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Polling Booth in Nayagarh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nayagarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nayagarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nayagarh Assembly Constituency falls under the Nayagarh Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 KosakaKosaka Primary School
2 KridaspurKridaspur U.G.M.E. School
3 DimiripatanaKridaspur U.G.M.E. School
4 KantabaniaKantabania Proj.Upper Primary School
5 Balugaon-1Balugaon M.E. School
6 Balugaon-2Balugaon M.E. School
7 KhedapadaKhedapada Primary School
8 Saradhapur-1Saradhapur U.G.M.E. School
9 Saradhapur-2Saradhapur U.G.M.E. School
10 MelambaMelamba Primary School
11 NatugaonMochi Bishnu Nodal Primary School, Natugaon
12 SajanapadaSajanapada Primary School
13 KhedabaranaKhedabarana Proj. Upper Primary School
14 SaluniSaluni U Primary School
15 Champatipur-1LK PPrimary School
16 Champatipur-2LK PPrimary School
17 Champatipur-3LK PPrimary School
18 SanapandusarSanapandusar Proj.Upper Primary School
19 Baunsiapada-1Baunsiapada Primary School
20 Baunsiapada-2Baunsiapada Primary School
21 PatachandiprasadPatachandiprasad Proj.Upper Primary School
22 Baunsiapada-3Baunsiapada M.E. School
23 BijipurBijipur Primary School
24 JahnipadaJahnipada U.G.M.E. School
25 JahnipadaShyamaghanpur Proj.Upper Primary School
26 Biruda-1Biruda Nodal.Upper Primary School,
27 Biruda-2Biruda Nodal.Upper Primary School,
28 BirudaMardarajpur Primary School
29 BirudaPanderipatna Primary School
30 PurusottampurPurusottampur M.E. School
31 HarekrushnapurHarekrushnapur Nodal Upper Primary School
32 Harekrushnapur-2Harekrushnapur Nodal Upper Primary School
33 Badapandusar-1Badapandusar Nodal .Upper Primary School
34 Badapandusar-2Badapandusar Nodal .Upper Primary School
35 Badapandusar-3Badapandusar Nodal .Upper Primary School
36 SarapadaSarapada Primary School
37 Itamati-1Narayani Primary School, Itamati
38 Itamati-2Narayani Primary School, Itamati
39 DengeragodiDengeragodi Primary School
40 Itamati-3Itamati Govt. Nodal. School
41 Itamati-4Itamati Govt. Nodal. School
42 Itamati-5Narayani Girls Proj.Upper Primary School,Itamati(No-1)
43 Itamati-6Narayani Girls Proj.Upper Primary School,Itamati(No-1)
44 Itamati-7Itamati Govt. Nodal. School
45 PratapprasadPratapprasad Nodal Upper Primary School
46 GhadualGhadual Proj.Upper Primary School
47 GhadualGhadual Proj.Upper Primary School
48 GadadharprasadBhagirathi High School, Gobindpur
49 BalikudiaBalikudia Proj.Upper Primary School
50 GobindapurGobindapur Nodal Upper Primary School
51 HaripurHaripur U.G.M.E. School
52 BarabatiBarabati Nodal .Upper Primary School
53 BodapadaBodapada Primary School
54 BarapaliBarapali U.G.M.E. School
55 BarapaliBarapali U.G.M.E. School
56 JadupurJadupur Routrapur Primary School
57 PathuripadaPathuripada Project Primary School
58 Kodiekahania-1Kodiekahania Primary School
59 KanchanabeliKanchanbeli P.Upper Primary School
60 Chandibasta-1Chandibasta Nodal Upper Primary School,
61 Chandibasta-2Chandibasta Nodal Upper Primary School,
62 HatadwarHatadwar Project Primary School
63 TulasipurTulasipur Primary School
64 MankapalliMankapalli Primary School
65 JeyporeJeypore U.G.M.E. School
66 BhatasahiBhatasahi U.G.M.E. School
67 BhatasahiBhatasahi U.G.M.E. School
68 MuktapurMuktapur Primary School
69 Nayagarh-1Nayagarh New town Primary School
70 Nayagarh-2Nayagarh New town Primary School
71 Nayagarh-3N.A.C. High School,
72 Nayagarh-4N.A.C. High School,
73 Nayagarh -5Nayagarh Westend Project Upper Primary School ,
74 NayagarhNayagarh Dakhinakali Primary School ,
75 Nayagarh-6Town Primary School, Nayagarh
76 Nayagarh-7Nayagarh College Lane Proj. Upper Primary School (R-2)
77 Nayagarh-8Debotara Colony Proj. U.P. Schoo
78 Nayagarh-9New Rajbati Primary School
79 Nayagarh-10College Lane Proj. Upper Primary School
80 NayagarhRajabagicha Proj. Primary School
81 Sinduria-1Sinduria Govt. Nodal High School
82 Sinduria-2Sinduria Nodal Upper Primary School
83 Sinduria-3Sinduria Nodal Upper Primary School
84 DeulapalliDeulapalli Primary School
85 Sinduria-4Sinduria Govt. Nodal High School
86 NarasinghprasadNarasinghprasad Proj. Upper Primary School
87 RaghunathaprasadRaghunathprasd Primary School
88 KrushnaprasadKrushnaprasad Proj.Upper Primary School
89 Nuagaon-1Nuagaon Primary School
90 SunalatiSunalati Proj.Upper Primary School
91 TipuraTipura Proj.Upper Primary School
92 KhairapatiKhairapaati Primary School
93 BagharaBaghara Primary School
94 IkiriIkiri M.E. School
95 NachhipurAchyutananda High School, Nachhipur
96 TentuliapalliTentuliapalli Primary School
97 NotaraNotara Primary School
98 SankheiSankhei M.E. School
99 Sankhei-2Sankhei M.E. School
100 KhairapatiKestapada Khairapati Proj. Upper Primary School
101 KendudhipiKendudhipi U.G.M.E.School
102 BaulasahiBaulasahi U.G.M.E. School
103 GambharidihiGambharidihi Primary School
104 NandapurNandapur Primary School
105 PhasipadaPhasipada Proj. Upper Primary School
106 ChandrasekharpurChandrasekharpur Nodal. Upper Primary School
107 Lathipada-1Lathipada Nodal .Upper Primary School,
108 Lathipada-2Lathipada Nodal .Upper Primary School,
109 Lathipada-3Lathipada Nodal .Upper Primary School,
110 NagpurNagapur Primary School
111 Lathipada -5Bhutadihi Primary School
112 JemadeipurpatnaRajpatna Primary School
113 Jemadeipurpatna-2Rajpatna Primary School
114 GodialiGodiali Primary School
115 Jamusahi-1Jamusahi Proj.Upper Primary School
116 Jamusahi-2Jamusahi Proj.Upper Primary School
117 Khuntubandha-1Jhangiram High School
118 Khuntubandha-2Beguniapatna Primary School
119 LausenaLausena Primary School
120 Kalikaprasad-1Kalikaprasad Nodal.Upper Primary School,
121 ChinaraChinara Proj.Upper Primary School
122 Kalikaprasad-2Kalikaprasad Nodal.Upper Primary School,
123 AdacherAdacher Proj.Upper Primary School
124 NagamunduliMadhukesh Bidyapitha High School, Nagamunduli
125 KesharapurKesharapur High School
126 GameiGamei Proj. U. P. School
127 Sipahi AsrudhipaSipahi Asrudhipa Primary School
128 AswasthapadaAswathapada High School
129 HinjalagadiaHinjalagadia Project Primary School
130 NadialiAswathapada U.G.M.E. School
131 NadialiAswathapada U.G.M.E. School
132 PallisasanPallisasan Primary School
133 UdayapurUdayapur Proj.Upper Primary School
134 Lenkudipada-1Lenkudipada Primary School,
135 Lenkudipada-2Lenkudipada Primary School,
136 DhabaleiDhabalei Primary School
137 HariharpurHariharpur Proj.Upper Primary School
138 DianpadaDianpada Nodal Upper Primary School
139 NabaghanapurNabaghanapur U.G.M.E. School
140 LekhanpurLekhanpur Primary School
141 LadukeswarpurLadukeswarpur Primary School
142 Machhipada-1Chandra Sekhar Primary School Machhipada
143 Machhipada -2Chandra Sekhar Primary School Machhipada
144 RaghunathpurRaghunathpur U.G.M.E. School
145 SaradhapurSaradhapur Primary School
146 BhadikilaBhadikila Primary School
147 BaunshagadiaBaunsagadia Primary School
148 GunthasahiGunthasahi Nodal U Primary School
149 GarjaniGarjani Primary School
150 KushadhipiKushadhipi Primary School
151 AmbarapurAmbarapur Project U Primary School
152 BilamanpurBilamanpur Primary School
153 RabaraRabara U.G.M.E. School
154 Nandighore-1Lakukeswar Primary School, Nandighore
155 NandighoreLakukeswar Primary School, Nandighore
156 Nandighore-2Nandighore Primary School
157 OstiaOstia Primary School
158 PetapalliJawaharlal Bidyapitha, Nandighore
159 KendupalliKendupalli Primary School
160 AradaUchhaba Nodal Upper Primary School, Arada
161 GuandaGuanda, Project Upper Primary School
162 GotridaAkharia Primary School
163 Goudaput-1Jhangiram High School
164 Goudaput-2Jhangiram High School
165 TikarapalliTikarapalli Proj.Primary School
166 GothabanGothaban Primary School
167 GhasadeipurGhasadeipur Primary School
168 Odagaon-1Odagaon Govt. M.E. School (R. No-1),Odagaon
169 Odagaon-6Odagaon Center Primary School
170 Odagaon-2Odagaon Govt. M.E. School (R. No-1),Odagaon
171 Odagaon-3Odagaon U.G.M.E. School
172 Odagaon-4Odagaon U.G.M.E. School
173 Odagaon-5Raghunath Bidyapitha, Odagaon
174 MasabariMasabari U.G.M.E. School
175 KaibalyapurKaibalyapur Centre Primary School
176 Ranganipatna-1Ranganipatna Center Primary School
177 BahadapithaBahadapitha Primary School
178 Ranganipatna-2Ranganipatna Center Primary School
179 Pantikhari SasanPantikhari Primary School
180 JamusahiJamusahi Primary School
181 TalagodipalliKalakanhu High School, Godipalli
182 PatharaPathara Project Primary School,Pathara
183 DandorDandor U.G.M.E. School
184 BhaliadihiBhalidihi U.G.M.E. School
185 DeogaonJanasakti Bidyaniketan, Deogaon
186 PanderipadaPanderipada Project U Primary School
187 MadanpurMadanpur Primary School
188 Kural-1Kural M.E. School
189 KuraKural M.E. School
190 Kural-2Kural Center Primary School
191 Kural-3Jagunarayana Nodal U Primary School (ME),Kurala
192 Hanumantia-1Hanumantia Project Upper Primary School
193 NathiapalliNathiapalli Project U. P. School
194 Komanda-1Komanda M.E. School
195 Komanda-2Komanda Primary School
196 Kurumabankatara-1Tailika Samaj Nodal U.P(M.E) School,Kurumabankatara
197 KurumabankataraKurumabankatara Primary School
198 UdayapurUdayapur Nodal U Primary School
199 MaheswarpurMaheswarpur Primary School
200 BhagabatiprasadBhagabatiprasad Project Upper Primary School.
201 NarsinghprasadLaukhal Primary School,Narsinghprasad
202 RohibankaRohibanka U.G.High Schoolool
203 DhabaleiBudhabudhiani Primary School, Dhabalei
204 OstiamalaOstia Ashram School, Ostiamal
205 BanthapurBanthapur U.P.M.E. School
206 ChemediChemedi Nodal U Primary School
207 JhadasahiJhadasahi PUGH School
208 DhajholaDhajhola Primary School
209 BalisinsaBalisinsa Primary School
210 KhangarapalliKhangarapalli Primary School
211 Sunamuhin-1Sunamuhin NUP M.E. School
212 Sunamuhin-2Sunamuhin Primary School
213 LuniLuni Primary School
214 LandabaduLandubadu Primary School
215 GiridipalliGiridipalli Center Primary School
216 PaikabankataraPaikabankatara Nodal U Primary School
217 BalabhadrapurBalabhadrapur Primary School
218 Korapitha-1Jnata Nodal U.PME School,Korapitha
219 Korapitha-2Jnata Nodal U.PME School,Korapitha
220 Sakeri-1BN NUPME School, Sakeri
221 Sakeri-2BN NUPME School, Sakeri

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