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Polling Booth in Pottangi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Pottangi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pottangi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Pottangi Assembly Constituency falls under the Pottangi Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 TentaputHigh School,Tentaput
2 KhinmungPrimary School, Khinmung
3 SurumiUpper Primary School,Surumi
4 Bilaput Primary School, Bilaput
5 HaragandaUpper Primary School, Haraganda
6 Banur Primary School, Banur
7 SemiliUpper Primary School, Semli
8 Badel Primary School, Badel
9 KantiPrimary School, Kanti
10 KhamaraUpper Primary School, Kamara
11 Masuri Primary School, Masuri
12 SilapandiSevashram, Silapandi
13 PatrapondiPrimary School, Patrapondi
14 KhujelPrimary School, Khujel
15 GulpondiPrimary School, Gulpondi
16 BadatankuaPrimary School, Badatankua
17 Cheliamunda Primary School, Cheliamunda
18 SaunipujariputUpper Primary School, Saunipujariput
19 MalibelaganUpper Primary School, Malibelagan
20 Khataput Primary School, Khataput
21 BahirpadaUpper Primary School, Bahiripada
22 Nandapur-1Upper Primary School R.No.1
23 Nandapur-2Upper Primary School R.No.1
24 KhurjiUpper Primary School, Khurji
25 KhadagpurUpper Primary School, Khadagpur
26 SemelaUpper Primary School, Semla
27 BijapurSevashram, Bijapur
28 JogiputUpper Primary School, Jogiput
29 KulabUpper Primary School, Kulab
30 PatraputUpper Primary School, Patraput
31 RajapalamaSevashram, Rajapalama
32 PodapalamaPrimary School,Podapalama
33 BadabadigaonPrimary School, Badabadigaon
34 MukhabideiUpper Primary School, Mukhabidei
35 KangaraUpper Primary School,Kangara
36 CharaganUpper Primary School,Charagan
37 PitagudaSevashram, Pitaguda
38 Subai Sebasrama, Subai
39 LuhabaUpper Primary School, Luhaba
40 GunthaputL.C.H. Building, Gunthaput
41 HadigudaUpper Primary School, Hadiguda
42 MajhiputUpper Primary School, Majhiput
43 DeulaA.W.C.Deula
44 KutugaonUpper Primary School, Kutugaon
45 DaleigudaSevashram,Daleiguda
46 RanikanaUpper Primary School,Ranikana
47 LunguriUpper Primary School, Lunguri
48 Block ColonyU.Primary School,Block Colony
49 AligamL.C.H. Building,Aligam
50 PakjholaPrimary School,Pakjhola
51 SundiputSevashram, Sundhiput
52 DudhariUpper Primary School,Dudhari
53 MarichamalPrimary School, Marichamal
54 UppermaniaM.E.School,Uppermania
55 CharangulPrimary School, Charangul
56 KudumuluPrimary School,Kudumulu
57 BhejaputPrimary School, Bhejaput
58 BhejaputPrimary School, Bhejaput
59 Nalco Sector-3Nalco C.C.(Ladies Club)
60 Nalco Sector-3Saraswati Vidya Mandir Sector-3
61 KhalpadiPrimary School, Khalpadi
62 Nalco DamanjodiCommunity Centre, R.No.1
63 Nalco Sector-1 DamanjodiCommunity Centre, R.No.1
64 Mathalput-IGovt. High School, Mathalput
65 Anlabadi-2 New ColonyPrimary School, Anlbadi R.No.2
66 Anlabadi-1 New ColonyPrimary School, Anlbadi R.No.2
67 Mathalput-IIIG.P.Office, Mathalput
68 AmbagaonPrimary School, Ambagaon
69 LitigudaUpper Primary School, Litiguda
70 AriputraghatiPrimary School, Ariputraghati
71 BhitorbhejaputUpper Primary School, B.Bhejaput
72 DumuripadarUpper Primary School, Dumuripadar
73 MalicholarL.Ch.Buiding,Malicholar
74 PalijhodipadarPrimary School,Palijhodipadar
75 PaligumandiUpper Primary School, Paligumandi
76 PutsilPrimary School,Putsil
77 KhajuripadarPrimary School,Khajuripadar
78 BadamanjariPrimary School,Badamanjari
79 KotiaSevashram,Kotia
80 UpperkantiG.P.Officeupperkanti
81 TalakantiPrimary School,Talakanti
82 PhagunsineriUpper Primary School,Phagunsineri
83 MadkarPrimary School,Madkar
84 GanjeipadarUpper Primary School,Ganjeipadar
85 GumelpadarPrimary School, Gumelpadar
86 ThuriaUpper Primary School,Thuria
87 TaupadarGovt. High School,Taupadar
88 RanasingRanasing Primary School
89 GaligabdarUpper Primary School, Galigadbar
90 KartalmaudiKartalmaudi Primary School
91 Badapadu Upper Primary School Nuagaon
92 Pottangi-1Pottangi Ex- Board Primary School
93 Pottangi-2Pottangi Ex- Board Primary School
94 LenjigudaLenjiguda Primary School
95 SipaiputSipaiput R/S
96 MaliputMaliput M.E.School
97 GelagudaPrimary School, Gelaguda
98 MalimarlaPrimary School,Malimarla
99 MalikhudiUpper Primary School,Malikhudi
100 SarisapadarUpper Primary School, Sarisapadar
101 DekaparUpper Primary School,Dekapar
102 KankadaambaPrimary School,Kankadaamba
103 DoliambaMisanskrit Schoolion Eng. Schooldoliamba
104 MalipungarL.C.H. .Building,Malipungar
105 Kunduli-1Kunduli M.E.Scholl
106 Kunduli-2Kunduli M.E.Scholl
107 BadatemaBadatema Upper Primary School
108 GadikhamaraUpper Primary School, Gadikhamra
109 MaligunjaUpper Primary School, Maligunja
110 MalidusuraUpper Primary School, Malidusura
111 RengaRenga G.P.Office
112 MalimoruaSevashram, Malimoura
113 BhairabgudaUpper Primary School, Bhairabguda
114 PatakhamaraUpper Primary School, Patakhamara
115 Kumbharlakija Primary School, Kumbharlakija
116 LekidigudaAnganwadi Centre, Lekdiguda
117 SarabatiUpper Primary School, Sarabati
118 MaliputUpper Primary School,Maliput
119 KhiluaUpper Primary School, Khilua
120 HikimputSevashram, Hikimput
121 MaradaUpper Primary School, Marada
122 Parata Primary School, Parata
123 TudukuthubaUpper Primary School, Tudukuthuba
124 KotrabaPrimary School, Kotraba
125 Mulda Primary School, Mulda
126 PetalUpper Primary School, Petal
127 BhejaUpper Primary School, Bheja
128 TaintarSevashram, Taintara
129 BaldaUpper Primary School, Balda
130 AtandaUpper Primary School, Atanda
131 ParajabadapadaPrimary School, Parajabadapada
132 Dangabir Dangabir,Upgraded High School,Parajabadapada
133 TansingUpper Primary School, Tansing
134 KantaSevashram, Kanta
135 SobhaputUpper Primary School, Sobhaput
136 TankelUpper Primary School,Tankel
137 GodiputSevashram, Godiput
138 AndargudaUpper Primary School, Andarguda
139 HatagudaHataguda Sevasram, Hataguda
140 KhudaUpper Primary School, Khuda
141 KhudubuUpper Primary School, Khudubu
142 KularsinggUpper Primary School, Kularsingh
143 SindhiputCommunity Centre, Sindhiput
144 AboradaUpper Primary School, Aborada
145 Kulabir Upper Primary School, Kulabir
146 PaduaUpper Primary School, Padua
147 PodeisingUpper Primary School, Podeisingh
148 GoluruUpper Primary School, Goluru
149 GalgondaSevashram, Galgonda
150 KirambaUpper Primary School, Kiramba
151 GumagudaUpper Primary School, Gumaguda
152 PujariputGovt. High School, D.P. Camp
153 AtubuSevashramderasubulara
154 DorasubularSevashram, Dorasbular
155 MalibhimdolUpper Primary School, Malibhimdol
156 Dumuribari Primary School, Dumuribari
157 DurubaSevashram, Duruba
158 PulikondaPrimary School, Pulikonda
159 Sariaput Primary School, Sariaput
160 HatibariUpper Primary School, Hatibari
161 ChatwaM.E.School, Chatwa
162 KondraSevashram, Kondra
163 PedadabaUpper Primary School, Pedadaba
164 AshramputAshram School, Ashramput
165 KhinbarPrimary School, Khinbar
166 PanuaPanua Primary School
167 NandakaNandaka, Sevasharm
168 KosandiUpper Primary School, Kosandi
169 RaisingSevashram, Raising
170 DarangabaPrimary School, Darangaba
171 KaladiUpper Primary School, Kaladi
172 KhemundugudaUpper Primary School, Khemunduguda
173 MaliburudaUpper Primary School, Maliburuda
174 SalabUpper Primary School, Salab
175 JangaradaJangarada Upper Primary School
176 SinganadoragudaSinganadoraguda, Upper Primary School
177 SadamSadam Sevashram
178 BadarenuBadarenu Upper Primary School
179 SambaiSambai.School
180 KusumaKusuma Upper Primary School
181 GunthaUpper Primary School, Guntha
182 PukaliPukali Sevashram
183 MaligudaMaliguda M.E.School
184 DalapatigudaDalapatiguda Primary School
185 GunthagudaGunthaguda Upper Primary School
186 SanphatuSanphatu Primary School
187 SargigudaSargiguda Primary School
188 SindheiSindhei Upper Primary School
189 PodapadarPodapadar Primary School
190 SiuraSiura Primary School
191 KarediKaredi .Primary School
192 PansumangudiPansumangudi Primary School
193 SunkiSunki M.E.School
194 MungargumiMungargumi Primary School
195 PodalgudaUpper Primary School, Podalguda
196 GangarajpurGangarajpur Upper Primary School
197 KhajurigudaKhajuriguda Primary School
198 DeopottangiDeopottangi R/S
199 KapatigudaKapatiguda Primary School
200 RajasankarRajasankar Primary School
201 MulasankarMulasankar Primary School
202 PondeiPondei Upper Primary School
203 JhankargudaJhankarguda Primary School
204 KurliPrimary School, Kurli
205 SorodaPrimary School, Soroda
206 PhulagudaPhulaguda Primary School
207 BarojBaroj R/S
208 KandiliKandili Upper Primary School
209 ChandakaChandaka Sevashram
210 PangigudaPangiguda Primary School
211 GugagudaGugaguda Ashram School
212 RajugudaRajuguda Upper Primary School
213 JodimadiliJodimadili Recreation Centre
214 LaudiLaudi Residence Sevashram
215 PutapaduPutapadu Primary School
216 TedaTeda Upper Primary School
217 PeturuM.E.School, Peturu
218 Madiliguda.Primary School, Madiliguda
219 AmpabaliUpper Primary School, Ampabali
220 OlaparuPrimary School, Olaparu
221 BadagolluruPrimary School, Badagolluru
222 TalagolluruUpper Primary School, Talagolluru
223 KotubuPrimary School, Kotubu

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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