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Polling Booth in Satyabadi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Satyabadi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Satyabadi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Satyabadi Assembly Constituency falls under the Satyabadi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 AnlajodiAnlajodi Primary School
2 Anlajodi-2Anlajodi Primary School
3 ChhotijodiChhotijodi Primary School-I
4 ChhotijodiChhotijodi Primary School-I
5 MandarbastaMandarbasta Nodal Upper Primary School-1
6 MandarbastaMandarbasta Nodal Upper Primary School-1
7 Garh SanaputGarh Sanaput Primary School-1
8 Garh SanaputGarh Sanaput Primary School-1
9 HaladiapadaHaladiapada Project U. Primary School
10 LokapalLokapal Project U Primary School
11 DholapatnaDhaolapatna Project Primary School
12 NanakeraNanakera Project U. Primary School
13 SimilipatnaSimilipatna Primary School
14 PandiakeraPandiakera Primary School
15 GharachhiaGharachhia Primary School
16 TalapadaTalapada Bhatapada Primary School
17 BalipatnaBalipatna Primary School
18 TarapadaTarapada Primary School
19 BadasBadas Project U. Primary School
20 KakharubastaKakharubasta Primary School
21 TentulimulaNarayani Nodal Upper Primary School, Tentulimula
22 IchhapurIchhapur Primary School
23 KesharpurKesharpur Primary School-1
24 KesharpurKesharpur Primary School-1
25 ManijipurManijipur Primary School
26 GadasahiBiswambhar Nodal U. Primary School
27 GadasahiBiswambhar Nodal U. Primary School
28 BenagaonBenagaon U Girls Upper Primary School
29 BenagaonBenagaon U Girls Upper Primary School
30 GadabalabhadrapurGadabalabhadrapur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
31 GadabalabhadrapurGadabalabhadrapur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
32 AswasthapariAswasthapari Primary School
33 DimiriDimiri Primary School
34 DokandaDokanda Primary School-1
35 DokandaDokanda Primary School-1
36 KanasKanas Primary School-1
37 KanasKanas Primary School-1
38 SahalaSahala Primary School
39 ChandapadaChandapada Primary School
40 RanipadaAnanteswar UGME School-1, Ranipada
41 RanipadaAnanteswar UGME School-1, Ranipada
42 BagipadaBagipada Harijan Sahi Primary School
43 GadamatiapadaBanshidhar Nodal Upper Primary School
44 Garh BadaputGarh Badaput U Girls Upper Primary School
45 Garh BadaputGarh Badaput U Girls Upper Primary School
46 BadalpurBarada Badalpur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
47 BadalpurBarada Badalpur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
48 BehentaBehenta PU Primary School
49 TrilocchanpurTrilochanpur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
50 TrilocchanpurTrilochanpur Nodal Upper Primary School-1
51 KanthapadaKanthapada Primary School
52 Chandapada BalajitpurChandapada Primary School
53 TipuriTipuri Primary School
54 DethiapadaDethiapada Project Upper Primary School
55 SireiSirei Nodal U. Primary School
56 SireiSirei Nodal U. Primary School
57 PasiapadaRadhamohanpur Primary School
58 KaanrapurKaanrapur Primary School
59 KotakanaKotakana Primary School
60 GolaraGolara Project Upper Primary School
61 HarashapadaHarashapada Primary School
62 KalighadiKalighadi Primary School
63 PahilundiPahilundi Primary School
64 ChupuringiChupuringi Primary School
65 BedhatandulaBedhatandula P Upper Primary School
66 AnjiraAnjira Primary School
67 SrimukundapurSrimukundapur Primary School
68 Srimukundapur-2Srimukundapur Primary School
69 Maindipur PattajoshipurMaindipur Pattajoshipur Primary School
70 Maindipur Pattajoshipur-2Maindipur Pattajoshipur Primary School
71 GadabarapadaGadabarapada Primary School
72 BakuBhikari Charan Bidyaniketan,Baku
73 TaratuaTaratua Primary School
74 Taratua-2Taratua Primary School
75 TailaTaila Bhagabatipda PU Primary School
76 BirakesharipurBalabhadra Nodal Upper Primary School Birakesharipur
77 SamantarapurSamantarapur Project Primary School
78 DibyasinghpurDibyasinghpur Primary School
79 Dibyasinghpur-2Dibyasinghpur Primary School
80 RayagurupurRayagurupur Primary School
81 Maitra TrilochanpurMaitra Trilochanpur PU Primary School
82 OlhanG.B. High School, Olhan
83 SahupadaSahupada Primary School
84 Sahupada-2Sahupada Primary School
85 BhatapadaBhatapada Primary School
86 KhuntiabanapurKhuntiabanapur Primary School
87 DeipurDeipur Primary School
88 TelengapadaTelengapada Primary School
89 GadakharadChandaneswar Nodal UP Schol, Gadakharad
90 BiratoiGatiswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Biratoi
91 Biratoi-2Gatiswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Biratoi
92 KankapurSwapneswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kankapur
93 Badurabar-1Chandaneswar High School, Badurabar
94 BajapadarRamachandi Primary School,Bajapadar
95 Badurabar-2Badurabar P U. P. School
96 BindipurBindipur PU Primary School
97 AlipadaAlipada PU Primary School
98 NuagaonAlipada PU Primary School
99 DochhianDochhian U Girls Upper Primary School
100 AdalAdal Primary School
101 BadalAdal Primary School
102 SunakhalaSunakhala Primary School
103 KaudikhaniKartikeswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kaudikhani
104 KaudikhaniKartikeswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Kaudikhani
105 JagulaipadarJagulaipadar Nodal Upper Primary School
106 Jagulaipadar-2Jagulaipadar Nodal Upper Primary School
107 Bada OraUttar Chilika Nodal Upper Primary School, Bada Ora
108 Sana OraSana Ora Primary School
109 SahaspurShaspur Primary School
110 PaikamaraPaikamara PU Primary School
111 OgalpurOgalpur Primary School
112 GopinathpurGopinathpur Primary School
113 KalapadarKalapadar Primary School
114 GadisagadaHatakiswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Gadisagada
115 JamalgodaJamalgoa Primary School
116 BasantpurBankeswar Nodal Upper Primary School, Basantpur
117 BilapatnaBilapatna Project Primary School
118 NuagaonNuagaon PU Primary School
119 NaipulapatnaNaipulapatna Primary School
120 AlibadAliharipur PU Primary School
121 Alibad-2Aliharipur PU Primary School
122 DupurDupur Primary School
123 KaramalaBhagabati Nodal Upper Primary School, Karamala-1
124 KaramalaBhagabati Nodal Upper Primary School, Karamala-1
125 TigiriaTigiria UGME School
126 MulabasantaMulabasanta Primary School
127 NabadaNabada Suhagpur Primary School
128 KhandahataKhandahata Primary School
129 BindhanBindhan Nandigada UGME School-1
130 NandigodaBindhan Nandigada UGME School-1
131 JagannathpurJagannathpur Primary School
132 BijipurBijipur Primary School
133 JangharJanghar Primary School
134 RudhupurRudhupur Primary School
135 MatipurMatipur Primary SchoolME School
136 NuapadaNuapada Primary School
137 GaupadaGaupada Primary School
138 JharadaJharada Radhakrushnapur Nodal Upper Primary School
139 AndarsinghAndarsingHigh Schoolingh U Primary School,Andarsingh
140 BanbaradaBanbarada Project Primary School.
141 DokhandapurDokhandapur Primary School
142 DakshinakeraDakshinakera Primary School
143 SukalSukal Primary School-1
144 SukalSukal Primary School-1
145 SukalMarkandapada Project Primary School
146 GualipariGualipari Primary School
147 AlishAlish Primary School
148 Alish PatnaAlish Patna Project Primary School
149 ChuraliChurali Primary School
150 BanapurBanapur Ratnachira Project Upper Primary School,Banapur
151 Dahan KumbharapadaMadhuban UGME School,Madhubana
152 Dahan KumbharapadaDahan Kumbharapda Project Primary School
153 SinhakudaSinhakuda Primary School
154 PakshimundaPakshimunda Project Primary School
155 BhimapurBhimapur Project Primary School
156 DasabidyadharpurDasabidyadharpur Nodal Primary School
157 Dasabidyadharpur-2Dasabidyadharpur Nodal Primary School
158 JipurLaxminarayan Nodal School,Jipur
159 Alagum-1Govt. ME School,Alagum
160 Alagum-2Govt. ME School,Alagum
161 Alagum-3Jageswari Bidyapitha, Alagum
162 Alagum-4Alagum Sevasamabaya Samiti Office
163 Alagum-5Alagum Sevasamabaya Samiti Office
164 BenakeraBenakera Project Primary School
165 GhasibhabanipurGhasibhabanipur Primary School
166 NarendrapurNarendrapur Project Primary School
167 Nua SomeswarpurNua Someswrpur ME School
168 Puruna SomeswarpurPuruna Someswarpur Primary School
169 BastapadaBastapada Primary School
170 HiranapadaHiranapada Primary School
171 JayarampurJayarampur U. P. School
172 SandharasasanNilakantheswar Bidyapitha
173 SolahalSolahal Primary School
174 Sandhara SasanBalihuda Primary School-1
175 Sandhara Sasan,BlihudaBalihuda Primary School-1
176 OtarakeraOtarkera Upper Primary School
177 AhammadpurAhammadpur Primary School
178 KabirajpurBalisahi Chandrakota UG Primary School,Kabirajpur
179 SadanandapurMahabalpada Primary School-1
180 ChaudabatiaChaudabatia Primary School
181 SadanandapurMahabalpada Primary School-1
182 BiraramachandrapurBiraramachandrapur ME School
183 BiraramachandrapurBiraramachandrapur Primary School
184 PusakeraDungar Primary School,Pusakera
185 BanapurBanapur Primary School
186 SriramachandrapurSriramachandrapur Nodal Primary School-1,Sriramachandrapur
187 SriramachandrapurSriramachandrapur Nodal Primary School-1,Sriramachandrapur
188 BaluunkeswarBaluunkeswar Primary School
189 SriramachandrapurChandra Brahmapur Project Primary School
190 SriramachandrapurBadaBilasahi Primary School
191 NahalaNahala Project Primary School
192 ParahatParahat Upper Primary School
193 MulaalasaMulaalasa Upper Primary School-1
194 MulaalasaMulaalasa UG Primary School-2,Mulaalasa
195 PhulaalasaSebaksahi Primary School
196 MathasahiMathasahi Primary School
197 KanjiaSatyabadi UG Primary School-1,Kanjia
198 KanjiaSatyabadi UG Primary School-1,Kanjia
199 ChaudabatiaChaudabatia Upper Primary School
200 BhatapurBhatapur Primary School
201 BaralBaral UG Primary School,Baral
202 PenthapadaGopalpur Patna UG Primary School,Penthapada
203 Penthapada-2Gopalpur Patna UG Primary School,Penthapada
204 JaypurSatyabadi UG Primary School,Mahamayasahi
205 Jaypur-2Satyabadi UG Primary School,Mahamayasahi
206 JaypurJayapur SCS Office
207 AthaishaAthaisha Primary School
208 BiragobindapurBiragobindapur Nodal Primary School
209 BadahatBadahat Primary School
210 DugalDugal UG Primary School,Dugal
211 BrahmanpadaBrahmanapada Project Primary School
212 PanibhandarPanibhandar Primary School
213 BamadeipurPatnasahi Primary School,Bamadeipur
214 Nuagaon Upper SahiNuagaon Primary School
215 BiswanathpurKasinath ME School, Kasinathpur
216 BasudeipurBasudeipur Primary School
217 BalapurBalapur High School
218 BalapurBalapur Nodal Primary School
219 BalapurKusumeswar Primary School
220 BidyadharpurBidyadharpru Nodal Primary School
221 SuandoSuando Primary School
222 SarangajodiSarangajodi UG Primary School,Sarangajodi
223 Sarangajodi-2Sarangajodi UG Primary School,Sarangajodi
224 RayachakradharpurSarangajodi UG Primary School,Sarangajodi
225 ToraniaTarini Primary School
226 RayakhandiGopabandhu Nodal Primary School.Schol
227 ChakrapadaChakrapada Primary School
228 SuanloSuanlo Primary School
229 BilipadaBilipada Primary School
230 ParajapadaParajapada Project Primary School-1
231 ParajapadaParajapada Project Primary School-1
232 ParakanaParakana UG Primary School,Parakana
233 BalarampurgadaBalarampurgada GP Office
234 GualigoradaGualigorada U. P. School
235 MadhipurBasudev Nodal School, Barahamdihi
236 Madhipur-2Basudev Nodal School, Barahamdihi
237 BalarampurgadaBalarampurgada Primary School
238 NuabudhakeraNuabudhakera Primary School
239 Puruna BudhakeraPuruna Budhaker Project Primary School
240 PadmapurPadmapur Primary School
241 BagalpurBagalpur Primary School
242 MahuraPanichhatra Project Primary School
243 BadatotaBadatota Primary School
244 DanguraNilakantheswar Nodal School,Dangura
245 AlandapadaAlandapada Primary School
246 DubeipurDubeipur Primary School
247 KetakipatnaKetakipatna Nodal Primary School

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