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Polling Booth in Udala Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Udala

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Udala Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Udala Assembly Constituency falls under the Udala Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 AmbikadeipurAmbikadeipur Primary School
2 KhaladiKhaladi Primary School
3 TentalaTentala Primary School
4 PatasanipurPatsanipur Primary School
5 PidhamundaPidhamunda Primary School
6 NuaganNuagan S/A
7 GobindpurGobindapur Primary School
8 JamadihaJamdiha Primary School
9 Upar TaladihaUpar Taladiha Primary School,
10 KundabaiKundabai P.U.Primary School
11 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Primary School
12 NayarangamatiaNayarangamatia P.U.Primary School
13 ShridamachandrapurBipracharana Govt. Bidyapitha Sridamchandrapur
14 ShridamachandrapurSridamchandrapur Govt. U.Primary School
15 BalichhatraBalichhatra Primary School
16 ChadadaChadada Project Upper Primary School
17 MusakhaiMusakhai Primary School
18 BadasingariaMadhusahi Primary School
19 Angar PadaAngarpada Primary School
20 Son PokhariSon Pokhari P.U.Primary School
21 DugadhaDugadha Nodal Upper Primary School
22 KathuabedaKathuabeda Primary School
23 AdapalJanata N.U Primary School
24 AmbadihaAmbadiha Primary School
25 AmbadihaAmbadiha Primary School
26 KuanrapalKuarapal Project Upper Primary School, Kuarapal
27 KutilingKutiling Primary School
28 BadakhamanBadkhaman UGMES
29 AnantapurAnantapur Primary School
30 ManikapurManikpur Primary School
31 ChakradharapurChandrapur Primary School
32 SanajunapalPrimary School Sanajunapal
33 SadanandapurSadanandapurP.U. Primary School
34 NabaraNabara Kaloni Primary School
35 BahubandhBahubandh, S/A
36 KanakapadaKanakapada Primary School
37 UrmalUrmal U. Primary School
38 SalamundaliSalmunduli Primary School
39 Ward Nan-11, JagannathiWard No.-12 Primary School
40 Ward Nan-12 JagannathiWard No.-12 Primary School
41 Ward No..10Udala UGMES
42 Nagapal ward no.2Nagapal UGMES
43 Nagapal ward no.3Nagapal UGMES
44 Masajidachhak Ward No.5Udala Primary School
45 MendhakhaiMendhakhai UGMES
46 Ward No.-6Ward No.-6 Primary School
47 MendhakhaiMendhakhai UGMES
48 RaidandiaRaidandiaP.U. Primary School
49 KhaladiKhaladi U.G.M.E.S.
50 TeladihudiTeldihudi Primary School
51 KainsariKainsari Primary School
52 JualiaJualia P.U.Primary School
53 PatapurPatpur Primary School
54 ChuliaposiChudiaposi UGMES
55 JaypurJaypur Primary School (N)
56 JeyporeJaypur Primary School (N)
57 DambarudihiDambarudihi Project Upper Primary School, Dambarudihi
58 AstiaAstia Project Upper Primary School
59 PuradihiPuradihi UGMES
60 DighinuasahiDighinuasahi Project Upper Primary School, Dighinuasahi
61 MarsiganMarsinga
62 KenduamundiKenduamundi P.U.Primary School
63 AtanatiAtanati Project Upper Primary School, Atanati
64 BalijadaBalijoda Primary School
65 GudadihaGudadiha U.G.U.Primary School
66 SilaghatiSilaghati UGMES
67 Sialia-BSialia B P.U.Primary School
68 ChatursilaChatursila Primary School
69 BaradanguaKhunta MES
70 KirikichiaKirkichia A.W.C
71 BadakhuntaBadkhunta Primary School
72 SurukunaSurukuna Primary School
73 SanakhuntaKhunta Primary School
74 BalidihaBalidiha S/A
75 TitiaTitia Project Upper Primary School, Titia
76 TanganaTangana Nodal U.Primary School
77 JadurgheraJadurghera Primary School
78 BhandaganBhandagan Nodal Upper Primary School, Bhandagan
79 SinduriaSinduria P.U.Primary School
80 GendagadiaGendagadia Primary School
81 GhantasilaGhantasila Primary School
82 SialiaSialia (A) Primary School. School, Sialia
83 NaupadaB.S. Madhusudhana Upper Primary School
84 ChhuruniChhuruni P.U.Primary School
85 RanibandhRanibandh Nodal Upper Primary School, Ranibandh
86 RanibandhRanibandh Nodal Upper Primary School, Ranibandh
87 TentuliaTentulia P.U.Primary School
88 DhobasolBankisol S/A
89 SanabelakutiSanabelakuti Nodal U.Primary School
90 BadabelakutiPrimary school Badabelakuti
91 AchhadaAchhadaP. U.Primary School
92 GhagaraGhagara Primary School
93 MahuliaMahulia Primary School
94 PasudaPasuda Nodal UGMES
95 MuturadaMuturda Primary School
96 AmbajodaAmbajoda M.ES
97 TaradasolTaradasol Primary School
98 NaharaNahara U.Primary School
99 BanakatiBanakati P.U.Primary School
100 PathurikataPathurikata Project Upper Primary School
101 KhadiabasaKhadiabasa Primary School,
102 PadampurPadampur S/A
103 KusaldaKusalda Nodal Upper Primary School, Kusalda
104 SimilabandhSimilabandha Primary School
105 RaipadaRaipada P.U.Primary School
106 KhadikapadaPuruna Baripada Primary School
107 PurunabaripadaPuruna Baripada Primary School
108 Gadadhar KumaripurGadiamal Primary School
109 ChaturiChaturi UGMES
110 GohiradihaGohiradiha Primary School
111 ChilimaChilima Primary School
112 KuamaraKuamara Primary School
113 KuamaraKuamara U.Primary School
114 Tal KadadaTalakadada P.U.Primary School
115 Upar KadadaBholPokhari Primary School
116 KusumiaKusumia UGMES
117 SikidiaSikidia U.Primary School
118 KhiripadaKhirpada UGMES
119 ParichhipurParichhipur Primary School
120 PalasaPalasa Primary School
121 TikayatapurTikayatpur A.W.C
122 ArapataArpata Nodal U.Primary School
123 DaundiaDaundia P.U.Primary School
124 SirathaliSirathali Primary School
125 Chak BrahmanasahiChaka Braman Sahi Primary School
126 SainkulaSainkula BoysPrimary School
127 Hat NuaganHata Nuagan Primary School
128 BaradihiBaradihi UPMES
129 DaripalDaripal Project Upper Primary School
130 DebaganDebagan Project Upper Primary School
131 DebaganDebagan Project Upper Primary School
132 BairatapurBairatpur Primary School
133 DimagadiaDimagadia Primary School
134 DimagadiaDimagadia Primary School
135 KhuntapalKhuntapal Primary School
136 ManandiManadi UGMES
137 PraphullachandrapurPrafullachandrapur S/A
138 SendhagadiaSendagadia Primary School
139 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
140 RadhoRadho Primary School
141 DihirakulDihirakul Nodal U. Primary School
142 PahandaPahanda Nodal U.Primary School
143 KhuntapalUper Khuntapal Primary School
144 BhimataliNodal U P School Bhimatali
145 AthanaganAtangan P.U.Primary School
146 JaladaJalada Primary School
147 BhurudubaniBhurudubani Primary School
148 NuaganNuagan Primary School
149 KukuradimaKukurdima Nodal U.Primary School
150 NudadihaNudadiha U.Primary School
151 SarbanaghatiSarbanaghati Nodal U.Primary School
152 TaliaProject Upper Primary School Talia
153 PotaladihaPotaladia P.U.Primary School
154 BhandaripalBhandaripal P.Upper Primary School
155 PodadihaPodadiha MES
156 BadajunapalBadjunpal Primary School
157 NuhamaliaNuhamalia UGMES
158 ItagarhItagarh S/A
159 BalinalPrimary School Balinal
160 JamadihaPrimary SchoolJamadiha
161 JamadihaPodadiha Primary School
162 KolialamKolialam Nodal U Primary School
163 NuasahiKolialam N.U.Primary School
164 Kadamasol Samil KusunupurManbhanga Project Upper Primary School
165 NachhipurNachipur Primary School
166 DebalaDevala S/A
167 BadajhadBadjhad P.U.Primary School
168 GandidarGandidar Primary School
169 ChuinposiChanua Primary School
170 GadiapalGadiapal Primary School
171 AsanabaniLaxminarayan MES ,Asabani
172 PinguPingu Primary School
173 BaniaganBaniagan U.G.M.E.S
174 JhinkapadaJhinkpada Primary School
175 SaubhagyadeipurBaniagan U.G.M.E.S
176 GaudaganGaudagan Primary School
177 KuagothanaKuagothana Primary School
178 KarapadaKarpada Primary School
179 GothapuraGothapura Primary School
180 PedagadiPedagadi S/A
181 PedagadiPedagadi S/A
182 JaradaJarada Nodal U. Primary School
183 RathipurRathipur Primary School
184 PatapurPatpur Primary School
185 JanakapurJanakpur Primary School
186 MahuladihaMahuladiha Primary School
187 BhalubasaBhalubasa P.U.Primary School
188 SanabisolSanbisol Primary School
189 BadabisolBadbisol Project U. Primary School
190 BadbisolBadbisol Project U. Primary School
191 GolagadiaGolagadia Primary School
192 TalabaniDibakar Sikhya Niketan ,MES
193 BadagudugudiaBadagudugudia UGUpper Primary School
194 BarabadiBarabadi Primary School
195 KaptipadaKaptipada Govt. M.E.S
196 KaptipadaKaptipada Govt. M.E.S
197 KaptipadaKaptipada U.G.M.E.S
198 KaptipadaKaptipada U.G.M.E.S
199 KaladahiKaladahi UGMES
200 BeladihaBeldihaP. U.Primary School
201 KusunapurKusunapur P.U.Primary School
202 SundhalKusunpur P.U.Primary School
203 Badakhaladi-1Badkhaladi Primary School
204 Badakhaladi-2Badkhaladi Primary School
205 DunduriaDunduria P.U.Primary School
206 FulabadiaFulbadia U.G.U.P.M.E S
207 SanakhaladiSanakhaladi P.U.Primary School
208 BadasimuliaBadsimulia Primary School
209 BaghamaraBaghamara UGMES
210 NedamNedam P.U.Primary School
211 JadidaJaida Primary School
212 JamabaniJambani P.U.Primary School
213 BadamapadaBadampada Primary School
214 SudusudiaAmabapichula Sudusudia Nodal U.Primary School
215 AmbapichhulaAmabapichula Sudusudia Nodal U.Primary School
216 Bidyadhar NagarBidyadhar Nagar PUpper Primary School
217 SalachuaSalchua Primary School
218 SolagadiaSologadia P. U.Primary School
219 GendagadiaGendagadia Primary School
220 GayalamaraGayalmora Primary School
221 ParasibadiParasibadi Primary School
222 KhuntabilKhuntabil Primary School
223 KhadikhaniaKhadikhania P.U. Primary School
224 MankadapadaMankadpada Primary School
225 KuanrapurKuanrpur Primary School
226 MahulapankhaMahupankha P.U. Primary School
227 MahupankhaMahupankha P.U. Primary School
228 MajhigadiaMajhigadia U.G.M.E.S
229 MajhigadiaMajhigadia U.G.M.E.S

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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