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Polling Booth in Nilgiri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nilgiri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nilgiri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nilgiri Assembly Constituency falls under the Nilgiri Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BhandaganBhandagan Primary School
2 BadapalasaBadapalasa Primary School
3 SaladaharSaladahara AWC
4 UparadihaDhubuni Primary School.
5 ArabandhArabandha U. Girls Upper Primary School
6 BaurioraBauriora Primary School
7 TentuliaTentulia U. Girls Upper Primary School
8 MatialiMatiali Primary School
9 MatialiMatiali Primary School
10 MatialiSripati Sevashra
11 PurunaganPurunagan Primary School
12 TinideshTindesh Primary School
13 NarasinghpurNarsinghpur Nodal Upper Primary School
14 BalipalBalipal U. Girls Upper Primary School
15 DurgapurDurgapur U. Girls Upper Primary School
16 KansaKansa UPME
17 KansaKansa Primary School
18 SangrampurSangrampur UPPrimary SchoolME
19 RadhakishorpurRadhakishorepur Primary School
20 PundalPundal Primary School
21 DumagandiraDumagandira U Girls Upper Primary School
22 TotapadaTotapada Primary School
23 BeguniaBegunia UPPrimary SchoolME
24 KalyaniKalyani Primary School
25 SingiriSingiri Primary School
26 KathapalKathapal U. Girls Upper Primary School
27 BadiaBadia Primary School
28 AjodhyaAjodhya High School
29 AjodhyaAjodhya UPME
30 BaliajharBalijhara Sevashram
31 TulasidihaTulasidiha Primary School
32 NaranpurNaranpur UPME
33 NaranpurNaranpur Primary School
34 NatapadaNatapada Primary School
35 DalimpalDalimbapal U. Girls Upper Primary School
36 BhogadiaBhogodia Residential Primary School
37 BerhampurBerhampur Primary School
38 DharampurDharampur Nodal Upper Primary School
39 IsanendiIsanendi Primary School
40 BaunsapalBausapal Primary School
41 BhalukaposiBhalukaposi UPME
42 PithahataPithahota Nodal Upper Primary School
43 SananuaganSananuagan Primary School
44 ChapalsahiChapalasahi Primary School
45 GabapalGobindachandra Nodal Upper Primary School.
46 BadheipalaBadheipal Primary School
47 RissiaJighi UP
48 TaratariTaratari Chandigada Upper Primary School
49 ChhatrapurChhatrapur Nodal U P School
50 TelipalTelipal Ashram
51 ChhatrapurChhatrapur Primary School
52 TelipalTelipal Ashram
53 BankisahiBankisahi Primary School
54 AnlapalAnlapal U.Upper Primary School
55 ChekamaraChekamara Primary School, Chekamara
56 GaradihiGaradihi Primary School
57 KalakadKalakad UGUP. School
58 KunchibaniaKunchibania Primary School
59 TendaTenda Sevashram
60 BankisulBankisol Sevashram
61 KusumiaKusumia Primary School
62 SajanagarhBhudarchandi High School
63 SajanagarhBhudarchandi High School
64 JamudihiJamudiha AWC
65 JadidaPrahallad Upper Primary School ,Jadida
66 JadidaJadida GP Office
67 JamudihaJamudiha U. Girls Upper Primary School,Jamudiha
68 JamudihaJamudiha GP Office
69 JamudihaJamudiha U. Girls Upper Primary School,Jamudiha
70 BadabilBadabil Primary School
71 BanabhuinBanabhuin High School
72 JadibaliJadibalai UPME
73 KudumipalKudumipal Primary School
74 DemburaghatiDemburaghati Primary School, School
75 MahisapataMahisapata U Girls Upper Primary School
76 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School
77 PatanaPatna Nodal U.P . School
78 Mitrapur (K.PmahalChachaji High School,Mitrapur
79 Kuanarpur LakharajMitrapur Nodal Upper Primary School
80 ChatrikhuntaChatrikhunta Primary School
81 ChandipurChatrikhunta Primary School
82 GobardhanpurGobardhanpur UGUP
83 KathagochhiKathagochhi UUpper Primary School
84 KendukhuntaRadhakrushna Nodal Upper Primary School
85 KantabaniaKantabania AWC
86 DhobasilaDhobsila U. Girls Upper Primary School,Dhobasila
87 DhobasilaDhobsila Primary SchoolME
88 GopinathapurGopinath UPME School
89 RaiganRaigan Primary School
90 KahaliaKahalia Primary School
91 KahaliaSimulia Primary School
92 KahaliaBanshidhara UPME
93 BaligohiriBaligohiri Primary School
94 SanaataSanaata Primary School
95 SanaataSanaata Primary School
96 MiriginiMirgini Upgraded Upper Primary School
97 NizagarhNizgarh Boys Primary School
98 NizagarhNilgiri Govt. Girls High School
99 NizagarhPanabaraja Primary School
100 JagannathpurJaganathpur Primary School
101 BabandhSiadimal UP
102 BabandhSiadimal U. Girls Upper Primary School
103 BeteiBetei Primary School.
104 GadasahiGadasahi Sevashram
105 KusunadaspurKusunadaspur Nodal Upper Primary School, Kusunadaspur
106 Ray RamachandrapurSaraswati Nodal UPME School
107 MahisadaliKetakijhara Primary School
108 PaikapadaPaikapada High School
109 KaspaKaspa Primary School
110 NaranpurNarayanpur Primary School
111 LunipadaLunipada U Girls Upper Primary School, Lunipada
112 BanguruBanguru U. Girls Upper Primary School,Banguru
113 FatepurFatepur Nodal Upper Primary School,Fatepur,(N)
114 BasudeipurFatepur Nodal Upper Primary School,Fatepur,(N)
115 Ray RamachandrapurRayaramchandrapur Primary School
116 JagannathpurJaganathpur Primary School
117 TalakiaTalakia U Girls Upper Primary School, Talakia
118 JalapankaOupada Govt.Upper Primary School Oupada
119 MatigadaMatigada sanskrit tool
120 DarakholiDorkholi Nodal Upper Primary School
121 PratappurPratappur Nodal Upper Primary School,Pratappur
122 PratappurPratappur Nodal Upper Primary School
123 JanikapalJanakipal Primary School
124 JanikapalJanakipal Primary School
125 MahulagadiaMahulagadia Primary School
126 AghirapadaPatrasahi Primary School
127 KamarapalKamarapal Nodal Upper Primary School,Kamarapal
128 AghasulAghasul Primary School
129 BadapokhariDantur UPME,GP-Badapokhori
130 BadapokhariDantur Primary School,GP-Badapokhori
131 BalimundaliBalimunduli Primary School
132 DaripokhariDaripokhori Primary School
133 BadhiBudakhunta UP,GP-Badapokhori
134 BudakhuntaBudakhunta Primary School.
135 HatikholiaHatikholia Primary School
136 MukundapurMukundapur Upper Primary School
137 BaulagadiaBaulagadia Nodal Upper Primary School
138 NimagadiaNimagadia Primary School
139 TaratuaTartua UP
140 AndaraAndra Primary School
141 BhimeiBhimei Sevashram
142 BahabalapurBahabalapur U Girls Upper Primary School,Bahabalpur
143 BahabalapurPinchhabania Primary School, Pinchhabania
144 KandagaradiKandagaradi Primary School.
145 IswarapurIswarpur Primary School
146 BankipadaBankipada Primary School
147 KandagaradiKandagaradi Primary School.
148 MadhukarakhuntaKailash Ch.Primary School
149 AnkurakhuntaAnkurkhunta Primary School
150 SantragadiaSantragadia High School,Santaragadia
151 SrideipurSrideipur Primary School,Srideipur
152 SantaragadiaSantragadia Primary School
153 NayapatanaNayapatana Primary School
154 BarudakhanaBarudakhana Primary School
155 AstiaAstia Primary School
156 RaulakhuntaRaulkhunta Primary School
157 AstiaAstia Upper Primary School.Astia
158 ShyamasundarpurShyamsundarpur Primary School
159 ShyamasundarpurPanchalingeswar High School
160 KanthiatikariKanthiatikara U.Upper Primary School
161 PatapurPatapur Primary School,
162 ManagadMangad Primary School
163 BaunsabaniaSanpatpur High School,Sanpatpur
164 BalioraBaliora U Girls Upper Primary School,Baliora
165 PratapadaPratapada Nodal Upper Primary School,Pratapada
166 GobindpurGovindpur U Girls Upper Primary School,Gobindapur
167 ChasakhandaChasakhand Primary School
168 GangapuraGangapur Primary School
169 South NarasingapurS.Narsinghapur U. Girls Upper Primary School,S.Narsinghapur
170 OladangaOldang Primary School
171 RajnagarRajnagar Primary School
172 TeliapadaTeliapada Primary School
173 PadaganAPME School (N)Padagan
174 PadaganAPME School (N)Padagan
175 MulakudaiMulakudai Primary School
176 SuthangaSuthanga UP
177 KhantapadaKhantapada Girls High School,Khantapada
178 KhantapadaKantapada High School
179 KhantapadaKhantapada High School
180 RamanagarCRC Building Ramnagar
181 ChitapadaChitapada CRC Building
182 AlasuanAlasuan UGME
183 DalingiaDalingia UP
184 KasabajayapurKasbajaypur ME School
185 ChatrapurChhatrapur UP
186 KasabajayapurKasbajaypur High School
187 KasabajayapurKasbajaypur High School
188 AtapurAtapur Primary School
189 ChakajagannathapurChakajaganathpur Upper Primary School,Chakajaganathpur
190 Chak JagannathapurChakajaganathpur UP
191 BasubrahmapurBasubrahmapur Primary School
192 KaharagohiriKanragohiri Primary School
193 PanapanaPanpana UP(E)
194 PanapanaPanpana UP(E)
195 NuapadaNuapada Primary School
196 JiritalFakirmohan Primary School, Jirital
197 Manjari GanManjarigan UP
198 SibapuraSibapur U Girls Upper Primary School
199 BadaganBadagan UGME(E)
200 PatharapenthPatharapenth Primary School
201 PatharapenthPatharapenth Upper Primary School
202 BadaganBadagan UGME(E)
203 BagalapurBagalpur Primary School
204 BeguniaBaba Brundaban Nodal Upper Primary School, Begunia
205 SarasatiaSarasatia UUpper Primary School

Last Updated on April 29, 2020
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