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Polling Booth in Rayagada Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Rayagada

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rayagada Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Rayagada Assembly Constituency falls under the Rayagada Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 PodapadarPrimary School , Podapadar
2 BoringPrimary School, Boring
3 AdajoreMe School Adajore
4 SagabariPrimary School , Sagabari
5 AdatakiriPrimary School, Adatakiri
6 KisankebediPrimary School , Kisankebedi
7 JodambaProject Upper Primary School, Jodamba
8 ParalajharPrimary School Paralajhar
9 DerakonaNodal Upper Primary School, Derakona
10 KumakhalaPrimary School, Kumakhal
11 ManusgaonPrimary School, Manusgaon
12 RaelapetaPrimary School Raelapeta
13 KukudagadaPrimary School, Kukudagada
14 SingarakhadakPrimary School, Singrakhadak
15 Sinduraghati -1Primary School, Sinduraghati -1
16 SorishabadPrimary School, Sorishabad
17 Siadimala Project Upper Primary School,Siadimala
18 Sunger-1Upper Primary School,Sunger
19 Sunger-2Upper Primary School,Sunger
20 PudugisilPrimary School, Pudugisil
21 BendalapasPrimary School, Bendalapas
22 PukimaskaPrimary School, Pukimaska
23 LakrisPrimary School, Lakris
24 MandibisiUgme School, Mandibisi
25 KalaganUpper Primary School, Kalagan
26 KutigaonPrimary School. Schoo, Kutigaon
27 Godibali-1Primary School Hostel,Godibali
28 KanchangamandiP.Upper Primary School Kanchangamandi
29 JhirigumaPrimary School, Jhirigumma
30 GumundisupelPrimary School, Gumundisupel
31 DandabadPrimary School Dandabad
32 Nuagan-1Primary School, Nuagaon
33 RasijhiriPrimary School, Rasijhiri
34 BhitarapadamajhiPrimary School, Bhitarpada Majhi
35 BandhamandiPrimary School, Bandhamandi
36 JerakaPrimary School Jeraka
37 NalachuanPrimary School , Nalachuan
38 TalajhiriPrimary School , Talaghiri
39 TalapadikhalPrimary School, Talapadikhal
40 ChandagiriProject Upper Primary School, Chandagiri
41 SurugunjaPrimary School, Surugunja
42 ChandragiriPrimary Schoolme School , Chandragiri
43 MaliganP.Upper Primary School Maligan
44 PaikakupakhalProject Upper Primary School, Paikupakhal
45 Maikancha-1Upper Primary School, Maikanch
46 Maikancha-2Upper Primary School, Maikanch
47 KataliPrimary School , Katali
48 Kasipur-1Upper Primary School, Kashipur
49 PanasagudaPrimary School Panasaguda
50 Kashipur-2M.E. School, Kashipur
51 Kasipur-3Primary School, Harijanapada
52 Kasipur-4Primary School, Harijanapada
53 RautaghatiProject Upper Primary School, Rautaghati
54 BasangamaliPrimary School, Basangamali
55 Khurigan-1Project Upper Primary School, Khurigan- R-1
56 KumbharasilaPrimary School, Kumbharasila
57 ParajasilaPrimary School, Parajasila
58 AndirakanchProject Primary School, Andirakanch
59 JodipadarPrimary School, Jodipadar
60 JogiparitundaPrimary School, Jogiaparitunda
61 SilapasPrimary School Silapas
62 AmarsinghgudaPrimary School, Amarsinghguda
63 SiripaiPrimary School , Siripai
64 Renga-2Ugme School, Renga R-2
65 Renga-1Ugme School, Renga R-2
66 ChampajodiProject Upper Primary School, Champajodi
67 PeringiniPrimary School, Peringini
68 KaliajodiPrimary School, Kaliajodi
69 KodipariUpper Primary School, Kodipari
70 MallijharanPrimary School Mallijharan
71 DabadigudaPrimary School, Dabadiguda
72 BadamaribhattaSevasram , Badamaribhatta
73 LeligummaPrimary School, Leligumma
74 BaharadulukiProject Upper Primary Schoolbaharaduluki
75 LimadoreUpper Primary School, Limadore
76 BaiganagudaPrimary School, Baiganguda
77 SanakumuliPrimary School , Sanakumuli, Dhangidisil
78 PatiasiltundaPrimary School, Patiasiltunda
79 Gorakhapur-1Sc & St High School, Gorakhapur - R-1
80 Gorakhapur-2Sc & St High School, Gorakhapur - R-1
81 Tala DeskaPrimary School, Tala Deska
82 BhitaramusukuniProject Primery School, Bhitaramusukuni
83 DangasilUgme School , Dangasil
84 KuguputPrimary School, Kuguput
85 LachugudaPrimary School, Lachuguda R-2
86 LakshmipurProject Upper Primary School, Laxmipur
87 Karlakana Karlakona Project High School
88 BapujinagarPrimary School, Bapujinagar
89 KurumapentaProject Upper Primary School, Kurumupeta
90 JinjilibadiPrimary School, Jinjilibadi
91 PentaProject High School, Penta
92 AmalabhataProject Upper Primary School, Amalbahata R-2
93 ChandiliManoranjan Kendra, Chandili
94 Jk PurL.S. High School
95 Chandili-3Singania Primary School, Chandili
96 ChandiliGopabandhu Primary School, Bc Road
97 Chandili-IVGopabandhu Primary School, Bc Road
98 S. Chandili-1Primary School Sano Chandili(Room No-3)
99 Chandili-2Primary School Sano Chandili(Room No-3)
100 S. Chandili-2Anganwadi Centre,Sana Chandili
101 San Chandili -4Primary School, Sana Chandili R-1
102 J.K.Pur -1Saraswati Sishu Mandir , Jk Pur
103 Jkpur-4Saraswati Shisu Mandir, Jk Pur
104 J.K.Pur-2Saraswati Sishu Mandir , Jk Pur
105 Bada ChandiliBadachandili Prakalpa Upper Primary School Room-1
106 Chandili-5Ls Primary School, Bada Chandili
107 MatikanaProject High School, Matikona
108 KarliPrimary School, Karli
109 GummaProject High School Gumma
110 ThutibarSevasram, Thutibar Colony
111 BagirijholaPrakalpa Upper Primary School
112 D.MurkaPrimary School, D.Murka
113 KadalikholPrimary School, Kadalikhol
114 KucheipadarUpper Primary School, Kucheipadar
115 HadigudaUgme School , Hadiguda
116 TikrapadaP.U.Primary School Tikrapada
117 NisikhalPrimary School, Nisikhal
118 Kumutipentha-1Pr. School, Kumutipentho
119 Kumutipentha-2Pr. School, Kumutipentho
120 DangarapadaPrimary School, Amalabhata Chack
121 DebadalaProject Upper Primary School, Debadala
122 BhakuragudaSevasram, Bhakuraguda
123 KampamaliganUpper Primary School, Kampa Malligoan
124 KattapetaKothapeta Nodal Upper Primary School
125 Kattapeta-3Kothapeta Nodal Upper Primary School
126 KattapetaKothapeta Nodal Upper Primary School
127 KhaligudaPrimary School, Khaliguda
128 SinganapurPrimary School, Singanapur
129 BiranarayanapurBiranarayanpur Prakalpa Upper Primary School
130 KuljingiPrakalpa U.P . School, Kuljingi
131 KhambesuPrimary School, Khambesu
132 RaikanaProject Upper Primary School, Raikana
133 SargigudaSargiguda Prakalpa Upper Primary School
134 DudukabahalPrimary School, Dudukabahal
135 KarliPrimary School, Karli
136 UparadheskaProject Upper Primary School, Uparadheska
137 MalambaPrimary School, Malamba
138 AnagarPrimary School, Anagar
139 D.KaralPrimary School, D.Karal
140 G.K.KaralPrimary School, G.K.Karal
141 KaliapadaPrimary School, Kaliapada R-1
142 SankaradaSankarada Upper Primary School
143 TayaputPrimary School, Tayaput
144 S. DangasilPrimary School, S.Dangasil
145 BadapukelPrimary School, Badapukel
146 JadighatiPrimary School, Jadighati
147 BarijholaProject Upper Primary School, Barijhola
148 Kandhamaligan-1Primary School, K.Malligoan, R-1
149 Kandhamaligan-2Primary School, K.Malligoan, R-1
150 KuliKuli P.Upper Primary School
151 JurudiPrimary School, Jurudi
152 MarigudaPrimary School, Mariguda
153 JapakhalSevashram, Japakhal
154 HaluaProject High School, Halua
155 PanchaliPrimary Schoolme School, Panchali
156 BorigumaBoriguma Primary School
157 MailigudaUpper Primary School, Mailiguda
158 Tikiri - 1Tikiri Prakalpa Upper Primary School
159 Tikiri-2 (Gokulamunda)Primary School, Gokulamunda
160 JamugudaPrimary School Jamuguda
161 KamparPrimary School,Kampar
162 KucherUpper Primary School, Kucher
163 BilamalPrimary School, Bilamal
164 SorisapadaraProject Upper Primary School ,Sorisapadara
165 MundagaonProject Upper Primary School, Mundagaon
166 PhatagadaUpper Primary School, Phatagada
167 MankadajholaUpper Primary School, Mankadajhola
168 PhulajubaPrimary School, Phulajuba
169 KansarigudaProject Upper Primary School, Kansariguda
170 BadajorPrimary School, Badajor
171 BankamboUgme School Bankambo
172 SinderipadarP4Rimary School Sinderipadar
173 UparakodingaSevashram, Uparakodinga
174 PuhundiPrimary School, Puhundi R- 2
175 PadapadiUpper Primary School, Podapadi
176 Naktiguda-1Primary School ,Naktiguda R-1
177 Naktiguda-2Primary School ,Naktiguda R-1
178 SanamatikanaResidential School,Sanmatikana
179 AnajorProject Upper Primary School, Anajor
180 RapakanaProject Upper Primary School, Rupkana
181 KutuliKutuli Ashram
182 JhumukaJhumuka Primary School
183 Bada ManadharaProject Upper Primary School, B.Manadhara
184 BadachekaProject Upper Primary School, Badacheka
185 NakitiProject High School, Nakiti
186 AlingiPrimary School, Alingi
187 KumbhikotaSevashram, Kumbikota
188 UdayapurPrimary School Udayapur
189 UparatitijholaPrimary School, Titijhola
190 HirsamohiPrimary School Hirsamohi
191 Tadama-2Gp Office, Tadama
192 SingiputU.G.High Schoolool, Singiput
193 NathamaPup High School, Nathama
194 MalipadaPrimary School, Mallipada
195 TikarapadaPrimary School, Tikarapada
196 Tumbiguda-2Tumbiguda Project Upper Primary School, R-2
197 Tumbiguda-1Tumbiguda Project Upper Primary School, R-2
198 SerigudaSeriguda Primary School (West)
199 Railway Colony-3S E Rly. Institute-I
200 Railway ColinyS E Rly. Primary School,(South)
201 Nehrunagar, BudurabalasaNehru Nagar Primary School, Budurabalasa
202 NehrunagarNehru Nagar Primary School, Budurabalasa
203 Rayagada College-3Rayagada College R-17
204 Rayagada College-4Rayagada College R-31
205 Rayagada College-1Rayagada College R-17
206 Kasturi NagarRayagada College R-17
207 Gandhinagar-2Gandhinagar M E School R-2
208 Gadhiagar-3Gandhinagar Ugme School (South)
209 Gadhiagar-5Gandhinagar Ugme School (South)
210 GandhinagarGandhinagar M E School R-2
211 RayagadaTuliprimary School Convent School
212 Shastri NagarShastri Nagar Primary School R-1
213 Rayat ColonyShastri Nagar Primary School R-1
214 J S Co-1Rsewc School
215 J S Co ColoyElectric Colony Ugme School
216 SerikoaRsewc High School R-9
217 J S Co-2Rsewc High School R-9
218 Shastri NagarShastri Nagar Primary School R-2
219 M I DIVIsion Office P -1M I Division Office R No.1
220 M I DIVIsion Office R No.2M I Division Office R No.1
221 M I DIVIsion Office P-2M I Division Office R No.1
222 Agriculture Colony-2Govt. Girls High School-6
223 Goutam Nagar -2Govt. Girls High School-6
224 Goutam Nagar-4Govt. Girls High School-6
225 Goutam Nagar -3Cotton Office, Rayagada
226 Goutam Nagar -!Revenue Rest Shed, R-1
227 Forest ColonyPrimary School, Forest Colony
228 Checkagguda-1Womens College, Rayagada R-6
229 Checkaguda -2Womens College, Rayagada R-6
230 Aurobindo NagarRevenue Rest Shed, R-1
231 Jagili StreetRevenue Colony U P School
232 Thakkar Bapa AshramThakkar Bapa Ashram School , Rayagada
233 Rama Krishna Nagar -2Gopabandhu Municipal High School, R-2
234 Rama Krishna Nagar -1Gopabandhu Municipal High School, R-2
235 Reveue Coloy-1Me School, Red Cros Hospital
236 Reveue Coloy-2Me School Ex- Board, Red Crosanskrit School
237 Edu Street-1Ex-Board Bilingual Upper Primary School, Rayagada-1
238 Treasury RoadEx-Board Bilingual Upper Primary School, Rayagada-1
239 Bhabani StreetDhoba Street Upper Primary School
240 Jagaath StreetJagannath Temple Primary School
241 Paika StreetBrahmin Street Upper Primary School
242 Brahmin StreetBrahmin Street Upper Primary School
243 Majhigouri Temple StreetMajhigouri Octroi Gate
244 Uper BambooPrimary School, Uppar Bamboo
245 NandabadiProject Upper Primary School, Nandabadi
246 Bada AlubadiHigh School, B.Alubadi
247 PalerupaduPrimary School Palerupadu
248 KarubaiU P School Karubai
249 SanasiguruPrimary School Sanasiguru
250 UmarabaliPrimary School, Umerballi
251 TentaligudaPrimary School, Tentaliguda
252 HaskuPrimary School, Hasku
253 PitamahalSevashram, Pitamahal
254 ChanchadadrugamPrimary School, Chanchada Drugum
255 JanataPrimary School, Janata
256 JagannathapurPrimary School , Jagannathpur
257 KodesuProject Upper Primary School, Kodesu
258 KandhakhilumuPrimary School, Kandhakhilamu
259 BadahansaPrimary School, Badahansa
260 Bada IrukubadiGovt. U P School, Bada Irukubadi
261 GajigamSevashram, Gajigam
262 JangidiPrimary School, Jangidi
263 BillesuBillesu, Sevashram
264 KanchikabalasaPrimary School, Kanchikabalasa
265 SulabhaU P School Sulabha
266 KeredaU P School, Kereda R-1
267 AnijaSevashram, Anija
268 KhilimesugudaPrimary School, Khilimesuguda
269 RanagudaPrimary School, Ranaguda
270 LumbesuLumbesu Primary School
271 AtadaSevashram, Atada
272 HatasesakhalaUpper Primary School,Hatasesakhala
273 PenikanaTrw High School, Penikona
274 Jemadeipentha-1Upper Primary School, Jemadeipentha
275 BadaraisingaBadaraisinga Savadhram
276 BairagihaluaProject Upper Primary School, Bairagihalua
277 Bada LukutiPrimary School,Bada Lukuti
278 DangalodiProject Upper Primary School, Dangalodi
279 KandhakundamPrimary School, Kandhakundam
280 EramundaPrimary School, Eramunda
281 JangiliPrimary School, Jangili
282 PipalagudaSevashram, Pipalaguda
283 UapakaUapaka Primary School
284 GururajugudaPrimary School, Gururajuguda
285 DurgapaduSevashram, Durgapadu
286 SulubadiTemporary Structure, Sulubadi
287 SanasandhubadiPrimary School, Sanasandhubadi
288 JodiPrimary School, Jodi
289 MiraballiUpper Primary School, Miraballi
290 ChampiPrimary School, Champi

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