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Polling Booth in Talcher Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Talcher

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Talcher Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Talcher Assembly Constituency falls under the Talcher Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BadahiraBadahira Primary School
2 DebhuinLuhamara Primary School, Debhuin
3 BoindaBoinda Project Upper Primary School
4 Badagunduri-1Badagunduri Primary School
5 Badagunduri-2Badagunduri Primary School
6 Kansamunda-1Kansamunda U Primary School
7 Kansamunda-IIKansamunda U Primary School
8 MasunihataBhuinpur Masunihata Primary School
9 TakuaTakua Primary School
10 KanihaPabitra Mohan High School, Kaniha
11 PatharmundaKaniha Primary School, Patharmunda
12 TolakabedaTolakabeda Upper Primary School.
13 TolakabedaTolakabeda Upper Primary School.
14 BanasinghBanasingh Primary School
15 BurubahalBurubahal Project Upper Primary School.
16 Gadasila-1Gadasila Upper Primary School
17 Gadasila-IIGadasila Upper Primary School
18 Rangabeda-IRangabeda Primary School
19 Rangabeda-IIRangabeda Primary School
20 N.T.P.C-INTPC Kendriya Vidyalaya
21 N.T.P.C-IINTPC Kendriya Vidyalaya
22 Bijigol-1Bijigol Nodal Upper Primary School.
23 Bijigol-IIBijigol Nodal Upper Primary School.
24 BijigolBijigol Nodal Upper Primary School
25 Bijigol-2Bijigol Nodal Upper Primary School.
26 BaradanguaKandasar Project Upper Primary School, Baradangua
27 AmbapalAmbapal Primary School, Ambapal
28 TelisinghaTelisingha Primary School
29 KamareiKamarei Primary School
30 DandasingaDandasinga Upper Primary School
31 Tentei BeraniTentei Berani Upper Primary School
32 GandaberenaGandaberena Primary School
33 JaradaJarada Nodal Upper Primary School
34 JaradaJarada Nodal Upper Primary School
35 JamanianNilakantheswar Project Upper Primary School, Jamanian
36 GundurinaliGundurinali Primary School
37 ChheliaChhelia Primary School
38 HarichandanapurHarichandanpur Project Upper Primary School
39 SharadhapurSharadhapur Primary School
40 BadatribidaBadatribida Nodal Upper Primary School
41 ChandrabilChandrabil Upper Primary School
42 DhobapalDhobapal Primary School. Dhobapal
43 Sanatribida -1Sanatribida Nodal Upper Primary School
44 Sanatribida -2Sanahara Primary School
45 ChitalpurChitalpur Primary School
46 Marada HariharpurMarada Hariharapur Primary School
47 Kumunda-IKumundaPrimary School
48 Kumunda-IIKumunda Upper Primary School
49 BhalugadiaBhalugadia Primary School
50 KusumapalKusumapal Project U.Primary School
51 Gopalprasad-IGopalprasad Nodal U.Primary School
52 Gopalprasad-IIGopalprasad Nodal U.Primary School
53 Gopalprasad-IIIGopalprasad Nodal U.Primary School
54 BanabaspurBanabaspur Project U.Primary School
55 Solada-1Solada Primary School (East)
56 Solada -2Solada Primary School (East)
57 Solada-3Solada Primary School (East)
58 Solada-5Majhika Naraharipur U.Primary School, Solada
59 Solada-4Majhika Naraharipur U.Primary School, Solada
60 Kalamchuin-1Kalamchuin Upper Primary School (East)
61 Kalamchuin- 2Kalamchuin Upper Primary School (East)
62 KalamchuinKalamchuin Upper Primary School (East)
63 MajhikaMajhika Primary School
64 Danara -1Kalapat Project Upper Primary School
65 Danara -4Danara Upper Primary School
66 Danara -2Danara Primary School, (West)
67 Danara -5Danara Primary School, (West)
68 Danara -3Danara Primary School, (West)
69 JambubahaliJambubahali Primary School
70 Nakeipasi -INakeipasi Project Upper Primary School
71 Nakeipasi -IINakeipasi Project Upper Primary School
72 JoragadiaJoragadia Primary School
73 KandhabereniKandhabereni Sevashram Project Upper Primary School School
74 HiloiHiloi Primary School
75 EkadalHiloi Ekdal Primary School,Ekadal
76 Padmabatipurpadmabstipur Rakas Nodal Upper Primary School
77 Raghunathpur Upper primary schoolRaghunathpur Primary School
78 ArakhapalArakhapal Primary School.Svhool
79 BrajanathpurBrajanathpur Upper Primary School
80 jamudihiGodibandha Upper Primary School, Godibandha
81 BelapadaBelapada Primary School
82 Gurujang-1Gurujang High School (West)
83 Gurujang-2Gurujang High School (West)
84 SirigidaSirigida Primary School
85 JandabahalJandabahal Primary School
86 DharampurDharam Pur Upper Primary School
87 KhairapalKhairapal Upper Primary School
88 Kankili-1Kankili Nua Sahi Project Upper Primary School
89 Kankili-3Kankili Krusuka Sahi Primary School, Kankili
90 Kankili-2Prabhakar Nodal Upper Primary School,Kankili
91 KakudiRameswar Primary School, Kakudi
92 Biharipur-2Biharipur Project Upper Primary School (N), Biharipur
93 Biharipur-1Biharipur Project Upper Primary School (N), Biharipur
94 TalabedaTalabeda Upper Primary School
95 Balugan KhamarBalugan Anandapur Anganwadi Kendra
96 TalabedaTalabeda Upper Primary School
97 KandhalKandhal Primary School
98 LangijodaKandhal Upper Primary School, Langijoda
99 Naraharipur-1Naraharipur Project Upper Primary School
100 Naraharipur-IINaraharipur Project Upper Primary School
101 JilindaJilinda Upper Primary School
102 HensamulHensamul Nodal Upper Primary School
103 HensamulHensamul Nodal Upper Primary School
104 Dera Colliery-1Dera Colliery Labour Welfare Primary School
105 Dera Colliery-2Dera Colliery Labour Welfare Primary School
106 Dera Colliery-3Dera High School
107 Dera Colliery-4Dera High School
108 Dera-1Dera Project Upper Primary School
109 Dera-2Dera Project Upper Primary School
110 South Balanda-1South Balanda Primary School (East)
111 South Balanda-2South Balanda Primary School (East)
112 South Balanda-3Nilakantheswar Bidyapitha South Balanda
113 Neheru Satabdi NagarNeheru Satabdi Nagar Upper Primary School
114 Jagannath Colony-1Jagannath Colony Upper Primary School
115 Jagannath Colony-1Jagannath Colony Upper Primary School
116 BadasingadaBadasingada Upper Primary School
117 Badajorada -1Badajorada Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
118 Badajorada -4Satyabadi High School,Badajorada
119 Badajorada-2Badajorada Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
120 Badajorada-5Satyabadi High School,Badajorada
121 Badajorada-3Badajorada Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
122 NatediNatedi Upper Primary School
123 Karnapur-1Karnapur Upper Primary School
124 Karnapur-IIKarnapur Upper Primary School
125 SanajoradaSanajorada Upper Primary School
126 Gobara-1Gobara Nodal Upper Primary School
127 Gobara-3Gobara Nodal Upper Primary School
128 Gobara-2Gobara Nodal Upper Primary School
129 Gobara-4Gobara Nodal Upper Primary School
130 KaradapaliKaradapali Project Upper Primary School
131 F.C.I-1Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, FCI
132 Gurudwar-1Gurudwar Project Primary School
133 Gurudwar-2Gurudwar Project Primary School
134 F.C.I-IIJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, FCI
135 Tentulei-1Tentulei Primary School (South)
136 Tentulei-2Bhanja Colony Upper Primary School
137 Tentulei-3Bhanja Colony Upper Primary School
138 Ghantapada-1Ghantapada Upper Primary School (Middle)
139 Ghantapada-2Ghantapada High School
140 Ghantapada-3Ghantapada Upper Primary School (Middle)
141 Ghantapada-4Baghamara Sahi Primary School
142 Ghantapada-5Baghamara Sahi Primary School
143 Ananta BiharDAV Public School, Ananta Bihar
144 Central colony-1Central colony Primary School (West)
145 Central Colony-2Central colony Primary School (West)
146 Ghantapada-5Ghantapada High School
147 Ward No.19Handidhuin Primary School
148 Talcher Muncipality (Ward No.18)Delabeda Telisahi Primary School
149 DelabedaDelabeda Telisahi Primary School
150 Ward No.17 (Talcher Municipality)-1Deulabeda Village Upper Primary School
151 Ward No.17 (Talcher Municipality)-2Deulabeda Village Upper Primary School
152 Ward No.14Deulabeda Colliery Upper Primary School (East)
153 Ward No.14Deulabeda Colliery Upper Primary School (East)
154 Ward No.20 (Part)Baghuabol Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
155 Ward No.20 (Talcher muncipality)Baghuabol Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
156 Ward No.21 (Talcher Muncipality)Baghuabol Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
157 Ward No.15 (Talcher Muncipality)Slipanchal Mahila Mohavidyalaya,
158 Ward No.13 (talcher Muncipality)Jubaraj High School
159 JubarajJubaraj High School
160 ward No.12 (Talcher Muncipality)-1Remuan Primary School
161 ward No.12 (Talcher Muncipality)-2Remuan Primary School
162 ward No.11 (Talcher Muncipality)Nanda Ram Hanat Ram Project Upper Primary School (old SanskritToll)
163 Ward No.10 (Talcher Muncipality)Nanda Ram Hanat Ram Project Upper Primary School (old SanskritToll)
164 Ward No.9 (Talcher Muncipality)Patarasahi Primary School
165 Ward No.8 (Talcher Muncipality)Baulachhak Primary School
166 Ward No. 7 (Talcher Muncipality)Thanasahi Primary School
167 Ward No.6 (Talcher Muncipality)Govt Girls High School (East)
168 Ward No.16 (Talcher Muncipaliry)Gopinathpur Project Upper Primary School
169 Ward No.5 (Talcher Muncipality)Govt Girls High School (East)
170 Ward No.4 (Talcher Muncipality)P.C.Model Upper Primary School (East)
171 Ward No.3 (Talcher Muncipality)Mandapal Primary School
172 Ward No.2 (Talcher Muncipality)P.C.Model Upper Primary School (East)
173 Ward No.1 (Talcher Muncipaliry)Municipal High School,
174 BallaharaBallahara Primary School
175 Kukudula-1Kukudula Upper Primary School
176 Kukudula-2Kukudula Upper Primary School
177 BantolTaruna Nodal Upper Primary School, Bantol
178 Jagannathpur-1Jagannathpur Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
179 Jagannathpur-3Jagannathpur Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
180 Jagannathpur-2Jagannathpur Nodal Upper Primary School (East)
181 Teheranpur-1Teheranpur Primary School
182 Teheranpur-2Teheranpur Nua Sahi Project Upper Primary School
183 Chalagada-1Chalagada Primary School
184 Chalagada-IIChalagada Primary School
185 T.T.P.S.- (Part oneT.T.Primary SchoolModel Primary School
186 T.T.P.S. (Part)-2TTPrimary School DAV High School (EAST)
187 T.T.P.S.-3TTPrimary School DAV High School (EAST)
188 BanguBangu Project Upper Primary School
189 NuapadaNuapada Primary School
190 Santhapada-1Santhapda Nodal Upper Primary School (North)
191 Santhapada-3Santhapda Nodal Upper Primary School (North)
192 Santhapada-2Santhapda Nodal Upper Primary School (North)
193 Santhapada-4Santhapda Nodal Upper Primary School (North)
194 GurujanguliGurujanguli Puruna Sahi Primary School
195 NugaonNuagaon Primary School
196 ChainpalChainpal Primary School
197 LingarakataLingarakata Primary School
198 KholuaKholua Primary School
199 DasanaliDasanali Primary School

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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