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Polling Booth in Kotpad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kotpad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kotpad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Kotpad Assembly Constituency falls under the Kotpad Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 BelgamBelgam Upper Primary School
2 SirisiSirisi Primary School
3 BorondiBorondi Primary School
4 SadarangaSadaranga Upper Primary School
5 DhamanahandiUpper Primary School, Dhamanahandi
6 Dhamanahandi-IIUpper Primary School, Dhamanahandi(R-2)
7 KuhudiganPrimary School, Kuhudigam
8 Kuhudigam-IIPrimary School, Kuhudigam(R-2)
9 BaniaBania Primary School
10 GualiGuali Upper Primary School
11 AsanaAsana Upper Primary School
12 BasuliPrimary School, Basuli
13 GumudaN.Upper Primary School, Gumuda
14 AnkulaUpper Primary School, Ankula
15 GirlaPrimary School, Girla
16 PotrogudaUpper Primary School,Potroguda
17 A.GhatarlaUpper Primary School, Ghatarla
18 AmtaPrimary School, Amta
19 BadatargiaPrimary School, Badatargia
20 SanpariaPrimary School, Sanparia
21 DengapadarUpper Primary School, Dengapadar
22 BadapariaPrimary School, Badaparia
23 PatigamPrimary School, Patigam
24 PorsolaPrimary School, Porsola
25 AunliUpper Primary School, Aunli
26 BorogamPrimary School, Borogam
27 KhandigudaSevashram, Khandiguda
28 BandaligudaPrimary School, Bandaliguda
29 LadijodiPrimaryschool, Ladijodi
30 JujhariSevashram, Jujhari
31 MajhiaUpper Primary School, Majhia
32 ChampiaPrimary School, Champia
33 KerkendaPrimary School, Kerkenda
34 ChatarlaSevashram Chatarla
35 Colony No.5Primary School, Batasana
36 BatasanaSevashram,Batasana
37 ChitagamSevashram, Chitragam
38 NuagadaPrimary School, Nuaguda
39 KendugudaPrimary School, Kenduguda
40 Telugu SahiPrimary School, Telugu Sahi
41 Kalinji SahiPrimary School, Kalinji Sahi
42 Belma SahiPrimary School, Belmasahi
43 BandagudaPrimaryschool, Bandaguda
44 Mission Compound-IMisanskrit Schoolion Compound-2,Primary School,Kotpad
45 Mission Compound-IIMisanskrit Schoolion Compound-2,Primary School,Kotpad
46 Bada Dwar SahiGovt. Boys High School, Kotpad
47 Mangali SahiPrimary School,Kotpad
48 Bada Danda SahiGovt. Boys High School, Kotpad
49 Dulupur SahiPrimary School, Dulupur Sahi
50 AnalabhattaPrimary School, Analabhatta
51 DangariPrimary School, Dangari
52 Dangari-IIPrimary School, Dangari(R-Ii)
53 PirinjiPrimary School, Pirinji
54 LohanjaPrimary School, Surli
55 ChandiliPrimary School, Chandili
56 ErapalliPrimary School, Erapalli
57 KarlahandiNew Upper Primary School, Karlahandi
58 BhursiUpper Primary School, Bhursi
59 GuligudaPrimary School, Guliguda
60 BastambaUpper Primary School,. Bastamba
61 GhumarUpper Primary School, Ghumar
62 HardoliPrimary School, Hardoli
63 MirigudaUpper Primary School, Miriguda
64 SargigudaUpper Primary School, Sargiguda
65 AndiramundaUpper Primary School, Andiramunda
66 Sasahandi-1U. P Scchool, Sasahandi
67 Sasahandi-2U. P Scchool, Sasahandi
68 DhudusapalaPrimaryschool, Dhudusapalla
69 TaragamPrimary School, Taragam
70 MahuliPrimary School, Mahuli
71 MaldaUpper Primary School, Malda
72 ChalangudaU.G.M.E.School, Chalanguda
73 GaudagudaPrimaryschool, Gaudaguda
74 JadabandhPrimary School, Jadabandh
75 JanigudaPrimary School, Janiguda
76 RengalgudaUpper Primary School, Rengalguda
77 PandasgudaPrimary School, Pandasguda
78 MundigudaPrimary School, Mundiguda
79 KhatulugudaPrimary School, Khutulguda
80 KamaraUpper Primary School, Kamara
81 BhatiganPrimary School, Bhatigan
82 KupiaPrimary School, Kupia
83 ParliUpper Primary School, Parli
84 NandarlaPrimary School, Nandarla
85 KanagamUpper Primary School,Kanagam
86 BirahandiBirahandi Upper Primary School
87 NuagmPrimary School, Nuagam
88 NehurupalliUpper Primary School, Neherupalli
89 SandhaganPrimary School, Sandhagan
90 SemalaUpper Primary School,Semala
91 PachiaPrimary School, Pachia
92 AmbaganPrimary School, Ambagan
93 SindhiganUpper Primary School, Sindhigan
94 MurtahandiUpper Primary School, Murtahandi
95 ManchahandiUpper Primary School, Manhahandi
96 BhansuliPrimaryschool, Bhansuli
97 S.B.NuaganNew Upper Primary School, S.B.Nuagan
98 PhupuganUpper Primary School, Phupugan
99 ChitraSevashram, Chitra
100 BamuniagudaPrimary School, Bamuniaguda
101 DabagamUpper Primary School,Dabagm
102 DhaudpallaPrimary School, Dhaudpalla
103 KosagudaPrimary School,Kosaguda
104 AnchalaSevashram, Anchala
105 BamuniPrimary School, Bamuni
106 KundragudaPrimary School, Kundraguda
107 BandagudaPrimary School,Bandaguda
108 JadaputJodaput Primary School
109 JanigudaPrimary School,Janiguda
110 MaligudaPrimary School, Maliguda
111 BandigudaPrimary School,Bandiguda
112 KurmakoteUpper Primary School, Kurmakote
113 MakaputPrimary School, Makaput
114 MohantiputUpper Primary School, Mohantiput
115 DangarigudaN.Upper Primary School, Dangariguda
116 MundagudaN.P. School, Mundaguda
117 MakaganPrimary School, Makagan
118 SahanimundaSevashram, Sahanimunda
119 SorispadarPrimary School, Sorispadar
120 ChatarlaN.Upper Primary School, Chatarla
121 RanigudaPrimary School, Raniguda
122 BobeyaPrimary School, Bobeya
123 B.GhatarlaPrimary School, B.Ghatarla
124 Kusumi-IPrimary School , Kusumi
125 Kusumi-IIPrimary School , Kusumi
126 BirapalliPrimary School, Birapalli
127 MundipadarPrimary School, Nua Mundipadar
128 DumurigudaUpper Primary School, Umurapandi
129 BhusangagudaPrimary School, Bhusangaguda
130 SargigudaPrimary School, Sargiguda
131 Bagderi-1U.G.M.E.School, Bagderi
132 Bagderi-2Primary School,Jamukanadi
133 DangarapalliU.G.M.E.School, Dangarapalli
134 PakhanagudaAnganwadi Centre, Pakhanaguda
135 NaikeraPrimary School, Naikera
136 KhatalapadarGram Panchayat Office,Khatalapadar
137 GirligudaPrimary School, Girliguda
138 BedapaunsiPrimaryschool, Bedapaunsi
139 JiragudaPrimary School, Jiraguda
140 TabhapadarPrimary School, Tabhapadar
141 JabapadarPrimary School, Jabapadar
142 KandajodiPrimary School, Kandajodi
143 Kermiti- 1Primary School, Kermiti-Room No.1
144 Kermiti-IIPrimary School, Kermiti-Room No.1
145 PhulbhataPrimary School, Phulbhata
146 AmbagudaPrimary School, Ambaguda
147 KadalimundaPrimary School, Kadalimunda
148 Kundra-IPrimary School, Kundra
149 Kundra-IIGram Panchayat Office, Kundra
150 Kundra-IVPrimary School ,Sharadhapur
151 Kundra-IIIPrimary School, Kundra
152 BhejahandiPrimary School, Bhejahandi
153 DangarpaunsiGram Panchayat Office, Dangarpaunsi
154 JabapatraputSevashram, Jabapatraput
155 PhupuganPrimary School, Phupugan
156 JhadangaPrimary School, Jhadanga
157 GorahandiPrimary School, Gorahandi
158 DisarigudaPrimary School, Disariguda
159 BanuagudaSevashram, Banuaguda
160 PhukiagudaPrimary School, Phukiaguda
161 Lima-IPrimary School, Lima
162 Lima-IIPrimary School, Lima
163 KatrigudaPrimary School, Katriguda
164 UdalgudaPrimary School, Udalguda
165 GoyalkundPrimaryschool, Goyalkund
166 TalurPrimary School, Talur
167 SiribedaUpper Primary School, Siribeda
168 GupteswarPrimaryschool, Haladikund
169 BadalibedaPrimary School, Badalibeda
170 SindhiganPrimary School, Sindhigaon
171 CherakaPrimary School, Cheraka
172 GundalPrimary School, Gundal
173 KhilapigudaPrimary School, Khilapiguda
174 BhatigudaU.G.M.E. School,Bhatiguda
175 MassiganSevashram, Masanskrit Schooligan
176 GaudagudaPrimary School, Gaudaguda
177 BaraganPrimary School, Baragan
178 NadialpalliPrimary School, Nadialpalli
179 PradhaniputPrimary School, Pradhaniput
180 KhilaputAnganwadi Centre, Khilaput
181 GhasardaPrimary School, Ghasarda
182 BurudiputPrimary School, Burudiput
183 DigapurPrimary School, Digapur
184 GhumarPrimary School .Sevashram, Ghumar
185 KalapadaPrimary School, Kalapada
186 Baligaon-1 Primary School, Baligaon-Room No.1
187 Baligaon-II Primary School, Baligaon-Room No.1
188 BandhabedaPrimary School,Bandhabeda
189 Kandulibeda-1T.R.W. & Sanskrit School School, Room No.1
190 Kandulibeda-IIT.R.W. & Sanskrit School School, Room No.1
191 NuaganPrimary School ,Nuagan
192 PujariputPrimary School, Pujariput
193 BadapadaPrimary School, Badapada
194 Majhiguda-APrimary School, Majhiguda
195 KhairpadarPrimaryschool, Khairpadar
196 Ramagiri-INodal M.E.School, Ramagiri-( R-1)
197 MatigudaBhejaniguda Primary School
198 Ramagiri-IINodal M.E.School, Ramagiri-( R-1)
199 TentuligummaTentuligumma Sevashram
200 PodapadarPodapadar Community Centre
201 Dandabadi - IDandabadi Upper Primary School
202 Dandabadi - IIDandabadi Upper Primary School
203 PanasputPanasput Primary School
204 KadalipadarKadalipadar Community Centre
205 KulabedaKulabeda Primary School
206 Silimal Silimala, Primary School
207 KathapadaKathapada Ugme School
208 MantriambaMantriamba Community Centre
209 KhemabedaNagiaguda Primary School
210 KotragudaKotraguda Primary School
211 BhatipodaBhatipoda Primary School
212 MajhigudaMajhiguda Primary School
213 TotapodaTotapoda Primary School

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