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Polling Booth in Ranpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ranpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ranpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Ranpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Ranpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 SolapataSolapata NUpper Primary School
2 PadmadeipurPadmadeipur M.E. School
3 SanagoradaSanagorada Primary School
4 Dimisar-1Dimisar M.E. School
5 Dimisar-2Mandiamal Primary School
6 Dimisar-3Dimisar Primary School
7 HaripurHaripur Project U.Primary School
8 PatulisahiPatulisahi Project U Primary School
9 KurudangaKurudanga Primary School
10 Godipada-1Godipada M.E. School
11 Godipada-2Godipada M.E. School
12 Godipada -3Sarda Patel Bidyapitha, Godipada
13 JagirikhairpatiJagirikhairapati Primary School
14 BadagoradaBadagorada Nodal Primary School
15 AngisingiAngisingi Primary School,Angisingi
16 GunjabaranaGunjabarana Primary School
17 GambharidihiBalunkeswar High School, Gambharidihi
18 KantabaniaKantabania Primary School
19 PuaniaPuania Primary School
20 GotisahiGodisahi Primary School
21 KusapanderiKusapanderi Primary School
22 KalyanpurKalyanpur U.G.M.E. School
23 DarapadaDarapada P.Upper Primary School
24 FasipalliFasipalli Primary School
25 Magarbandha-1Magarbandha Project U. Primary School
26 Magarbandha-2Magarbandha Project U. Primary School
27 BinayakpurBinayakpur NUpper Primary School
28 Sarankul-1Nilakantha Primary School, Room No-1
29 Sarankul-2Nilakantha Primary School, Room No-1
30 Sarankul-3Narayana High School Sarankula
31 Sarankul-4Narayana High School Sarankula
32 BhikaripadaSaraswati Sishu Mandir, Bhikaripada
33 KatarajhariSarankul P.Upper Primary School
34 BaunsiaBaunsia Primary School
35 DhusumaDhusuma Primary School
36 Sikharpur-1Sikharpur Primary School
37 Sikharpur-2Sikharpur Primary School
38 Sikharpur-3Sikharpur Primary School
39 Sikharpur-4Sikharpur Primary School
40 AsuradhipaAsuradhipa Primary School
41 Hariharpur-1Karada Hariharpur M.E. School
42 Hariharpur-2Karada Hariharpur M.E. School
43 BadaputBadaput Primary School
44 Panchirida PaikabadaPanchirida UGME School
45 Panchirida Manapur-1A.C Nodal U Primary School (ME),
46 Panchirida Manpur -2Panchirida Manpur M.E. School
47 Panchirida Manpur -3Panchirida Manpur M.E. School
48 KotarangaKotaranga Primary School
49 ChadeyapalliGangadhar UP
50 ChadeyapalliGangadhar UP
51 GodipalliGodipalli Primary School
52 BarasahiBarasahi M.E. School
53 SingarpurSingarpur Primary School
54 KurumundaliKurumundali Project U Primary School
55 PanibhandarPanibhandar Project U Primary School
56 GochhaGochha Primary School
57 KajalaipalliSaraswat Loka Bidyalaya Kajalaipalli, Kajalaipalli
58 BadhisahiBadhisahi .Primary School
59 BadakutuniBadakutuni Project Upper Primary School
60 GolagaonGolagaon U.G.M.E. School
61 BhaliadihiBhaliadihi Nodal Upper Primary School
62 BhaliadihiBhaliadihi Nodal U Primary School, School
63 PanchumuBhaliadihi
64 KeshapaniaKeshapania NUpper Primary School
65 KomandaKomanda Project Upper Primary School
66 JakedaKomanda Project Upper Primary School
67 DayanajhariDayanajhari Project Upper Primary School
68 HaridabandhaHaridabandha Primary School
69 LadukeswarprasadLadukeswarprasad Primary School, School
70 Damasahi-1Damasahi Nodal M. E. School
71 Damasahi-2Regional High School, Damasahi
72 MalisahiJMM Girls High School,Malisahi
73 RankadeuliRankadeuli UG High School
74 BadabhuinBadabhuin Primary School
75 GodimadaGodimada Project Upper Primary School
76 Khatia-1Khatia U.G.M.E. School
77 Khatia-2Beguniapatna Pro. Upper Primary School
78 Jagannath PrasadJagannath Prasad Pro..P. School
79 Khatia-3Godipada Sahi Pro. Primary School
80 DarpanarayanpurDarpanarayanpur Nodal Upper Primary School
81 GunduribadiGunduribari Kotha Ghar
82 KakalamaKakalama Primary School
83 BaunsagadaBaunsagada U.G.M.E. School
84 LunisahiLunisahi Primary School
85 BajrakoteBajrakot Primary School
86 KshetribarpurBilagadia Primary School, Bherupada
87 SankhamulSankhamul Pro.Upper Primary School
88 GaudiapadaMandakini.Nodal.M.E.School,Bilagadia(W)
89 GaudiapadaLembodi Project Primary School
90 GourangapurGourangapur Pro. Upper Primary School
91 JadupurJadupur Primary School
92 SanagadaSanagada Pro. Upper Primary School
93 KankiaKankia Primary School
94 PimpalPimpal Nodal.M.E. School
95 BrundabanpurBrundabanpur Nodal M.E. School
96 BinodpadaBinodpada Primary School
97 LekhanpurLekhanpur U.G.M.E. School
98 SarangadharpurSarangadharpur High School
99 GambharikholaGambharikhola Primary School
100 Surkabadi Panchayat Nodal M.E School, Surkabadi
101 ThanapalliThanapalli Project Upper Primary School
102 Jamusahi AS Nodal M.E School, Jamusahi
103 Kasanda-1RC Nodal UP(M.E). School, Kasanda
104 Kasanda-2RC Nodal UP(M.E). School, Kasanda
105 GaudiapadaGaudiapada Primary School
106 RamabilRamabil Nodal M.E. School
107 Rajsunakhala-1Govt. High School, Rajsunkhala
108 Rajsunakhala-2Govt. High School, Rajsunkhala
109 Rajsunakhala-3Rajsunakhala C.T. School
110 Rajsunakhala-4Rajsunakhala C.T. School
111 Rajsunakhala-5Gopinathpur P .Upper Primary School
112 Rajsunakhala-6Gopinathpur P .Upper Primary School
113 Rajsunakhala-7Somanath Sr. Basic School
114 BinodpadaBinodpadaUpper Primary School
115 NarendrapurNarendrapur Primary School
116 BadhipatnaBadhipatna P.Upper Primary School
117 KotagadaKotogada Ashrama School
118 AdalAdal U.G.M.E. School
119 TalakaniTalakani Primary School
120 Kulasar-1Jawahar M.E. School, Kulasar
121 Kulasar -2Kulasar Primary School
122 KhairapalliKhairapalli Primary School
123 GiridharapurGiridharpur Primary School
124 GadabanikiloGadabanikilo NUpper Primary School
125 AmbajharaAmbajhara Primary School
126 TariaGovt. U.G.M.E. School, Taria
127 BaliaBalia Proj. Primary School
128 NachhipurNachhipur Primary School
129 BagalBagal Primary School
130 Lodhachua Govt. M.E. School, Lodhachua
131 RajnagarRajnagar P.Upper Primary School,
132 ShyamaghanpurShyamaghanpur Primary School
133 BankapurBankapur P.Upper Primary School
134 GolapokhariGolapokhari Primary School
135 Brajarajpur-1 Panchayat High School, Brajarajpur
136 LatarLatar Primary School
137 KaradapalliKaradapalli Primary School
138 NarasinghpurNarasinghpur U. Girls Upper Primary School
139 HansaraHansara Primary School
140 NatimiNatimi P.Upper Primary School
141 Mayurajhalia-1Mayurajhalia Primary School
142 Mayurajhalia-2Mayurajhalia M.E. School
143 JhadapadaJhadapada Nodal.M.E. School
144 BokakhaiBokakhai Primary School
145 RajajankiaRajajankia U.G.M.E. School
146 RajajankiaRajajankia U.G.M.E. School
147 KrushnachandrapurKrushnachandrapur Primary School
148 OstapadaOstapada Primary School
149 ChampagadaGovt. U.G.M.E. School, Champagada
150 SrikrushnapurSrikrushnapur Primary School
151 BentaBenta P.Upper Primary School
152 Katak SaharKataksahar Primary School
153 Kandha Nayagada-1Kandha Nayagada Primary School
154 Kandha Nayagada-3Kandha Nayagada Primary School
155 Kandha Nayagada-2Raghu Dibakar High School, Kandhanayagada
156 Chandapur-1Ramchandi Girls High School, Chandpur
157 Chandapur-2Ramchandi Girls High School, Chandpur
158 Chandapur-3Josoda M.E. School,Chandapur
159 ChandapurJosoda M.E. School,Chandapur
160 Chandapur -4Chandapur Primary School
161 GaurachandrapurGaurachandrapur Primary School
162 BrundabanabiharipurBrundabanabiharipur Primary School
163 EkatalaEkatala Primary School
164 KerendatangiKerendatangi Primary School
165 MuktapurBandhapalla P.Upper Primary School
166 Nuapada-1Nuapada Primary School
167 RaipadaRaipada Project U. Primary School
168 ArjunapurArjunapur UGH School
169 PatiaPatia U.G.M.E. School
170 KenduaKendua Sevashram
171 PaikasahiPaikasahi Sevashram
172 RandaRanda P. Upper Primary School
173 Barangagadia Bankanidhi High School, Barangagadia
174 NakithanaPrimary School, Nakithana
175 KrushnapurKhandisi Primary School
176 ChampapediChampapedi P.Upper Primary School
177 SamantasingharapurSamantasinghar Primary School
178 AndharuaAndharua Primary School
179 Gopalpur-1Nilakanthadeba Primary School, Gopalpur
180 Gopalpur-2Gopalpur High School
181 Gopalpur-3Gopalpur High School
182 Wainlo RautarapurWainlo Primary School
183 BadabaramulBadabaramul Project U Primary School
184 PampadaPampada Primary School,
185 SubhadrapurMangarajpur Primary School (Subhadrapur)
186 BrajaballabhapurBrajaballabhapur Primary School,
187 RanpurB.C. High School, Ranpur
188 RanpurB.C. High School, Ranpur
189 Ranpur-2Suansiasahi Primary School
190 Ranpur-3Ranpur Girls High School
191 Ranpur-4Ranpur Girls High School
192 Ranpur-5Ranpur Model. Primary School
193 Ranpur-6Ranpur Model. Primary School
194 BasudiaBasudia Primary School
195 Gaon BanikiloGaonbanikilo Primary School
196 NandapurNandapur U.G.M.E. School,
197 AradaArada Primary School
198 DeuliDeuli Kandarasingh M.E. School
199 KandarasinghKandarasingi Primary School
200 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur U.G.M.E. School
201 DimiriaDimiria Primary School
202 MahatpallaMahatpalla UPM.E. School
203 ManapurManapur Primary School
204 NuapalliNuapalli Primary School
205 Majhiakhanda-1Majhiakhanda Primary School
206 Majhiakhanda-2Majhiakhanda Primary School
207 Majhiakhanda-3Majhiakhanda Nodal.M.E. School
208 SukalaSukala Proj. Primary School
209 KandapadaKandapada Nodal Upper Primary School
210 DhamadaDhamada Primary School
211 KaradapallaKaradapalla Primary School
212 SanachakundajharSanachakundajara Primary School
213 GunduribadiGunduribadi Primary School
214 BandhamundaBandhamunda Primary School
215 SankhajodiSankhajodi Pro.Upper Primary School
216 JamugandaJamuganda Primary School

Last Updated on April 30, 2020
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