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Polling Booth in Mahakalapada Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mahakalapada

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mahakalapada Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mahakalapada Assembly Constituency falls under the Mahakalapada Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 NarayanapurNarayanapur Primary School
2 JagadishpurJagadishpur U Girls Upper Primary School
3 JagnnathapurJagannathpur Primary School
4 KuhudiKuhudi Nodal Upper Primary School
5 NarendrapurGopabandhu Upper Primary School, Narendrapur
6 NembaraNembera U Girls Upper Primary School
7 NembaraNembera U Girls Upper Primary School
8 ThauriThauri Primary School
9 ThauriThauri Primary School
10 PastaKuhudi GP Office at Pasta
11 KurutungaKurutunga Primary School
12 BalisahiBalisahi Upper Primary School
13 BaraiBarai Primary Schhool
14 JaripadaJayaguru ME School Jaripada
15 Angulai-1Angulai U Girls Upper Primary School
16 Angulai-2Angulai U Girls Upper Primary School
17 HatiaHatia Primary School
18 HinduliaHindulia Primary School
19 ManatiriManitiri U Girls Upper Primary School
20 ManikundaManikunda Primary School
21 RamiaganjaRamiaganja
22 DarabachhaDarabchha U Girls Upper Primary School
23 JunaMarshagahi Girls High School
24 JunaMarshagahi High School
25 JunaMarshagahi High School
26 PurusottampurPurusottampur Primary School
27 Silipur-1Silipur Primary School
28 Silipur-2Silipur Primary School
29 Silipur-3Sangarmpur U Girls Upper Primary School
30 Silipur-4Danarmunda U Girls Upper Primary School
31 Gayasapur,HaladibasantaGayasapur Primary School
32 GayasapurGayasapur Primary School
33 NiamatapurNiamatapur Primary School
34 NachhipadaNiamatapur Primary School
35 BabakarapurBabakarapur Primary School,Babakarpur
36 BilipadaBilipada Upper Primary School,Bilapada
37 AlailoAlailo Upper Primary School,Alailo
38 AlailoAlailo Upper Primary School,Alailo
39 OratOrta U Girls Upper Primary School,Orta
40 DeulapadaDeulapada Upper Primary School,Deulapara
41 AmirabadAmirabad Primary School,Amirabad
42 ChandiapalliChandiapalli Primary School,Chandiapalli
43 MahakalapadaMahakalpada Upper Primary School,Mahakalapada
44 ChadheiguanChadaiguan Primary School,Chadaiguan
45 Balana-1Dolagobindajew Upper Primary School Balana
46 Balana-2Dolagobindajew Upper Primary School Balana
47 DasipurDasipur Primary School
48 RajagadRajagad Primary School,Rajagarh
49 RajagadRajagad Primary School,Rajagarh
50 BaghadiaBaghdia Primary School
51 GirangaGiranga Upper Primary School
52 Dumuka-1Bapuji Bidyapitha, Dumuka
53 Dumuka-2Bajramahakali high School
54 KanapurKanapur Primary School
55 KusunpurKusunpur Primary School
56 TulasipurTulasipur Project U Girls Upper Primary School
57 BadapaldiaBadapaldia Primary School
58 Badapal-1Badapal Primary School, Badapal
59 Badapal-2Badapal Primary School, Badapal
60 AthabatiaBadapal Primary School, Badapal
61 GarjangaGarjanga Nodal Upper Primary School
62 Garjanga-2Garjanga High School
63 KuanrpalKuanrpal Primary School
64 Kuanrpal-2New Location
65 KasotiKasoti Primary School
66 KasotibaliKasotibali Primary School
67 NarayanpurNarayanpur Primary School
68 ParakulaJagadhatri Upper Primary School
69 Parakula-2Jagadhatri Upper Primary School
70 BaulangaBaulanga Primary School
71 BindolBindol Primary School
72 Orish BindhaOrish Bindha Primary School
73 JokiaJokia Primary School
74 AbhayapurAkhua Abhaypur Upper Primary School
75 Akhua DakhiniAkhua Dakhini Upper Primary School
76 Akhua Dakhini-2Akhua Dakhini Upper Primary School
77 MandiaMandia Primary School
78 RaghabapurMandia Raghabapur Upper Primary School
79 PodanaPodana Narsighpur Primary School
80 NarasinghapurIsaneswora High School, Narasinghapur
81 PikaraliKapilamuni High School
82 Pikarali-2Kapilamuni High School
83 PikaraliPikarali Primary School
84 SasanipadaSasanipada Nodal Upper Primary School
85 TalasangaTalasanga Primary School
86 Talasanga-2Talasanga Primary School
87 BhusarangaBhusaranga Primary School
88 Khamagaon BindhaKhamagaonbindha Primary School
89 ManikpurNrusinghjew Upper Primary School, Manikpur
90 Manikpur-2Nrusinghjew Upper Primary School, Manikpur
91 HaladiaHaldia Primary School
92 BhagabanpurUdayabata Nodal Upper Primary School, Bhagabanpur.
93 BeruhanBerruhan Primary School
94 MadhusudanpurMadhusudanpur Primary School
95 PotariPotari Primary School
96 MangarajpurMangarajpur U Girls Upper Primary School
97 NachhipadaNachhipada Primary School
98 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
99 BalighaiBajrsuna U.Primary Schoolhool Balighai
100 ManteiMantei Primary Schoolmery School
101 PailoMahakali Bidyapith, Pailo
102 Pailo-2Mahakali Bidyapith, Pailo
103 AnteiAntei Upper Primary School
104 BaripallaBaripalla Primary School
105 BatiraPallipragati U.Primary Schoolhool Batira
106 BatiraBatira M.E. School
107 DhanianpadaDhaniapada Primary School,Dhaniapada
108 Dhanianpada-2Dhaniapada Primary School,Dhaniapada
109 TikhiriTikhiri Nodal Upper Primary School,Tikhiri
110 TikhiriTikhiri Nodal Upper Primary School,Tikhiri
111 TikhiriTikhiri Sebashram,Tikhiri
112 Tikhiri-2Tikhiri Sebashram,Tikhiri
113 AmeipalTikhiri U Girls Upper Primary School,Ameipal
114 NaladiapalandaNaladiapalanda Project Primary School
115 BadaghaiTapobana Primary School,Badaghai
116 MahanangalaMahanangala Nodal Upper Primary School,Mahanangala
117 MadhuragandakhamarNigam Upper Primary School,Madhurganda Khamar
118 SamajoriNigam Upper Primary School,Madhurganda Khamar
119 BalisuanBalisuan U Girls Upper Primary School,Balisuan
120 SireinpurSireinpur Primary School,Serinpur
121 KalagadKalagada Primary School
122 JadupurJadupur Upper Primary School
123 JadupurJadupur Upper Primary School
124 BadagaonBadagaon Primary School
125 SanaganBajramahakali Upper Primary School,Sanagan
126 Sanagan-2Bajramahakali Upper Primary School,Sanagan
127 JayachandrapurJaychandrapur Upper Primary School,Jaychandrapur
128 JaychandrapurJaychandrapur Upper Primary School,Jaychandrapur
129 Ashram BalikudaL N Bidyapitha Ashram Balikuda
130 AitipurAitipur Upper Primary School,Aitipur
131 KaramakulKaramkul Upper Primary School, Karamkul
132 GopinathapurGopinathpur Upper Primary Schoolchool,Gopinathpur
133 BadakulBalika Girls High School,Badakul
134 Badakul-2Balika Girls High School,Badakul
135 DahimachhaDahimachha Upper Primary School,Dahimachha
136 BenupalBenupal Primary School,Benupal
137 PalaspurPalaspur U Girls Upper Primary School
138 GobardhanapurGobardhanpur Primary School,Gobardhanpur
139 KaranjaKaranja Upper Primary School (E),Karanja
140 KaranjaKaranja Upper Primary School (E),Karanja
141 GokhapadaGokhapada Primary School,Gokhapada
142 OstarOstar U Girls Upper Primary School,Ostar
143 Ostar-2Ostar U Girls Upper Primary School,Ostar
144 Ostar-3Gopinathpur High School,Ostar
145 Belar NuaganBelarnuagan Upper Primary School,Belarnugan
146 Belar Nuagan-2Belarnuagan Upper Primary School,Belarnugan
147 MasakaniMasakani Primary School,Masakani
148 NaladiasasanSidheswari Upper Primary School,Naladia
149 GatanaiGatanai Primary School,Gatanai
150 KhurusiaKhurusia Upper Primary School,Khurusia
151 BandhakudaBandhakuda Primary School,Bandhakuda
152 PatalipankaPatalipanka Primary School,Patalipanka
153 PatalipankaPatalipanka Primary School,Patalipanka
154 KoratapangaKoratapanga U Girls Upper Primary School,Koratapanga
155 Dekani Dekani Primary School
156 TikarapangaNarayan Upper Primary School, Tikarapanga
157 TikarapangaNarayan Upper Primary School, Tikarapanga
158 RaghunathapurRaghunathpur Primary School,Raghunathpur
159 KodakanKodakan Primary School,Kodakan
160 ChhandaSri Maa Upper Primary School, Chhanda
161 GadaromitJatadhari Upper Primary School,Gadaromita
162 SobalaJatadhari Upper Primary School,Sobala
163 Samanta SingharapurSamanta Singharpur U Girls Upper Primary School
164 TeraganTeragan Nodal Upper Primary School,Teragan
165 TeraganTeragan Nodal Upper Primary School,Teragan
166 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School,Gopalpur
167 GaudabadapurGaudabadapur Primary School,Gaudabadapur
168 MahakalapadaMahakalpada Upper Primary School,Mahakalapada
169 MangalapurMangalapur Upper Primary School
170 MangalapurMangalapur Upper Primary School
171 GahmaGahma Primary School,Gahma
172 KeyarabankaKeyarbank U Girls Upper Primary School,Keyarbank
173 KeyarbankKeyarbank U Girls Upper Primary School,Keyarbank
174 JaanraJanara Tithi Upper Primary School,Janara
175 DadhipurDadhipur Primary School,Dadhipur
176 KumbharapadaKumbharpada Primary School,Kumbharpada
177 GojabandhGojabandha High School,Gojabandha
178 Gojabandh-2Bandhapada Primary School
179 ChhedakaniChhedakani Primary School,Chhedakani
180 SathiebatiSathiebati Primary School,Sathebati
181 GokhakhatiGokhakhati Upper Primary School
182 BarakandhaBarakandha Upper Primary School,Barakandha
183 TentulikandhaTentulikandha Primary School,Tentulikandha
184 PalligadPalligada Primary School,Palligada
185 AkhadasaliAkhadasali Project Primary School,Akhadasali
186 BahakudBarajabahakud Primary School,Barajabahakuda
187 Baraj BahakudBarajabahakud Primary School,Barajabahakuda
188 RamanagarRamanagar Primary School,Ramanagar
189 Ramanagar-2Ramanagar Primary School,Ramanagar
190 Ramanagar-3Ramanagar Upper Primary School Ramanagar
191 Ramanagar-4Ramanagar Upper Primary School Ramanagar
192 Ramanagar-5Ramanagar Upper Primary School Ramanagar
193 PetachhelaPetchhela Primary School,Petchhela
194 KentiaKentia Primary School,Kentia
195 KochilaKochila U Girls Upper Primary School, Kochila
196 AdoiAdoi Primary School,Adoi
197 MaladhiaMaladih Primary School,Maladih
198 PareswarapurNantarpareswarpur Primary School
199 NantarNantar High School,Nantar
200 BaradangaBaradanga Primary School
201 Bahar SubalaBaharsobala Primary School
202 MalianchaMaliancha Upper Primary School,Maliancha
203 EkalapurEkalapur Primary School, Ekalpur
204 BijayanagarBijayanagar High School,Bijayanagar
205 Bijayanagar-2Bijayanagar U Primary School,Bijayanagar
206 Bijayanagar-3Bijayanagar U Primary School,Bijayanagar
207 SahabajapurSahabajapur Primary School,Sahabajpur
208 RamakaniRamakani Primary School,Ramkani
209 ShankhapadaShankhapada Upper Primary School,Sankhapada
210 BalipalBalipal Upper Primary School
211 AnduliAnduli Primary School,Anduli
212 KalapadaKalapada Primary School Kalapada
213 GhantiapalliGhantiapalli Primary School Ghantiapalli
214 ShrichandanapurShrichandanapur Upper Primary School ,Srichandanpur
215 JasuapalliJasuapalli Upper Primary School .Jasuapalli
216 PotiaPotia Primary School Potia
217 BaliaBalia Upper Primary School
218 MulubasantaMulubasanta Primary School
219 RamachandrapurRamachandrapur Primary School
220 ChhatarChhatar U Girls Upper Primary School,Chhatara
221 BadihiBadhi Upper Primary School, Badhi
222 BadarahamaBadarahama High School.Badarahama
223 San RahamaNigamananda Upper Primary School,Sanarahama
224 GoguaGogua U Girls Upper Primary School Gogua
225 GoguaGogua U Girls Upper Primary School Gogua
226 DoliganDoligan Primary School,Doligan
227 KulalanjudaKulalanjuda Primary School,Kulalangura
228 BhopalBhopal Primary School,Bhopal
229 TantiapalTantiapal Upper Primary School,Tantiapal
230 NarasinhapurNarasinhapur Primary School
231 BenakandhaBenakandha Primary School,Benakandha
232 SunitiSuniti UGUP,Suniti
233 SunitiSuniti UGUP,Suniti
234 KantiloSuniti GP Office,Kantilo
235 KalatungaKalatunga Primary School,Kalatunga
236 GuludiaGuludia Primary School ,Guludia
237 KhariantaSugal Kharianta Upper Primary School
238 BadabainchaBadabaincha Primary School
239 RadiaRadia Primary School,Radia
240 TarapadaTarapada High School,Tarapada
241 KansarKansar Primary School,Kansar
242 Kansar-BadadanduaKansar -Badadandua Upper Primary School
243 BagagahanBagagahan Primary School,Bagagahan
244 BaradangaBaradanga Upper Primary School,Baradanga
245 Bhitar SubalaBhitasobala Primary School,Bhitarsobala
246 TankibelariTankibelari Primary School,Tankibelari
247 BaulakaniPravakarpur Primary School,Baulakani
248 BaulakaniPravakarpur Primary School,Baulakani
249 BaulakaniPravakarpur Primary School,Baulakani
250 BadatotachhapaliBadatotachhapali Primary School
251 KanshapalBadatotachhapali Primary School
252 BhateniBhateni Upper Primary School,Bhateni
253 JambuJamboo High School,Jamboo
254 JambuJamboo High School,Jamboo
255 JambuJamboo High School,Jamboo
256 JambuJamboo High School,Jamboo
257 KharinasiKharinasi ME School
258 KharinasiKharinasi ME School
259 KharinasiKharinasi Primary School,Kharinasi
260 HariabankaHariabanka Primary School,Hariabanka
261 KharinasiKharinasi Primary School,Kharinasi
262 BadatubiBadatubi Project Primary School,Badatubi
263 BarakolikhalaBarakolikhola Primary School,Barakolikhola
264 BarakolikhalaBarakolikhola Primary School,Barakolikhola
265 BarakolikhalaBarakolikhola Primary School,Barakolikhola
266 BatigharBatighar Upper Primary School,Batighar
267 BatigharBatighar Upper Primary School,Batighar
268 BatigharBatighar Upper Primary School,Batighar

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