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Polling Booth in Umarkote Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Umarkote

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Umarkote Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Umarkote Assembly Constituency falls under the Umarkote Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KhilaliUpper Primary School, Khilali
2 BhurkamahuliProject Upper Primary School, Bhurkamahuli
3 KundeiHigh School, Kundei
4 SambalpurUpper Primary School, Sambalpur
5 KanditoraUpper Primary School, Kanditora
6 KhudukuSevasrama , Khuduku
7 KandachuanUpper.Primary School, Kandachuan
8 DabalapadaUpper Primary School, Dabalapada
9 KeradihiP.Upper Primary School, Keradehi
10 KalarapadaPrimary School kollarpara
11 Hatabharandi-1Sevasrama Hatabharandi
12 Hatabharandi-2 (Bharanakhunta)Sevasrama Hatabharandi
13 JhatiaraparaUpper Primary School,Jhatiarapara
14 MariganUpper Primary School,Marigan
15 DhanaraUpper Primary School,Dhanara
16 KaudolaU.G.M.E. School,Kaudola
17 DhadraparaPri.School, Dhadrapara
18 Dhadra SimadaUpper Primary School, Dhadra Simada
19 DhungiadihiUpper Primary School, Dhungiadihi
20 RabanagudaPrimary School, Rabanaguda
21 SonaraparaPr.School, Sonarapara
22 HiriUpper Primary School, Hiri
23 NuaparaPrimary School, Nuapara
24 DeobharandiUpper Primary School, Deobharandi
25 SobhaparaUpper Primary School, Sobhapara
26 MaripadaSevasrama, Maripada
27 ChadiaparaPrimary School Chadiapara
28 HatiganUpper Primary School,Hatigan
29 PhailipadaPr.School, Phailipada
30 NaktisimodaMaripara P.U. P. School, Naktisimoda
31 KabakamataPrimary School,Kabakamata
32 Kusumapur DNKUpper Primary School, Kusumapur DNK
33 Kusumapur ADVUpper Primary School, Kusumapur Adv
34 RengabhatiPrimary School, Rengabhati
35 KurabedaKurabeda Primary School
36 ChingidabhataPr.School, Chingidibhata
37 BinayapurUpper Primary School, Binayapur
38 PhutanadaUpper Primary School, Phutanada
39 AnchalaPr.School, Anchala
40 Haladi-1Upper Primary School, Haladi
41 Haladi-2Upper Primary School, Haladi
42 DangaripadaPri.School, Dangaripada
43 Khidingimal-IUpper Primary School,Guchhaguda
44 Khidingimal-IIUpper Primary School, Khidingimal-II
45 BetajhariBetajhari Primary School
46 MundibedaPri.School. Mundibeda
47 BijadehiBijadehi Primary School
48 GochhagudaUpper Primary School,Gochhaguda
49 KudumdoraNew Location
50 GonaUpper Primary School, Gona
51 KharikarparaKharikarpara Primary School
52 BudraparaUpper Pri.School, Budrapara
53 KhaleparaPr.School, Khalepara
54 TimanapurSevasrama Timanapur
55 JunapaniP.Upper Primary School Junapani
56 KaliapadarUpper Primary School, Kaliapadar
57 Sonepur-2U,P School,Sonepur D.N.K
58 Sonepur-1Upper.Primary School, Sonepur
59 DumaradihiPrimary School,Dumaradihi
60 MarangapaliUpper Primary School, Marangapali
61 MahulibhataPrimary School, Mahulibhata
62 NuaganPrimary School, Nuagan
63 JodingaUpper Primary School, Jodinga
64 KukurakuanPri.School, Kukurakuan
65 KhadangaUpper Primary School, Khadanga
66 BaraganUpper Primary School, Baragan
67 KasakangaUpper Primary School,Kasakanga
68 JadapadaUpper Primary School,Jadapada
69 PakhanaparaPri. School,Pakhanapara
70 TumudaPri.School, Tumuda
71 Parachipara,D.N.K.Upper.Pri.School.,Parachipara D.N.K
72 ParachiparaPri.School, Parachipara
73 Kibekanga (Adibasi)Upper Primary School, Kibekanga
74 Kibekanga (D.N.K)Upper Primary School, Kibekanga (D.N.K)
75 OdandiPrimary School, Odandi
76 Jodajanga (Adv.)Upper Primary School, Jodjonga DNK
77 Kacharapada D.N.KUpper Primary SchoolKacharapada -3 D.N.K
78 Turudihi D.N.KPri.School, Turudihi D.N.K
79 Turudihi AdibasiUpper Primary School,Turudihi Adibasi
80 Paurabela-1Upper Primary School, Paurabela DNK -I
81 Paurabela-2Upper Primary School, Paurabela D.N.K-2
82 PaurabelaUpper Primary School, Paurabela Adv
83 Jalangapada (Adibasi)Upper Primary School.Jalangapada(Adibasi)
84 Jalangapada (D.N.K)P.Upper Primary School.Jalangapada(D.N.K)
85 Dashapur (D.N.K)Upper Primary School, Dashapur(D.N.K)
86 Dashapur (Adv)Upper Primary School, Dashapur(Adv)
87 Udayapur (Adibasi)Upper Primary School,Udayapur(Adv)
88 Udayapur (D.N.K)Upper Primary School, Udayapur(D.N.K)
89 Biripur (Adibasi)M.E School, Biripur
90 Biripur (D.N.K)P.Upper Primary School, Biripur (D.N.K)
91 Patrapada (Katualpara)Primary School.Patrapada
92 BobeiUpper Primary School, Bobei
93 Hatibena D.N.KUpper.Primary School, Hatibena D.N.K
94 GanjaparaUpper Primary School, Ganjapara
95 KanahandiUpper Primary School, Kanahandi
96 Raighar-IEx.Board Upper Primary School,.Raighar Room No.III
97 Raighar-5Harijan Sahi Upper Primary School Rahighar
98 Raighar-IIEx.Board Upper Primary School,.Raighar Room No.III
99 Raighar-IIIEx.Board Upper Primary School,.Raighar Room No.III
100 Raighar-IVGovt Sanskrit SchoolD High School,Raighar
101 DhadrapadaPrimary School,Dhadrapada
102 JhunukiparaPrimary School,Jhunukipara
103 BagabedaUpper Primary School, Bagabeda
104 Bharsundi-1U.P..School, Bharsundi DNK
105 Bharasundi-3U.P..School, Bharsundi DNK
106 Bharasundi-2Upper Primary School, Bharasundi Adv
107 Chhatabeda AdvU.P.Adv School, Chhatabeda
108 Indira NagarPrimary School Indira Nagar
109 Chhatabeda DNK-1Ex.DNK School.Chhatabeda DNK-I
110 ParuaUpper Primary School, Parua
111 MahubhataUpper Primary School, Mahubhata
112 NuaparaSevasrama Bidyalaya, Nuapara
113 KhutuganUpper Primary School, Khutugan
114 DangaripadaPri.School, Dangaripada
115 JunanipadaUpper Primary School, Junanipada
116 Mahanda-1Upper Primary School,Mahanda ADV
117 Mahanda-2Primary School,Mahanda Situated at Pipuldehi
118 Mahanda D.N.KU.G.M.E School,Kanahandi
119 Gurusinga (Adibasi)Pr.School Gurusinga (Adibasi)
120 Gurusinga DNKProject Upper Primary School, Gurusinga DNK
121 Dumuramunda D.N.KUpper Primary School, Dumuramunda D.N.K
122 DumuramundaDumurimunda Adv Project Upper Primary School
123 DebaganUpper Primary School,Debagan
124 KurubelaPri.School, Kurubela
125 BirisadiUpper.Pri. School, Birisadi
126 ChalanaparaPr.School, Chalanapada
127 ChhelidangariUpper Primary School, Chhelidangari
128 PandripakhnaPr.School, Pandripakhna
129 Kumuli D N KUpper Primary School, Kumuli D N K
130 LalparaPrimary School Lalpara
131 TurupenaU. Pri. School, Turupena
132 JamadaraUpper Primary School, Jamadara
133 KadribedaPrimary School Kadribeda
134 Saraguli-IUpper Primary School, Saraguli(R-1)
135 Saraguli D. N. K.Project Upper Primary School, Saraguli D. N. K.
136 Saraguli-IISaraguli Upper Primary School,
137 TarigamPrimary School, Tarigam
138 Kocharapara DNK-1Pri School, Kocharapara DNK 1
139 IndilahandiP.Upper Primary School Indilahandi
140 Kocharapara DNK-2Primary School.Kocharapara DNK .2
141 AndriAndri Primary School
142 TaraganTaragan Upper Primary School
143 Kesari BedaKesari Beda Sevashram
144 MataganMatagan Primary School
145 SukhiganSukhigam -UV 56 DNK School
146 U.V.-57 D.N.KM.E School U.V-57
147 KopenaKopena Upper Primary School
148 IngiraIngira Upper Primary School
149 UmerganUmergan Upper Primary School
150 GotigudaGotiguda Primary School
151 Bakoda-IBakoda Upper Primary School Room No.II
152 Bakoda-IIBakoda Upper Primary School Room No.II
153 ChandrapuriChandrapuri Upper Primary School
154 KhadakaSanakhadaka Upper Primary School
155 MurttumaMurttuma U. Primary School
156 Murttuma U.V-6-1Murttuma UV.6 Primary School
157 U.V-6 (Murtuma)-2Primary School U.V-6
158 BurjaBurja ME School
159 Indira ColonyP. Upper Primary School, Indira Colony
160 BehedaNuaguda Primary School
161 NuagudaPrimary School Nuaguda
162 SiragudaNuaguda Primary School
163 LimagudaLimaguda Primary School
164 DhundibedaDhundibeda Primary School
165 KursiKursi Upper Primary School Room No.II
166 TeleriNew Primary School Telari
167 JunapaniNew Primary School junapani
168 SemelipadaNew Primary School ,Semeliguda
169 KeripadarKeripadar New Primary School
170 PadamjhoriNew Primary School Padamjhori
171 BanipadarBanipadar Upper Primary School
172 ToharaTohara Upper Primary School Room No.III
173 ChacharagudaNew Primary School ,Chacharaguda
174 NagjhoriNew Primary School ,Nagjhori
175 JogidongriNew Primary School ,Jogidongri
176 Anchala-1Anchala Upper Primary School
177 Anchala-2Anchala Upper Primary School
178 Sunabeda-1Sunabeda Sevashram
179 Sunabeda-2Sunbeda Sevasharma
180 U.V-11, NaikgudaEx-DNK Upper Primary School U.V.No.11
181 NayakgudaNayakguda Upper Primary School
182 KusumagudaKusumaguda Upper Primary School
183 SirligudaSirliguda Upper Primary School
184 PujarigudaPujariguda Upper Primary School
185 PadiagudaPadiaguda Upper Primary School
186 UmerkoteHarijan Sahi Upper Primary School
187 Dongriguda-1Dongriguda Upper Primary School
188 Dongriguda-2Dongriguda Upper Primary School
189 Dongriguda-3Dongriguda Upper Primary School
190 AdIVasi Colony UPS UmerkoteAdivasi Colony Upper Primary School Umerkote
191 GotigudaGotiguda Upper Primary School
192 SIVajinagar-1Sivajinagar Upper Primary School
193 SIVajinagar-2Sivajinagar Upper Primary School
194 Gulipatna-1Gulipatna Upper Primary School Room No.2
195 Gulipatna-2Gulipatna Upper Primary School Room No.2
196 Sira SahiSira Sahi Upper Primary School (Gulipatna)
197 Kusumguda-1Kusumguda Upper Primary School
198 Kusumguda-2Kusumguda Upper Primary School
199 Kanalpara-1Kanalpara Upper Primary School
200 Kanalpara-2Kanalpara Upper Primary School
201 ChadeigudaChadeiguda Upper Primary School
202 BhalugudaBhaluguda Upper Primary School
203 NuagudaNuaguda DNK Upper Primary School
204 DargagudaDargaguda Adivasi Upper Primary School
205 D.P.Colony UmerkoteD.P.Colony U P School
206 Ex-Board UGME School, UmerkoteEx-Board UGME School
207 Jagannath Mandir, UmerkoteJagannath Mandir Upper Primary School
208 NAC office UmerkoteNAC office Umerkote
209 DasarapadaDasarapada Upper Primary School
210 BadabasiniBadabasini Primary School Schoool
211 MendabedaMendabeda Primary School
212 SemelaSemela Upper Primary School
213 BakiligudaBakiliguda Primary School
214 SanabasiniSanabasini Upper Primary School

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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