku Vanjorekuppam Amirtha Nagar, North Vanjoor. 609606

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