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Polling Booth in Sanakhemundi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sanakhemundi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sanakhemundi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sanakhemundi Assembly Constituency falls under the Sanakhemundi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 PatapurPatapur Primary School
2 KaithiraKaithira P. S.
3 SingipurSingipur Upper Primary School
4 SingipurSingipur Upper Primary School
5 SingipurPrimary School Ketapatna
6 DigiDigi Upper Primary School
7 JhadabandhP.U.Primary School,Jhadabandh
8 PanibandhP.U.Primary School,Panibandh
9 Kalasuta-1P.U.Primary School,Kalasuta
10 Kalasuta-2P.U.Primary School,Kalasuta
11 PanchamapalliPanchamapalli Primary School
12 BadulaBadula Primary School
13 Keshapur SasanKeshapur Sasan Upper Primary School
14 Jharapari Upgraded Highigh Schoolchool Jharapari
15 MasanibhagProject Upper Primary School,Masanibhag
16 BaradabiliBaradabili Upper Primary School
17 Baradabili-2Baradabili Upper Primary School
18 ThuruthuraPrimary School Thuruthura
19 Haripur-1Haripur Govt. Upper Primary School
20 Haripur-2Haripur Govt. Upper Primary School
21 KushagummaKushaguma P. S.
22 KushapadaKushapada Primary School
23 DashamailDashmaile P. S.
24 Jahada-1Basudev Upper Primary School
25 Jahada-2Basudev Upper Primary School
26 Jahada-3Jahada H.S
27 Jahada-4Jahada H.S
28 Jahada-5Jahada H.S
29 KanabhagPrimary School Kanabhag
30 JanibiliJanibili Project Upper Primary School
31 ChancharapalliPrimary School Chancharapalli
32 KahirapalliKahirapalli P. S.
33 PutuPutu Primary School
34 Nandigor-1Nandigor Project Upper Primary School
35 Nandigor-2Nandigor Project Upper Primary School
36 TalapatanaTalapatana P. S.
37 Gad Damodar PalliGada Damodar Palli P S
38 Dharakot-1Dharakot Ex. Board Primary School
39 Dharakot-2Dharakot G. P. Office
40 Dharakot-3Dharakot Kothari Sahi
41 Dharakot-4Dharakot Kothari Sahi
42 Mundamarai-1Mangalapur Upper Primary School
43 Mundamarai-2R. P. Kumari Upper Primary School
44 Mundamarai-3Nehuru Upper Primary School
45 Jagamohan-1Jagamohan Upper Primary School
46 JagamohanJagamohan Upper Primary School
47 Sindurapali-1Sindurapali Primary School
48 Sindurapali-2Sindurapali Primary School
49 SunapaliPrakalpa Upper Primary School, Sunapalli
50 PodapaliPodapalli P. S.
51 Sharadhapur-1P.U.Primary School ,Sharadhapur.
52 Sharadhapur-2P.U.Primary School ,Sharadhapur.
53 BarigudaBariguda Primary School
54 LakshmipurLakshmipur P. S.
55 KusurabKusurab Upper Primary School
56 Pankalabadi-2Pankalabadi Primary School
57 Pankalabadi-2Pankalabadi Primary School
58 K. RamachandrapurK. Ramachandrapur Primary School,K. Ramachandrapur
59 Dhaugan-1Dhaugan Primary School
60 Dhaugan-2Dhaugan Primary School
61 G.DhauganG.Dhaugan Primary School
62 GhasibilliPrimary School,Ghasibilli
63 Redi Damodar Palli-1Redi Damodar Palli Upper Primary School
64 Redi Damodar Palli-2Redi Damodar Palli Upper Primary School
65 Gola Damodar PalliGola Damodar Palli Upper Primary School
66 Kamasasan-1Kamasasan Project Upper Primary School
67 Kamasasan-2Kamasasan Project Upper Primary School
68 BahadagudaBahadaguda Primary School
69 SunamohiSunamohi Project Upper Primary School
70 Jagannathapur SasanJ. N. Pur Sasan Primary School
71 PadampurPadmapur P. S.
72 DakibajaJayamangla Upper Primary School,Bethuar,Dakibaja
73 Bethuara-1Bethuar Primary School
74 Bethuara-2Bethuar Primary School
75 PratapurPratapur Primary School
76 KharigumaKhariguma Project Upper Primary School
77 SundhipalliSundhipalli P. S.
78 RugumuRugumu Upper Primary School
79 Rugumu-IIRugumu Upper Primary School (N)
80 Kanagiridi-1P.U.Primary School,Kanagiridi
81 Kanagiridi-2P.U.Primary School,Kasei
82 Olamba-1P.U.Primary School,Olamba
83 Olamba-2P.U.Primary School,Olamba
84 Baharapur-1Baharapur Upper Primary School
85 BaharapurUpper Primary School Baharapur
86 Baharapur-2Baharapur Upper Primary School
87 SarapadaSarapada Primary School
88 BakharakataP.U.Primary School,Bakharakata
89 BalaramapurBalaramapur Sanskrit School
90 JagannathapurBalaramapur Primary School
91 KadagudaKadagudaprimary School
92 OstaOsta Upper Primary School
93 AligudaAliguda Primary School
94 DhaupadaDhaupada Primary School
95 DurgamadhabapurDurgamadhabapur Primary School
96 LengemaP.U.Primary School,Lengema
97 Manikyapur-1N.U.Primary School,Manikyapur
98 Manikyapur-2N.U.Primary School,Manikyapur
99 ManikyapurProject Primary School, Nuasahi Manikyapur
100 GambharigudaP.U.Primary School,Gambhariguda
101 BelapadaBelapada Primary School
102 MachhakotMachhakot Upper Primary School
103 MathurapadmanabhapurMathurapadmanabhapur Primary School
104 AbhayapurAbhayapurt Primary School
105 BadapurPrakalpa U.Primary School Badapur
106 SabaSaba Sanskrit School
107 JhilimiliJhilimili Primary School
108 BhaliagudaBhaliaguda Primary School
109 TanarjipalliTanarjipalli Primary School
110 GhodaambaGhodaamba Primary School
111 T.GobindapurUpper Primary School,T.Gobindapur
112 KhemundikholaPrimary School, Khemundikhola
113 DaseipurP.U.Primary School,,Daseipur
114 SamantarapurSamantarapur,Project Upper Primary School
115 KatapalliP.U.Primary School,,
116 PatigudaUpper Primary School, Patiguda
117 BrahmanapankaPrimary School, Brahmanapanka
118 BaramundaliProject Upper Primary School, Baramundali
119 BatagadaPrimary School, Batagada
120 DolabaPrimary School, Dolaba
121 Pudamari-IPrimary School (E), Pudamari
122 Pudamari-IIHigh School (W), Pudamari
123 Pudamari-IIIHigh School (W), Pudamari
124 Pudamari-4Chaitanya Vidyapitha, Pudamari
125 BugudaPrimary School, Buguda
126 PadampurProject Upper Primary School,Padampur
127 GudiapatanaPrimary School, Gudiapatana
128 Purunagada-IP.U.Primary School (E), Purunagad
129 HarichandanpurHarichandanapur Primary School
130 Pratapagiri-IP.U.Primary School, Pratapagiri(E)
131 Pratapagiri-IIP.U.Primary School, Pratapagiri(E)
132 Jeypur Harijan ColonyJeypur Colony Ashram School
133 Satapentho Gopalpur-IN.U.Primary School (W), S.Gopalpur
134 Satapentho Gopalpur-IIN.U.Primary School (W), S.Gopalpur
135 Pali PadmanavapurPrimary School, P.Padmanavapur
136 SrichandanapurPrimary School, Srichandanapur
137 Paika JaganathpurNew Upper Primary School, P.Jaganathpur
138 Pallisamantarapur Primary School, P.Jaganathpur
139 Sana RaghunathpurPrimary School, Sana Raghunathpur
140 BhaliajholaP.U.Primary School, Bhaliajhola
141 Ramachandrapur-IUpper Primary School (E) Ramachandrapur
142 Ramachandrapur-IIUpper Primary School (E) Ramachandrapur
143 Dengadi-IU. Primary School Dengadi
144 Dengadi-IIU.Primary School Dengadi
145 Dengadi-IIUpper Primary School (W) Dengadi
146 LenkakhaliPrimary School, Lenkakholi
147 Kaudia-IN.U.Primary School, Kaudia
148 Kaudia-IIN.U.Primary School, Kaudia
149 Konkorada-IKankorada Ex-Board Primary School (E)
150 KankoradaKankorada Ex-Board Primary School (E)
151 Konkarada-IIKankorada Ex-Board Primary School (E)
152 Konkarada-IIIPrimary School Balarampur
153 GambharigudaN.U.Primary School, Gambhariguda
154 Karakhandi-IPrimary School (E) Karakhandi
155 MohigudaPrimary School, Mohiguda
156 Kaithabeda-IP.U.Primary School, Kaithabeda
157 Kaithabeda-IIP.U.Primary School, Kaithabeda
158 BaulaghaiPrimary School Baulaghai
159 PenduraludniPrimary School Penduralundi
160 Adapada-IPrimary School, Adapada(E)
161 Adapada-IIPrimary School, Adapada(E)
162 Patharapunji-1Primary School Patharapunji
163 Patharapunji-2Primary School Patharapunji
164 DharmaraipurUpper Primary School Dharmaraipur
165 JuraPrimary School (E) Jura
166 Jiura-IINupper Primary School, Jiura
167 NarasinghagadaUpper Primary School Narasinghagada
168 BhimanagarProject Upper Primary School,Bhimanagar
169 GangapurPrimary School Gangapur
170 SumantapurPrimary School, Sumantapur
171 NuagadaPrimary School,Nuagada
172 HarinaP.U.Primary School,Harina
173 KhairapadaraPrimary School, Khairapadara
174 GokarnameriUpper Primary School,Gokarnameri
175 TalapurProject Upper Primary School,Talapur
176 KhandadeuliP.Upper Primary School,Khandadeuli
177 Kansamari-IPrimary School, Kansamari(E)
178 Kansamari-IIPrimary School, Kansamari(E)
179 DharmapurUpper Primary School,Dharmapur
180 ManideipenthaP.Upper Primary School,Manideopentha
181 Chhanameri-IUpper Primary School,Chhanameri(E)
182 Chhanameri-IIUpper Primary School,Chhanameri(E)
183 Chhanameri-IIIUpper Primary School,Chhanameri(E)
184 GummaUpper Primary School,Gumma
185 RadhanagarN.U.Primary School,Moulabhanja
186 NuamaulabhanjaN.U.Primary School,Nuanmaulabhanja
187 Old MaulabhananjaUpper Primary School,Old Maulabhananja
188 Singipur-IPrimary School, Singipur
189 Singipur-IIPrimary School, Singipur
190 Singipur-IIIUpper Primary School,Singipur
191 Singipur-IVPanchayat High School, Singipur
192 RatnamanipurUpper Primary School, Ratnamanipur
193 KholadiP.U.Primary School, Kholadi
194 TleswarUpper Primary School,Tileswar
195 SundhipalliPrimary School, Sundhipalli
196 AmbagamUpper Primary School,Ambagam
197 ChintakhalliPrimary School, Chintakhalli
198 JalamaraPrimary School Jalamara
199 Mahanala-IUpper Primary School (E) Mahanala
200 Mahanala-IIUpper Primary School (E) Mahanala
201 Pattapur-IPrimary School, Pattapur, Station Road
202 Patapur-IIPrimary School, Pattapur, Station Road
203 Pattapur-IIIN.U.Primary School, Pattapur
204 Pattapur-Ipattapur-Ipattapur-IVN.U.Primary School, Pattapur
205 Pattapur-Pattapur-VHigh School (N) Pattapur
206 Pattapur-VIHigh School (N) Pattapur
207 Usta JaganathpurPrimary School, Usta Jaganathpur
208 Radhadeipur-IGirls Primary School (E) Radhadeipur
209 Radhadeipur-IIGirls Primary School (E) Radhadeipur
210 BiswanahpurPrimary School, Biswanathpur
211 Erendra-IN.U.Primary School (E) Erendra
212 Erendra-IIN.U.Primary School (E) Erendra
213 DanaambathaPrimary School, Dana Ambatha
214 Sahasapur-IUpper Primary School (N) Sahasapur
215 Sahasapur-IIUpper Primary School (N) Sahasapur
216 Chudangapur-IUpper Primary School (E) Chudangapur
217 Chudangapur-IIUpper Primary School (E) Chudangapur
218 ChakrapurPrimary School, Chakrapur
219 TitikhandiPrimary School Titikhandi
220 MatiaboraiPrimary School, Matiaborai
221 Dwitiya DharmaraipurPrimary School, D.Dharmaraipur
222 BhudukiUpper Primary School Bhuduki
223 TulasipadarPrimary School, Tulasipadar
224 Jugudi BalabhadrapurPrimary School, J.Balabhadrapur
225 GunasagarUpper Primary School (W), Gunasagar, Hansarali
226 BasudevapurPrimary School, Basudevapur
227 HansaraliUpper Primary School (E), Gunasagar, Hansarali
228 Khalingi-IUpper Primary School (E) Khalingi
229 Khalingi-IIUpper Primary School (E) Khalingi
230 Khalingi-IIIPrimary School (W) Khalingi
231 KalarapadarPrimary School, Kalarapadar
232 Goutami-IBoys Primary School (E) Goutami
233 Goutami-IIBoys Primary School (E) Goutami
234 Goutami-IIIGirls Primary School (W) Goutami
235 Goutami-IVGirls Primary School (E) Goutami
236 DeulapedhiPrimary School Dulapedi
237 PuirushottampurUpper Primary School Purushottampur
238 DayanidhipurPrimary School, Dayanidhipur
239 Nistipour-IP.U.Primary School (E) Nistipur
240 Nistripur-IIP.U.Primary School (E) Nistipur
241 ChandramanipurPrimary School,Chandramanipur

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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