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Polling Booth in Rengali Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Rengali

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rengali Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Rengali Assembly Constituency falls under the Rengali Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 TalabiraTalabira Pro.UP. School, Dantamura
2 BudhiapaliBudhiapali U Girls Upper Primary School, Budhiapali
3 BabukhindaBabukhinda N.U.Primary School
4 BansimalBansimal PUP. School, Bansimal
5 ThelkoloiThelkoloi UGUpper Primary School, Thelkoloi
6 Thelkoloi-2Thelkoloi UGUpper Primary School, Thelkoloi
7 DhubenchhapalDhubenchhapal Primary School
8 LapangaLapanga Primary School
9 LapangaLapanga Primary School
10 KhadiapaliKhadiapali U Girls Upper Primary School, Khadiapali
11 GumkarmaGumkarma Sevashram School
12 GumkarmaGumkarma Sevashram School
13 GhichamuraGhichamura Sevashram School
14 Ghichamura-2Ghichamura Sevashram School
15 BeunraBeunra Project Upper Primary School, Sardhapali
16 DerbaDerba Sevashram School, Narupada
17 DharropaniDharropani Upper Primary School, Dharropani
18 TileimalTileimal Project Upper Primary School, Tileimal
19 BomaloiBamaloi Sevashram School, Bamaloi
20 BaiddihiBaiddihi Binjipali(Ka) Primary School, Binjipali
21 GurupaliGurupali Primary School, Gurupali
22 PudapadaPudapada Project Upper Primary School, Pudapada
23 PondloiPondloi U Girls Upper Primary School, Pondloi
24 NishanbhangaNishanbhanga Sevashram School, Nishanbhanga
25 BaunsenBaunsen Project Upper Primary School, Baunsen
26 BabuchakuliBabuchakuli Primary School,Babuchakuli
27 JharmundaJharmunda Primary School, Jharmunda
28 KurlaKurla UGUP. School, Kurla
29 SaladSalad Project Upper Primary School, Salad
30 Rengali Station BastiRengali Station Basti Primary School ( South)
31 Rengali Station BastiRengali Station Basti Primary School ( South)
32 Rengali Station-1Rengali Station Basti Primary School ( South)
33 Chuldipo Rengali-2Chauldipo Primary School, Chauldipo
34 Rengali 3Rengali Purunabasti Primary School (W), Rengali Purunabasti
35 Rengali 4Rengali Purunabasti Primary School (W), Rengali Purunabasti
36 GaneshnagarGaneshnagar Anganbadi Centre, Kisannagar
37 Ramachandra NagarUGUP(ME) School, Ramachandra Nagar
38 Jangla 1Jangala Sevashram School, Laripali
39 Jangla 2Jangala Primary School, Jangala
40 BhursipaliBhursipali Project Upper Primary School, Bhursipali
41 BadmalBadmal Primary School, Ludhapali
42 BasupaliBasupali Sevashram School, Basupali
43 LuhakhandiLuhakhandi Primary School, Luhakhandi
44 LangbahhalLangbahal PUpper Primary School, Langbahhal
45 GhantmalGhantmal PUpper Primary School, Ghantmal
46 Laida 1Laida N.U.Primary School, Aghriapada
47 Laida 2Laida Girls Primary School, (North) Sundhipada
48 Laida 3Rangtikra Primary School, Aghriapada
49 DalpatpaliDalpatpali PUpper Primary School, Dalpatpali
50 BaijapaliBaijapali Primary School, Baijapali
51 BhagipaliBhagipali UGUpper Primary School, Bhagipali
52 RengloiRengloi Primary School, Rengloi
53 MarapatraMarapatra Primary School, Marapatra
54 KhuntlamaKhuntlamal Primary School, Khuntlamal
55 KinaloiKinaloi Nodal.Upper Primary School, Kinaloi
56 RunimahulRunimahul Project Upper Primary School, Runimahul
57 JhankarpaliJhankarpali UGUP. School, Jhankarpali
58 SargipaliSargipali Community Centre,Sargipali
59 ThurupaliThurupali PUP. School, Thurupali
60 Katarbaga 1Katarbaga Upper Primary School, Katarbaga
61 Katarbaga 2Katarbaga Boys Primary School, Katarbaga
62 GolamalGolamal U Girls Upper Primary School, Golamal
63 GolamalGolamal U Girls Upper Primary School, Golamal
64 BrahmanipaliBrahmanipali Project Upper Primary School, Brahmanipali
65 KadelpitaKadelpita Project Upper Primary School, Kadelpita
66 MangalpurMangalpur Primary School, Mangalpur
67 Nua-RampellaNua- Rampella Girls Upper Primary School
68 JharghatiJharghati Primary School, Jharghati
69 SaletikraSaletikra Nodal Upper Primary School, Saletikra
70 KumbharkataKumbharkata Primary School
71 Kilasama-1Kilasama UPME School ( North), Kilasama
72 Kilasama-2Pradhanpali Project Upper Primary School, Pradhanpali
73 PitapaliPitapali Primary School Pitapali
74 SagunpaliSagunpali Primary School, Sagunpali
75 BalbaspurBalbaspur UGME School, Balbaspur
76 TihuraTihura Primary School
77 PandripaliPandripali Community Center
78 Talab 1Talab Nodal Upper Primary School (S), Talab
79 Talab 2Talab Nodal Upper Primary School (S), Talab
80 BaramundaBaramunda Primary School, Baramunda
81 BhalukundaBhalukunda Primary School, Bhalukunda
82 JogipaliJogipali Project Upper Primary School, Jogipali
83 JamadarpaliJamadarpali Ashram School, Jamadarpali
84 BudakataBudakata Primary School. Schoo, Budakata
85 GadmundaGadmunda Project Upper Primary School (N), Gadmunda
86 Mahammadpur 1Mahammadpur U Girls Upper Primary School (E), Mahammadpur
87 Mahammadpur 2Mahammadpur U Girls Upper Primary School (E), Mahammadpur
88 RanibandhRanibandh Primary School, Ranibandh
89 DengsargiDengsargi Sevashram School, Dengsargi
90 SinghpaliSinghpali Primary School, Singhpali
91 SinghpaliSinghpali Primary School, Singhpali
92 KainsirKainsir Primary School, Kainsir
93 Kainsir-2Kainsir Primary School, Kainsir
94 BahidarnuapaliBahidarnuapali Primary School, Bahidarnuapali
95 MalipaliMalipali Project Upper Primary School, Malipali
96 SankarmaSankarma Primary School, Sankarma
97 PardhiapaliPardhiapali UGME School, Pardhiapali
98 DebeipaliDebeipali Primary School
99 SandhasinghaSandhasingha Sevashram School, Sandhasingha
100 KatapaliKatapali Primary School, Katapali
101 BisipaliBisipali Primary School, Bisipali
102 Sasan 1Sasan Primary School (S), Ajitpur Sasan
103 Sasan 2Ranikhinda Primary School, Ranikhinda
104 Sasan 3Ranikhinda Primary School, Ranikhinda
105 KankhindaKankhinda UGME School (N), Kankhinda
106 KankhindaKankhinda UGME School (N), Kankhinda
107 BhalubahalBhalubahal Primary School
108 Bhalubahal-2Bhalubahal Primary School
109 Lammal CampLammal Camp Primary School, Khurigaon
110 SanatitheipaliSanatitheipali Project Upper Primary School, Sanatitheipali
111 PandiapaliPandiapali Primary School, Pandiapali
112 PandripaliTabadabahal Sevashram School (S), Pandiapali
113 TabadabahalTabadabahal Sevashram School (S), Pandiapali
114 KusumdihiKusumdihi U Girls Upper Primary School, Kusumdihi
115 Tamparkela -1Tamparkela UP Sch. (N), Tamparkela
116 Tamparkela -2Khuntpali Project Upper Primary School, Khuntpali
117 Tamparkela -3Kudalpali Primary School, Kudalpali (Tamparkela)
118 BardunguriBardungri Sevashram, Bardungri
119 Sangramal 1Sangramal PUP. School, Sangramal
120 Sangramal 2Sangramal Primary School, Sangramal
121 MuraMura Primary School
122 RasiapaliRasiapali U Girls Upper Primary School, Rasiapali
123 Kudopali (Nuatihura G.P.)Kudopali Upper Primary School, Rasiapali Nuatihura G.P)
124 Bhikampur 1Bhikampur ME School (S), Bhikampur
125 Bhikampur 2Bhikampur Primary School (N), Bhikampur
126 Parmanpur 1Parmanpur Nodal ME School (S), Parmanpur
127 Parmanpur 2Parmanpur Nodal ME School (S), Parmanpur
128 Parmanpur-3Parmanpur Nodal ME School (S), Parmanpur
129 Bishalkhinda -1Bishalkhinda Nodal Upper Primary School, Bisalkhinda
130 Bishalkhinda -3Bishalkhinda Nodal Upper Primary School, Bisalkhinda
131 Bishalkhinda -2Bishalkhinda Nodal Upper Primary School, Bisalkhinda
132 PithampurPithampur Primary School, Pithampur
133 TablaTabla Nodal ME School, Tabla
134 TablaTabla Nodal ME School, Tabla
135 GudesinghaMirdhapada Project Upper Primary School, Mirdhapada
136 Gudesingha-2Mirdhapada Project Upper Primary School, Mirdhapada
137 KhuliaKhulia Sevashram School, Khulia
138 Khulia-2Khulia Sevashram School, Khulia
139 KultanuapaliKultanuapali UGME School, Kultanuapali
140 KultanuapaliKultanuapali UGME School, Kultanuapali
141 GambharkataGambharkata Primary School, Gambharkata
142 KolapaliKolpali Primary School, Kolpali
143 Themra -1Themra Primary School, Themra
144 Themra -3Themra Primary School, Themra
145 Themra -2Themra Primary School, Themra
146 Themra -4Themra Primary School, Themra
147 KudopaliV.S.S Primary School, Kudopali
148 DandeipaliDandeipali Primary School, Dandeipali
149 TakbaTakba U Girls Upper Primary School, Takba
150 Dhankauda -1Dhankauda Sevashram School, Dhankauda
151 Dhankauda -3Dhankauda Sevashram School, Dhankauda
152 Dhankauda -2Dhankauda Sevashram School, Dhankauda
153 Dhankauda -4Dhankauda Sevashram School, Dhankauda
154 TumbesinghaTumbesingha Primary School, Tumbesingha
155 PutibandhPutibandh UGME School, Putibandh
156 Putibandh-2Putibandh UGME School, Putibandh
157 Sindurpanka - 1Sindurpank Primary School (E), Sindurpank
158 Sindurpank - 2Sindurpank Primary School (E), Sindurpank
159 KhairapaliKhairpali Primary School, Khairpali
160 ChandmundaChandmunda Primary School, Chandmunda
161 TalpaliTalpali Project Upper Primary School,Talpali
162 BhoipaliBhoipali Sevashram School, Bhoipali
163 RasanapurRasanpur UGME School, Rasanpur
164 RasanapurRasanpur UGME School, Rasanpur
165 SudungaSudunga Primary School, Sudunga
166 BrahmanipaliBrahmanipali Primary School,Halipali
167 Maneswar - 1Maneswar Upper Primary School (E), Maneswar
168 Maneswar - 3Maneswar Upper Primary School (E), Maneswar
169 Maneswar - 2Maneswar Upper Primary School (E), Maneswar
170 NaxapaliNaxapali Primary School
171 NaxapaliNaxapali Primary School
172 MathpaliMathpali Anganwadi Centre, Mathpali
173 KhandualKhandual UGH School, Khandual
174 JharapaliJharapali Primary School, Community Center)
175 ChaunrpurChaunrpur Primary School, Chounrpur
176 Chaunrpur-2Chaunrpur Primary School, Chounrpur
177 MundoghatMundoghat Project Upper Primary School, Mundoghat
178 PotapaliPotapali Primary School, Potapali
179 SikirdiSikirdi Project Upper Primary School, Sikirdi
180 A.Katapali - 1A.Katapali Primary School, A.Katapali
181 A.Katapali - 3A.Katapali Primary School, A.Katapali
182 A.Katapali - 2A.Katapali Primary School, A.Katapali
183 Sansinghari - 1Sansinghari Ashram School, Sansinghari
184 Sansinghari - 3Sansinghari Ashram School, Sansinghari
185 Sansinghari - 2Sansinghari Ashram School, Sansinghari
186 BadsinghariBadsinghari Project Upper Primary School, Badsinghari
187 BabubandhBabubandh U Girls Upper Primary School, Babubandh
188 BabubandhBabubandh U Girls Upper Primary School, Babubandh
189 Kalamati - 1Kalamati Nodal Upper Primary School, Kalamati
190 Kalamati - 3Kalamati Nodal Upper Primary School, Kalamati
191 Kalamati - 2Kalamati Nodal Upper Primary School, Kalamati
192 Ladukhai - 1Ladukhai Project Upper Primary School, Ladukhai
193 Ladukhai - 3Ladukhai Project Upper Primary School, Ladukhai
194 Ladukhai - 2Ladukhai Project Upper Primary School, Ladukhai
195 SahajbahalSahajbahal Project Upper Primary School, Sahajbahal
196 SahajbahalSahajbahal Project Upper Primary School, Sahajbahal
197 SatupaliSatupali Primary School, Satupali
198 GadmundaGadmunda UGH School, Gadmunda
199 GoVIndpaliGovindpali Primary School, Govindpali
200 Chipilima - 1Chipilima Primary School, Chipilima
201 Chipilima - 3Chipilima Primary School, Chipilima
202 Chipilima - 2Chipilima Primary School, Chipilima
203 KardolaKardola Project Upper Primary School, Kardola
204 CharpaliCharpali Project Upper Primary School, Charpali
205 MarangolaMarangola U Girls Upper Primary School, Marangola
206 TulundiTulundi Primary School, Tulundi
207 Kud-GunderpurKud-Gunderpur UGH School, Kud-Gunderpur
208 Kud-AmlipaliKud-Amlipali Primary School, Kud-Amlipali
209 Kud-MahadaKud-Mahada U Girls Upper Primary School, Kud-Mahada
210 TihikipaliTihikipali Project Upper Primary School, Tihikipali
211 SenhapaliSenhapali Project Upper Primary School, Senhapali
212 BarahampuraBarahampura U Girls Upper Primary School, Barahampura
213 GunderapurGunderpur UGME School, Gunderpur
214 Gunderapur-1Gunderpur UGME School, Gunderpur
215 GulundaGulunda UGME School, Gulunda
216 Gulunda 2Gulunda UGME School, Gulunda
217 KirtipurKirtipur Primary School, Kirtipur
218 SurdaSurda Project Upper Primary School, Surda
219 ChhatabarChhatabar Project Upper Primary School, Chhatabar
220 GolabandhGolabandh Primary School, Golabandh
221 JayaghantaJayaghanta Primary School, Jayaghanta
222 KhuntiKhunti Project Upper Primary School, Khunti
223 BatemuraBatemura Primary School, Batemura
224 KesapaliKesapali Primary School, Kesapali
225 KesapaliKesapali Primary School, Kesapali

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