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Polling Booth in Tirtol Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tirtol

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tirtol Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Tirtol Assembly Constituency falls under the Tirtol Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Darada SasanaDarada Sasan Primary School
2 DaradapariDarada Gram Upper Primary School
3 DaradagramDarada Gram Upper Primary School
4 Sarasudha 1Sarasudha Upper Primary School
5 Sarasudha 2Sarasudha Upper Primary School
6 KalantiraKalantira Primary School
7 UttarsasanUttarsasan Primary School
8 MadhyasasanMadhya sasan Primary School,MADHYSASAN
9 NuagaonRajakrushna Primary School ,NUAGAM
10 ManatirGokarneswar Primary School
11 AlandoAlando Primary School, Alando
12 HaladiapadaKaliabuda High School
13 BatimiraRanipada Primary School,RANIPADA
14 KamasasanKamasasan Primary School
15 Hajipur-1Duduram patana Upper Primary School
16 Hajipur-2Hajipur Primary School
17 ChandapurChandapur Primary School,chandpur
18 KulakaijangaBiridi Upper Primary School (E),BIRIDI
19 Biridi-2Biridi Upper Primary School
20 MahatolMahatol Primary School
21 GoVIndpurMANITRI-Govindpur Upper Primary School,
22 ArangabadSidhabata Primary School
23 BadakhandeitaBudhijagulei Primary School
24 BadakhandeitaBadakhandeita GP Office
25 Tentulia-1Gothapada Primary School
26 Tentulia-2Tentulia Primary School
27 Arana-1Indramani Upper Primary School
28 Arana-2Indramani Upper Primary School
29 PatuariPatuari Primary School
30 KoshalKoshal Primary School
31 KantuarKantuar Primary School
32 RaghunathapurRaghunathapur Modal Primary School
33 RaghunathapurRaghunathapur Modal Primary School
34 AjodhyapurAjodhyapur Primary School
35 KorakaraKorakara Primary School
36 ChandapurChandapur Primary School
37 Jagannathapur-1Jagannathapur Primary School
38 Jagannathapur-3Swapneswar Vidyamandir
39 Jagannathapur-2Madhu Sudan Primary School
40 KandarapatiKandarapati Gopal Primary School
41 KuamangaBirat Cuttack Primary School
42 GopalpurGopalpur Upper Primary School
43 BhasilpurMahendranath Sikhyaniketan
44 Dharadhar PurDharadhar Pur Primary School
45 Dharadhar PurKutamchandi Bidyamandir
46 KotakanaKotakana Upper Primary School
47 Puranaodapada-1Puranaodapada Project Upper Primary School
48 Puranaodapada-2Narayanapur Primary School
49 ArangaKulasahi Primary School
50 RadhanagarRadhanagar Upper Primary School
51 PateniganPatenigan Primary School
52 GualipurMaheswar Upper Primary School
53 KurttangaKurttanga Primary School
54 BartiBarti Primary School
55 ChikiniaHemalata Upper Primary School
56 Chikinia-2Hemalata Upper Primary School
57 KaladhariKaladhari Primary School
58 TarapurTarapur Primary School
59 GokalapurSarda Upper Primary School, Gokalapur
60 AchutapurAchyutapur Nan formal School
61 HarishapurHarishapur Primary School
62 KandatariKhandatari Primary School
63 Krushnanandapur-1Krushnanandapur Upper Primary School
64 Krushnanandapur-2Krushnanandapur Upper Primary School
65 Krushnanandapur-3H.Sanskrit School High School, Krushnanandapur
66 Krushnanandapur-4Madrasa Furkania
67 Krushnanandapur-5H.Sanskrit School High School, Krushnanandapur
68 Krushnanandapur-6Madrasa Furkania(S),
69 Krushnanandapur-7Akhun mahala Project Upper Primary School
70 NuaganBudhijagulai Upper Primary School
71 BisunapurBisunapur Urdu Primary School,Bisunpu
72 BhansarBhansara Primary School,Bhansara
73 MatgajpurBalabihari Upper Primary School,Matgajpur
74 ManapurManapur Primary School
75 KolataKolata Primary School
76 LankapadaLankapada Primary School
77 GaithipurGaithipur Primary School
78 KilipalKilipal Primary School,Kilipal
79 Kanimul-2Bayabadhuta Upper Primary School
80 NarijangaNarijanga Primary School
81 Mirjapur -2Saralapur Primary School
82 BehadapurBehadapur Upper Primary School
83 BijipurBhagabati Upper Primary School
84 BadajingalBadajingal Primary School
85 GopalpurBalaram Bidyapitha, Sankheswar
86 DainloBaideswar Upper Primary School , Dainlo
87 Mirjapur-1Janata Upper Primary School, Mirjapur
88 PoshalPurna Poshal U.G.M.E. School ,
89 PoshalPurna Poshal U.G.M.E. School ,
90 Tirttol-1Tirttol Primary School
91 Tirttol -2Tirttol Primary School
92 Rathipur-1Akhandala Upper Primary School
93 Rathipur-2Akhandala Upper Primary School
94 Baingol-1Jagdish Panchagram. Upper Primary School, Khandasahi(E)
95 Baingol -2Jagdish Panchagram Upper Primary School, Khandasahi(W)
96 Tentulipada-1Tentulipada Upper Primary School
97 Tentulipada-2Tentulipada Upper Primary School
98 TerttangaTerttanga Upper Primary School
99 TarajangaTarajanga High School
100 TarajangaTarajanga High School
101 KotakanaSatyanarayan Upper Primary School, Kotakana
102 PodapadaPodapada Primary School
103 PubapadaPubapada Upper Primary School, Pubapada
104 HajipurHajipur Primary School, Hajipur
105 Bidyadharapur-1Banshidhar Sarala Vidyapitha ,Bidyadharpur
106 Bidyadharapur-2Banshidhar Sarala Vidyapitha ,Bidyadharpur
107 Jaipur -1Maheswar Bidyabhawan, Jaipur
108 Jaipur-2Maheswar Bidyabhawan, Jaipur
109 RahadingaRahadinga Upper Primary School
110 DondwaDondwa Primary School
111 Chhapada-1Ganailo Primary School
112 Chhapada-2Ganailo Primary School
113 PitambarapurPitambarapur Primary School
114 PandaraPandara Primary School
115 BrahmanabadiBrahmanabadi Upper Primary School
116 EradangaEradanga Primary School
117 Taanra-1Taanra Primary School
118 Taanra-1Taanra Primary School
119 SalijangaSalijanga Primary School
120 BadakorakorBadakorakor Primary School
121 SanakorakorSanakorakor Primary School
122 AdheikulAdheikul Upper Primary School
123 BaragolBaragol Primary School
124 ShankarapurShankarpur Primary School
125 SIVapurSivapur Upper Primary School , Sivapur
126 AdhangagadaAdhangagada Upper Primary School, Adhangagada
127 Nailo-1Jasobanta Vidyapitha
128 Barahapur-1Barahapur Primary School
129 Nailo-2Jasobanta Upper Primary School, Nailo
130 AmulasahiAmulasahi Urdu Primary School
131 Barahapur-2Barahapur Primary School
132 TalapatakAzadhinda Hindi UP Talapatak
133 GausanagarGausnagar Primary School
134 Anantabrahmapur-1Janala UP. School, Anantabrahmapur
135 Anantabrahmapur-2Janala UP. School, Anantabrahmapur
136 Raghunathapur-1Raghunathapur ME School
137 SankharisahiSankharisahi UP, School, Sankharisahi
138 ParbatipurGopinathjew UP. School, Parbatipur
139 Raghunathapur-2Dasarathi UP. School (E), Manguli
140 Ukundara-1Ukundara-Upper Primary School
141 Ukundara-2Ukundara Upper Primary School
142 Raghunathapur-3Kaupada Primary School , Raghunathapur
143 Basandara-1Basandara Primary School
144 Basandara-2Basandara Primary School
145 NainloNainlo Primary School
146 BambiloBambilo Upper Primary School
147 BaradiaBaradia Upper Primary School
148 BaradiaBaradia Upper Primary School
149 DhiasaibiriDhiasaibiri Primary School
150 GelapurGelapur High School
151 Bagalapur-1Bagalapur Primary School
152 Bagalapur-2Bagalapur Upper Primary School
153 Bagalapur-3Bagalapur Upper Primary School
154 MaindipurMaindipur Upper Primary School, Maindipur
155 Puran-1Puran Upper Primary School
156 Puran-2Puran Upper Primary School, Puran
157 ChasikhandaChasikhanda Upper Primary School
158 KamalapurKamalpur Primary School
159 Balia-1Balia Gopinathpur Primary School, Balia
160 Gopinathpur-1Saraswat P School
161 Gopinathapur-2Saraswat Primary School
162 AnakhiaAnakhia UP. School, Anakhia
163 SadeisasanSadeisasan P School, Sadeisasan
164 DandiloDandilo Primary School
165 DhanipurDhanipur Upper Primary School
166 JayasolJayasol Primary School
167 RanahataPatitapaban Upper Primary School
168 Tarikunda-1Tarikunda High School
169 Tarikunda-2Tarikunda High School
170 Tarikunda-3Tarikunda High School
171 Tarikunda-4Tarikunda Primary School
172 GarualGarula Primary School
173 BadatihadaBadatihada Project Upper Primary School
174 RautanuaganRautanuagan Project Upper Primary School.
175 BanikudaBanikuda Primary School
176 SadeipurGopal Primary School
177 SwargabrahmapurBabamadhusudan Primary School
178 JagannathapurJagannathapur Primary School
179 NuagadNuagada Primary School
180 RedhuaRedhua Upper Primary School
181 IchhapurIchhapur Primary School, Baratira
182 MundaloMundalo Primary School
183 Radhang-1Radhangar Primary School
184 JiraJira Primary School
185 PurunabasantaPurunabasanta Upper Primary School
186 DeulasahiSidheswari Upper Primary School
187 NeuliaNilakanthapur Project Upper Primary School
188 Sanara-1Sanara Upper Primary School
189 BarunapadaBarunapada Primary School
190 KirttanapurKirttanapur Primary School
191 Sanara -2Sanara Upper Primary School
192 AinipurSanra G.P. Office Building
193 DhuanpariDhuanpari Upper Primary School
194 DhuanpariDhuanpari Primary School
195 SalamapurSalamapur Upper Primary School
196 RasalpurAbdul Rahim Upper Primary School, Rasalpur
197 BiritolBiritol Primary School
198 BiritolBiritol Primary School
199 Mulisingh-1Mulisingh Urdu Primary School
200 Mulisingh-2Mulisingh Upper Primary School
201 HarisinghpurHarisinghpur Primary School
202 Mulisingh-3Mulisingh Primary School, Mulisingh
203 KabalapurKabalapur Upper Primary School, Kabalapur
204 KanakapurSarada Academy, Kanakapur
205 Kutilagram DayalapurKutilagram Dayalpur Primary School
206 Kanakapur SasanKutilagram Dayalpu Primary School, Kutilagram
207 Gobindpur -3Swami Vivekanda Upper Primary School, Govindapur(E)
208 GoVIndapur-2wami Vivekanda Upper Primary School, Govindapur
209 AradangaAradanga Primary School, Aradanga
210 BhattaganBhattagan Primary School, Bhattagan
211 UradhaUradha Kiranti Sr. Basic School
212 KirantiKiranti Girls High School, Kiranti
213 Kosti MallikapurBiswanaath Ichhabihari Upper Primary School, Kostimallikapur
214 Malanda-1Bharati Upper Primary School, Malanda
215 Malanda-2Bharati Upper Primary School, Malanda
216 KeulaKeul Primary School, Keul
217 Kantapada-1Sulochana Upper Primary School, Kantapada
218 SardolaSardola Primary School, Sardola
219 TarapurBharati Upper Primary School,Tarapur
220 Bada SarolBada Sarol Primary School, Bada Sarol
221 AttamulSapneswar Upper Primary School, Attamul
222 KutilaSapneswar Upper Primary School, Attamul
223 PuttingPutting Jaysinghpur Upper Primary School
224 GopalpurBatamangala Bidyapitha, Gopalpur
225 BarangaBaranga Primary School
226 KotianKotian Upper Primary School, Kotian
227 PatiloPatilo Primary School
228 MahiloMahilo Primary School
229 NandanNandan-1 Upper Primary School, Nandan
230 KataraKatara Upper Primary School
231 GopalpurSusanga - Gopalpur Primary School, Gopalpur
232 MarddolMarddol Upper Primary School
233 BeguniaChandrasekhar Upper Primary School, Begunia
234 JajangaJajanga - Itanga Primary School, Itanga
235 BadijangaSatyanarayan Upper Primary School, Badijanga
236 RankeiRankei Project Upper Primary School
237 SarolTurukha Basic School
238 Rasaberuan Gram SasanGaram Primary School
239 Rasaberuan Gram SasanGaram Primary School
240 Shriramapur-1Shriramapur Primary School
241 ChandiloChandilo Primary School Chandilo
242 Jagannathapur-1 Jagannathapur Upper Primary School, Tiran
243 PurijenaPurijena Project Upper Primary School, Purijena
244 Tiran Jagannathapur -2Jagannathpur High School, Tiran(S)
245 Jagannathapur -3Jagannathapur High School
246 BadiloBadilo Primary School
247 SagabariaSagabaria Upper Primary School
248 DhunpurDhunpur Upper Primary School
249 JanbeduaB.P. Ibrisingh Upper Primary School,
250 PatasuraB.P. Primary School, Patasara
251 Ibrisingh-2B.P. Ibrisingh Upper Primary School
252 AlanaAlana Upper Primary School, Alana
253 TulangaTulanga Upper Primary School
254 ArodeiArodei Primary School, Arodei
255 NaulaJanakalyan Upper Primary School, Naula
256 ShriramapurShriramapur Primary School
257 NaruaBapuji Upper Primary School, Narua
258 ShalamangaShalamanga Upper Primary School, Shalamanga

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