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Polling Booth in Nuapada Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nuapada

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nuapada Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nuapada Assembly Constituency falls under the Nuapada Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 AmodiPrimary School, Amodi
2 TamkidadarPrimary School, Tamkidadar
3 BhaleswarUpper Primary School, Bhaleswar
4 BakharmalPrimary School, Bakharmal
5 Beltukri-1Primary School, Beltukri
6 Beltukri-2Primary School, Beltukri
7 SaraipaliPrimary School, Saraipali
8 GudapataraPrimary School, Gudapatara
9 PandripaniPrimary School, Pandripani
10 NegipaliPrimary School, Negipali
11 JhitikiPrimary School, Jhitiki
12 BisoraUpper Primary School, Bisora
13 SardhapurPrimary School, Sardhapur
14 KadomeriPrimary School, Kadomeri
15 SinghpurPrimary School, Singhpur
16 MasankundaUpper Primary School, Masankunda
17 DhanoraUpper Primary School, Dhanora
18 BabankeraPrimary School, Babankera
19 LukupaliPrimary School, Lukupali
20 ChingarasararPrimary School, Chingarasarar
21 SemeriaPrimary School, Semeria
22 BhusudiPrimary School, Bhusudi
23 ParkodPrimary School, Parkod
24 BalodaPrimary School, Baloda
25 GaharendihiPrimary School, Gaharendihi
26 SenbhataPrimary School, Senbhata
27 BhothaPrimary School, Bhotha
28 KuliabandhaUpper Primary School, Kuliabandha
29 Bhanpur-IUpper Primary School Room No.1, Bhanpur
30 Bhanpur-IIUpper Primary School Room No.1, Bhanpur
31 RanidarhaRanidarha Primary School
32 ChhindapaniPrimary School, Chhindapani
33 ChichiripaniPrimary School, Chichiripani
34 BiromalSevashram, Biromal
35 BiromalProject Primary School Biromal
36 DarlinuapadaPrimary School, Darlinuapada
37 JamuliPrimary School, Jamuli
38 BhainsatalPrimary School, Bhainsatal
39 MahatamtoraPrimary School, Mahatamtora
40 BudhipaliPrimary School, Budhipali
41 AmalidadarProject Upper Primary School, Amalidadar
42 JenjeraUpper Primary School, Jenjera
43 BeheradihiPrimary School, Beheradihi
44 PalsabhadarPrimary School, Palsabhadar
45 Khariar Road-IUpper Primary School, Mundagaon
46 Khariar Road-IISaraswati High School Room No.1, Khariar Road
47 Khariar RoadSaraswati High School, Khariar Road
48 Khariar Road-IIISaraswati High School Room No.1, Khariar Road
49 Khariar Road-IVDatatraya Upper Primary School Room No.1, Khariar Road
50 Khariar Road-VDatatraya Upper Primary School Room No.1, Khariar Road
51 Khariar Road-VINandaram Rawal Primary School, Khariar Road
52 Khariar Road-VIIEkalabya Model School,Khariar Road
53 Khariar Road-VIIIPatel Nagar Primary School Room No.1, Khariar Road
54 Khariar Road-IXPatel Nagar Primary School Room No.1, Khariar Road
55 Patel NagarPatel Nagar Primary School Room No.1, Khariar Road
56 Khariar Road-XMograpali Upper Primary School, Khariar Road
57 Khariar Road -XIDumerdihi Primary School, Khariar Road
58 GotmaPrimary School, Gotma
59 KalyanpurPrimary School, Kalyanpur
60 AmsenaPrimary School, Amsena
61 ChanabedaPrimary School, Chanabeda
62 ThelkobedaPrimary School, Thelkobeda
63 SalihaSevashram, Saliha
64 JhalbahalPrimary School, Jhalbahal
65 KodomeriNodal Netaji Upper Primary School, Kadomeri
66 ChuhuriPrimary School, Chuhuri
67 BoirbhadiProject Upper Primary School, Boirbhadi
68 KermeliProject Upper Primary School, Kermeli (Bindhamundi)
69 SaraipaliPrimary School, Saraipali
70 MagurpaniPrimary School, Magurpani
71 JampaniPrimary School, Jampani
72 TongopaniPrimary School, Tongopani
73 DarlimundaUpper Primary School, Darlimunda
74 KhaliapaniPrimary School, Khaliapani
75 Sahipala-IPrimary School, Sahipala
76 Sahipala-IIIPrimary School, Sahipala
77 Sahipala-IIPrimary School, Salepada
78 PipalchhendiPrimary School, Pipalchhendi
79 KhairaniPrimary School, Khairani
80 JamdarahaPrimary School, Jamdaraha
81 AnlajubaPrimary School, Anlajuba
82 KotenchuanKanyasaram, Kotenchuan
83 ChhelilendiPrimary School, Chhelilendi
84 SialatiPrimary School, Sialati
85 ParaskholUpper Primary School Paraskhol
86 TileijharPrimary School, Tileijhar
87 PagarpaniPrimary School, Pagarpani
88 JunaniPrimary School, Junani
89 GodfulaPrimary School, Godfula
90 ParsabudaPrimary School, Parsabuda
91 BheraProject Upper Primary School, Bhera(Kala)
92 HanspuriHanspuri Primary School
93 Rajpurnuapada-IBoys Upper Primary School Room No.1, Nuapada
94 Rajpurnuapada-IIBoys Upper Primary School Room No.1, Nuapada
95 RajpurnuapadaBoys Upper Primary School , Nuapada
96 Nuapada-IIINational High School, Nuapada
97 Nuapada-IVGirls Upper Primary School, Nuapada
98 SalebhataPrimary School, Salebhata
99 Sirtol-IPrimary School Room No.1, Sirtol
100 SirtolColony Primary School , Nuapada
101 Sirtol-IIPrimary School Room No.1, Sirtol
102 SakhatoraPrimary School, Sakhatora
103 GadtorPrimary School, Gadtor
104 DumerpaniPrimary School, Dumerpani
105 KoldaPrimary School, Kolda
106 SildaProject Upper Primary School, Silda
107 HaldiPrimary School, Haldi
108 NandapurPrimary School, Nandapur
109 BhajipalaPrimary School, Bhajipala
110 BhainsmundiPrimary School, Bhainsmundi
111 RatapaliPrimary School, Ratapali
112 SarabongPrimary School, Sarabong
113 Sarabong-2Primary School, Sarabong
114 PawaratolaPrimary School, Pawartola
115 PatalghutkuriPrimary School, Patalghutkuri
116 KhalanaPrimary School, Khalana
117 BrahmaniPrimary School, Brahmani
118 BhainsadarahaPrimary School, Bhainsadaraha
119 GidhinipaniPrimary School, Gidhinipani
120 AmanaraUppe Primary School, Amanara
121 MoharadihiPrimary School, Moharadihi
122 DalipakhanaUpper Primary School, Dalipakhana
123 KendubaharaUpgradded Upper English School, Kendubahara
124 SirigidiPrimary School, Sirigidi
125 MotanuapadaPrimary School, Motanuapada
126 KukudatalPrimary School, Kukudatal
127 TorraUpper Primary School, Torra
128 KukurimundiSevashram, Kukurimundi
129 KalmidadarProject Upper Primary School, Kalmidadar
130 BhainsadadarPrimary School, Bhainsadadar
131 SupuliPrimary School, Supuli
132 SetjamapaniPrimary School, Setjamapani
133 Pandripani-IPrimary School Room No.1, Pandripani
134 GangadigarhPrimary School Gangadigarh
135 KodopaliPrimary School, Kodopali
136 Dharambandha-IUpper Primary School, Dharambandha
137 Dharambandha-IINodal Uppe Primary School, Dharambandha
138 Dharambandha-IIIIndira Abas Primary School, Dharambandha
139 ChulabhatProject Upper Primary School, Chulabhat
140 BharuamundaPrimary School, Bharuamunda
141 LodraPrimary School, Lodra
142 KatingpaniPrimary School, Katingpani
143 KhutbanbheraPrimary School, Khutbanbhera
144 PatoraProject Upper Primary School, Patora
145 PanchampurGovt. Ashram School, Panchampur
146 LanjimarPrimary School, Lanjimar
147 KarchulPrimary School, Karchul
148 Sadhu PandripaniPrimary School, Sadhu Pandripani
149 MaulibhataPrimary School, Maulibhata
150 MahuabhataPrimary School, Mahuabhata
151 DianmundaPrimary School, Dianmunda
152 JhilmilaPrimary School, Jhilmila
153 RatipaliPrimary School, Ratipali
154 Tanwat-IPrimary School Room No.1, Tanwat
155 Tanwat-IIPrimary School Room No.1, Tanwat
156 DhamanpuriPrimary School, Dhamanpuri
157 GobaraPrimary School, Gobara
158 KermeliPrimary School, Kermeli
159 GolabandhGolabandh Sevashram
160 LimdihiProject Upper Primary School, Limdihi
161 KusdahanaPrimary School, Kusdahana
162 ChohokopadaPrimary School, Choukpada
163 KurumpuriUpper Primary School, Kurumpuri
164 BhojapurghatiPrimary School,Bhojapurghati
165 DaldaliProject Upper Primary School, Daldali
166 SamarsinghNodal Upper Primary School, Samarsingh
167 TenganabasaUpper Primary School, Tenganabasa
168 Silva-IProject Upper Primary School Room No.1, Silva
169 Silva-IIProject Upper Primary School Room No.1, Silva
170 ChhindapaniProject Upper Primary School, Chhindapani
171 PatparpaliUpper Primary School, Patparpali
172 BhurkadhodaPrimary School, Bhurkadhoda
173 Mundapala-IPrimary School, Mundapala
174 Mundapala-IIPrimary School, Mundapala
175 Lakhna-INodal Upper Primary School,Lakhana
176 Lakhna-IIPrimary School, Lakhana
177 Lakhna-IIIPrimary School, Kukurimundi
178 Lakhna-IVProject Upper Primary School, Muribahal
179 BangamundaProject Upper Primary School, Bangamunda
180 SuabahalProject Upper Primary School, Suabahal
181 SukulimundiUpper Primary School, Sukulimundi
182 BabupaliUpper Primary School, Babupali
183 MendhatalUpper Primary School, Mendhatal
184 DangarpadaDangarpada Primary School
185 ThikpaliPrimary School, Thikpali
186 SemelpaliProject Upper Primary School, Semelpali
187 GandamerPrimary School, Gandamer
188 LarkiSevashram, Larki
189 DanojhalaProject Upper Primary School, Danojhala
190 Kantapaliproject Upper Primary School, Kantapali
191 Jatgarh-IProject Upper Primary School Room No.1, Jatgarh
192 Jatgarh-IIProject Upper Primary School Room No.1, Jatgarh
193 Sahajat-ISahajat Sebashram
194 Sahajat-IIPrimary School Gadgadbahali
195 Tarbod-IUpper Primary School Room No.1, Tarbod
196 Tarbod-IIIColony Primary School Tarbod
197 Tarbod-IIUpper Primary School Room No.1, Tarbod
198 PalsipaniProject Upper Primary School, Palsipani
199 KasipalaProject Upper Primary School, Kasipala
200 DiamundaUpper Primary School, Diamunda
201 LatkanpadaProject Upper Primary School, Latkanpada
202 KarangabhataPrimary School, Karangabhata
203 BagamundaUpper Primary School, Bagamunda
204 HatisaraProject Upper Primary School, Hatisara
205 SiallatiUpper Primary School, Siallati
206 BhalukonaBhalukona Primary School, Bhalukona
207 BelardanaUpper Primary School, Belardana
208 SiletpaniUpper Primary School, Siletpani
209 KholigaonSebashram School , Kholigaon
210 HaluapaliA.W Centre ,Haluapali
211 MichhapaliSevashram, Michhapali
212 KhambahiProject Upper Primary School, Khambahi
213 BisibahalUpper Primary School, Bisibahal
214 ThongoProject Upper Primary School, Thongo
215 IchhapurPrimary School, Ichhapur
216 KumutimundaUpper Primary School, Kumutimunda
217 JandramundaProject Upper Primary School, Jandramunda
218 Jhagrahi-IPrimary School, Jhagrahi
219 Jhagrahi-IIPrimary School Kotribal
220 BarandapatProject Upper Primary School, Barandapat
221 ChhataUpper Primary School, Chhata
222 DhorlamundaProject Upper Primary School, Dhorlamunda
223 Bhela-IPrimary School, Bhela
224 Bhela-IIDr. Katju High School, Bhela
225 KrishnaProject Upper Primary School, Krishna
226 AgrenUpper Primary School, Agren
227 GoijoreProject Upper Primary School, Goijore
228 RaghupaliPrimary School, Raghupali
229 UlvaUpper Primary School, Ulva
230 BaghamundaPrimary School, Baghamunda
231 SolabandhaPrimary School, Solabandha
232 RengUpper Primary School, Reng
233 KureswarPrimary School, Kureswar
234 Kureswar-IIPrimary School Udyanbandh
235 JadamundaProjcet Upper Primary School, Jadamunda
236 KhairbhadiPrimary School, Khairbhadi
237 DarlipadaSevashram, Darlipada
238 DumerpaniPrimary School, Dumerpani
239 ManigudaPrimary School, Maniguda
240 GaniariPrimary School, Ganiari
241 SihinamundaPrimary School, Sihinamunda
242 Kandetara-ISevashram Room No.1, Kandetara
243 Kandetara-IISevashram Room No.1, Kandetara
244 Kandetara-IIIPrimary School Lalbhata
245 DhumabhataPrimary School, Dhumabhata
246 MusapaliPrimary School, Musapali
247 Nuagaon-IIUpper Primary School, Nuagaon
248 Nuagaon-IIUpper Primary School, Nuagaon
249 ThutibarSevashram, Thutibar
250 KalimatiProject Upper Primary School, Kalimati
251 KamkedaSevashram, Kamkeda
252 DungripaliPrimary School, Dungripali
253 JethupaliProject Upper Primary School, Jethupali
254 BudhikomnaPrimary School, Budhikomna
255 JalamkataPrimary School, Jalamkata
256 PandrapatharProject Upper Primary School, Pandrapathar
257 DohelpadaPrimary School, Dohelpada
258 TikrapadaPrimary School, Tikrapada
259 MahulbhataProject Upper Primary School, Mahulbhata
260 AnupgarhPrimary School, Anupgarh
261 SosengSevashram, Soseng
262 DeosilProject Upper Primary School, Deosil
263 BhaosilPrimary School, Bhaosil
264 SunabedaAshram, Sunabeda
265 JamgaonProject Upper Primary School, Jamgaon
266 GatibedaUpper Primary School, Gatibeda
267 Deodarah-IProject Upper Primary School, Deodarah
268 Deodarah-IIUpper Primary School, Malpada
269 DhanrabhataProject Upper Primary School, Dhanrabhata
270 RajanaUpper Primary School, Rajana
271 BelgaonAshram, Belgaon
272 SanbahaliPrimary School, Sanbahali
273 KalimatiPrimary School, Rajana(Room No-2)
274 JhalakusumCommunity Centre ,Latajharan
275 KonabiraNodal Upper Primary School, Konabira
276 DumerbahalProject Upper Primary School, Dumerbahal
277 BodachhaparPrimary School, Bodachhapar
278 Komna-IJita Mitra High School Room No.1, Komna
279 Komna-IIJita Mitra High School Room No.1, Komna
280 Komna-IIIBoys Primary School, Komna
281 Komna-IVBoys Primary School, Komna
282 PoinrUpper Primary School, Poinr
283 GhotasarProject Upper Primary School, Ghotsar
284 BileianjoreProject Upper Primary School, Bileianjore
285 PandelbahaliProject Upper Primary School, Pandelbahali
286 BirunapadarPrimaray School Birunpadar
287 Pendrawan-IUpper Primary School, Pendarawan
288 Pendrawan-IIUpper Primary School, Pendarawan
289 BahabalPrimary School, Bahabal
290 DharamsagarProject Upper Primary School, Dharamsagar
291 HaripurPrimary School, Haripur
292 ChandopalaProject Upper Primary School, Chandopala

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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