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Polling Booth in Paradeep Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Paradeep

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Paradeep Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Paradeep Assembly Constituency falls under the Paradeep Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BharagolPatitapaban Upper Primary School
2 AmberiAmberi-II Primary School, Amberi
3 AriloSudarshan UGME School, Arilo
4 MarjidaNANDAKISHORE Upper Primary School,MARJIDA
5 DhanuaDhanua Patkura U Girls Upper Primary School
6 PatkuraNagapura Primary School
7 AdhapatiAdhapati Primary School
8 RaghunathapurRaghunathpur Upper Primary School, Raghunathpur
9 TaratolTaratol UGME School
10 NagapuraNagapura Primary School
11 OlagadaOlagada Primary School
12 KolarJAGANNATH Primary School,KOLAR
13 JaypurKolar Jaypur Primary School,
14 MuraripurMuraripur Primary School
15 SamantarapurMula Samantarapur Primary School,
16 BilashapurBilashapur Primary School, Bilashpur
17 KulasamantarapurKulasamantarapur Primary School
19 SirastaSirasta Upper Primary School, Sirasta
20 PoragadeiRADHAGOVINDA BAMAN Upper Primary School (E),PORAGADEI
21 RanitolaRanitola Primary School, Ranitola
22 BaulangaRADHAGOVINDA BAMAN Upper Primary School (E),PORAGADEI
23 JoganiaJogania Primary School
24 AnupalaAnupala Primary School, Anupala
25 KathakotKathakot Upper Primary School
26 BanasaraGobardhanapur Upper Primary School
27 GobardhanapurGobardhanapur Upper Primary School
28 KhosalapurKhosalapur Primary School
29 SomepurSomepur Primary School
30 HansuraHansura M.E. School
31 AnoliAnoli Primary School
32 SaraliSarali Primary School
33 BadabalikaniBadabalikani Upper Primary School
34 SanabalikaniSanabalikani Primary School
35 Chowdhury KudChowdhurykud Kalikuda Primary School
36 SiundiKrushanachandra Bidiyapitha Ganeswarpur
37 TalapadaBarundi Upper Primary School
38 Teramanapur-1Teramanapur Primary School
39 Teramanapur-2Teramanapur Primary School
40 MuthapadaMuthapada Primary School
41 NaliapalapatanaChandradhojapur Primary School
42 Raigan-2Raigan Upper Primary School, Raigan(W)
43 SailoSailo Upper Primary School
44 ChhotibarChhotibar UP. School, Chhotibar
45 BeheradaSapta Bhagini Bidya Mandir
46 KhuntalaKhuntala Upper Primary School
47 Banito -1Banito Primary School
48 Banito-2Banito Primary School
49 SarakhiSarakhi Primary School, Sarakhi
50 DagarapadaDagarapada UGME School
51 ManijangaManijanga Upper Primary School
52 JadatiraJadatira Primary School
53 Sujauddin Nagar PatanaSujauddin Nagar Patana Primary School,Sujauddin Nagar Patana
54 AradaArada Primary School,Arada
55 PipalamadhabPipalamadhab Primary School,Pipalmadhab
56 MahamadabadMahamadabad Primary School, Mahamadabad
57 BatiloBatilo Primary School,Batilo
58 BandhabatiBandhabati Primary School, Bandhabati
59 KaudiabareiKaudiabarei Primary School, Kaudiabarei
60 NimakanaNimakana Upper Primary School
61 BikipurBikipur Primary School, Bikipur
62 Gobinda MohantyOUPADA Primary School,Govinda Mohanty
63 AriloLAXMINARAYAN Upper Primary School, Arilo
64 GopalpurOupada Primary School,Govinda Mohanty
65 OtalKhadal Primary School
66 KhadalKhadal Primary School
67 Bodhei -1Bodhei UGME School
68 Bodhei -1Bodhei UGME School
69 Gorad (P)Gorad Upper Primary School, Gorad
70 GoradGorad Upper Primary School, Gorad
71 ChatolChatol Primary School
72 SinindaHarianta Upper Primary School
73 HatikenaHatikena Upper Primary School
74 BalangaBalanga Primary School, Balanga
75 NapangaNapanga Upper Primary School
76 AdhankuraAdhankura Primary School
77 Pandua -1Pandua Upper Primary School
78 Pandua -2Pandua Upper Primary School
79 Pandua -3Pandua ME School
80 KoshtiKosti Mundida Upper Primary School
81 Alu KholangaAlu Kholanga Primary School
82 NaliapalNaliapal Primary School
83 BibachhapurBibachhapur Primary School, Bibachhapur
84 LathangaSekhareswar Sanskrit Tole
85 GareiGarei Sasan Upper Primary School
86 SirolSirol Upper Primary School, Sirol
87 TalapadaBarundi Upper Primary School
88 OkalaOkala Upper Primary School
89 Bhaanra KolaBhannra Kola Primary School, Bhannra Kola
90 PotanaiDaradia Potanai Primary School
91 Repur PatanaRepur Patana Upper Primary School
92 DaradiaDaradia Potanai Primary School
93 ChandapatChandapat Upper Primary School
94 BharaloBharalo Upper Primary School
95 ChandapurChandapur Upper Primary School
96 BanikundaBanikunda Upper Primary School
97 Pankapal-1Pankapal Upper Primary School
98 Pankapal-2Pankapal Upper Primary School
99 BadapalAgapal ME School
100 KaladipAgapal ME School
101 TaladandaTaladanda Upper Primary School
102 GaurapadaGaurapada Primary School
103 AgapalAgapal Upper Primary School
104 PaikastaPaikasta Upper Primary School
105 PahanaPahana Primary School
106 ArakhiaArakhia Upper Primary School
107 TenteikudTenteikud Upper Primary School
108 Jilanasi-1Jilanasi Upper Primary School
109 Jilanasi-2Jilanasi Upper Primary School
110 Jayashankhapur (Part)Jayashankhapur Primary School
111 Tentulia KhamarTentulia Khamar Upper Primary School
112 SaharadiaSaharadia Upper Primary School
113 KothiasahiKothiasahi Upper Primary School
114 SandhapurSandhapur Primary School
115 CharadiaCharadia Primary School
116 Kujanga-1B.B. High School
117 Kujanga-2B.B. High School
118 KujangaB.B. High School
119 BalaramapurNuasahi Upper Primary School
120 BalaramapurNuasahi Upper Primary School
121 Balarampur Nuasahi-1Nuasahi Upper Primary School
122 BadabandhBadabandha Primary School
123 PatapurPatapur Upper Primary School
124 Panapalli-1Panapalli Upper Primary School
125 Panapalli-2Panapalli Upper Primary School
126 MallipuraMallipur Red CroSanskrit School Building
127 BaliaBalia Upper Primary School
128 PariangaParianga Primary School
129 BadangaBadanga Primary School
130 MalhasahiMadan Mohan Toll, Malhasahi
131 KaratuthaKaratutha UGME School
132 TentuliaTentulia Primary School
133 BorikhiBorikhi Upper Primary School
134 BaulangaBaulanga Primary School
135 BalipariBalipari Primary School
136 BagoiBagoi UGME School
137 Gopiakud-1Gopiakud Primary School
138 Gopiakud-2Gopiakud G.P. Office
139 Gopiakud-3Gopiakud Primary School
140 Gopiakud-4Gopiakud Primary School
141 Gandakipur-1Pangara Upper Primary School
142 Gandakipur-2Pangara Upper Primary School
143 KochilabediR.N. Jew Upper Primary School, Kochilabedi
144 GandakipurGandakipur Upper Primary School
145 Santara-1Santara Upper Primary School
146 Santara-2Santara Upper Primary School
147 Hasina-1Hasina Upper Primary School
148 Hasina-2Baladevjew High School
149 Duadia-1Duadia Upper Primary School
150 Duadia-2Duadia Upper Primary School
151 Shamagol-1Basudev Primary School, Samagol
152 Shamagol-2Basudev Primary School, Samagol
153 Mangarajapur-1Mangarajapur M.E. School
154 Mangarajapur-2Mangarajapur M.E. School
155 PhatepurPhatepur Upper Primary School
156 KharigothKharigoth Upper Primary School
157 PratapapurPratappur Upper Primary School
158 Biswali-1Biswali Upper Primary School
159 Biswali-2Biswali Upper Primary School
160 PitambarapurPitambarapur Upper Primary School
161 KoladiaKoladia Primary School
162 NarendrapurNarendrapur Upper Primary School
163 BalidiaBalidia Upper Primary School
164 SingitaliSingitali Primary School
165 NuagadNuagad Upper Primary School
166 MusadiaMusadia Upper Primary School
167 BijayachandapurBijayachand Primary School
168 ChakradharapurChakradharapur Upper Primary School
169 Paradwipagad-1Paradwipagad U. Girls Upper Primary School
170 Paradwipagad-2Paradwipagad U. Girls Upper Primary School
171 Paradwipagad-3Paradwipagad Upper Primary School
172 ChunabelariChunabelari Primary School
173 NimidihNimidih Primary School
174 KatakulaKatakula Primary School
175 BagadiaNuasahi Bagadia Upper Primary School
176 BagadiaNuasahi Bagadia Upper Primary School
177 RangiagadRangiagad Primary School
178 SijuSiju Upper Primary School
179 KothiRaghunathjew High School, Kothi
180 JhimaniGangadharpur Primary School
181 Jhimanijhimani Upper Primary School
182 NunukuaUchhabanandapur Primary School
183 UchhabanandapurUchhabanandapur Primary School
184 Bhutumundai-1Paradip Port High School
185 JagatiJagati Primary School
186 Bhutumundai-2Paradip Port High School
187 Bhutamundari-3Paradip Port High School
188 PipalPipal UGME School
189 Pipal-1Barei Primary School
190 Bhitaragada-1Municipal Upper Primary School, Bhitaragad
191 Bhitaragada-2Municipal Upper Primary School, Bhitaragad
192 Paradeep-1D.A.V Public School P.P.L
193 Paradeep-2D.A.V Public School P.P.L
194 Paradeep-3D.A.V Public School P.P.L
195 Atharabanki-1Cyclone shelter(E),Balijhara,Atharabanki
196 Atharabanki-2Cyclone shelter(E),Balijhara,Atharabanki
197 Atharabanki-3Cyclone shelter(E),Balijhara,Atharabanki
198 Atharabanki-4Maa Ambika High School
199 Atharabanki-5Atharabanki M.E. School
200 Atharabanki-6Maa Ambika High School
201 Atharabanki-7Maa Ambika Upper Primary School
202 Atharabanki-8Sitaram Saraswata Upper Primary School
203 Atharabanki-9Sitaram Saraswata Primary School
204 Paradeep-4Nabapravat Sishu Vidya Mandir
205 Paradeep-5Maa Mangala Mahila Samiti
206 Paradeep-6Paradeep Literacy Bhawan, Plot No-2
207 Paradeep-7Cyclone Shelter
208 Paradeep-8Bisramunda M.E. School
209 Paradeep-9Bisramunda M.E. School
210 Paradeep-10C.L.R. Plot Literacy Bhawan
211 Paradeep-11Bisramunda M.E. School
212 Paradeep-12Municipal High School
213 Paradeep-13Madhuban M.E. School
214 Paradeep-14Madhuban M.E. School
215 Paradeep-15Municipal High School
216 Paradeep-16Municipal High School
217 Paradeep-17Municipal High School
218 Paradeep-18Noliasahi Primary School
219 Paradeep-19Noliasahi Telugu School
220 Paradeep-20Noliasahi Primary School
221 Paradeep-21Noliasahi Primary School
222 Paradeep-22Noliasahi Primary School
223 Paradeep-23Mukteswar Primary School
224 Paradeep-24Mukteswar Primary School
225 Paradeep-25Saraswati Sishu Mandir
226 Paradeep-26Kendriya Vidyalaya Primary School.Section
227 Paradeep-27Kendriya Vidyalaya Primary School.Section
228 Paradeep-28Saraswati Sishu Mandir
229 Paradeep-29Saraswati Sishu Mandir
230 Paradeep-30Saraswati Sishu Mandir
231 Nehru BangalaSector-21 Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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