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Polling Booth in Sambalpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sambalpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sambalpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sambalpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Sambalpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Mahatab NagarMahatab Nagar Primary School, Burla
2 Mahatab Nagar-2Mahatab Nagar Primary School, Burla
3 UnIVersity CampusUniversity Campus Upper Primary School, Burla, Jyoti Bihar
4 GolgundaGolgunda Primary School, Burla, Golgunda
5 GolgundaGolgunda Primary School, Burla, Golgunda
6 Post Office Colony - 1Govt.High School, Burla, Contact Colony
7 Post Office Colony - 1Govt.High School, Burla, Contact Colony
8 Post Office Colony - 2Govt.High School, Burla, Contact Colony
9 Post Office Colony - 3Govt.High School, Burla, Contact Colony
10 Post Office Colony - 4Govt.High School, Burla, Contact Colony
11 Bishnu Mandir Pada - 1NAC Office,Burla
12 Bishnu Mandir Pada - 2Bishnu Mandir Pada Primary School, Burla
13 Post Office Colony - 5Govt. Primary School, Burla, Attachki
14 Post Office Colony - 7Govt. Primary School, Burla, Attachki
15 Krushna Mandir PadaGovt.Girls High School, Burla, Medical Colony
16 Sadeipali - 1Sadeipali Primary School,Burla, Sadeipali
17 Sadeipali - 2Sadeipali Primary School,Burla, Sadeipali
18 Sadeipali - 3Sadeipali Primary School,Burla, Sadeipali
19 Sadeipali - 4Sadeipali Primary School,Burla, Sadeipali
20 Gaudapali - 1Blind, Deaf & Dumb School, Burla
21 Gaudapali - 2Blind, Deaf & Dumb School, Burla
22 Gaudapali - 3Blind, Deaf & Dumb School, Burla
23 Pathan Bandh Pada- 1Officers Colony Upper Primary School, Burla, Pathan Bandh Pada
24 Pathan Bandh Pada - 2Officers Colony Primay School, Burla
25 Pathan Bandh Pada - 3Officers Colony Primay School, Burla
26 Pathan Bandh Pada - 3Officers Colony Primay School, Burla
27 Kirba - 1Kirba Primary School, Kirba
28 Kirba - 2Kirba Primary School, Kirba
29 Kirba -3Kirba Primary School, Kirba
30 Falsakata-1Hirakud Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Hirakud
31 Falsakata-4Hirakud Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Hirakud
32 Falsakata-2Hirakud Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Hirakud
33 Falsakata-3Hirakud Govt. Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Hirakud
34 Durgamandir Chhak -1Hirakud U.G. M.E. School (E)
35 Durgamandir Chhak -3Hirakud U.G. M.E. School (E)
36 Durgamandir Chhak -2Hirakud U.G. M.E. School (E)
37 Rerolling Mill ColonyTaranagar Nodal Upper Primary School,Hirakud NAC
38 Hirakud-1Hirakud Govt. Girls High School (E),Hirakud NAC
39 Hirakud-2Hirakud Govt. Girls High School (E),Hirakud NAC
40 Hirakud-3Hirakud Govt. Girls High School (E),Hirakud NAC
41 Hirakud-4Hirakhand Primary School
42 Hirakud-5Hirakhand Primary School
43 Jhankarpada-1Jamada Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Christianpada
44 Jhankarpada-3Jamada Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Christianpada
45 Jhankarpada-2Jamada Nodal Upper Primary School (E), Christianpada
46 SilipatharSilipathar Primary School, Sahajbahal
47 Silipathar-2Silipathar Primary School, Sahajbahal
48 SaplaharaSardhapali Primary School, Saplahara
49 LarpankLarpank Primary School,Larpank
50 Remed - 1Remed Primary School, Remed
51 Remed - 3Remed Primary School, Remed
52 Remed - 2Remed Primary School, Remed
53 Durgapali - 1Durgapali Primary School, Durgapali
54 Durgapali - 2Durgapali Primary School, Durgapali
55 Talbhattapada-1Talbhatapada Primary School, Talbhatapada
56 Talbhattapada-3Talbhatapada Primary School, Talbhatapada
57 Badabazar - 1Muncipal Boys Primary School, Badbazar
58 Badabazar - 2Muncipal Boys Primary School, Badbazar
59 Badabazar - 3Girls Primary School,Badbazar
60 Badabazar - 7Girls Primary School,Badbazar
61 Talbhattapada-2Talbhatapada Primary School
62 Badabazar - 4Kabiraj Arjun Barei Upper Primary School, Badabazar
63 Badabazar - 5Hindi Upper Primary School, Badbazar
64 Badabazar - 6Hindi Upper Primary School, Badbazar
65 Khetrajpur - 1Nanakram High School,Khetrajpur
66 Khetrajpur - 2Nanakram High School,Khetrajpur
67 DaldalipadaDaldalipada Primary School
68 Khetrajpur - 3Hindi Upper Primary School,Khetrajpur
69 Khetrajpur - 5Hindi Upper Primary School,Khetrajpur
70 Khetrajpur - 4Hindi Upper Primary School,Khetrajpur
71 Bareipali - 1Bareipali Pruseth Sevashram School, Bareipali
72 Gopalapali - 1Gopalpali Upper Primary School, Gopalapali
73 Gopalapali -3Gopalpali Upper Primary School, Gopalapali
74 Gopalapali - 2Gopalpali Upper Primary School, Gopalapali
75 Baraipali - 2Bareipali Pruseth Sevashram School, Baraipali
76 Baraipali - 3Bareipali Upper Primary School, Bareipali
77 Baraipali - 4Bareipali Upper Primary School, Bareipali
78 Gopalamal - 1Gopalmal Primary School, Gopalmal
79 Gopalamal -6Gopalmal Primary School, Gopalmal
80 Gopalamal - 4Gopalmal Upper Primary School (Sanskrit SchoolA Bulding), Gopalmal
81 Gopalamal -6Gopalmal Upper Primary School (Sanskrit SchoolA Bulding), Gopalmal
82 Gopalamal - 2Gopalmal Primary School, Gopalmal
83 Gopalamal - 3Gopalmal Primary School, Gopalmal
84 Professor Colony - 1ProfeSanskrit Schoolor Colony Primary School
85 Professor Colony -3ProfeSanskrit Schoolor Colony Primary School
86 Professor Colony - 2ProfeSanskrit Schoolor Colony Primary School
87 Budharaja - 1Budharaja High School (N) Budharaja
88 Budharaja - 2R.K.Devi Upper Primary School, Budharaja
89 Budharaja - 3Budharaja High School (N) Budharaja
90 Budharaja - 4Budharaja High School (N) Budharaja
91 Deheripali - 1Deheripali Sevashram (N-E)
92 Deheripali - 2Deheripali Sevashram (N-E)
93 Deheripali - 3Deheripali Sevashram (N-E)
94 Saralakani - 1Saralakani Primary School, Sarala
95 Saralakani - 2Sarala Primary School, Sarala
96 Sakshigopinath - 1Sakhigopinath Primary School Sakhigopinath
97 Sakshigopinath - 2Sakhigopinath Primary School Sakhigopinath
98 Sakshigopinath -3Sakhigopinath Primary School Sakhigopinath
99 Ashapali - 1Ashapali Upper Primary School (SW)SBP
100 Ashapali - 1Cluster Resource Centre,Ashapali Nodal Upper Primary School ,Ashapali
101 Ashapali - 2Ashapali Project Upper Primary School (N),SBP
102 Ashapali - 3Ashapali Upper Primary School (SW)SBP
103 Ashapali - 4Ashapali Upper Primary School (SW)SBP
104 Modipada - 1Modipada Upper Primary School (East)
105 Modipada - 2Modipada Upper Primary School (East)
106 Modipada - 3Modipada Upper Primary School (East)
107 Modipada - 4Modipada Primary School (Middle)
108 Modipada - 5Modipada Primary School (Middle)
109 Modipada - 6Modipada Primary School (Middle)
110 Modipada - 7Modipada Primary School (Middle)
111 Cheruapada - 1Cheruapada Primary School Cheruapada
112 Cheruapada - 2Cheruapada Primary School Cheruapada
113 Cheruapada - 4Cheruapada Primary School Cheruapada
114 Cheruapada - 3Cheruapada Upper Primary School Sambalpur Houseing Board Colony
115 Kunjel Pada - 1Lady Lewis Girls High School Kunjel Pada
116 Kunjel Pada - 2Lady Lewis Girls High School Kunjel Pada
117 Harijan Pada - 1Harijanpada Primary School Ambdkar Nagar
118 Harijan Pada - 2Harijanpada Primary School Ambdkar Nagar
119 Pattnaik Pada -1B.M.P. Primary School,Pattnaikpada
120 Pattnaik Pada -2B.M.P. Primary School,Pattnaikpada
121 Gurupada - 1Gurupada Primary School Gurupada
122 Gurupada - 2Gurupada Primary School Gurupada
123 JhaduapadaJharuapada Primary School Jharuapada
124 NandapadaNandapada Primary School Nandapada
125 Kansari Pada -1N.G Town High School,SBP ,Kansari Pada
126 Kansari Pada -2N.G Town High School,SBP ,Kansari Pada
127 MarwaripadaDaleipada Primary School, Daleipada
128 DaleipadaDaleipada Primary School, Daleipada
129 Daleipada-2Daleipada Primary School, Daleipada
130 Peer Baba ChowkSri Aurobinda Siksha Kendra Peer Baba Chowk
131 Nua Pada - 1Tharia Urdu Primary School, Nuapada
132 Nua Pada - 2Hindi Girls.Upper Primary School
133 Nua Pada - 3Hindi Girls.Upper Primary School
134 Pension Pada - 1Urdu Nodal Upper Primary School,Pensionpada,SBP
135 Pension Pada - 2Brooks Hill Primary School Pension Pada
136 Pension Pada - 3Brooks Hill Primary School Pension Pada
137 Pension Pada - 6Brooks Hill Primary School Pension Pada
138 Pension Pada - 4Urdu Nodal Upper Primary School,Pensionpada,SBP
139 V.S.S.Nagar - 1V.Sanskrit School Nagar U Girls Upper Primary School ,SBP V.Sanskrit SchoolNagar
140 V.S.S.Nagar - 2V.Sanskrit School Nagar U Girls Upper Primary School ,SBP V.Sanskrit SchoolNagar
141 Bhutapada - 1Bhutapada Urdu Primary School W. No-3
142 Bhutapada - 2Bhutapada Urdu Primary School W. No-3
143 Bhutapada - 3Bhutapada Urdu Primary School W. No-3
144 Sunapali - 1Sunapali Primary School Sunapali
145 Sunapali - 2Sunapali UGME School, SBP, Sunapali
146 Sunapali - 4Sunapali UGME School, SBP, Sunapali
147 Sunapali - 3Sunapali UGME School, SBP, Sunapali
148 Bhutapada - 4Bhutapada Oriya Primary School Bhutapada
149 Bhutapada - 5Bhutapada Oriya Primary School Bhutapada
150 Bhutapada - 6Bhutapada Oriya Primary School Bhutapada
151 CharbhatiCharbhati Community Centre ,Charbhati W. No-2
152 Commissioner Colony - 1CommiSanskrit Schoolioner/S Colony Primary School
153 Commissioner Colony - 1CommiSanskrit Schoolioner/S Colony Upper Primary School
154 Commissioner Colony-2Binakhandi Upper Primary School, Binakhandi
155 Commissioner Colony - 2CommiSanskrit Schoolioner/S Colony Upper Primary School
156 Pension Pada - 5Urdu Nodal Upper Primary School,Pensionpada,SBP
157 Gobindatala - 1Govindtola Primary School Gobindatala
158 Gobindatala - 2Govindtola Primary School Gobindatala
159 Dhanupali - 1Dhanupali Boys Primary School Dhanupali
160 Dhanupali -3Dhanupali Boys Primary School Dhanupali
161 Dhanupali - 2N.L. Nodal ME School, Dhanupali
162 Dhanupali - 4Bhatra UGME School,SBP Bhatra
163 Bhatara - 1Bhatra UGME School,SBP Bhatra
164 Bhatara - 2Bhatra UGME School,SBP Bhatra

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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