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Polling Booth in Raghunathpalli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Raghunathpalli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Raghunathpalli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Raghunathpalli Assembly Constituency falls under the Raghunathpalli Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 LuakeraLuakera High School
2 Sector-14 Block - BDelhi Public School, Sector-14
3 Sector-14 Block - C-1Delhi Public School, Sector-14
4 Sector-14 Block - C-2Delhi Public School, Sector-14
5 Sector-14 Block - ADelhi Public School, Sector-14
6 Sector-13 Block - A-1Delhi Public School, Sector-14
7 Sector-13 Block - A-2Delhi Public School, Sector-14
8 Tumkela-1Tumkela Upper Primary School
9 Tumkela-2Tumkela Upper Primary School
10 Sector-15 Block - BILS School, Sector-15
11 Sector-15 Block - CILS School, Sector-15
12 Sector-15 Block - EILS School, Sector-15
13 Sector-15 Block - HUrdu Upper Primary School,Sector-15
14 Sector-15 Block - H-1Urdu Upper Primary School,Sector-15
15 Sector-15 Block - H-2Madhusudan Sikhya Nivas, Sector-17
16 Sector-8 Block - EApparel Training & Design Centre, Sector-8
17 Sector-8 Block - CApparel Training & Design Centre, Sector-8
18 Sector-8 Block - D-1Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
19 Sector-8 Block - D-2Apparel Training & Design Centre, Sector-8
20 Sector-8,9Apparel Training & Design Centre, Sector-8
21 Sector-7 Block - BChinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
22 Sector-7 Block - AChinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
23 Sector-7 Block - CChinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
24 Sector-7 Block - DChinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
25 Sec-7Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Sec-7
26 Sector-17 Block - ASaraswati Sisumandir,Sec-17
27 Sector-17 Block - BSaraswati Sisumandir,Sec-17
28 Sector-17 Block - CSaraswati Sisumandir,Sec-17
29 Sector-16 Block - ADAV Public English Medium School, Sector-16
30 Sector-16 Block - BDAV Public English Medium School, Sector-16
31 Sector- 16 Jhumpudi Dhobi BastiJagannathpalli Upper Primary School
32 Sector-16 Block - EN.A.C(ST) Upper Primary School, Sector-16
33 Sector 16 Block - DJagannathpalli Upper Primary School
34 Sector-18 Block - A-1Ispat E.M. School (Jr. Section),Sector-18
35 Sector-18 Block - A-2Ispat Vidyalaya, Sector-18
36 Sector-18 Ispat MarketIspat Vidyalaya, Sector-18
37 Sector-18 Block - DIspat E.M. School (Jr. Section),Sector-18
38 Sector-18Ispat English Medium School
39 Hamirpur-1Hamirpur Boys Upper Primary School
40 Hamirpur-2Hamirpur Boys Upper Primary School
41 Hamirpur-3Hamirpur Boys Upper Primary School
42 HamirpurHamirpur Boys Upper Primary School
43 Sector-19 Block - A-1Saint Pauls E.M.School
44 Sector-19Saint Pauls E.M.School
45 I. G. H ColonySaint Pauls E.M.School
46 Sector-6 Block - C-1ILS School,Sector-6
47 Sector-6 Block - C-2ILS School,Sector-6
48 Sector-6 Block - B-1N.A.C.(ST) High School,Sec-6
49 Sec-6N.A.C.(ST) High School,Sec-6
50 Sector-6 Block - AN.A.C.(ST) Upper Primary School,Sector-6
51 Bima Nibas AnchalN.A.C.Girls High School
52 Sector-6 Block - B-2N.A.C.Girls High School
53 Sector-6 Block - H-1N.A.C.(ST)Primary School, Sector-6
54 Sector-6N.A.C.(ST)Primary School, Sector-6
55 Sector-6 P & T ColonyN.A.C.(ST)Primary School, Sector-6
56 Sector-6 Block - H-2N.A.C.(ST)Primary School, Sector-6
57 Sector-6N.A.C.(ST)Primary School, Sector-6
58 GolgharDeepika Bal Mandir,Sec-5
59 Sector-5 Block - C-1Deepika Bal Mandir,Sec-5
60 Sector-5 Block - C-2Deepika Bal Mandir,Sec-5
61 Sector-5 Block - C-3Deepika Bal Mandir,Sec-5
62 Sector-5 Block - E,CDeepika E.M.School,Sec-5
63 AbhiramapalliAurobinda School,Sec-5
64 Sector-4 Block - A-1Deepika Ispat Sikshya Sadan,Sector-4
65 Sector-4Deepika Ispat Sikshya Sadan,Sector-4
66 Sector-4 Block - A-2Deepika Ispat Sikshya Sadan,Sector-4
67 Sector-4 Block - D,C,F,GDeepika Ispat Sikshya Sadan,Sector-4
68 Sector-19 Block - A-2Gyan Jyoti E.M. School, Sector-19
69 Sector -19 Block - D-1Gyan Jyoti E.M. School, Sector-19
70 Sector -19 Block - D-2Gyan Jyoti E.M. School, Sector-19
71 Sector-20 Block - AN.A.C.High School,Sec-20
72 Sector-20 Block - D-1N.A.C.High School,Sec-20
73 Sector-20 Block - D-2N.A.C.High School,Sec-20
74 Sec-20N.A.C.High School,Sec-20
75 Sector-20 Block - D-3Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
76 Sector-20 Block - E-1Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
77 Sector-20 Block - E-2Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
78 Sector-20Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
79 Sector-20 Block - B, C-1Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
80 Sector-20 Block - B, C -2Ispat E.M.School,Sector-20
81 Sector-3 Block - D,E,A,BBaji Rout Sikhya Niketan,Sector-3
82 Sector-3 Block - B,C,D,EBaji Rout Sikhya Niketan,Sector-3
83 Sector-2 Block - A ,BKalinga Public School, Sector-2
84 Sector-2 Block - A -1Kalinga Public School, Sector-2
85 Sector-2 Block - CKalinga Public School, Sector-2
86 Sector-2 Block - B,D MarketKalinga Public School, Sector-2
87 Sector-2 Block - G, H, EN.A.C.(ST)High School,Sector-1
88 Sector-2 Block - E, GN.A.C.(ST)High School,Sector-1
89 Sector-2N.A.C.High School,Sector-1
90 Sector-2 Block - A-2Vinobha Shishu Upper Primary School,Sec-2
91 Labour ColonyVinobha Shishu Upper Primary School,Sec-2
92 Sector-1 Block - AN.A.C.(S.T.)Upper Primary School,Sec-1
93 Sec-1N.A.C.(S.T.)Upper Primary School,Sec-1
94 Sector-1N.A.C.(S.T.)Upper Primary School,Sec-1
95 Sector-1 Block - CN.A.C.(S.T.)Upper Primary School,Sec-1
96 Sector-1 Block - DDevine Life Academy,Sec-1
97 Sec-1Devine Life Academy,Sec-1
98 Sector-1 Block - F,HVivekananda Sikhya Sadan,Sec-1
99 Sector-1 Block - H,GVivekananda Sikhya Sadan,Sec-1
100 Sector-1 Jhumpudi & MarketVivekananda Sikhya Sadan,Sec-1
101 Sector-21 Block - B-1Rourkela Law College, Nayabazar
102 Sector-21 Block - B-2Rourkela Law College, Nayabazar
103 SitalpadaSitalpara Primary School
104 C.I.S.F ColonyCISF Community Centre
105 BarkaniFulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
106 Tilikanagar-2Fulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
107 Tilikanagar-3Fulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
108 Tilikanagar-4Fulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
109 FulwariFulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
110 Sheetal NagarFulwari Nodal Upper Primary School
111 Tarkera Pump house ColonyTarapur Upper Primary School
112 TarkeraTarapur Upper Primary School
113 Tarapur-1Tarapur Upper Primary School
114 Tarapur-2Tarapur Primary School
115 Construction Colony-1Construction Colony Upper Primary School
116 R.H.ColonyConstruction Colony Upper Primary School
117 Construction Colony-2Construction Colony Upper Primary School
118 Lal Tanki Area-1Tarapur NAC Upper Primary School, Lal Tanki Area
119 Lal Tanki Area-2Tarapur NAC Upper Primary School, Lal Tanki Area
120 IDL Colony-1Sonaparbata Upper Primary School Nabakrushna Nagar
121 Nabakrushna Nagar Block-BSonaparbat High School, Nabakrushnanagar
122 IDL Colony-2Sonaparbata Upper Primary School Nabakrushna Nagar
123 I.D.L. COLONYIDL Nursery School
124 IDL ColonyFakir Mohan Upper Primary School
125 Modern India-1Modern India High School
126 Loknath MarketModern India Upper Primary School
127 Modern India-2Modern India High School
128 Fertilizer Colony-1Ispat E.M.School,Sector-22
129 Sector -22 (2)Fertilizer Ispat English Medium School , Sector-22
130 Sector-22Fertilizer Ispat English Medium School , Sector-22
131 SECTOR-22 (4)Fertilizer Ispat English Medium School , Sector-22
132 Tangarapali-1Tangarpali Upper Primary School
133 JharamundaTangarpali Upper Primary School
134 Tangarapali-2Tangarpali Upper Primary School
135 KereitoliTangarpali Upper Primary School
136 Jalda Block C-1Jalda Shastri Upper Primary School
137 Jalda Block C-2Jalda Shastri Upper Primary School
138 Jalda Block C-3Jalda Sevashram
139 Jalda Block C-4Jalda Sevashram
140 Jalda Block C-5Jalda Sevashram
141 Jalda Block B-1Jalda B Block Upper Primary School
142 Jalda Block B-2Jalda B Block Upper Primary School
143 Jalda Block A-1Jalda B Block Upper Primary School
144 Jalda Block A-2Jalda A Block Upper Primary School
145 Jalda Block A-3Jalda A Block Upper Primary School
146 Jalda Block A-4Jalda A Block Upper Primary School
147 Puruna Jalada-2Old Jalda Upper Primary School
148 Puruna Jalada-1Old Jalda Upper Primary School
149 KansarKansar Upper Primary School
150 Hatibandha-5Hatibandha Mahtma Gandhi Upper Primary School
151 Balijodi-1Hatibandha Mahtma Gandhi Upper Primary School
152 Balijodi-2Hatibandha Mahtma Gandhi Upper Primary School
153 Hatibandha-4Hatibandha Mahtma Gandhi Upper Primary School
154 BalijodiHatibandha Mahtma Gandhi Upper Primary School
155 Hatibandha-3Hatibandha Upper Primary School
156 BalijodiSarna Primary School
157 Hatibandha-2Hatibandha Upper Primary School
158 BalijodiHatibandha Upper Primary School
159 Hatibandha-1Hatibandha Upper Primary School
160 HatibandhaHatibandha Upper Primary School
161 SuidihiSuidihi Primary School
162 AtaghatAtaghata Upper Primary School
163 Sunaparbat -1Sunaparbat Primary School
164 Sunaparbat -2Sunaparbat Primary School
165 AsurchhapalAsurchhapal Upper Primary School
166 DalakudarDalakudar Upper Primary School
167 NuatoliNuatoli Upper Primary School
168 MundajoreMundajor Upper Primary School
169 RamjodiRamjodi MiSanskrit Schoolion Primary School
170 BaliamBaliam Upper Primary School
171 JangidiriJangidiri Primary School
172 MankoManko Upper Primary School
173 LohadarahLohadarah Primary School
174 KarlakhamanKarlakhaman Primary School
175 KulamundaKulamunda Upper Primary School
176 ErgedaErgeda Odiya Upper Primary School
177 Lathikata-1Lathikata Upper Primary School
178 Lathikata-2Lathikata Upper Primary School
179 Lathikata-3Lathikata Upper Primary School
180 Lathikata-4Lathikata Upper Primary School
181 Lathikata-5Lathikata Upper Primary School
182 Lathikata-6Lathikata Upper Primary School
183 Lathikata-7Lathikata Block Colony Upper Primary School
184 San NuagaonNuagaon Odiya Primary School
185 TimajorTimjore Primary School
186 BalaniBolani Upper Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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