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Polling Booth in Bahour Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bahour

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bahour Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Bahour Assembly Constituency falls under the Bahour Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Pondicherry.

Sl. No.Sl. No.Polling Station BuildingPolling Booths Area
1 Govt. Primary School, Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Jeya Abirami Nagar, Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Pillaiyarkoil Street, Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Nathamroad, Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Pudupet, Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Kaduvanoorpet, Kaduvanoorpet, Puducherry-607402 Iyyanarkoilstreet, Kaduvanoor, Puducherry-607402 Watertank Street, Kaduvanoor, Puducherry-607402 Kaduvanur, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoilveedhi, Kaduvanoor, Puducherry-607402 Ganapathy Nagar
2 Govt. Primary School, Main Road, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Main Road, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Kurunjinagar, Irulansandaimadura, Puducherry-607402 Irulansandai Madurapet, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Irulansandaimadura, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Irulansandai, Irulansandaipudupet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Street, Irulansandaipet, Puducherry-607402 Balvadi Street, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Reddiar Street, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Puram Thottikarai, Irulansandai, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoilstreet, Irulansandai, Puduc
3 Kavignar Bharadhidasan Govt. High School, Mettustreet, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Vanakaranthoppu, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 East Vattaram, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Vanakaran Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Naduthittu, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Thennandaiveedhi, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Keerikarasandhu, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Paalurar Thottam, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402
4 Kavignar Bharadhidasan Govt. High School, Mettustreet, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Purakoil Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Bharathinagar, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Mullai Nagar, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 V.P. Sinthan Nagar, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Melandai Veethi, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 North Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Mettustreet, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Pidari Koil Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402
5 Rajive Gandhi Thirumana Nilayam (Community Hall), Mettustreet, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Vazhappattu, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 R.R.R. Nagar, Vazhapattu, Puducherry-607402 Main Road - Vazhapattu, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 East Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar-1St Cross Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar 2Nd Cross Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar-3Rd Cross Street, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 Varadaraja Perumal Nagar, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry.
6 Rajive Gandhi Thirumana Nilayam (Community Hall), Mettustreet, Kuruvinatham, Puducherry-607402 1St Cross Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 2Nd Cross Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 3Rd Cross Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Naduthittu, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Pudu Street-Periyarnagar, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Periyarnagar-Naduthittu, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Periyannagar - 1St Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Periyarnagar-2Nd Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherry-607402 Periyarnagar-3Rd Street, Kuruvinathampet, Puducherr
7 Govt. Middle School, Nakammalkoil Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Kovil Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 West Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Nadustreet, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Nakammalkoil Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Veedhi, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402
8 Govt. Middle School, Nakammalkoil Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mettustreet, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Keezhandarstreet, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 South Street, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Soriankuppam Pet, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Thideerkuppam, Soriankuppam, Puducherry-607402
9 Bahour Commune Panchayat Office - Front Side, Marie Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikula Kezhveedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikula Natham, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikula Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikulanatham 1St Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikula Natham 2Nd Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 4Th Cross, Thamaraikulanatham, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 5Th Cross, Thamaraikulam Natham, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamarakula Veedhi 1St Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thamaraikulam Street, 2Nd Cross, Bahour, Puducher
10 O/O Asst. Engineer, Irrigation Sub-Divn.-4,Pwd, Bangala Veedhi 2Nd Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Karimettu Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bangalaveedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bangala Veedhi 1St Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bangala Veedhi 2Nd Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bahour, Bangala Veedhi, P.W.D. Quarters, Puducherry-607402 Bangala Veedhi 3Rd Cross Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bungalow Street, Annai Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Bungalow Street, Soorya Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Hospital Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Maruthuvamanai Veedhi M
11 Govt. Middle School, Marie Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Vedapurinatham, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 West Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Kamban Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402
12 Bahour Commune Panchayat Office - Backside-Engineering Wing, Marie Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Agraharam Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 South Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 South Street (East Part), Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Padhmini Nagar, Bahoor, Puducherry-607402 Santhosh Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Saraswathi Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Abirami Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Ganapathy Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 V.I.P. Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402. Padmavathy Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402. Vedambikai Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402. Abirami Nagar, West S
13 Govt. Middle School (Opp. To Taluk Office, Bahour), Marie Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Darka Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 North Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Police Kudiyerupu, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Marie Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402
14 Kamala Nehru Kalyana Mandapam, Kanniakoil Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Kutchipalayam Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Kanniakoil Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 East Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Perumalkoil Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402
15 Kasthuribai Gandhi Govt. Girls .Hr. Sec. School, Marinagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Kamaraj Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Kanniakoil Veedhi, Bahour, Puducherry-607402
16 Kasthuribai Gandhi Govt. Girls .Hr. Sec. School, Marinagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 New Kamaraj Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 New Kamarajar Nagar Ist Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 2Nd Street -New Kamarajar Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 New Kamarajar Nagar - 3Rd Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 New Kamaraj Nagar-4Th Street, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thirumal Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 3Rd Cross, Thirumal Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Thiagi Pon Kesava Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Vaikaltheru-Kamaraj Nagar, Bahour, Puducherry-607402 Marinagar, Bahour, Pudu
17 Govt. Primary School, Desamuthumariamman Koil Street, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 1St Street-Pudunagar, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 2Nd Street - Pudunagar, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Third Street-Pudunagar, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Fourth Street-Pudunagar, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Watertank Street, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Balwadi Street, Pudunagar-Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402
18 Govt. Primary School, Desamuthumariamman Koil Street, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Main Road, Bahour Pet, Puducherry-607402 Desamuthumariamman Koil Street, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Street, Bahourpet, Puducherry-607402 Ambedkar Street, Bahour Pet, Puducherry-607402
19 Govt. High School, Cuddalore Road, Keezhparikalpat, Puducherry-607402 Vinayagar Koil Street, Melparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Reddiarstreet, Melparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Vanniyarstreet, Melparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Aratchikuppam Road, Melparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Mullodairoad, Melparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Street, Melparikalpetpet, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Street - 2Nd Street, Melparikkalpattu, Puducherry-607402 Melparikkalpattu Pet, Mel Parikkalpet Pet, Puducherry-607402 Murugan Koil Street, Melparikkalpattu, Puducherry-607402
20 Govt. High School, Cuddalore Road, Keezhparikalpat, Puducherry-607402 Puliyancherry, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Cuddalore Road, Keezhparikalpat, Puducherry-607402 Pallikooda Veedhi, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Pillayar Koil Street, Keezhparikkalpattu, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar 1St Street, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar - 2Nd Street, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar 3Rd Street, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar Main Road, Keezhparikalpet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammank
21 Govt. Primary School, Ricemill Veedhi, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Muthumariammankoil Street, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Nadu Street, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Water Tank Street, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Madhukadai Street, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Ricemill Veedhi, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Pudutheru, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Sivankoil Veedhi, Sinnaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Muthumariammankoil Street, Periyaaratchikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Veerankovilstreet, Komathanmedu, Puducherry-
22 Govt. Smart Primary School, Moorthikuppam Main Road, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Anjaneyarkoil Street, Mathikrishnavaram, Puducherry-607402 Perumal Koil Street, Krishnavaram, Puducherry-607402 Nadustreet, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Pillaiyarkoil Veedhi, Madhikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Krishnavaram, Krishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Varadarajaperumal Nagar, Utchimedu, Puducherry-607402 Porayathamman Kovil St., Utchimedu, Puducherry-607402 Utchimedu, Utchimeu, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Street, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Kesavan Nagar, Utchimedu, Pud
23 K.R. Subrmaniya Padayatchi Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Moorthikuppam Main Road, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Pallikoravallimedu, Pallikoravallimedu, Puducherry-607402 Mainroad, Mathikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Rajagowrinagar, Mathikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 1St Street, Rajagowri Nagar, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Gandhi Nagar, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Kurinji Nagar, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Thamarai Street, Kurinji Nagar, Koravallimedu, Puducherry-607402 Main Road, Koravallimedu, Puducherry-607402 Mainroad, Sulliankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Moorthikuppam Main Road,
24 K.R. Subrmaniya Padayatchi Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Moorthikuppam Main Road, Madikrishnapuram, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Street, Koravallimedu, Puducherry-607402 North Street, Sulliyankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Angalammankoil Street, Sulliankuppam, Puducherry-607402 Vanankulam Pudu Street, Manappattu, Puducherry-607402 Mainroad, Vanankulam, Puducherry-607402 North Street, Vannankulam, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Street, Vannankulam Pet, Puducherry-607402 New Street, Vannankulam Pet, Puducherry-607402
25 Govt. Primary School, K.V.Thandapani Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 K.V.Thandapani Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Panchaivazhi Amman Koil Veedhi, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Mariyamman Koil Veedhi, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Kanniakoil, Manappattu Main Road, Puducherry-607402 Muthalamman Koil Veedhi, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Cuddalore Main Road, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Thirumalaiyan Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 T.T.R. Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Masilamani Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Subramania Nagar, Kanniakoil, P
26 Govt. Primary School, K.V.Thandapani Nagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Murugankoil Street Pudunagar Pet, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagarpet Mariamman Koil Street, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402 Pudunagar Pet (Cuddalore Main Road, Kanniakoil, Puducherry-607402
27 Govt. Primary School, Pallikooda Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Warkalodaipet, Warkalodaipet, Puducherry-607402 Varkalodai, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoilveedhi, Varkalodai, Puducherry-607402 E.C.R. Road, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Ragavendra Nagar, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Bakkialakshmi Nagar, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 E.D.Quarters, Varkalodai, Puducherry-607402 Mainroad, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Subbiah Nagar, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Arunachaleswarer Nagar, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Gandhi Nagar, Kattukuppam,
28 Govt. Primary School, Pallikooda Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Pallikooda Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Anna Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Thanthai Periyar Street, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 M.G.R.Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Bharathiyarveedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Indhiraganthi Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Kamarajveedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Jawaharnehru Veedhi, Kattukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Sabthagiri Nagar, Kanthanpet, Puducherry-607402
29 Govt. Middle School, Mariamman Koil Street, Manapatu, Puducherry-607402 Manapetpet, Manapetpet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Veedhi, Manapetpet, Puducherry-607402 Manappattu Main Road, Manapattupet, Puducherry-607402 Pudutheru, Manapattupet, Puducherry-607402 1St Cross, Manapattu Pet, Puducherry-607402 Kanniakoil Road, Manapattu, Puducherry-607402 Vip Nagar, Manapattu, Puducherry-607402 Royal Nagar, Manapattu, Puducherry-607402 Maruthuvamanai Veedhi, Manapattu, Puducherry.
30 Govt. Middle School, Mariamman Koil Street, Manapatu, Puducherry-607402 Mariamman Koil Street, Manapatu, Puducherry-607402 Sinnatheru, Manapattu, Puducherry-607402
31 Govt. Smart Primary School, Pallikoodam Veedhi, Moorthikuppampet, Puducherry-607402 Moorthikuppam, Moorthikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Veedhi, Moorthikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Keerikaran Sandhu, Moorthikuppam, Puducherry-607402 Pallikoodam Veedhi, Moorthikuppampet, Puducherry-607402 Moorthikuppampet, Moorthikuppampet, Puducherry-607402 Mariammankoil Veedhi, Moorthikuppampet, Puducherry-607402 Murukankoil Veedhi, Moorthikuppampet, Puducherry-607402 Sri Ram Nagar, Moorthikuppam, Puducherry - 607402.
32 Govt. Primary School, Tsunami Colony, Pudukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Tsunami Colony, Pudukuppam, Puducherry-607402 Mettu Street, Pudukuppam, Puducherry-607402 East Street, Pudukuppam, Puducherry-607402

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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