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Polling Booth in Sukinda Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sukinda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sukinda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sukinda Assembly Constituency falls under the Sukinda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 DeoganDeogaon Primary School
2 AradapalAradapal Primary School
3 RagadaRagada Primary School
4 Benagadia-1Benagadia Primary School
5 Benagadia-2Nator Primary School
6 Chingudipal-1Chingudipal Sevashram
7 Chingudipal-2Chingudipal Sevashram
8 GurujangaGurujanga Primary School
9 Kaliapani-1OMC High School, Kaliapani
10 Kaliapani-2OMC High School, Kaliapani
11 Kaliapani-3Kaliapani Primary School
12 Kaliapani -2Khapuriapada Nodal Upper Primary School
13 Kalarangi Atta-1Kalarangi Atta UGME School
14 Kalarangi AttaKalarangi Atta UGME School
15 Kalarangi Atta-2Kalarangi Atta UGME School
16 Kalarangi Atta-3Shramasakti High School, Tisco
17 Kalarangi Atta-3Shramasakti High School, Tisco
18 RansolRansol Primary School
19 MohulakhalaMohulakhala Primary School
20 KusumundiaKusumundia Primary School
21 BhalukipatalaSiriakhali ABASIKA Sevashram, Bhalukipatala
22 KakudiaKakudia Primary School
23 SukurangiSukurangi Mining Office
24 SaruabilSaruabila Primary School
25 KumaradaKumarada Primary School
26 KansaKansa Primary School
27 ChampajharaChampajhara Primary School
28 TamakaTamaka Residential School
29 KiajharaKiajhara UGME School
30 KiajharaKiajhara UGME School
31 PanubahaliPanubahali Sevashram
32 SobaraSobara Primary School
33 DeulakanaMaa Khandarai Nodal Upper Primary School
34 DeulakanaPanchayat High School
35 PatabaliPatabali Primary School
36 GobardhanpurGobardhanpur UGME School
37 PhuljharPhuljhara Residential School
38 Manapur-1Manapur UGME School
39 AlekhpurAlekhapur Primary School
40 OstapalOstapal Nodal Upper Primary School
41 NayabagapatiaNayabagapatia Primary School
42 Paikali BagapatiaPaikali Bagapatia Primary School
43 NipaniaRadhakrushna Nodal Upper Primary School
44 ManatiriManitiri UGME School
45 AmporeTarini Nodal Upper Primary School
46 Bangarakota-1Bangarakota Primary School (EW)
47 Bangarakota-2Bangarakota Primary School (EW)
48 SantaragadiaSantaragadia UGME School
49 Goud BahaliGoud Bahali Primary School
50 KaradapalKaradapal Primary School
51 BadabilBadabil Primary School
52 UchabaliUchabali Nodal Upper Primary School
53 TarailoMahima Nodal Upper Primary School
54 NachhipuraBinapani Nodal Upper Primary School
55 Nachhipura PartBinapani Nodal Upper Primary School
56 KharadabandiKharadabandi Primary School
57 Kabitra Sudeipur SasanGopabandhu Nodal Upper Primary School, Kabitra
58 JemadeipurJemadeipur Primary School
59 TolakaniTolakani Primary School
60 Chitri-1Chitri Primary School (EW)
61 Chitri-2Chitri Primary School (EW)
62 ChitriChitri Primary School (EW)
63 Salijanga-1Salijanga UGME School
64 Salijanga -2Marthaprur Nodal Upper Primary School
65 Salijanga-2Panchayat High School, Salijangha
66 BaliapalSagadagula Primary School
67 BaliapalSagadagula Primary School
68 BaghuapalBaliapal Sevashram, Baghuapal
69 RagadaRagada Primary School
70 BarakhaiBarakhai Sevashram, (EW)
71 MandapadaMandapada Pri. School, Mandapada
72 RanagundiRanagundi Primary School
73 SuliaSulia Primary School
74 NadiabhangaNadiabhanga Primary School
75 NadiabhangaKaliapani Primary School
76 JamupasiJamupasi Primary School
77 KhandaraKhandara Primary School
78 Duburi-1Kapileswar High School (W), Duburi
79 Duburi-2Kapileswar High School (W), Duburi
80 Duburi-2Kapileswar High School (W), Duburi
81 RangahudiRangahudi Upper Primary School, Dhamanagadia
82 Patarpur-1Patapur Primary School, Patapur
83 Patapur-2Panasapal Primary School , Panasapal
84 PanasapalSalijanga UGME School
85 SansailoSansailo UGME School
86 SansailoSansailo UGME School
87 MadhapurMadhapur UGME School
88 MadhapurMadhapur UGME School
89 KabatKabat Primary School
90 Kabat -2Hingula Primary School
91 Singadia-1Ashokjhar Upper Primary School (EW),Singadia
92 Singadia-2Ashokjhar Upper Primary School (EW),Singadia
93 Singadia-2Ashokjhar Upper Primary School (EW),Singadia
94 KoiloKoilo Primary School
95 RankiaRankia Sevasrama
96 BandhagoanBandhagoan Sevasrama
97 UdayapurSrirampur Primary School
98 NuadihaNuadiha UGME School
99 NuadihaNuadiha UGME School
100 Pimpudia-1Pimpudia Nodal Upper Primary School
101 Pimpudia-1Pimpudia Nodal Upper Primary School
102 GandhapalGandhapal Primary School
103 KaradagadiaKaradagadia Primary School,Karadagadia
104 GaramianAnchalika High School, Garamian
105 KankadapalKankadapal Primary School
106 Kaduabandi-1Kaduabandi UGME School (EW)
107 Kaduabandi-2Kaduabandi UGME School (EW)
108 Kaduabandi-2Kaduabandi UGME School (EW)
109 BambiloBambilo Upper Primary School
110 BambiloBambilo Upper Primary School
111 KuhikaKuhika Primary School
112 Damodarpur-1Damodarpur Primary School (EW)
113 Damodarpur-2Damodarpur Primary School (EW)
114 Botalanda-1Botalanda UGME School (EW)
115 Botalanda-2Botalanda UGME School (EW)
116 MangalpurMangalpur Primary School
117 MangalpurMangalpur Primary School
118 KanchichuaKabat Primary School
119 BaulapalBaulapal Primary School
120 Sukinda-1Jagannath High School (EW), Sukinda
121 Sukinda-2Sukinda Primary School
122 Sukinda-3Jagannath High School (EW), Sukinda
123 SukindaUdayapur Project Primary School
124 Sukinda-4Jagannath High School (EW), Sukinda
125 Sukinda-5Sukinda Nodal Upper Primary School,Sukinda
126 AmpolabaAmpolaba UGME School
127 AmbasaraAmbasara UGME School,Ambasara
128 Kharadi-2Kharadi Primary School
129 Kharadi-1Laxminarayan Nodal Upper Primary School, Kharadi
130 BaradiBaradi Primary School
131 JamupasiJamupasi Primary School
132 SantarapurKanchichua Primary School
133 SukaranaSukarana Primary School
134 AbhayapurAbhayapur Primary School
135 OliaBholi Narendra High School, Olia
136 Gobaraghati-1Gobaraghati High School (EW)
137 GobaraghatiGobaraghati High School (EW)
138 Gobaraghati-2Gobaraghati High School (EW)
139 Baragadia-1Dadhiraj Nodal Upper Primary School (EC),Baragadia
140 BaragadiaJagannath High School
141 Baragadia-2Dholapathara Primary School
142 ChandiaChandia Primary School
143 MirigicharaMirigichara Upper Primary School
144 BhitaramanikaBhitaramanika Sevasrama
145 GolagoanGolagoan UGME School
146 NimapalliNimapalli UGME School
147 NimapalliNimapalli UGME School
148 BadapingalPanchayat High School, Badapingal
149 BadapingalSantarapur Primary School
150 Bairimala-1Bairimal Nodal Upper Primary School
151 Bairimal-2Bairimal High School
152 RaitikarRaitikar Primary School
153 KaradapalKaradapal UGME School
154 KaradapalKaradapal UGME School
155 Hatibari-1Hatibari High School
156 Hatibari-1Hatibari High School
157 Hatibari-2Hatibari Nodal Upper Primary School (WW)
158 Hatibari-2Hatibari Nodal Upper Primary School (WW)
159 Haripur-1Khandurai Nodal Upper Primary School (NW),Haripur
160 Haripur-2Khandurai Nodal Upper Primary School (NW),Haripur
161 Haripur-3Khandurai Nodal Upper Primary School (NW),Haripur
162 Haripur-4Jemadeipur Primary School, Haripur
163 Jemadeipur SasanJemadeipur Upper Primary School, Haripur
164 GodipatanaGodipatana Primary School
165 AttaAtta UGME School
166 AttaAtta UGME School
167 KantiraKantira Primary School
168 BahabalpurBahabalpur Primary School
169 Bartanda-1Bartanda Primary School
170 Bartanda-2Kapila Charan Upper Primary School, Bartanda
171 KumudisasanRajagola UGME School
172 BanjaRadhakrushna Nodal Upper Primary School. Bania
173 MangarajpurMangarajpur Primary School
174 KaithaBanadurga Nodal Upper Primary School, Kiatha
175 KaithaBanadurga Nodal Upper Primary School, Kiatha
176 BadasulidihaPankapal Primary School
177 NilamanideipurBinapani Bidyapitha (EW), Nilamanideipur
178 MonaharpurManoharpur Primary School
179 Mantira-1Mantira Nodal Upper Primary School (EW)
180 Mantira-2Mantira Nodal Upper Primary School (EW)
181 Rabana-1Managobinda Nodal Upper Primary School
182 Rabana-2Kendudhip Primary School
183 DasamaniaKendudhip Primary School
184 Jakhapura-1Dasamania Primary School
185 JakhapuraJakhapura Upper Primary School (EW)
186 Jakhapura-2Jakhapura Upper Primary School (EW)
187 Jakhapura-3Jakhapura High School (WW)
188 MangalpurJakhapura Primary School
189 TelibahaliMangalpur Primary School
190 KhuruntiGayadevi Nodal Upper Primary School
191 GadapurKhurunti Primary School
192 NuagoanGadapur Primary School
193 SarangapurNuagoan Primary School
194 RampiloSarangapur UGME School
195 RampiloRampilo UGME School
196 MulasarRampilo UGME School
197 GoliachhandaMulasar UGME School
198 OllalaGoliachhanda Primary School
199 KantipurOllala Primary School
200 ManagobindapurKantipur Primary School
201 ManagobindapurManagobindapur High School, Managovindapur
202 DhuligarhManagobindapur High School, Managovindapur
203 DhuligarhDadhiraj Nodal Upper Primary School (EC),Baragadia
204 Trijanga-1Dhuligarh Primary School
205 Trijanga-2Budharaj Bidyapitha Danagadi
206 Trijanga-2Budharaj Bidyapitha Danagadi
207 DanagadiBudharaj Bidyapitha Danagadi
208 BarigodhaBudharaj Bidyapitha, Danagadi
209 NandakishorepurBarigodha Primary School
210 RanipadaNandakishorepur Upper Primary School
211 NuagoanRanipada Primary School
212 Rachhipur-1Nuagoan Primary School
213 BalungabandhiJujupada Primary School, Rachhipur
214 KharadiBalungabandhi Primary School
215 Rachhipur-2Jujupada Primary School, Rachhipur
216 DaniabaraKharadi Upper Primary School
217 MarutikaraDaniabara Primary School
218 KumbhiragadiaMarutikara Primary School
219 ChhatrakanaKumbhiragadia NUpper Primary School
220 JagadihaChhatarakana Primary School
221 ChakuaJagadiha Primary School
222 JalakaChakua Primary School
223 KhapuriapadaBanasahi Primary School
224 MarthapurKhapuriapada Nodal Upper Primary School

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