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Sikkim Democratic Front(SDF)

Sikkim Democratic Front Symbol

About Sikkim Democratic Front

Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) is a regional political party of India, as approved by the Election Commission. Its mass base is primarily in the north-eastern state of Sikkim in India. The party operates on the political ideology of Democratic Socialism, which adheres to the principles of reformist and evolutionary struggles towards socialism in Sikkim, rather than any revolutionary
extremism. In other words, by enduring faith in the ‘Son of Sikkim Policy’, the SDF fights for the interests of the Sikkimese people in the state by upholding the people’s rights and privileges in the land. By bearing faith in the Constitution of India, the Sikkim Democratic Front, the largest political party in the state of Sikkim, attempts to redress the economic and social depravity of the people, to dissolve all internal tensions between the different ethnic groups in the state and to maintain communal harmony between all sections of the society.

The party was founded in 1993 by Pawan Kumar Chamling. The SDF grew in strength from year to year. Its massive response among the people can be gauged from the fact that it has remained in power in the state from 1994 to the present day. The Chief Minister of the state from as early as 1994 has been Chamling. This attests to the immense popularity of the party as well as their leader, among the people. This receptivity is particularly owing to Chamling’s self-sacrificial attitude, which is portrayed in his words, “Disciplined workers and friends who are committed to the well-being of people, their progress and emancipation, will alone lead people in our quest to make Sikkim new and prosperous. The day is not far when a sense of new thought, regard for a new change, revolutionary enthusiasm, love and unbreakable kinship with the people will transform Sikkim into a 'naya and sukhi Sikkim'. This is my conviction.” It is because of such sustained struggle of the SDF that Sikkim is regarded one of the best small states in India, so far as Panchayati Raj is concerned.

It is because the SDF upholds the question of the Sikkimese identity in its daily existence that the party swept the elections polls in 1999, 2004 and even more in 2009. In 2004, whereas the SDF had won 31 out of the 32 seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, in 2009 the party won all the 32 seats to the constituency.

Presently the SDF has one member each in the two Houses of the Parliament.

Election Symbol of SDF

The Election Symbol of Sikkim Democratic Front, as approved by the Election Commission of India is the Umbrella. It is depicted in three colours--blue, yellow and red--and has a black-and-white handle. This umbrella symbol is usually drawn on a rectangular party flag, which also depicts the three colours: a sky-blue top strip, a golden-yellow middle strip, and a blood-red bottom strip. These three colours depict the political ideologies and party position of the Sikkim Democratic Front. The Sky Blue is used to depict the strong determination, progress and sense of national integrity that the SDF beholds. The Golden Yellow is used to symbolize purity and sacrifice of the party towards maximum humanitarian approaches in the state. The Blood Red is a colour of change, of struggle and of revolutionary zeal; hence it depicts liberty through social change and upliftment of the conditions of the people in the state. It depicts auspiciousness and courage of the party members of SDF, who dare to dream beyond the given. The Election Symbol has an inherent double meaning attached to it. The umbrella is an instrument used to protect a person from the heat or the rain. That is, in times of bad weather as well as in extreme adverse conditions, the umbrella can be used to be saved from the difficult times. Further, the three colours chosen in the umbrella are symbolic of the party’s strength of struggle, its ideas of social change and its courage to carry forward its demands for exclusive Sikkimese identity.

Leaders of the SDF

The leaders of the Sikkim Democratic Front, who are also the national executives of the party, are listed below:
  • Pawan Kumar Chamling, Founder-President of SDF: A social worker, political activist and writer, Chamling is the fifth Chief Minister of Sikkim, ruling the state for a consecutive four terms since 1994. He represents the Poklok Kamran constituency. He has been felicitated with a number of awards for his good work and governance in Sikkim, some of which are ‘Greenest Chief Minister of India’ in 1998, ‘Chintan Purashkar’ in 1987, ‘Thekong Ambassador of Peace’ in 2010.
  • Prem Das Rai, Leader in Lok Sabha: He is the prominent leader of the SDF in the Lok Sabha, representing the Sikkim constituency. He is a distinguished Member of Parliament, and the first to have both IIT and IIM qualifications. He was awarded the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship from USA in 2002 for his phenomenal contributions to the upliftment of the economic conditions in Sikkim.
  • Hishey Lachungpa, Leader in Rajya Sabha: He represents the Sikkim constituency in the Upper House of Parliament.
  • D.D. Bhutia, Vice President of SDF
  • K.B. Chamling, Vice President of SDF
  • S.K. Pradhan, General Secretary of SDF
  • Smt. Nimthit Lepcha, General Secretary of SDF
  • D.B. Gurung, General Secretary of SDF
  • T.N. Sharma, General Secretary of SDF
  • Bhim Dahal, National Spokesperson cum Press Advisor of SDF
  • Amar Rai, Publicity Secretary of SDF
  • C.B. Karki, Treasurer of SDF

Achievements of the Party

As one of the prominent regional political parties, the Sikkim Democratic Front has a number of significant achievements. Some of these are listed below:
  • The SDF has a number of frontal mass-based organizations which cater to the different sections of the population in Sikkiim, such as the Labour Front, the Trade Affairs Organization, the Tribal Affairs Organization, the Student’s Federation and Farmer Affairs Organization. They are highly organized in terms of their internal workings and functions to uphold the interests of the people.
  • The SDF has been phenomenal in maintaining an insurgent-free state of Sikkim at a time when the problems of terrorism and insurgency have raised their ugly head. Under the leadership of Chamling, there is no agony among the public of Sikkim.

  • The administration of the SDF ensured that the different sections of the society in the state are provided with social justice, such that they can realize their rights and privileges. The SDF made the historic achievement of granting the OBC status to all Nepalese in the state. The party also provided the ST status to Limboo and Tamang communities at the national level.
  • The SDF opened up the old Silk Route, famously known as the Nathula Pass.
  • Through its policies, the SDF attained membership of the prestigious North-East Council.

Address and contact details

  • Official Website of SDF:
  • Head-Office Address of SDF: Indira Bye-Pass, Gangtok, East Sikkim
  • Contact Numbers: 03592-0281586/ 03592- 280595
  • Email id: [email protected], [email protected]

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