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Kerala Congress (M) (KEC(M))

Kerala Congress (M) Symbol

About Kerala Congress (M)

The Kerala Congress (Mani), popularly called the Kerala Congress (M), is a regional political party in the state of Kerala. The mass base of the party is comprised of the working class populations, farmers and peasants of the state. The party operates on the ideologies of Secular Democracy and Toiling Class Theory. In other words, the Kerala Congress (M) not only unites under the banner of non-communal forces, but adherently fights for the privileges and rights of the 'toiling classes' in Kerala, namely the farmers, agricultural peasants and working class. Through their militant war cry revolutionary spirits, the Kerala Congress (M) inclines towards redressing the dismal conditions of the working-class of the state as well as protecting their interests. Many of the members of the Kerala Congress (M) work together with the workers, peasants, trade unions and labourers, as part of a class-struggle against imperialist forces.

The party was founded in the year 1979, when veteran Indian politician and the then Minister of Home Affairs in the Kerala government, Karingozhakkal Mani Mani, popularly called K.M. Mani, headed a split faction from the parent Kerala Congress, owing to difference of opinions. He called the faction Kerala Congress (M), of which he became the President.

In April 2010, a political merger took place, of the Joseph-led parent faction of the Kerala Congress, called the Kerala Congress (J) and the Kerala Congress (Mani). The former, which was in alliance with the Left Democratic Front (LDF), split from it and merged with the Kerala Congress (M). The Election Commission asked the merger to operate under the name Kerala Congress (M), with the KC (M)'s Election Symbol.

Presently, the Kerala Congress (M) is the second largest party after the Congress, in the alliance with United Democratic Front (UDF). The UDF which forms the main opposition to the LDF, has formed the government in Kerala, after its victory over LDF in the 2011 Assembly elections.

The party has 9 MLAs in the current Kerala Legislative Assembly, and one Member of Parliament each, in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The Chairman of the united Kerala Congress is K.M. Mani, presently heads the Ministry of Finance in the UDF-led Kerala government.

Election Symbol and its Significance

The Election Symbol of the Kerala Congress (M), as approved by the Election Commission of India, is “Two Leaves”. This symbol has a prominent history. After the merger took place in 2010, a significant debate took place within the party, about the use of election symbols, for the upcoming Assembly elections in 2011. The Joseph faction or Kerala Congress (J) members wanted to use the original parent symbol which was used by the Kerala Congress since its inception - Bicycle. On the other hand, the Mani faction wanted to use its original Two Leaves symbol. The Election Commission intervened in the debate and directed the merger group to operate with the 'two leaves' symbol and under the name Kerala Congress (M). The Commission temporarily froze the 'bicycle' symbol and the original name 'Kerala Congress'.

The symbol is significant as it speaks for the party. Firstly, the two leaves indicate double significance of the Kerala Congress (M) and its founder K.M. Mani. Formed as a split-away faction of the Kerala Congress, the Kerala Congress (M) is symbolic of double the importance of the parent party. It is also symbolic of the concern and fight for the toiling classes of the state. Secondly, leaves are symbolic of the essence of Mother Nature, of the own soil of a state. It depicts natural beauty in the simplest terms. The working ideology of the party, of fighting for the poor sections of the society, is brought out well by its election symbol. The simple, yet determined spirit to fight for the demands of the toiling classes, is also highlighted through this symbol.

Leaders of the Kerala Congress (M)

The leaders of the united Kerala Congress (M), who are also the national executives of the party, are listed below:
  • Karingozhakkal Mani Mani (K.M. Mani), Chairperson of Kerala Congress (M)
    He has remained the Finance Minister of the Kerala government, for the longest term that anybody has been in the state. He also has the reputation of being the longest-serving Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Kerala, continually representing the Palai constituency from its inception in 1965. Presently, he is the Minister of Finance, Law and Housing in the UDF government in Kerala.
  • P.J. Joseph, Working Chairman of Kerala Congress (M)
    Joseph is a veteran politician in Kerala, an MLA in the 2011 Kerala Assembly, representing the Thodupuzha constituency. He is presently the Minister for Water Resources, Irrigation and Inland Navigation in the UDF government. He is the founder of the Gandhi Center for Sustainable Development, and the Gandhiji Studies Centre, both of which work for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of the society such as women, farmers, children from unprivileged communities, by ensuring their sustained development.
  • C.F. Thomas, Deputy Chairman of Kerala Congress (M)
    He is an MLA in Kerala, representing the Changanaserry Assembly constituency.
  • P.C. George, Vice Chairman of Kerala Congress (M)
    He was the founder of the break-away faction Kerala Congress (Secular), which has now merged with the Kerala Congress (M). He is a sixth-time MLA in the Kerala Assembly, representing the Poonjar constituency of the Kottayam district. He is presently the Chief Whip of the UDF government.
  • Jose K. Mani, Leader in Lok Sabha
    He is the son of K.M. Mani and is a Member of the Lok Sabha Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture. He represents the Kottayam district.
  • Joy Abraham, Leader in Rajya Sabha
    He represents Kerala in the Upper House of Parliament.

Achievements of the Party

As a regional political party, the Kerala Congress (M) has a number of significant achievements. Some of these are listed below:
  • The Kerala Congress (M) has under its banner a number of frontal organizations. Its student wing which has a domineering presence in many colleges in Kerala is called Kerala Student Congress (M) or KSC (M). Its youth wing is called Kerala Youth Front (M) or KYF (M).
  • Most importantly, its labour wing, Kerala Trade Union Congress (M) or KTUC (M), has held a number of important rallies and demonstrations, demanding rights for the peasants, farmers as well as the working class in general.
  • The 'Prathichaya Weekly', the party newspaper of the Kerala Congress (M) is well-known among the masses of Kerala, across all classes. Its columns speak for the demands of the toiling classes of the society in the state. It is a famous newspaper, upholding the constitutional rights of the oppressed.
  • The Kerala Congress (M) has initiated organic farming in the state, such as to ensure sustainable growth for the farmers in rural Kerala. In addition, the party has adhered a steady improvement of the sectors of education, IT industry, infrastructural details in Kerala as well as waste management.

Address and Contact details

Headquarter Address of the Kerala Congress (M): State Committee Office, Near Fire Station, Kottayam (India)
Website :

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