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Polling Booth in Polasara Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Polasara

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Polasara Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Polasara Assembly Constituency falls under the Polasara Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Motabadi-1Motabadi Upper Primary School
2 Motabadi-2Motabadi Upper Primary School
3 DakarabadiDakarabadi Primary School
4 KanasukaNodal U.P.,Kanasuka
5 GudipaliGudipali Primary School
6 BethiabaradaBethiabarada Primary School
7 Gaudiaborada-1Project Upper Primary School,Gaudiaborada (E)
8 Gaudiaborada-2Project Upper Primary School,Gaudiaborada (E)
9 Sorada-1Sorada Primary School
10 Sorada-2Sorada Primary School
11 A. KaradabadiNodal Upper Primary School,A.Karadabadi
12 BanapalliProject Upper Primary School,Banapali
13 PochalundiPochalundi Primary School
14 PochalundiPochalundi Primary School
15 BishnuchakraNodal Upper Primary School,Bishnuchakra
16 RamagadRamagad Primary School
17 KadapadaProject Upper Primary School,Kadapada
18 DengapadarDengapadar Primary School
19 GhodapadaProject Upper Primary School,Ghodapada
20 ManibandhManibandh Primary School
21 AntarapadaN.U.Primary School,Antarapada
22 P. D. PurP. D. Pur Sasan Primary School
23 BelapadaBelapada Primary School
24 Talasakar-1Nodal Upper Primary School,Talasakar(N)
25 Talasakar-2Nodal Upper Primary School,Talasakar(N)
26 ThanapaliThanapali Primary School
27 GolabandhGolabandh Upper Primary School
28 ChilikhamaProject Upper Primary School,Chilikhama
29 SankuruSankuru Upper Primary School
30 KanakuturuNodal Upper Primary School,Kanakuturu
31 Gholapur-1Gholapur Primary School
32 Gholapur-2Gholapur Primary School
33 Manitara-1Nodal Upper Primary School,Manitara
34 Manitara-2Nodal Upper Primary School,Manitara
35 Manitara-3Nodal Upper Primary School,Manitara
36 TambiriProject Upper Primary School,Tambiri
37 MakarapaliMakarapalli Primary School
38 BhogadaBhogada Primary School
39 NaguduNagudu Upper Primary School
40 Adipur-1Project Upper Primary School.Adipur(N)
41 Adipur-2Project Upper Primary School.Adipur(N)
42 Betarasingi-1Betarasingi Upper Primary School
43 Betarasingi-2Betarasingi Upper Primary School
44 SolandiProject Upper Primary School,Solandi
45 Ramanda-1Ramanda Primary School
46 SubudhipalliPrimary School,Subudhipalli
47 Kholakhali-1Kholakhali Upper Primary School
48 Kholakhali-2Kholakhali Upper Primary School
49 BelapurBelapur Primary School
50 ChakarapalliChakarapalli Primary School
51 PangidiProject Upper Primary School,Pangidi
52 KanchuruKanchuru Primary School
53 ManikapurManikapur Primary School
54 JholariJholari Primary School
55 SunakeraSunakera Primary School
56 DasipurPrimary School,Dasipur
57 Sadesibapur SasanSadasibapur Sasan Primary School
58 KalambaKalamba Primary School
59 DehukaDehuka Primary School
60 Balipadar-1Nodal Upper Primary School,Balipadar(N)
61 Balipadar-2Nodal Upper Primary School,Balipadar(N)
62 Balipadar-3Balipadar Upper Primary School
63 Balipadar-4Nodal Upper Primary School,Balipadar(N)
64 EkadalEkadal Primary School
65 MahulapalliMahulapalli Upper Primary School
66 KharidaKharida Upper Primary School
67 Arakhapur-1Upper Primary School,Arakhapur(N)
68 Arakhapur-2Upper Primary School,Arakhapur(N)
69 PankalabadiPankalabadi Upper Primary School
70 TikarapadaTikarapada Primary School
71 HatipadapalliPrimary School, Hatipadapalli
72 LachhipurProject Upper Primary School,Lachipur
73 GolamundalaGolamundala Primary School
74 Buguda IBuguda Primary School
75 Buguda IBuguda Primary School
76 Buguda IIPrimary School,(N)Main Road,Buguda
77 Buguda IIPrimary School,(N)Main Road,Buguda
78 Buguda IIIPrimary School,(N)Main Road,Buguda
79 BugudaPrimary School,(N)Main Road,Buguda
80 Buguda IVPrimary School,Golasahi,Buguda
81 BugudaPrimary School,Golasahi,Buguda
82 Buguda VByaghradebi Project Upper Primary School,Buguda
83 BugudaByaghradebi Project Upper Primary School,Buguda
84 Buguda VIHarisharanapur Primary School
85 KanjiapalliKanjiapalli Primary School
86 JagatapatanaUpper Primary School,Biradhanajaya Pur Sasana
87 BiranchipurBiranchipur Upper Primary School
88 B. BerhampurB. Berhampur Primary School
89 PankalasahiPankalasahi Primary School
90 B.KaradabadiB.Karadabadi Sardar Upper Primary School
91 DadarakholProject Upper Primary School,Nuadadarakhol
92 TabhapaliTabhapali Primary School
93 Takarada-1Nodal Upper Primary School,Takarada(N)
94 Takarada-2Nodal Upper Primary School,Takarada(N)
95 MatajhariPrimary Schoolmatajhari
96 Karachuli-1Primary School,Karachuli
97 Karachuli-2Karachuli Upper Primary School (West)
98 JeakProject Upper Primary School,Jeak
99 Karasingi-1Karasingi Upper Primary School
100 Karasingi-2Karasingi Upper Primary School
101 BhabasarBhabasar Upper Primary School
102 SaradhapurPrimary Schoolsingipur
103 BhagabanapurBhagabanapur Upper Primary School
104 PanikeswarPanikeswar Project Upper Primary School
105 KatakalaKatakala Primary School
106 KadapadaKadapada Primary School
107 BhamasialiBhamasiali Upper Primary School
108 BhamasialiBhamasiali Upper Primary School
109 KuanalaKuanala Primary School
110 ChadhiapalliChadhiapalli Primary School
111 BaudiapalliPrimary School, Baudiapalli
112 Kanachhai-IIUpper Primary School , Kanachai
113 Kanachhai-IUpper Primary School , Kanachai
114 Dhunkapada-IIIUpper Primary School, Dhunkapada
115 DhunkapadaUpper Primary School, Dhunkapada
116 Dhunkapada-IICommunity Centre, Karanasahi
117 Dhunkapada-IVDhunkapada High School
118 Kendubadi-IIUpper Primary School (W) Kendubadi
119 GareijhuliGareijhuli Primary School
120 Kendubadi-IUpper Primary School (W) Kendubadi
121 KendubadiUpper Primary School Kendubadi
122 Mandara-IIIHigh School, Mandara
123 Mandara-IIUpper Primary School (N), Mandara
124 Mandara-IUpper Primary School (N), Mandara
125 Malatibadi Malatibadi Project Upper Primary School,Malatibadi
126 BhatakhalliP.Upper Primary School, Bhatakhali
127 BhatakhaliP.Upper Primary School, Bhatakhali
128 Rumagada-IUpper Primary School (W), Rumagada
129 RumagadaUpper Primary School (W), Rumagada
130 Rumagada-IIUpper Primary School (W), Rumagada
131 Sodaka-IHigh School (E), Sodaka
132 SodakaSodaka G.P Office
133 Sodaka-IIHigh School (E), Sodaka
134 Bira RaghunathpurPrimary School, Bira Raghunathpur
135 KaniapalliPrimary School, Kaniapalli
136 Golia-1Golia Primary School
137 GoliaGolia Primary School
138 Golia-2Golia Upper Primary School
139 Golia-3Golia Upper Primary School
140 KusapalliKusapalli Project Upper Primary School
141 Chirikipada-1Chirikipada Primary School
142 Chirikipada-2Chirikipada Primary School
143 PatalasingiSevashram Primary Schoolprimary School,Patalasingi
144 Pandiripada Pandiripada.Project Upper Primary School, Pandiripada
145 GochhabadiUpper Primary School (E) Gochabadi
146 GochabadiUpper Primary School (E) Gochabadi
147 Bada IchhapurPrimary School, Bada Ichapur
148 Mala BiripurPrimary School, Mala Biripur
149 ChhakeipalliPrimary School, Chhakeipalli
150 JokabandhaJokabandha Project Upper Primary School, Jokabandha
151 JokabandhaJokabandha Seva Shrama
152 Bhabarada-IIUpper Primary School (W), Bhabarada
153 Bhabarada-IUpper Primary School (W), Bhabarada
154 Chirikipada Sasan-IIIHigh School (E) Ch.Pada Sasan
155 Ch.Pada SasanCh.Pada Sasan Boys Primary School
156 Chirikipada Sasan-IIHigh School (E) Ch.Pada Sasan
157 Ch.Pada SasanBadaraj Sahi Primary School., Chirikipada Sasana
158 Chirikipada Sasan-IHigh School (E) Ch.Pada Sasan
159 BiripurP.Upper Primary School,Biripur
160 Badaponkalabadi-IUpper Primary School (W), B.P.Badi
161 Bada Ponkalabadi-IIUpper Primary School (W), B.P.Badi
162 BanaramachandrapurPrimary School, B.Ramachandrapur
163 Sana BaragamPrimary School, Sana Baragam
164 Mala Tentulia-INodal Upper Primary School,(E) Mala Tentulia
165 Mala Tentulia-IINodal Upper Primary School,(E) Mala Tentulia
166 HansaraliPrimary School, Hansarali
167 KhairachataPrimary School, Khairachata
168 NiminaP.Upper Primary School,Nimina
169 NiminaP.Upper Primary School,Nimina
170 BileijhuriPrimary School, Bileijhuri
171 JilundaPrimary School, Jilunda
172 Madhupalli-IIUpper Primary School (W), Madhupalli
173 Madhupalli-IUpper Primary School (W), Madhupalli
174 HirapalliPrimary School, Hirapalli
175 Laxmanapalli-IILaxmanapalli U.Primary School (E), Laxmanapalli
176 Laxmanpalli-ILaxmanapalli U.Primary School (E), Laxmanapalli
177 Budheisuni-IIGothali Primary School,School Gothali
178 Budhesuni-IPrimary School, Budheisuni
179 Chandi RamachandrapurPrimary School, Ch.Ramachandrapur
180 MadarangapalliPrimary School, Madarangapalli
181 ChhanchaniapalliPrimary School, Chhanchaniapalli
182 BelagamPrimary School, Belagam
183 Baghadi MadhusudanpurBaghadi Primary School, Baghadi
184 Baghadi MadhusudanpurBaghadi Primary School, Baghadi
185 BartiniUpper Primary School, Bartini
186 BartiniUpper Primary School, Bartini
187 Kuananda-IPrimary School (E) Kuananda
188 Kuananda-IIPrimary School (E) Kuananda
189 DimiriaP.Upper Primary School, Dimiria
190 DimiriaP.Upper Primary School, Dimiria
191 ManasilaPrimary School, Manasila
192 Polasara-IGopabandhu High School, Polasara
193 GopabandhuGopabandhu High School, Polasara
194 Polasara-IISecondary Trn.School (E)
195 PolasaraSecondary Trn.School (E)
196 Polasara-IIIPrimary School (Odiasahi)
197 PolasaraPrimary School (Odiasahi)
198 Polasara-IVRi Office, Polasara
199 PolasaraRi Office, Polasara
200 Polasara-VP.Upper Primary School, Sidhapur
201 Polasara-VIPrimary School (Boys), Polasara
202 PolasaraEx-Board
203 Depulapedi-ILingaraj Girls High Schol(W)Polasara
204 PolasaraEx- Board Boys Primary School Polasara
205 Deulapedi-IILingaraj Girls High Schol(W)Polasara
206 Deulapedi-IILingaraj Girls High Schol(W)Polasara
207 PatigadaPrimary School Patigada
208 PatigadaPrimary School Balighai
209 Ranipada-IIUpper Primary School (E), Ranipada
210 Ranipada-IUpper Primary School (E), Ranipada
211 Ranipada-IIIUpper Primary School (E), Ranipada
212 Ch.KrushnadaspurPrimary School, Ch.Krushnadaspur
213 Khanduru-IIP.Upper Primary School, Khanduru
214 DeulapalliPrimary School, Dulapalli
215 Khanduru-IP.Upper Primary School, Khanduru
216 ChandramadeipurPrimary School, Chndramadeipur
217 JemadeipurP.Upper Primary School (E), Jemadeipur
218 DongariPrimary School, Dongari
219 Hatiotta-IPrimary School (S), Nai Konia
220 Hatiotta-IIPrimary School (S), Nai Konia
221 HatiotPrimary School (S), Nai Konia
222 KarataliPrimary School
223 DhoyakanaP.Upper Primary School, Dhoyakana
224 Balichhai-IIGirls Primary School, Balichai
225 Balichhai-IN.Upper Primary School, Balichai
226 Ghodapalana-IU.Primary School
227 Ghodapalana-IIU.Primary School
228 Jakara-IUpper Primary School (W), Jakara
229 Jakara-IIUpper Primary School (W), Jakara
230 JenapurJenapur Primary School.Shool,
231 Kalamba-INodal Upper Primary School (E), Kalamba
232 Kalamba-IINodal Upper Primary School (E), Kalamba
233 Kalamba BadasahiKalamba Badasahi Primary School
234 Kalamba-IVObb Ground Floor Nodal Upper Primary School,Kalamba
235 RukhakanaPrimary School, Rukhakana
236 KonkaradaP.Upper Primary School, Kankarada
237 SaradhapurSaradhapur.Primary School, Saradhapur
238 UstapadaP.Upper Primary School, Ustapada
239 BantapalliPrimary School, Banthapalli
240 J.Dengapadara-IPrimary School (E), J.Dengapadar
241 J.Dengapadara-IIPrimary School (E), J.Dengapadar
242 MardarajpurP.Upper Primary School, Mardarajpur
243 Mathura-IPrimary School (W), Mathura
244 MathuraK.C H Ighigh Schoolchool Mathura
245 Mathura-IIUpper Primary School (E), Mathura
246 Mathura-IIIUpper Primary School (E), Mathura
247 Mathura Mathura P .Primary School
248 K.MuktamaladeipurPrimary School, K.M.M.Deipur

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