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Polling Booth in Titlagarh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Titlagarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Titlagarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Titlagarh Assembly Constituency falls under the Titlagarh Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 DeoganDeogan Govt. Primary School,Deogan
2 PhatamundaPhatamunda Govt. Upper Primary School
3 KeumalKeumal Up-graded High School
4 JurabandhJurabandh Govt. Primary School (Left),Jurabandh
5 GodramundaGodramunda Govt. Primary School
6 KudasinhaKudasinha Project Upper Primary School, Kudasingha
7 Tikrapada (Part)Tikrapada Govt. Upper Primary School,Tikrapada
8 Tikrapada (Part)Tikrapada Govt. Primary School (Left),Tikrapada
9 Tikrapada (Part)Tikrapada Govt. Primary School (Left),Tikrapada
10 NuamundaNuamunda Govt. Primary School, Nuamunda
11 DukerachacharaDukerachachara Govt. Primary School (Left),Dukerachachara
12 MadhiapaliMadhiapali Primary School
13 DesaimundaGovt. Primary School, Desiamunda
14 BarlaGovt. Primary School, Barla
15 DabajorDabajor Govt. Primary School (Left),Dabajor
16 KenduudarKenduudar Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kenduudar
17 KenduudarKenduudar Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kenduudar
18 JharabahaliJharabahali Govt. Primary School (Left),Jharabahali
19 EkagudiEkagudi Govt. Primary School (Left Side),Ekagudi
20 SaledamakSaledamak Govt. Primary School,
21 TebedamundaTebedamunda Primary School
22 SindriabahalGovt. Primary School, Sindriabahal
23 BadangomundaBadngomunda Primary School,
24 LikhiriaLikhiria upper Primary School
25 RusudaRusuda Sevashram Vidyalaya
26 ChhinchedChinchhed Primary School
27 LakharapadarLakharpadar Primary School
28 KandhenabahaliKandhenbahali Primary School
29 ChantipadarChantipadar Upper Primary School
30 KhardaGovt. Primary School, Kharda
31 NaaganNagaon Primary School,Nagaon
32 MahipurMahipur Sevashram Bidyalaya
33 SaragadaGovt. Primary School, Sargada
34 SamaraSamara Primary School (Left Side)
35 Samara (Part)Samara Primary School (Left Side)
36 PatamaraPatamara Project Upper Primary School, Patamara
37 DukalghatDukalghat Govt. Primary School,Dukalghat
38 LapherLapher Govt. U.G.M.E. School, Lapher
39 TalabahalTalabahal Govt. Primary School (Left),Talabahal
40 LurkiGovt. Primary School, Lurki
41 TusuraTusura Dharuapada Primary School
42 Tusura (Part)Tusura Govt. Boys U. Primary School
43 Tusura (Part)Tusura Govt. Boys U. Primary School
44 TusuraTusura Nodal Upper Primary School
45 DhanagharaGovt. Primary School. Dhanghara
46 PendimundaPendimunda Primary School,Pendimunda
47 AtaganAtgaon Primary School,Atgaon
48 BiramundaBiramunda Upper Primary School,Biramunda
49 DemuhanDemuhan Primary School,Demuhan
50 RahenamalRahenamal Govt Primary School,Rahenamal
51 BhuanpadaBhuanpada Govt Primary School,Bhuanpada
52 KendupadarKendupadar Govt. Primary School, Kendupadar
53 KapasilaKaPrimary Schoolila Upper Primary School,KaPrimary Schoolila
54 Kapasila PartKaPrimary Schoolila Upper Primary School,KaPrimary Schoolila
55 Nuapada (Part)Nuapada Nodal Upper Primary School,Nuapada
56 NuapadaNuapada Sevashram Bidyalaya,Nuapada
57 JhimanapaliJhimanapali Govt. Primary School (Left),Jhimanapali
58 RengalabahalRengalabahal Govt. Primary School, Rengalbahal
59 DangarapadaDangarapada Govt. Primary School (Left),Dangarapada
60 TandiganTandigaon Govt Primary School,Tandigaon
61 KukedamalGovt. Primary School, Kukedmal
62 DahimalDahimal Primary School,Dahimal
63 TentulikhuntiTentulikhunti Govt. Primary School, Tentulikhunti
64 SirabahalSirabahal Govt Primary School,Sirabahal
65 MadekelaMadekela Govt. Primary School, Madekela
66 RajakelRajakel Govt. Primary School,Rajakel
67 JogimaraJogimara Govt. Primary School
68 JamutJamut Upper Primary School
69 GambharigudaGambhariguda Primary School
70 GhunaGhuna Upper Primary School
71 DungibahalDungibahal Upper Primary School
72 KotaganGovt. Primary School, Kotagan
73 BagabahaliBagbahali Primary School
74 JambhelJambhel Primary School
75 SirjapaliGovt. Primary School, Sirjapali
76 KandhakelaganKandhakelagan Govt. Primary School (Left),Kandhakelagan
77 KandhakelaganKandhakelagan Govt. Primary School (Left),Kandhakelagan
78 JaliadarahJaliadarah Govt. Primary School (Left),Jaliadarah
79 KaramatalaKaramatala Govt. Primary School (Left),Karamatala
80 TushtapaliTushtapali Project Upper Primary School, Tustapali
81 Chhanachhada (Part)Chhanachhada Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Chhanachhada
82 Chhanachhada (Part)Chhanachhada Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Chhanachhada
83 KumbhariKumbhari Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kumbhari
84 KumbhariKumbhari Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kumbhari
85 BurdaBurda Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Burda
86 KareladhuaKareladhua Sevasharam
87 SargipaliSargipali Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Sargipali
88 KurebhanaKurebhana Primary School
89 DeulagudiDeulgudi Upper Primary School,Deulgudi
90 MundapalaGovt. Primary School, Mundapala
91 GudabhelaGudvella Nodal Upper Primary School
92 GudabhelaGudvella Nodal Upper Primary School
93 GunimundaGunimunda Project Upper Primary School (W)
94 GudungamalGudungamal Sevashram,Gudungamal
95 SikelapadarSikelpadar Sevashram Vidyalaya
96 KhajurapadaKhajurapada Govt. Primary School, Khajurpada
97 DhumapaliDhumapali Govt. Primary School, Dhumapali
98 SamaraPaikSamara Govt. Upper Primary School,(Left)
99 LachutLachut Project Upper Primary School, Lachut
100 Saintala (Part)Saintala Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Saintala
101 Saintala (Part)Saintala U.G.M.E.School (Left),Saintala
102 Saintala (Part)Saintala U.G.M.E.School (Left),Saintala
103 Saintala (Part)Saintala Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Saintala
104 Saintala (Part)Saintala Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Saintala
105 DengDeng Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Deng
106 BrahmaniBrahmani Govt. Primary School (Left),Brahmani
107 KumbhekelaKumbhekela Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kumbhekela
108 DumeramundaDumeramunda Govt. Primary School
109 PendaramalPendaramal Govt. Primary School (Left),Pendaramal
110 DumerabahalDumerabahal Govt. Primary School (West),Dumerabahal
111 GulamiGulami Govt. Primary School,Gulami
112 SialajhudungiSialajhudungi Govt. Primary School,Gulami
113 Dharapagad (Part)Dharapagad Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Dharapagad
114 Dharapagad (Part)Dharapagad Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Dharapagad
115 MakriMakri Govt. Primary School, Makri
116 JamakhuntaJamakhunta Project Upper Primary School, Jamkhunta
117 GandapatrapaliGandapatrapali Govt. Primary School (Left),Gandapatrapali
118 Gandapatrapali PartGandapatrapali Govt. Primary School (Left),Gandapatrapali
119 BhatasarBhatasar Govt. Primary School, Bhatasar
120 KuikedaKuikeda Govt. Upper Primary School (Left Side)
121 KuikedaKuikeda Govt. Upper Primary School (Left Side)
122 KamaralagaKamaralaga Govt. Primary School (Left),Kamaralaga
123 Kamaralaga PartKamaralaga Govt. Primary School (Left),Kamaralaga
124 BibinaBibina Govt. Primary School (Left),Bibina
125 SantaupherSantaupher Govt. Primary School (Left),Santaupher
126 RemendaRemenda Govt. Primary School (Left),Remenda
127 BudhabahalBudhabahal Govt. Primary School (Left),Budhabahal
128 KharibahalKharibahal Project Upper Primary School, Kharibahal
129 DunguripaliDunguripali Govt. Primary School (Left),Dunguripali
130 BheruanbhataBheruanbhata Govt. Primary School (Left),Bheruanbhata
131 GhantamalGhantamal Govt. Primary School (Left),Ghantamal
132 TurchchaupherTurchchaupher Govt. Primary School (Left),Turchchaupher
133 TendipaliTendipali Project Upper Primary School, Tendipali
134 TentulipadarTentulipadar Project Upper Primary School, Tentulipadar
135 Phapsi (Part)Phapasi Govt. Primary School (Left),Phapasi
136 Barud Karakhana (Part)BadamalBadamal Govt. Primary School (Left)
137 Phapasi (Part)Phapasi Govt. Primary School (Left),Phapasi
138 GaelabhadiGaelabhadi Govt. Primary School (Left),Gaelabhadi
139 DangarapadaDangarapada Govt. Primary School, Dangarapada
140 PipilibandhPipilibandh Govt. Primary School,Pipilibandh
141 Barudakarakhana (Part)BadamalBarudakarakhana Badamal Govt. Primary School
142 BarhamalBarhamal Project Upper Primary School, Barhamal
143 BhadraBhadra Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Bhadra
144 BaraganBaragan Govt. Primary School (Left),Baragan
145 ChitamaraChitamara Govt. Primary School, Chitamara
146 KuanraganKuanragan Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kuanragan
147 Kuanragan PartKuanragan Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Kuanragan
148 DunguripaliDunguripali Govt. Primary School, Dungripali
149 KushamalKushamal Sevashram(Left),Kushamal
150 AmbapaliAmbapali Govt. Upper Primary School (Left),Ambapali
151 KechhomuhanKechhomuhan Govt. Primary School (Left),Kechhomuhan
152 BhejipadarBhejipadar Govt. Primary School, Bhejipadar
153 KhasabahalKhasabahal Govt. Primary School (Left),Khasabahal
154 NuanparaNuanpara Govt. Primary School (Left),Nuanpara
155 LuhurapaliLuhurapali Govt. Primary School, Luhurapali
156 NarabahaliNarabahali Govt. U.G.M.E. School, Narabahali
157 MahulaparaMahulapara Sevashram(North),Mahulapara
158 BhushaladBhushalad Govt. Primary School (East),Bhushalad
159 NanajharNanajhar Govt. Primary School,Nanajhar
160 ManiganManigan Govt. Upper Primary School,Manigan
161 ShagadaghatShagadaghat Govt. Primary School,Shagadaghat
162 SikerSiker Govt. Primary School,Siker
163 BanjijhalBanjijhal Primary School
164 PiprutPiprut Project Upper Primary School, Piprut
165 JubamalJubamal Project Upper Primary School, Jubamal
166 KaansarKaansar Govt. Primary School (Left),Kaansar
167 KaansarKaansar Govt. Primary School (Left),Kaansar
168 DumeramundaDumeramunda Project Upper Primary School
169 Ghunasar (Part)Ghunasar Govt. Primary School (Left),Ghunasar
170 Ghunasar (Part)Ghunasar Govt. Primary School (Left),Ghunasar
171 Ghunasar (Part)Ghunasar Goivt. M.E. School,Ghunasar
172 GhantabahaliGhantabahali Govt. Primary School (Left),Ghantabahali
173 KusumakhalKusumakhal Govt. Primary School (Left),Kusumakhal
174 Pipal PadarPipal Padar Govt. Upper Primary School,Pipal Padar
175 SatighatSatighat Govt. Primary School, Satighat
176 Ghantasunipada-1Govt. Upper Primary School,(North)Ghantasunipada
177 Ghantasunipada-2Govt. Upper Primary School,(North)Ghantasunipada
178 PadmanabhapurDhabaleswar Bidyapith, Padmanabhapur
179 Padmanabhapur PartDhabaleswar Bidyapith, Padmanabhapur
180 Hatapadapada-1Govt. Upper Primary School,(East)
181 Hatapadapada (Part-14)Govt. Upper Primary School,(East)
182 Amabandhapada (Part - Ward-11)Govt. Primary School, (East) Sirbhatapada
183 SirbhatapadaGovt. Primary School, Sirbhatapada
184 Sirabhatapada Ward No.-11 (Part)Govt. Primary School, (West) Sirabhatapada
185 Deobandhapada (Wa-Nan.13)Padmanavpur Govt. Primary School, (East) Deobandhapara
186 Jagannathapada (Wa-5)Govt. Boys Primary School,Jagannathapada
187 Nilachakranagar (Wa.Nan-8)Govt. Girls High School
188 NilachakranagarGovt. Girls High School
189 Malagodamapada (Wa-10)Govt. Girls High School
190 Haiskulapada (Wa-9)Sardar Balav Bhai Patel Govt. Primary School
191 Thikadarapada (Wa.Nan-7)Govt. Girls Primary School,
192 Mausimandir (Ward No.-6)Kalyan Mandap Station Road,Titilagarh
193 Madabhatipada (W.N.-4)Shiv Prasad Govt. Upper Primary School,(East),Swadhinapada
194 MadabhatipadaShiv Prasad Govt. Upper Primary School,(East),Swadhinapada
195 MadabhatipadaSibaprasad Govt. Primary School, (West)Swadhin Pada
196 SwadhinapadaShiv Prasad Govt. Upper Primary School,(North),Swadhinapada
197 Sargiguda (Wa.Nan-2)Govt. Primary School, (East) Sargiguda
198 Sargiguda (Wa.Nan-1)Govt. Primary School, (North) Sargiguda
199 SargigudaGovt. Primary School (South) Sargiguda
200 BurdiparaBurdipara Govt. Primary School,Burdipara
201 GokhurungGokhurung Govt. Primary School,
202 BelaganBelagan Govt. Primary School
203 BelaganBelagan Govt. Primary School
204 KandhaulabaKandhaulaba Govt. Primary School
205 BabuulabaBabuulaba Govt. Primary School, Babuulba
206 Sishakela (Part)Govt. Primary School, (East) Siskela
207 SishakelaSishakela Govt. Primary School,Sishakela
208 BhikabahaliBhikabahali Govt. Primary School (Left),Bhikabahali
209 Belgaon (Part)Swadhinpara Govt. Primary School, Belgaon
210 ChoramaraChoramara Govt. Primary School,Choramara
211 TarasingaTarasinga Govt. Primary School,Tarasinga
212 ThubudingaThubudinga Govt. Primary School (West),Thubudinga
213 MathanapalaMathanapala Govt. Primary School (West),Mathanapala
214 BandupalaBandupala Govt. Primary School (North),Bandupala
215 Bhatipara (Part)Bhatipara Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Bhatipara
216 Bhatipara (Part)Bhatipara Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Bhatipara
217 DarloDarlo Govt. Primary School (North),Darlo
218 Darlo PartDarlo Govt. Primary School (North),Darlo
219 SanapatrapaliSanapatrapali Govt. Primary School (West),Sanapatrapali
220 SanapatrapaliSanapatrapali Govt. Primary School (West),Sanapatrapali
221 SurdaSurda Govt. Primary School (East),Surda
222 AinlabhataAinlabhata Govt. Primary School,Ainlabhata
223 GhantasahadaGhantasahada Govt. Primary School, Ghantasahada
224 SialajhudungiSialajhudungi Govt. Primary School (West),Sialajhudungi
225 Naren (Part)Naren Govt. Primary School (East),Naren
226 Naren (Part)Naren Govt. Primary School (East),Naren
227 TurlaTurla Govt. Primary School,Turla
228 KumudaKumuda Govt. Primary School (North),Kumuda
229 CharabhataCharabhata Govt. Primary School,Charabhata
230 DesilDesil Govt. Primary School (South),Desil
231 BijepurBijepur Govt. Primary School,Bijepur
232 Bijepur PartBijepur Govt. Primary School,Bijepur
233 JamataraJamatara Govt. Primary School, Jamtara
234 RigadolRigadol Govt. Primary School,Rigadol
235 BanjipadarBanjipadar Govt. Primary School,Banjipadar
236 KumudipadarKumudipadar Govt. Primary School, Kumudipadar
237 PendrapadarPendrapadar Govt. Primary School,Pendrapadar
238 LaitaraLaitara Govt. Primary School, Laitara
239 KendumundiKendumundi Govt. Primary School, Kendumundi
240 SihiniSihini Govt. Primary School (East),Sihini
241 Sihini PartSihini Govt. Primary School (East),Sihini
242 BachhajujhaBachhajujha Govt. Primary School (West),Bachhajujha
243 JaguaJagua Govt. Primary School (East),Jagua
244 BrahmaniparaBrahmanipara Govt. Primary School, Brahmanipara
245 AdabahalAdabahal Govt. Primary School (East),Adabahal
246 ChantipalaChantipala Govt. Primary School, Chantipala
247 SilandaSilanda Govt. Primary School,Silanda
248 MahaganMahagan Govt. Primary School (West),Mahagan
249 IchaganIchagan Govt. Primary School (East),Ichagan
250 KurlubhataKurlubhata Govt. Primary School,Kurlubhata
251 DiatonDiaton Govt. Primary School
252 GandharagalaGandharagala Govt. Primary School (West),Gandharagala
253 PatharlaPatharla Govt. Primary School (East),Patharla
254 KholanKholan Govt. Primary School (East),Kholan
255 KholanKholan Govt. Primary School (East),Kholan
256 TankaruparaTankarupara Govt. Primary School,Tankarupara
257 AntarlaAntarla Govt. Primary School,Antarla
258 UdepurUdepur Govt. Primary School (East),Udepur
259 UdepurUdepur Govt. Primary School (East),Udepur
260 KatarakelaKatarakela Sevashram(East)
261 KatarakelaKatarakela Sevashram(East)
262 MalijharMalijhar Govt. Primary School,Malijhar
263 KanijuriKanijuri Govt. Primary School,Kanijuri
264 BagadorBagador Govt. Primary School, Bagador
265 KhairkhuntaKhairkhunta Govt. Primary School,Khairkhunta
266 KapsibhataKaPrimary Schoolibhata Govt. Primary School, KaPrimary Schoolibhata
267 SerkoSerko Govt. Primary School (East),Serko
268 Ghodar (Part)Ghodar Govt. Primary School (East),Ghodar
269 GhodarGhodar Govt. Primary School (East),Ghodar
270 SiluanSiluan Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Siluan
271 SukunabhataSukunabhata Govt. Primary School, Sukunabhata
272 LimaparaLimapara Govt. Primary School,Limapara
273 DiatanDiatan Govt. Primary School,Diatan
274 ChhatabhataChhatabhata Govt. Primary School (West),Chhatabhata
275 ParasaraParasara Govt. Primary School,Parasara
276 KurasudKurasud Govt. Primary School (North),Kurasud
277 KurasudKurasud Govt. Primary School (South),Kurasud
278 KutamaraKutamara Govt. Primary School,Kutamara
279 TurukabhataTurukabhata Govt. Primary School
280 PipalapadarPipalapadar Govt. Primary School (East),Pipalapadar
281 GhantasahadaGhantasahada Govt. Primary School
282 NimurlaNimurla Govt. Primary School,Nimurla
283 GaudatulaGaudatula Govt. Primary School,Gaudatula
284 Digasira (Part)Digasira Govt. Primary School (South),Digasira
285 DigasiraDigasira Govt. Primary School (South),Digasira
286 KushakelaKushakela Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Kushakela
287 KushakelaKushakela Govt. Upper Primary School (East),Kushakela
288 DangaraparaDangarapara Govt. Primary School,Dangarapara
289 BurabandhBurabandh Govt. Primary School (West)
290 MarladMarlad Govt. Primary School,Marlad
291 BalapadarBalapadar Govt. Primary School,Balapadar
292 GhantabahaliGhantabahali Govt. Primary School,Ghantabahali
293 DangapitaDangapita Govt. Primary School (West),Dangapita
294 BhaleganBhalegan Sevashram(East),Bhalegan
295 Bhalegan (Part)Bhalegan Sevashram(East),Bhalegan
296 Luthurabandh (Part)Luthurabandh Govt. High School (East),Luthurabandh
297 Luthurabandh (Part)Luthurabandh Govt. High School (East),Luthurabandh
298 MahadaMahada Govt. Primary School, Mahada
299 SagunamundaSagunamunda Govt. Primary School (East),Sagunamunda
300 AmurlaAmurla Govt. Primary School,Amurla
301 BinekelaBinekela Govt. Primary School (East),Binekela
302 LesunabahaliLesunabahali Govt. Primary School,Lesunabahali
303 KanarlaKanarla Govt. Primary School, Kanarla
304 TimanabhadiTimanabhadi Govt. Primary School,Timanabhadi
305 SirekelaSirekela Govt. Primary School,Sirekela

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